Is it possible to hand over a trimmer ethletric for the grass back to the store?

Good afternoon, I bought a trimmer ectric for the grass, but he did not fit me, I’m afraid that now it will not be accepted back, 3 days have passed since the day of purchase, I still tested it in the garden, respectively. Is it possible to hand him back to the store? IP store, this is not a large network, such as Ob, which is easier to return the goods.

What does it mean I tested it in the garden? You clamped their nails or mowed the grass or checked whether he can work after a tractor or a car drives along it.

I think the author means that the product has signs of use, Tested in the garden. But did not fit because of the large weight, or inconveniently, or the bumps mows well, there may be many reasons. I doubt that the nails were punched by the trimmer (you have a strange humor, after all). As a result, it turns out that it seems like it is a product of good quality, but most likely they will not take it back, They used it. My opinion. You need to contact the store, They don’t take money for the demand. Many small sellers are much more customer.oriented than large networks.

I meant that the product has signs of use, Tested in the garden. That is, I already mowed the grass for them. And his appearance is not like from a showcase by itself, if possible washed and wiped out that it was possible. But the grass is unrealistic to clean. He vibrates very much, does not work and even overheating for 5 minutes, the wave goes from him, even I’m afraid that he will hit the current, I just had another company before 4 years, this has never been, and this new one. I called in the store they said that she was carried out for examination, she seems to be free, since the guarantee, if they establish that they were not working, they promised to completely return the money, and if they say that they are working, they will not give it up? It is simply impossible to use it. That is, I will have to just put it aside for 7000 and buy another? No demand from the seller?

But it is impossible for them to work, you know, myself, if everything was fine with him, there is no interest to carry him back to the seller.

You were not sent in the store but voiced order. If the goods of good quality, then it will not be returned to you because your trimmer for the grass is already used (you are bone grass).

A trimmer for grass should not turn off every 4 minutes, it is definitely faulty, carry it to the store and hand over, do not even hesitate.

And the store expert will write that it is spoiled by the buyer due to violations of the operating rules. and then what ?

If the buyer knows such a sin for himself, then he will “swallow”, and if there were no violations of operation rules. will go and make his examination and to court with all the ensuing negative consequences for the seller.

Well, in our courts of general jurisdiction, everything is generally not obvious. Here, for example, my good friends, sell Kerher technique, showed me recently documents. A certain Madame bought a vacuum cleaner from them. About six months after the end of the warranty period, she turned to them, something, she says, is not so with my vacuum cleaner. They looked at him, changed the consumables and gave Madame in a completely good form. Two months later, they receive a lawsuit with a demand to return the money for the vacuum cleaner of inadequate quality and the applied expert opinion of some office there. In court, the representative indicated that on this vacuum cleaner there is a conclusion of the authorized center Kerher, from which it follows that the unit is working and asked to appoint a forensic examination. The court refused in the petition and issued a decision to recover money from the seller. There was an appeal further, the decision remained valid. And yesterday I was in the first meeting at my lawsuit on the appeal of a recovery for a laid car. And the judge says to me: and you are sure that the defendant is still with the car. I say, I would like to be confident, and for this I submitted a petition for interim measures? And when. I say, but here’s right with the lawsuit, only now fate is not clear to me. Thus, my petition, which was supposed to be examined on the trail. day after serving, calmly healed and waited for a month for a month. Here are examples of obvious, nationwide, or non-obvious, I don’t even know how it will be right.

Application to the store and let them conduct an examination. If the examination reveals the shortcomings of the goods, read the production defect, then the exchange or refund, if it does not reveal, you will have to pay for the exploration

trimmer, grass, broke, down, possible, malfunctions

As noted above, you can not pay. and go to court. In it, ask for and conduct a judicial. and there. How it turns out!

Thank you very much to everyone who responded, first I’ll go to watch for free today, to one of the service centers, which is indicated in the warranty coupon.

Do not forget that the warranty period for the goods suspends its fast running at the time of the location of one in the repair)) how much they will be nursed with him, but the paper in the form of a claim to the seller should write. And register if possible)) I wish you good luck))

Pysi. I bought it means an electrode. It seems like, judging by the manufacturer and price, the thing is not bad. Sellers in Ob and a comrade on the counterparty strut promised a warranty period of 3 years, subject to registration of purchase on the manufacturer’s website. And without registration, the guarantee is only one year old)) well, therefore, a mud of grass slowly. I try this way in the case. not very pleased. Let me I look at reviews on the internet. And reviews are 50×50! Many swear and spit)))) When visiting the site, it turned out that there is no such option on the site as registration of a guarantee. After calling the hot fishing line for the manufacturer’s trimmer 8 800 200 1962, the operator confirmed, yes, registration is required for additional warranty. And I was surprised why I can’t find this option on the site))). They began to look together. We spent time. it turned out there is no such option))) registration is not required. The operators agreed to the point that Garden is one manufacturer, and Husqvarna is different))))))))) I laugh))) I call the service center. Madame says to me: “The guarantee for three years in relation to the electrode cut.mower of Garden applies only to electrical parts of electric motors.”Well, I think and good! There and break, as it were, nothing more. The heart of the mowing. electric motor. We talked with my aunt))) for living. It turned out that the warranty period for three years does not apply to the bearings of the product. The manufacturer does not count these bearings with an electric part of the electric motor)))) and they are just out of order most often. Overheated, wedge, and t.D. And the engine rotor rotates on these same bearings. As a result of this, the engine will then be covered. Well, when these penny bearings fail, the service orders the electric motor assembly, they are not supplied separately))) and the motor assembly with the bearings costs more than half of the cost of the product)))) sailed. The representative of the Ob after our bodies of the conversation kindly offered to return the money))) how do you return the money to me if the goods were in use and formally common?? There was my question. Bring the grit. Let’s return)) well, while it mows like it seems like. TTT. The lawn is rushing like yeast after rains.

The reasons why it is impossible to start a motorcycle

These are the reasons why the motor motorcycus cannot be made:

  • In the fuel tank, an old exhausted gasoline;
  • the engine starting procedure is disturbed;
  • short circuit of the wires going to the on/off button;
  • the ignition system is faulty;
  • clogged air filter;
  • Fuel filter clogged;
  • fuel hoses;
  • Board of the sapun;
  • Parus is a primer;
  • Cutted with mud or faulty carburetor;
  • The air damper drive broke;
  • The engine is faulty (rings lay down).

In the fuel tank, old exhausted gasoline

Despite the fact that in the instructions for the operation of each model it is recommended not only not to leave fuel in the gas tank, but also to carry out the conservation of the engine, some of the owners of such equipment neglects these recommendations.

If the gas tank cover is tightly closed and the buttonhole valve is serviceable, then gasoline evaporates minimally during the storage, but any leaks worsen the quality of fuel.

After all, volatile hydrocarbons evaporate, and the remaining liquid absorbs water from the air. As a result, the combustibility of gasoline in the tank is insufficient to ignore the spark of a candle, so it is impossible to start the motor.

To correct the situation, it is necessary not only to drain the old fuel from the tank, but also to remove it from the carburetor.

This can be done in two ways:

  • remove the carburetor, disassemble it and drain the remnants of gasoline;
  • To pump up new fuel with a primer, and then, tens of times twitching the starter cable, pump the old gasoline through the combustion chamber until the new fuel appears there, then dry the candle.

The first method is more difficult technically, because not everyone can correctly disassemble and assemble, as well as install a carburetor in place, and then connect it.

The second method requires high endurance and patience, because you have to pull the cable for more than one minute, while choosing a free move each time, because if this is not done, then you can damage the starter mechanism.

The engine starting procedure is broken

In the instructions for the operation of each model of a trimmer for grass, the engine starts the engine, both after winter storage or purchase, and during operation.

In addition, you will find universal instructions for launch in this article. Violation of the recommended order often leads to the fact that the owner of Motokos cannot start his device.

In this case, we recommend:

  • the instructions or an appropriate article;
  • dry the candle (often during the wrong launch it is filled with gasoline or fuel mixture);
  • start a trimmer for the grass in a regular way.

A short circuit of wires

To turn off the engine, the switch connects the wires suitable for it and shunts (closes) the ignition system for low voltage.

Under the influence of vibration and due to the use of wires with poor-quality isolation, the latter sometimes grows out, which can lead to a closure.

Such a short circuit performs the same function that the trimmer button for the grass is turned off the “turned off” position, so the manipulation of the button does not give any result.

To diagnose damage, remove the wire of the inclusion system button from the terminal terminal (on some models you will have to be cut or dropped out), then measure the resistance in the “inclusive” and “off” tester between this wire and engine body.

If the button and wiring are working, then in the “inclusive” mode the resistance will strive for infinity, and in the “off” mode will show a short circuit.

If the wiring is damaged, then:

  • disassemble the working handle;
  • Saving or cut the wires suitable for the button, as well as to the ignition system and the engine;
  • Pull the old wires and insert new instead;
  • Sold or connect new wires using terminals;
  • Collect the handle.

The ignition system is faulty

Here are the main malfunctions of the ignition system:

The wrong gap between the magneto and the ignition coil

Two magnets were inserted into the aluminum flywheel of the engine. When the motor works, the flywheel rotates and the magnets pass by the ignition coil, forming in it the pulses of the electric motor (EMF), and two magnets provide 2 times more energy than one.

This energy is stocked in the condenser inside the ignition unit and after the passage of the second magnet the accumulated energy in the form of a single pulse enters the transformer, which is the ignition coil.

The effective exposure of magnets is possible only at a small distance, so the ignition unit is fixed reliably, but the flywheel is installed in the high temperature zone, and its ribs create an air flow, blowing the motor.

Therefore, many motos models provide for the possibility of adjusting the gap between the flywheel and the block.

If the ventilation holes of the casing are clogged, then the temperature of the flywheel becomes too large, which leads to a stronger temperature expansion and the flywheel begins to cling to the ignition unit.

This leads to the appearance of a much stronger vibration, which is why the block is moved away from the flywheel under the influence of strikes, which leads to an increase in the clearance in the cold state.

And the larger the gap and less the speed of the coil through the magnetic field, the lower the EMF, which means less spark energy, which leads to a difficult or impossible launch “for cold”.

The optimal gap between the core of the coil and the flywheel magnets is 0.2 mm, about the same thickness at the wall of plastic bottles of sweet or mineral water.

Therefore, for diagnosis, make a probe from such a bottle, cutting it down, then the probe will curl and tighten the flywheel, or you can use a probe to adjust the heat clearance of valves.

Other malfunctions and their causes

In this section you will find recommendations that will help you determine and eliminate the problem if the trimmer for the grass has stopped starting.

We have collected here the most common malfunctions, as well as a list of possible reasons that lead to them.

This will help you quickly conduct a check and determine the real reason why the lawn mower stopped starting.

There is a spark, and a candle is dry

If you checked the spark with a discharge and it pierced a distance of 1 cm, then change the candle, and if this does not help, look for why the fuel does not enter the combustion chamber.

After all, if it had been received, then the motor would work, and with an excess of fuel, the candle would be wet.

If there is a spark, and the candle of the lawn mower is dry, then to establish the cause, do the following:

  • Check the fuel hoses and filter;
  • Check the primer valve;
  • Check if the carburetor is clogged;
  • Look for air leaks.

Having discovered the problem, repair or replace the damaged part.

There is a spark, and the candle is wet

If the discharge showed that there is a spark of sufficient power, but the candle is wet, then there is too much gasoline or too little air in the combustion chamber of the lawn mower.

These are the possible causes of such a malfunction:

  • faulty candle;
  • exhausted gasoline;
  • Dirty air filter;
  • a layer of soot on a candle;
  • Air damper jam.

Conduct diagnostics as described above, then eliminate the problem.

The candle is wet

If there is nothing to check the spark, then to all the possible malfunctions described in the previous section, add the problems of the ignition system. Then conduct a full check of all the trimmer systems and devices for the grass, because the reason may be anywhere.

Do not start “on hot”

If a benzotrimer is poorly started or not started “on hot”, then possible reasons:

  • Dirty air filter;
  • the ventilation holes from the hand of the manual starter are clogged;
  • The wrong gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil.

Check all systems and details as described above, and also adjust the gap between the flywheel and the ignition unit.

Not starting “on cold”

These are the possible reasons why the benzotrimer is poorly started or not started by the “cold”:

  • fault of the air damper drive;
  • air leakage;
  • Primer faulty;
  • too much gap between the flywheel and the ignition unit;
  • scored sapunes;
  • Piston rings lay down.

Check everything as described above, then eliminate the cause.

Badly starts in all modes

  • Dirty Sapun;
  • old fuel;
  • air leakage;
  • dirty candle;
  • The wrong gap between the flywheel and the ignition unit.

Check everything as described above, then eliminate the cause.

There is no spark

If there is no spark, then the possible causes of the malfunction are the following:

Starts and stalls immediately

Check everything as described above, then eliminate the cause.

The causes of the malfunction

Since all the trimmers for grass that can work with the disk are arranged the same way, the reasons why the gear circle does not rotate with the motor turned on are also the same, that is:

  • The fixer in the gearbox is forgotten;
  • licked slots of the protective washer of the gearbox;
  • the engine is turned on, but does not work;
  • clutch on gasoline devices;
  • the shaft tips were erased;
  • The shaft burst or broke;
  • Reducer is destroyed or jammed.

The fixer in the gearbox is forgotten

This is not even a malfunction, but a consequence of the inattention of the operator, who for any reason was removed by one and put the other cutting tool. Inspect the gearbox, if it has a latch, then you forgot to pull it out.

Remember, the inclusion of an electric engine with an installed latch can lead to an inter.flip circuit, although the launch of a gasoline power unit is safe, because at idle speed the clutch turns it off from the shaft.

Licked slots of the gearbox protective washer

If the disk rotates at least a little, but stops from any load, while the clutch of a gasoline trimmer for the grass is completely regular, then remove the cutting tool.

Then remove the protective washer of the gearbox, which is also called the lower slotted plate.

Inspect the slots on it and on the gearbox shaft. If their faces are licked, then the puck needs to be changed, and the gearbox is repaired. If the edge of the slots is clear, then the problem is in some other.

The engine is on but does not work

The owners of the electric focus are faced with this problem, because their engine works much quieter than a gasoline power unit.

To make sure of the electric motor, turn it off, and then turn it on again, while the trimmer for the grass should jerk a little around your shaft.

In addition, an air flow should come out of the ventilation windows. If all this is, then the power unit works normally, which means that the problem is not in it.

The main sign of the operation of the gasoline engine is a characteristic sound that appears after starting the unit.

Clutch clutch

The lawn mowers are equipped with a centrifugal clutch, which works when the engine reaches certain speeds.

The pads are attached to a rotating basis with one side, the second edge is held by a spring, the elasticity of which determines the speeds at which the clutch will work.

When the friction pads of the pads are worn out, they do not transmit the torch of the bar to the fullest, which is why the disk either does not spin at all, or spins very slowly and stops at any load.

If the cutting tool is spinning and does not stop during the mowing of the grass with an increase in speed, then everything is in order with the clutch.

If the tooth circle does not rotate at any engine speed, then the problem is not in the adhesion.

After all, even with completely erased friction lining, it transfers to the shaft at least a little energy, so that the cutting tool, albeit slowly, but rotates.

The shaft tips were erased

This is the most common problem, because when working with the disk, the tips experience huge loads, and incorrect assembly after service accelerates their wear.

To check the condition of the tip, disassemble the shaft, disconnecting it from the engine and taking off the gearbox, as well as dismantling it, if it is provided for by the design.

Inspect the tips. If the faces are clear and they are deeply included in the clutch and gearbox, then the problem is not in them.

Burst or torn the shaft

Devices with a twisted shaft are not designed to work with a knife or disk, but their owners sometimes neglect this requirement.

To make sure that the shaft is working, separate the bar and start the engine if the tip rotates, then everything is fine.

Then remove the gearbox and check the second part of this part. If the rod is indispensable, then immediately remove the gearbox. The lack of rotation of the tip, as well as its torn movements with a change in revolutions indicate that with the shaft of the problem.

Reducer is destroyed or jammed

If all other reasons are excluded, then the problem lies in the gearbox that is destroyed or jammed. Remove the gearbox and pull the shaft from the bar, then insert it into the gearbox and cram it several times, holding the output shaft with your fingers.

If the rotation is transmitted normally, without jerks, then bring a trimmer for the grass home and there completely disassemble this mechanism.

This is the only way to check its real state and evaluate the degree of wear. Remember, even if you recently smeared it, it is better to rinse all the details in diesel fuel and lay a new lubricant, this will extend the service life of parts.

If the gearbox is serviceable, but the disk still does not spin, then you need to check everything new, because somewhere you missed something.

The most common malfunctions

Here is a list of the most common faults:

  • When you press the power buttons, the motor does not turn on.
  • When pressing the power buttons, the engine works, but the trimmer for the grass does not gain momentum.
  • During operation, an electric motor suddenly turns off, repeated pressing on the power buttons does not give a result.
  • During operation, the motor overheats, sometimes smells of palmar, and after some time an ethletric trimmer for grass turns off.

When clicking on the power buttons, the motor does not work

The reasons for such a malfunction can be:

  • shutdown of electricity at home;
  • rosette malfunction;
  • disconnecting the extension cord from the outlet;
  • a fracture or a break in one of the cores of the extension cord;
  • poor contact of the fork Electrics with an extension socket;
  • blocked fuse of the electrimmer;
  • the engine of engine protection that worked;
  • wear of the sequins of the electric motor;
  • a burnt trimmer fuse for grass;
  • Failure of buttons or internal wiring electrocos.

Since there are quite a lot of reasons for such a malfunction and not all of them can be checked on the spot, start acting on the principle of “from simple to complex”. Its essence is to first check what requires a minimum of effort, if the reason could not be established, proceed to more difficult checks.

We offer to act as follows:

  • Press and release both the engine turning buttons several times, the main and blocking (protective). If this did not help and the device has not earned, then feel the case in the motor area. If it is hot or warm, wait for complete cooling and try to turn on a few more times. In the absence of a positive result, bring a trimmer for grass and extension cord home. If the device has earned, then you overheat the engine, which is why its defense worked.
  • At home, make sure that there are electricity on the Web and electrical appliances work, then turn on the device in the outlet directly and press the buttons. If he works, then the problem is in the extension cord, if not, include it in any of the sockets to which the functioning electrical appliance is connected. A positive result indicates a malfunction of the outlet, negative-about some kind of defect in the device itself.
  • If any internal defects are the cause of the inoperability of the electric cos, then first check the brushes and wiring of the trimmer for the grass, that is, conduct diagnostic repairs (with your own hands).

The motor turns on, but the ethletric trimmer for grass does not gain momentum

Cutting tool (coil, knife or disk) is connected to the engine and gear motor (there is only on devices with a direct bar).

Therefore, when the electric motor works, and the trimmer head does not spin or spins sluggishly and not quickly enough, then the problem is always only in the shaft or gearbox.

If this happens during operation, then the knife met with a too hard obstacle and the effort that arose destroyed the gear of the gearbox.

When this happens after a long downtime or disassembly/assembly of the device, then there are two possible reasons:

  • The shaft has become in place, so its slots did not enter into the hook with the slots of the motor and gearbox;
  • slots of the shaft, motor or gearbox are licked, so the normal hook does not work.

In any case, it is impossible to eliminate this reason without disassembling a trimmer for grass, and diagnostic repairs will show whether it is necessary to change the licked parts or to collect it correctly correctly.

During operation, the motor suddenly turns off

Most often, the cause of this behavior is a protective thermallane, turning off the voltage to the engine when a certain temperature is reached, so that the engine does not overheat.

If you have this particular case, then the trimmer for the grass will turn out to turn on in 10-15 minutes, when the temperature of the windings drops below the level of the thermallane operation.

If the body of the apparatus has cooled down, but it does not work to turn it on, look for a problem by the algorithm described above.

The motor overheats, and after some time it turns off

If the electric motor is very hot during operation and the smell of the pawn appears, after which the trimmer for the grass stops responding to the pressing of the inclusion buttons, then the device requires urgent repair.

After all, the smell of Gary suggests that the windings are so heated so that the insulating varnish layer was burned and there was a high probability of the formation of an interval circuit.

The reasons for such a strong overheating most often become:

  • non.compliance with the mode of operation and cooling;
  • too high load (an attempt by a trimmer of small power to dig high grass or too fast traffic of electric cos);
  • Destruction of the bearings of the engine shaft;
  • storage in conditions of high humidity;
  • clogged ventilation holes;
  • damage to the blades of the cooling fan;
  • mowing wet grass;
  • Work during the rain.

As soon as you feel the smell of Gary, even if the device has not yet turned off and continues to work, stop the mowing of the grass.

If the thermallane does not work, then the engine may light up, which often leads to heavy burns.

The likelihood of electric shock is also increased. Then attribute the device home and or carry out a diagnostic repair yourself to establish the cause (if your skills, skills and equipment allow this), or take a trimmer for grass to the workshop.

We suggest watching a video that describes the reasons why the electric trimmer for the grass does not turn on and recommendations on what to do if the device does not work:

If an ethletric trimmer does not work or disconnects during operation, then there may be many reasons for this.

After all, the normal functioning of this device is provided by:

  • mechanisms and electrical equipment inside electrocos;
  • Udlier cable;
  • socket;
  • house wiring;
  • Local line for power transmission (power transmission line).

Therefore, it is necessary to look for the causes of the inoperability of the tool both inside it and the rest of the participants in the electric circuit, in which it is the end consumer of electricity.

How to disassemble a gearbox of a trimmer for grass

In order to disassemble a trimmer gearbox for grass, you need.

  • Remove the gearbox from the pipe, loosening two conjugate bolt under the gearbox.
  • Wash the gearbox with a brush, for example, in gasoline without oil and dry.
  • Run the ends of the locking ring and take it out.
  • The second stop ring and the second.
  • Then it is necessary to heat the trimmer gearbox for grass, the motorcosa gearbox or the reducer of the lawn mower by an industrial (technical) hairdryer at the temperature of the outgoing air at 600 ° C.
  • After that, strong blows of a wooden bar on the upper part of the gearbox, knock out a driven shaft with a bearing and a gear (first you should try to knock out bearings without heating). It is only necessary to hit a wooden bar, since a metal, for example, with a hammer, can be broken down by the case.
  • In the same way we remove the leading shaft with a bearing and a gear (we strongly heat the place where the bearings are sitting and with the blows of the wooden bar on the body of the shaft, we knock out the shaft with two bearings and the gear). How to disassemble a trimmer gearbox for grass, gearbox gearboxes and gearbox motokos. In order not to heat, you can try to use the set.

The assembly of the gearbox of a trimmer for the grass is carried out in the reverse order of disassembly (assembly after buying and replacing spare parts). It is much easier to collect a gearbox than to disassemble. everything is going, literally, with fingers. Sometimes you need to gently take up something, install stop rings and check whether the driven shaft is spinning by hand.

If you decide to replace the trimmer gearbox for the grass with not original, then in the new gearbox you should pay attention to the diameter of the pipe for which the gearbox (more than 25.4 mm or 26 mm) is intended, the diameter of the drive shaft (more than 8 mm), the size of the square shaft square (more often 5 mm or a star for 9 teeth) and security mounting on the gearbox, as well as on a nut (with left thread, more often M10x1.25).

Law out.handies malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

At least what type of benzos has a half bar, in which the binding cable between the motor shaft and the lower gearbox is placed, which transfers rotation to the tool with cutting inventory. In the highest part there is a carburetor and a motor, a gearbox and a working tool closed by a casing are placed on the bottom. In the middle part there is a transverse handle when the control buttons are placed. To unload the hands, there is an unloading belt holding the bar with a torso of the operator.

In the process of choosing a lawn mower, a device with a two.stroke engine is better than a four.stroke. Two.stroke engine is more maneuverable and easier to repair. With a four.stroke node below the level of vibration.

This follows, repair of the lawn mower is to eliminate defects;

  • the engine does not start;
  • The cutting mechanism does not develop;
  • the engine stalls;
  • the gearbox is heated;
  • a knock, powerful vibration of the bar is heard.

For now, eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to diagnose, find a non.working node.

Know the point of lubrication of the tool in principle. Unchanged care, cleaning the device after work will allow you to extend its service life. Before starting work, you need to tighten the fasteners, cook fuel and season the tank.

Why is a trimmer not starting for the grass: the main malfunctions and their elimination

As already noted, such situations are characteristic of trimmers who were inactive for a long period of time. Therefore, after detecting the problem, you need to immediately take up the search for a malfunction.

Fuel as source of problems

The first stage is checking the presence of fuel and its quality. First of all, they are convinced that there is a fuel in the tank. Those who have acquired the unit recently, often forget that the trimmer for the grass needs refueling. If there is no fuel, then the equipment simply cannot work.

If there is a fuel in the tank, but the trimmer does not start for the grass, then the owner needs to check whether he is acting correctly. In this case, it is recommended to study the instructions. If the launch is made correctly, then the malfunction can cause the inappropriate quality of the mixture.

  • Oil. It should be special. intended for two.stroke engines. It is not recommended to save on the product, since the life of the equipment depends on the mixture. Trammers for grass with a four.stroke engine require pure gasoline, it is not mixed with butter.
  • It is necessary to use not only high.quality gasoline, but also the brand that is recommended by the manufacturer of a particular model. If it is not possible to find out what fuel is necessary, then it is recommended to choose either AI-95 or AI-92, and the last gasoline is a favorite, since the first has additives that react with two-stroke oil. Other brands do not advise using.
  • The correct preparation is shifted for a benzotrimer. It is noted that at first this stage is paid to maximum attention, but over time, kosari begin to mix the composition “by eye”, and this is already a serious mistake. The correct ratio of gasoline and oil is 25: 1. For a liter of the first, 40 ml of the second, two.stroke. Motor oil intended for a car is an inappropriate option, since at high temperatures the liquid loses (partially) lubricating properties.

The correct storage conditions of the fuel mixture are important. To save time, some owners prepare it for the future to use it in the coming weeks. This option is contraindicated, since the prepared fuel mixture quickly becomes unsuitable. The reason is the precipitation of oil loss. With this change, both oil products lose their properties. Even repeated stirring is not able to restore the initial quality of fuel. Therefore, they recommend preparing a certain volume: 2 liters, no more.

If everything is in order with gasoline and oil, then they start diagnostics. to check the spark plug.

Candle and its condition

At this stage of diagnosis, you need to stop in more detail. Most experienced owners who are already familiar with the question of why a trimmer for grass does not start, first of all check the state of contact contacts. Diagnosis of this element is carried out as follows:

  • First, the spark plug is unscrewed, then inspect. If the electrodes are in perfect condition, then they should have a carpet whose color resembles a brick. Wet element, or white, black plaque on contacts indicates the presence of any malfunction. Pink and red electrodes. proof of a large number of additives in fuel. Such a mixture must be replaced.
  • In the event that the spark plug is wet, this means that the combustion chamber has unbroken fuel. It is left in place. Candle contacts are cleaned, then dried (calcination is prohibited). After this stage, the candle is connected to the nurser.
  • Then the ignition is turned on, the frontier handle is pulled. When everything is in order with the element, it must issue a constant spark. If it is weak or completely absent, then the verdict is one. you need to replace the spark plug.

There is another reason why a trimmer is not started for grass. This is a big gap that appeared between the contacts of the candle. A distance of 0.7-1 mm is considered normal. To correctly adjust the gap between the electrodes, use special probes.

If there is no such device, then the folk method is used. A razor blade breaks, folds its parts together. Then this “probe” is inserted between the contacts. Ideal. blades that enter tightly.

The problem is in the fuel and the carburetor

If there is a spark, and a trimmer for grass still does not show signs of life, then nuisance can lie in the fuel supply to the combustion chamber. To make sure that this node is to blame, they perform such actions:

  • They are typed in a syringe or poured into a lid from a plastic bottle of about 20 ml of fuel.
  • Then, through the candle hole, the fuel is neatly poured into the combustion chamber.
  • The candle is returned to the place, put on the imminent, the engine is launched.

In the event that the trimmer has started for the grass, the problem may be in the fuel and carburetor. Когда эффекта от проделанных манипуляций нет, диагностику продолжают — проверяют высоковольтный провод. At the slightest suspicion, this consumption element is replaced by a new.

What to do if the engine is a trimmer for grass still refuses to work? In this difficult case, you can follow the following recommendations:

  • In doubt about the candle and the high.voltage wire, it is better to immediately replace them.
  • If, when checking the new sparkling candle, it was not possible to achieve a spark, then it is almost possible to say with complete confidence that the ignition unit is faulty. the coil came out of the system.
trimmer, grass, broke, down, possible, malfunctions

Check its serviceability simply: they twist the candle, then it is led to the trimmer body for grass. If there is no spark when the starter jerks, or it does not appear every time, then a new coil is required. This element can also be replaced independently.

How to avoid most problems?

The work of this seasonal equipment is very affected by its proper storage. over, this applies not only to a long “rest” in the winter, but also of short intervals of inaction. To protect yourself and the technique from problems, you need to adhere to a few simple recommendations.

  • Before sending on a well.deserved rest, a tank trimmer for grass is freed from fuel remnants. To remove the entire mixture, the lawn mower is launched and allowed to work until the engine is stalled.
  • The first operation after “winter hibernation”. pouring a small amount of oil into the candle hole. Before that, the piston is moved to the extreme position. Such a lubricant will facilitate the launch and prevent premature wear of the details.

Summer’s Thick Grass Being Cut Down | Stihl FS 131 Brush Cutter #Satisfying #Grass #Stihl

Before starting working with a motorcycle, they must check the candle and all the main equipment components.

Reasons why the trimmer for grass does not start is quite a lot. But most of them can be detected and fixed independently. The main thing is the correct diagnosis, attentiveness and sequence of actions. And about how you can cope with problems, the master from the next will tell in detail

Quick way to check the electrical circuit

When the collector engine is included in the operation, the current sequentially passes through all the half.tests of the stator and the rotor through the brush mechanism.

A paradox with an electrician or what a rush leads to

Banal truth: the voltage is supplied with the switch with the contacts of the fork inserted into the outlet.

However, my neighbor in the country managed to go over in this matter and invited me to look at the brushes of a disassembled electric motor trimmer for the grass in order to explain why he does not work.

When I asked about the voltage in the outlet, he confidently stated that he had checked it with an indicator. I asked to show, because I do not trust such things in such matters.

He took the indicator, and showed that he was glowing from the contact of the outlet. Then I asked to go to the extension cub and rearrange it, changing the nests. At first, his surprise appeared quickly: during the second check, the indicator light did not light up.

In one wire of the extension cord there was a cliff, which eliminated the voltage supply to the proper trimmer engine for grass. There was no point in disassembling it and watch brushes.

Any verification of the performance of the electrical circuit start by analyzing the serviceability of the power circuits. This reduces the search time and elimination of defects.

The most important element of the electrimmer

The trouble with beginning users is that they do not fully understand the role of temperature in the work of a collector, and any electric motor.

The electric current passes well through the cold or overheated wires of the winding and normally creates a magnetic field rotating the rotor. And the isolation varnish, and other surrounding materials, are melted and flowing at the temperature.

The photo shows a trimmer cover deformed from the high heating and the engine failed and the engine.

Below is a photo of the burned insulation of the stator and rotor windings, which sprinkled into a single lump.

It is not profitable to eliminate such breakdowns. Replacing a burned.out engine in a repair shop at a price is slightly inferior to the purchase of a new trimmer for grass in the store.

Compliance with the temperature regime

When working, it is necessary to monitor the heating of the case.

This requirement is especially relevant for low.power models with the lower engine location. They are designed for short.term cutting of lawns with low grass: they have a simplified design, are not equipped with overheating protection.

Electric trimmers for middle.class grass and above are equipped with protective thermallack. When a critical temperature reaches with its bimetallic contact, it breaks the circuit of electric current, and after cooling it restores.

On my trimmer it began to work falsely: I had to block the contacts. Described this case in an article on the repair of a trimmer for grass in the country. In detail, he showed photographs in detail the sequence of the engine disassembly. Meet the technology.

With the nursed contacts of the thermmorele, Trimmer for the grass worked until the end of the season. During kosba periodically checked the temperature of the case with his hand, took breaks. During the winter I found a new thermorele, replaced the old. After that I work with thermal protection.

How can you overheat the engine of the electrimmer

Since ancient institute, I remember the phrase of the teacher of the Department of Sopromat and the theory of the strength of the shells about the reliability of the design of any mechanism: the entire equipment is designed and created for optimal conditions with a permissible coefficient of strength.

It is impossible to underestimate it: there will be frequent breakdowns, and overstating it is not economically profitable: the cost increases dramatically.

I did this introduction in order to emphasize that the operating conditions indicated by the plant must be studied, strictly observed. Otherwise, the breakdown is inevitable: it will be necessary to carry out the repair of the electrimmer.

What are the “newly.minted rationalizers” do to facilitate their work:

  • install a thicker fishing line for a trimmer in a mowing head;
  • Remove the protective casing with a knife of fishing line;
  • Mount on the head “Eternal fishing line for a trimmer” from chains, thick wire, filmed ribbon from plastic bottles;
  • Fasten homemade knives from steel strips.

A thick fishing line for a trimmer really mows higher grass, but it creates an increased load on the engine. Overheating it does not arise immediately, but after some period of time.

How to look for malfunctions in the mechanical part

The transmission of rotation from an electric trimmer for grass is performed in the same way as models with an internal combustion engine: an integral shaft works inside the rectangular section of the bar, and a curved cable works.

Their length, diameter and design are selected by the manufacturer for specific dimensions of the composite bar.

Features of the junction of the composite bar

It is made by an adapter with a screw clamp.

The large screw head is made to conveniently adjust the position of the mowing organ at the bottom of the bar. The rotation angle is selected individually.

It is convenient for me to expose it so that the longitudinal axis of the protective casing and the axis of the electric motor are located in the same plane.

In this place, a malfunction associated with the transfer of torque from a direct shaft to a cable may sometimes occur in this place. It is manifested by the fact that at idle engine the trimmer for grass works normally, and already under a small load, the mowing head stops rotating.

The method of its elimination was well shown by the owner of the video “Repair of the Electrimmer” Roman Shapkov. I recommend to see.

Method of attaching a mowing head and a casing

On my trimmer from below the rod, the adapter is fixed with rivets, into which the fastener bolt of the protective casing will be plunged.

The output shaft of a rotating cable has a hexagon at the end. A plastic mowing head is put on it.

From the inside, a return spring of the automatic discharge of fishing line during kosbe is inserted into it.

A spool was inserted into it. It is fastened with a fixing nut from above.

The device of a spitter head with a fishing line is quite simple.

However, all plastic parts do not have high strength, subject to wear. Their working surfaces are erased. After three seasons of work on my trimmer, the output holes of the fishing line from the mowing head expanded, the thickness of the fixing nut decreased.

It is difficult to apply protective measures to wear, and repair of these parts is easiest to fully replace the head. It is easy to buy it: you just need to know the exact dimensions of the hexagon and evaluate the new design according to the working characteristics.

The secrets of the selection of fishing line

Among the frequent malfunctions of the trimmer coil, there are cases when the fishing line for the trimmer ended or simply confused due to improper winding on the spool. It is not difficult to eliminate them.

But in practice, I met with another defect in the fishing line, which was sold on the state retail chain from Patriot LLC company. Her view in the factory packaging.

Trimmer repair replacing the bevel gear head. Brushcutter MacAllister Stihl stiga

As I understand it, it is specially hidden in a sealed package: you can not touch when buying.

When I opened the packaging to install the fishing line in the spool, its plasticity immediately caught my eye, and not elasticity. It is easily bending, behaves like a soft wire: when in contact with the grass, it immediately breaks. It is impossible to mow: she managed to return to the seller.

Since then, I have been buying only that fishing line for a trimmer that can be molested in my hands and evaluate its operational properties.

I try to refuse varieties of ordinary round fishing line. I prefer a ribbed shape to them with faces: asterisk, trapezoid, square or triangle. They are better cut off the grass.

How to eliminate increased vibration

Reliably collected trimmer mechanics for grass is well balanced. It provides convenient work. However, bearings can be worn out over time, lose lubrication.

A prefabricated shaft transmitting rotation from the engine of a spool is able to touch the internal walls of the bar, creating excessive friction with heating.

Such a defect can and must be eliminated. This technology is shown by TV repairman with his video “Vibration during the operation of Elektokosa”.

If you still have questions about how to carry out the repair of the electrimmer, then ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will answer.

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What can a woman do if a trimmer for grass broke down in the midst of the season

I don’t know who has how, but when I have broken a trimmer for grass, a light panic began. Mid.August, weeds are growing, a trimmer for the grass unexpectedly refused to work, and his son had just left for 3 weeks on vacation. The situation was complicated by the fact that I need to go 5 km to the train, and a trimmer for the grass weighs 7 kg, and you still need to find a service center and take a trimmer for the grass there by public transport. Of course, you can use the services of a taxi, but in monetary terms, the cost of taxi would probably be equal to the new trimmer.

But I’ll start from the beginning, the trimmer for the grass I have a Patriot brand with a capacity of 1200 watts, I can’t say that I am delighted with him, but he will fully pull it for 4 balls. Before the Patriot, I was 14 years old by faith and truth served a trimmer for the grass of the WELLER brand, I bought it quite by accident, but it turned out to be a “true Aryan” and worked for 14 years, quite easy and very convenient in work, but he broke down and did not follow the restoration anymore.

This is also a “Patriot”, but a later model, I ask you to excuse, but I don’t have a photo “full growth” of my trimmer for the grass, and now I just can’t go to the country for a photo. The Patriot has all electric models with the upper location of the Patriot electric motor because I liked the ratio of price and power. Cuts everything in a row: both high weeds and even shoots (up to 1 cm thick), but he has a rather strong vibration, although when buying it was warned about this. This vibration left me without a trimmer for grass (before this case of 3 years it worked properly). After 5 minutes of work, the trimmer for the grass froze, and when I tried to turn it on again, the electric motor turned on the bar and almost jumped off it.

I realized that something happened to the fasteners, and went to study the instructions, but there was not a word in the instructions about such a breakdown. You will laugh, but the magnifying glass and toothpick helped me.

This is one of the holes from where the bolt was lost

I needed to repair

The problem was that the fastening bolts flew out, but it is clear that I could not find them, I would have known in which place they flew out. I have a large method of samples (the supply of bolts, screws and screws) determined the desired diameter, but I did not immediately realize with the length.

I am writing this post and just see how our “handy” men laugh, but I share my experience primarily with seven.year.olds. The hole seemed to be through, the toothpick passed through, well, I decided that the length of the bolt should be slightly larger than the diameter of the bar and I still need a nut. But when I began to screw the bolt into the hole, he was stuck and “was not going to enter through and through”. In general, on the third attempt, I realized that two short bolts are needed and they should screw on both sides and no nuts are needed here.

I spun the bolts, the electric motor sat hard on the rod, tried to turn it on, and the trimmer for the grass did not work, it turned out that during all my manipulations with an electric motor and bar, I incorrectly fixed the electric motor. I had to unscrew everything, expand the electric motor on the bar 180 degrees and fix the entire structure again.

That’s what my trimmer for grass looks like this, although the photo has a different model

And the trimmer for the grass earned. My joy knew no bounds. True, now this mount was not drowned into the hole, but it rose, but it was even more convenient, it was easy to notice if the bolts began to spin.

Later, having arrived in I found on the Internet a description of a solution to such a problem, but the advice of putting bolts on glue still did not dare to follow.

Here is such a “summer-repair” adventure with a successful conclusion. Sorry for the post that is not quite full.fledged from the point of view of photos, but I wanted to tell about the problem and her solution to the woman forces. Thanks to all.

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