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Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the non-compliance of the original device with certain criteria will not allow the resulting unit to effectively and efficiently cope with its tasks. For example, if the engine power is low, it may not have enough tractive force to bear not only the standard load when working with attachments, but also additional. in the form of not initially taken into account additional structures and body weight of the operator

Therefore, when selecting a unit for conversion, it is important to consider its characteristics:

  • Power must be matched to the size of the area and the planned loads on the machine;
  • type of fuel. it is best to be guided by the criterion of practicality, so for a mini-tractor, diesel fuel will be optimal, due to its economical consumption on large areas;
  • Massiveness should be sufficient for the device to cope well with hard soil. Unlike a power tiller, on the lightness of which depends on its maneuverability, in this case, the low weight will serve as a disadvantage;
  • Cost is an important criterion, because one of the purposes of this re-equipment is precisely to save money. Therefore, if you choose a new single-axle tractor for conversion, it is better to choose an inexpensive domestic model with a quality and powerful engine.

Among small agricultural units made in Russia, such brands as Argo, Neva, Kentavr, MT3, Zubr are particularly suitable for the conversion from a power tiller into a mini-tractor. Most models of these manufacturers meet all of the above criteria. According to the demand for them and feedback from owners, we can judge that these devices have proven to be reliable and economical equipment, easy to operate and easy to repair, thanks to the availability of spare parts. Below we will consider as an example a mini-tractor, converted from a motoblock Agros.

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The mini-tractor from a power tiller with his own hands

In order to make a miniature tractor from a power tiller with your own hands, you will need:

  • angle grinder;
  • details for attachment;
  • channels and pipes;
  • a device for drilling;
  • Electric welding;
  • Measuring tools (angle, tape measure, caliper);
  • Small hand tools (screwdriver, wrenches, hammer, etc.);. ะด.).

It is also necessary to purchase a ready-made kit for modification of a power tiller into a minitractor. This will be the main item of expenditure, but do not skimp on this equipment, so as not to compromise the quality of the future product.

It is also necessary to pick up comfortable and quality steering wheel, seat, wheels and pedals. When all the necessary components are selected, you can begin to create a drawing. Do not neglect this step. with clear drawings and diagrams you will work much easier and faster. The photo below shows examples of the simplest drawings for self-reconstruction of a power tiller into a mini-tractor.

A good homemade mini-tractor with an engine from a power tiller can be obtained only when the original unit has good power and productivity. Heavy diesel motor blocks are ideal for remodeling. They are quite economical, heavyweight, powerful, productive and enduring. All these parameters will allow you to make a fully-fledged mini-tractor from a power tiller, capable of plowing heavy soils and working for a long time without interruption.

The process of alteration is generally carried out according to the same algorithm, with minor differences for different models. The general scheme of modification of the tiller into a mini-tractor is as follows.

frame preparation

Since the mini-tractor will need another pair of wheels, the frame design must be improved and strengthened. To make the new frame, you can use a metal profile or a metal pipe. The thickness and size of the blanks should be selected based on individual preferences, taking into account the power of the future machine. Cut out the frame with an angle grinder and weld it on. It is advisable to reinforce the structure with a crossbar. Also take care of the attachment points for attachments and the towbar if you plan to use a trailer.

Chassis system

The front wheels are mounted on a piece of pipe of suitable diameter. This in turn mounts ready-made wheel hubs with brake pads. In the center of the structure is made a hole through which it will be attached to the frame. Further, the steering rods are mounted to the frame through a worm gearing. Finally the wheel itself is mounted.

To mount the rear axle, bearings are pressed into bushes. The axle itself is fitted with a pulley to transmit the torque. The wheels can be kept from the previous machine, or you can buy new ones with a stronger and wider tread. It is recommended to select the diameter of wheels for the future mini-tractor in sizes starting from 12 inches.

Mounting the motor

Recommended for mounting the engine on the frame front beam. This will improve the balance of the machine. It is important to make sure that the PTO is parallel to the rear axle pulley. This protects the belt drive from wear and tear.

Additional systems

When the most part of the work is done the braking system and the control system of the attached implements are installed. It is also not superfluous will be the installation of lighting devices.

After the complete assembly the tractor must be run-in according to the requirements of the instruction manual for the power tiller.

Let’s see in detail how quickly and easily a tractor can be converted into a minitractor of various models.

Criteria for choosing a tractor

To make a homemade mini-tractor from a power tiller, first of all, it is necessary to choose the special device wisely.

The choice is based on the rule “power is directly proportional to the area of the site. That is, the larger the plot, the more powerful the engine of the device is selected. For processing a plot of 20-60 acres, a power tiller with a capacity of 4 liters is enough. ั., per hectare. 6-7 liters. ั., to plow a 2- to 3-hectare plot, you need a single-axle tractor with 8 to 9 liters. ั. To work on a larger area do not use power tillers. it is impractical. A full-size tractor is needed here.

Power tiller convert to mini tractor

Examples of power tillers and their technical characteristics

The engine must be diesel. it is more economical and reliable than gasoline. Pay special attention to the weight of the unit and the distance between the wheels when choosing. The higher the weight, the better the mini-tractor made of this block will plow the ground. The greater the distance between the wheels, the more stable the system will be, and the lower will be the specific pressure on the ground (the mechanism will not “self-soak” into the soft ground).

When buying, it is recommended to make a choice in favor of power tillers, whose manufacturers offer branded equipment for conversion into a mini-tractor. less work will come out. Among domestic firms, the following companies offer such “constructors”:

The Agro power tillers have a weak point. the axles are fragile on fracture. If you make a tractor “mini” of such a unit, you will need to reinforce the half-axles with wheel reducers.

Choosing between domestic and imported manufacturers, you should know that “Germans” and “Americans” are more reliable, but spare parts are expensive and difficult to obtain. Therefore, for small and medium-sized plots is recommended to take a domestic single axle tractor, for large, which are used for commercial purposes, the best solution will be more reliable “foreigner.

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Mini-tractor with their own hands from Zhiguli. How to make a mini tractor from Zhiguli with your own hands

Consider how to make a homemade tractor from VAZ, what materials and tools are needed. First of all, you need to make drawings and diagrams of all components of the design. To make a minitractor with their own hands, you need the exact dimensions of parts and calculations. Each component must be painted separately. And we need a drawing with the tractor in the assembled form. From the made schemes and drawings depends on what will be a homemade tractor with a VAZ 2106 engine.

While working on the drawing, the following points should be taken into account:

  • It is necessary to determine the location of the gearbox;
  • The engine must necessarily be covered with a protective cover;
  • In what place the fuel tank will be installed;
  • if you shorten the tractor frame, then the homemade mini-tractor from VAZ will consume less fuel;
  • the front suspension should be reinforced.

If you decide to create a tractor from VAZ 2109 or VAZ 2106, then as a result of the work done, you will get a fairly powerful unit that will cope with many agricultural activities, will help care for the garden and plants.

So, let’s proceed to the very development and assembly of the homemade tractor on the basis of VAZ. Mini-tractor can be made with an engine from VAZ 2019 or VAZ 2106, to borrow additional details from other models of machines.

For example, the gearbox can be borrowed from GAZ-53, the rear wheels can be taken from MTZ-82 tractor, but the front wheels can be taken from an idle or unwanted power tiller or power tiller.

You can also buy them in the store. From any model of Zhiguli can take a steering wheel and driver’s seat, or make it with their own hands. Front and rear axles are taken from Zhiguli unit.

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