How to flood the knife correctly: how to sharpen knives-a 7-step instruction for beginners with photos and videos

A knife in the kitchen at home is an indispensable thing. They cut food products. Find their application in economic needs. It is very unpleasant when this necessary item was dull.

Working sharp knives is a pleasure.

How to sharpen the knife yourself, what items can be used for this. All this can be found from the information below.

How to sharpen knives correctly

The sharpening process should be carried out correctly. If you produce it negligently, then it can damage the blade, you will have to buy a new knife. When sharpening, the correct location of the blade is important in relation to the sharpener tool. The angle of sharpening should be precise.

Home.Made knives sharpeners have the opportunity to measure the angle of inclination.

Types of sharpening angle for different types of knives:

  • Ordinary, standard. 20 °;
  • A cook knife used in restaurants. 25 °;
  • Japanese types-15-20 °;
  • Hunting-35-40 °;
  • Household. 30 °.

If you need to tighten the knife more acute, then the angle of tightening should be reduced. If you need to increase the resistance to blunting, as, for example, in hunting blades, then the angle of sharpening increases.It should be sharpened continuously.

Different types of knives have an individual approach to sharpening them.

In this case, the handle lifts up precisely when the sharpening reaches the bend on the blade. This will protect the angle of the edge of the edge, which is responsible for the cutting effect. Previously, a belt was used to verify the sharpness of the knives for their editing.

Ways to sharpen a knife

It’s not so easy to choose a tool for sharpening these kitchen items. This is simply explained: there are a lot of them. In some, grinding occurs easily without effort, in others. You need to press on the blade, perform certain actions.

You should consider all options, choose the optimal for yourself. You can also watch the video how to properly sharpen knives with a manual knives.

Ready sets

By acquiring a full set, you can take it on a trip. He will be an ideal assistant on the road, on campaigns, fishing. Compact dimensions allow him to place in a backpack, a hiking bag. Suitable for those who like to throw a knife.

At home to sharpen a kitchen knife to sharpness can be easily and quickly.

What is included in the set: a bar, a cut of the skin to edit the blade. This can be returned to the sharpness of the knife for a short time. For long.Term sharpening, it is better to use cardinal measures.

Electric sharpener for sharpening knives

At home is a good way to sharpen any kind of knife. Can be used to sharpen other items: screwdrivers, scissors. You can buy this sharpener at the house. Thanks to it, you can produce data manipulation within two minutes. He also makes grinding. This product in automatic mode determines the optimal angle of tightening.

They are more convenient than various mechanical sharpeners. You can submit the most stupid products. It should be purchased if the house has a lot of various tools requiring sharpening. It is not required. The work of the electric power plant is quite quiet.

The price of an electric power plant is not low, so people often make homemade devices.

Its drawback: this is of course the cost. He can be inaccessible to many families in price. Also, some models can greatly remove steel on the blades.


This tool has a round or oval section. He looks like a file. Has a handle. It is necessary for housewives in the kitchen. Capable of supporting knives with sharp. Musat is well suited for instrument editing. But he will not be able to sharpen for a long time.

Musat allows you to make a knife more sharp, as well as align the blade.

For this, more serious devices should be used.


This tool will help to flood an acutely large number of cutting objects. It is used in large enterprises, specialized workshops. The technology is not subject to a person without certain experience. Only a professional can work on a grinding machine.

Current machine is popular for home use.

When sharpening with an abrasive circle, heating steel parts occurs. If you do not have experience with the sharpener, you can change the shape of the blade, make it so quickly washed. But if a specialist is sharpened, then the knife will become sharp as on the first day of the purchase and retain its properties for a long time.

Sharpowing quality is checked on paper. Cuts, then excellent

What tools can be sharpened with an easel method: lushchny, designed for cutting metal, for cutting plastic, pr.

Current stones (bars)

The most popular, effective way to return to the knives of acuity is the use of a sharpener bar. But to work with this stone, it is required to have perseverance, patience, necessary skills. If you manually sharpen a steel blade, then you should do this in a certain way, at the right angle.

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The easiest option for sharpening a knife is a sharpener or bar

Otherwise, an abrasive, of which the surface consists of a cutting product can only lick. In order to properly sharpen, two bars should be used: with a coarse.Grained and fine.Grained surface.

For the manufacture of mechanical or hand machines for sharpening knives, 4 main types of abrasive are used:

Haping bars of two types are made: from natural or artificial stone. They are also divided into four types:

    Ceramic stones. They are not expensive and sharpened well. These are its main indicators. They can last a long time. Over time, its facets may grind. Suitable for loaf knives.

Manufacturers can make them of different shapes: long bar, boat, cube. How to sharpen knives bar? This should be done with a onslaught at the right angle. Before sharpening, you can put stone in water. This will not allow steel to clog between the grains.


First of all, it is recommended to remove the knife from the mowing.

Raise the unit itself to a car overpass, drive him to a car ditch or to suspend a mower without removing a knife, it is unsafe. She can start when you accidentally pressed or hit the start button, pulled the starter cord, or the device is not quite good.

  • The manual method of sharpening the knife blades-the use of sharpener stone and sandpaper without any engines and machines. The alignment of a jagged and beaten blade with a hammer or sledgehammer is carried out on an anvil, rail or a black rolled bar.
  • Mechanized method. Although it is supplemented by “blacksmithing” processing, it requires undermining on a corner grinding, a saw machine or a drill. The last two options will require a special nozzle, on which a grinding disk is put on.

The knife of the braid is sharpened evenly and along the entire length (each) of the tip. In order not to break the ball bearings of the engine or gearbox, the reconciliation of the knife will best perform the turner on the machine. But even without a lathe, the result will be quite worthy.

How to sharpen a lawn mowing knife?

Disconnect an electric lawn mower from the network, gasoline or mechanical (there are such!) put on the brake. There should not be a drop of fuel in devices operating on an internal combustion engine! Unfasten the cupid (this is a basket in which the sheared grass accumulates).

Put or (if it is large) gently fill the lawn mower to one side. Put on gloves, take the brush and carefully clean the space around the knife from scraps of grass and garbage. If the knife is dumb to remove it. Unscrew the bolt with a end or an open key that is attached to the knife. The bolt is located in the middle of the knife. The knife is a metal bar about 50 cm long and about 2.5 mm thick.

How to sharpen a lawn mowing knife? It would be nice to squeeze it in a vice and process it with files. In reality, often only an abrasive circle or bar for sharpening knives is at hand. Please note that the cutting surface of the knife is tempered, so your effect should be minimal. It is necessary to process with a bar or a small file only a really damaged edge edge. If the knife is bent, put it on a massive, obviously even surface (a rubble railway, for example) and correct it with a hammer. Remove large burrs with a file, then treat the stupid fragments, Bar, starting from the center of the knife and moving to the edge. The movements of the bar must be “from itself”. Have you ever seen how to sharpen the braid? That’s approximately so we must act.

Having finished processing, put the knife in place and tighten the bolt. Excessive efforts at the same time, later, later you will have to unscrew it more than once. Sharpening knives for lawn mowers is usually carried out in early spring before the first haircut of the grass. In the future, if you cut the grass on an area of ​​about 2x-3 sets (200-300kV.M.) During the season, no action with a knife needs to be performed.

You can also use the widespread electric tochial machines now, but be careful when applying them! With the help of such a machine, you can very easily cost excessively a lot of metal and thereby ruin the knife irrevocably. Stop first on kitchen knives, old scissors or steel stripes to feel the effort that you need to attach to the details during sharpening. The knife red.Hot during sharpening must be periodically lowered into the water, it will harden it a little, in addition, the wet grinding circle removes unnecessary heat, preventing the processed part to be rewritten.

Reasons for removing a knife

Among the common reasons for removing or replacing the cutting element are as follows:

When the knife swept, bent or deformed, the lawn after the haircut looks untidy. Comfortable sharpening will correct the situation.

knife, lawn, mower, sharpening, easy

Professionals advise to carry out the procedure once a year. It is better to do this in the spring, before starting work. If the cutting elements dull faster, then sharpen them more often.

Sharpen Mower Blades. NEW Harbor Freight Air Tools!

Sharpening for a knife

If chips, cracks are visible on the blades, or it is very stuck and has become thin, then in this case a replacement is necessary. Sharping such a tool does not make sense. In addition, the blade can break and fly out from under the case of the car at any time, injuring people or animals that were nearby. Such a device can also lead to engine breakdown. Change the element is allowed to be a similar model. The characteristics of the knife are indicated in the instructions.

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If there is no suitable product in the store, you can always purchase a lower length blades. In this case, a little more time will go to put the lawn in order than before. But this is not a problem compared to the fact that the inappropriate knife is sometimes impossible to securely fix on garden technology. Then the way out. Knives for lawn mowers are universal. These are the blades, which includes adapters, bolts, washers, etc. The knives themselves have several mounting options. As a result, the cutting elements can be fixed on completely different models.

Necessary tools for sharpening

The first thing you should pay attention to is how the knife is removed correctly. In no case should the lawn mower with a gasoline engine be turned upside down and a protective casing, since oil and burning remaining in the cylinders will get into the carburetor area.

Turn the mower to one side, and towards the control handles. If possible, it is desirable not to do this, but use the overpass. In extreme cases, the lawn mower is simply placed on 2 stools, and even then the knife itself is removed. To do this, it must be blocked (for example, with a crowbar or a wooden beam) and alternately unscrew 2-3 bolts from below. Should be neat, since the washers will also be removed.

After extracting the knife, it should be carefully examined for the presence of chips and burrs, which are obtained when the lawn mowers get on a stone or another solid subject. If there are such, you need to remove them with stiffing. The easiest option is to hide the whole edge. However, if this is done on one side of the blade, you will have to grind as much on the other, regardless of whether there are chips there. All this is done due to the correct balancing. Further the sharpening of knives for lawn mowers begins further.

For editing and turning the cutting edge, you will need:

  • Corner grinder;
  • Vise;
  • Drill with adapter for grinding paper (discs);
  • File;
  • Skin (sandpaper) for about 250 grait.

It is necessary to start by leveling the cutting edge (if it was not performed). For this purpose, an angular grinder with a grinding circle or a sharpener with large grain (up to 400 grait) is suitable for this purpose.

The standard angle of sharpening is 30 ° (conducted only on one side).

However, it is recommended to clarify this information in the instructions for the operation of the lawn mower. Some manufacturers of the edge on the lamp for the lawn mower are made under 20-25 °. Thus, a lot of sharpness is achieved, but the permissible wear is reduced to repeated sharpening.

How to properly sharpen a lawn mowing knife

So that the lawn pleases you with a pleasant color and is healthy and well.Groomed, it is necessary to periodically sharpen the knife. How often you need to sharpen a knife, it is very difficult to say for sure, the time between sharpening for all lawns, knives and lawn mowers are different. It is enough to pose a question differently: “How often you need to sharpen a kitchen knife?”, There is only one answer:” At once it seems to you that he was dull “. As well as for knives of lawn mowers.

How can a lawn mowing knife sharpen:

Some craftsmen sharpen the knives with a corner grinding machine (corner grinding), but we strongly do not recommend this for security purposes.

To sharpen the knife, you must first remove it. The knife is removed quite easily. To do this, it is necessary to put the lawn mower to the deck of the deck, tilting back to the handles, having previously loosened the fasteners of the handle bolts.

Please note that the gasoline lawn mower cannot be tilted to the right side, towards the carburetor, since the oil from the crankcase will fall into the carburetor and cause inconsistent consequences, such as pollution of the fuel system, sticking the needle of the carburetor and it may even require repair of the lawn mower in the service center. We also do not recommend tilting the mower to the left side, towards the muffler, since when the shaft is scrollful, there is the possibility of oil from the crankcase into the muffler, which can also have not very pleasant consequences, such as intense white smoke from the muffler.

So, we unscrew the knife counterclockwise, in 99% of the lawn mower, the knife is unscrewed precisely counterclockwise. Be careful and attentive, many lawn mowers are equipped with frictional devices, do not lose the washers and sleeve of the knife drive system. Try to remember the procedure for installing all elements.

Next, it is necessary to clean the knife from adhering grass and earth. Since excess grass we will interfere with us with further balancing.

We fix the knife for the convenience of sharpening, when using a file, or a donkey.

Lawn Mower Maintenance: How To Sharpen Your Mower Blade

You need to sharpen the knife in the direction of the past sharpening, at an angle of 30 degrees from the horizontal line. All knives for lawn mowers are sharpened from above, a flat platform remains below. Do not sharpen a knife on both sides, as we usually sharpen everyday knives, or hide from below, as this can worsen the quality of the cut and collection of grass.

The sharpening length must be done 11-13 cm, for ordinary knives and 15-20 cm for mulch knives. You do not need to sharpen anymore, since this length is a working one, closer to the middle of the knife, the cut of the grass is not made, this is due to the frequency of rotation of the knife.

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If you drag the knife this is not the first time remember that the maximum depth, at which all the dynamic properties of the knife are preserved, is 10 mm. Do not sharpen a knife if the depth exceeds 1 centimeter if you value the beauty and health of your lawn.

After you sharpened the knife, you need to remove the excess metal on its reverse side. Easy enough movement, without effort, to spend on it a file, or a donkey.

Next, you need to balancing the knife in order to avoid unnecessary, unnecessary, vibration of the lawn mower. In order to produce proper balancing, you must have a special balancer for a lanage of the lawn mower, but if you do not have it in the arsenal, you can use a regular screwdriver, or an iron rod. We insert the screwdriver into the central hole of the knife, in the center, and if one of the wings tends down, then remove the excess metal from the other side. We achieve the balance so that no knife wing will outweigh.

Everything, the knife is ready for operation. Next, install it back, do not forget to install all the fasteners in place. If you have a dynamometric key, then tighten the knife bolt with a force of 51-68 N.M., or 5.2-6.97 kilogram-scales. If there is no special key, then on the Internet you can easily find an article on how the data is translated into a simpler designation: hand. Bezmen. Meter pipes.

We wish you a pleasant mowing and a beautiful, healthy lawn.

And if you need to sharpen a knife by professionals, or the prevention of a lawn mower, you can contact our service center, you can familiarize yourself with the services and in the section of our site: Repair of lawn moutines.

How to sharpen knives in a lawn mower yourself

As a rule, even dull knives in the lawnmands cope with their work. But under a sharp knife, the sections are even and neat, the dumb equipment tears the grass, therefore the view of the lawn is imperfect. The sharpening process itself does not seem to be particularly difficult. This can be done on an electric tochline machine or manually. The main problem here is the balancing of cutting equipment. With the speed of rotation of the working shaft of the lawn mower in almost 3,000 rpm, even a slight violation of balancing leads to the appearance of vibrations and to increase the wear of the bearings.

The angle of sharpening is approximately 30-50 o. Faster and most convenient to sharpen on electric sandpaper. For handmade work here will need a flat file or sandpaper. If you are used to bringing everything to the ideal, then small sandpaper for finish grinding will also come in handy. But this is not necessary to do this. The movement of a bar or a file should be made from thickening to the acute edge and from the mounting hole of the knife to its edge. In some models of lawnmands, the knife has a complicated shape, which complicates the use of a sharpener. In this case, all the main work will have to be done manually.

The main thing is to remember about balancing. This is especially true for work on an electric tochline machine, since it is easier to sort out with the removal of excess metal. In addition to files and machine tools, a drill or a corner grinder equipped with a special nozzle with replaceable circles of sandpaper can be used as a sharpening tool.

How easy it is to check the balancing of the knife

Check balancing should at least 2 times. Once before and after sharpening. First you need to fix in a vice some even metal plate. The edge of the plate should be in a horizontal position. A knife is laid across this rib.

If the balancing is not violated, then the equilibrium of the equipment will be achieved when the rib is in the center of the knife hole. If the knife had to be shifted a little for balance, then when sharpening it should be removed a little more metal from the side of the short overhang.

knife, lawn, mower, sharpening, easy

Balancing check

Before installing the blade back, you need to make sure that his shoulders have at least approximately the same weight. Otherwise, the vibration will arise during work, which will not affect the durability of the spindle positively.

Balancing is carried out mainly for two.Sided single and composite knives, four.Lobed are not so much susceptible to imbalance. To check the knife, you need to clamp a smooth bar in a horizontal position in a vice. The blade is put on it through the hole in the center, after which attempts are made to install it strictly horizontally. If one of the shoulders weighs significantly more than the other, the knife will steadily turn in one direction.

The equation of the weight of the shoulders is carried out by grinding a small amount of metal from the back of one of the knife shoulders. It is not necessary to achieve ultra.Precise balancing, but the knife should linger for at least a few seconds in a strictly horizontal position. When the balancing is carried out, you can put the knife in place and, finally, update the view of your lawn.

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