Let’s prepare a fuel mixture for a two-stroke engine with forced air cooling. Such engines are usually used in chainsaws and brushcutters.To prepare the fuel we will need:

  • Gasoline. I buy 92 t.к. it has less additives. Most chain saw and brushcutter manufacturers advise to use gasoline with an octane rating of 90 or higher, so 92 is fine.
  • Oil. This time I have semi-synthetic oil from ALC. Oil color is green. The color itself has no meaning and is determined by the dye that is added to the engine oil. The dye is needed to understand that there is oil in the fuel mixture and to be able to roughly estimate its amount.
  • A glass bottle for mixing gasoline and oil. Never mix gasoline and oil in the tank. You just can’t do it right. Don’t use plastic bottles for mixing fuel mixture. The plastic used in Coca-Cola and other beverage bottles dissolves and settles on the diaphragms of chainsaw and brushcutter carburetors, causing them to malfunction.
  • A measuring cup or syringe. Needed in order to precisely dose the oil. I use a 20cc medicine syringe you can buy at any drugstore.
  • A paintbrush, so the fuel doesn’t spill out of the bottle.
  • A small container in which you can pour the oil. You can take out the oil from the neck of the bottle with a syringe, but that’s not very handy.

We pour some oil for chain saws and brush cutters into a small container and measure the amount we need with the syringe. I make fuel for my Echo SRM-22GES brushcutter. According to the manual, the oil to gasoline ratio for this engine is 50:1. The fuel tank capacity of this brushcutter is 0.5 liters. It turns out that I need 20 ml per liter of gasoline. oil, and for a half-liter bottle, which is just enough to fill a full brushcutter I have enough 10ml of motor oil.

syringe, change, lawnmower

Once the oil dosage is selected, all that is left is to pour the oil from the syringe into a glass mixing bottle, add gasoline and stir.

You are ready to go to work. A correctly mixed fuel ensures that our chain saw and lawnmower will go on working for a long time without needing to change the piston group.

Change oil

Changing the lubricant in the lawnmower engine is not as complicated as changing the oil in a car. It’s much simpler here. The procedure is as follows.

  • Prepare enough fresh oil to change. Many lawn mowers usually fill the lubrication system with no more than 0.6 liter of oil.
  • Start the machine and let it idle for a few minutes to warm up the oil so that it becomes more fluid. This promotes better drainage.
  • Disconnect engine and put an empty container underneath the engine crankcase drain hole to catch the used oil.
  • Unscrew the oil drain plug and let all the oil drain out. It is recommended to tilt the machine (if possible or practical) towards the drain.
  • Screw the plug in place and move the machine to a level surface.
  • Open the filler neck on the oil tank and fill to the proper level using a dipstick.
  • Screw in tank cap.

LAWNMOWER Oil Change 2 MINUTES. Easy / Clean / DIY

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Syringe to change the oil in the lawnmower

Type Syringe
Device type For lawnmowers
Weight of item, kg 0,021
Brand Country Sweden
Assembly Sweden
Warranty 14 days warranty
Material Polymer
Class Household

Husqvarna lawnmower oil change syringe 596 83 25-01


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Oil filling syringe 500 ml INTERTOOL AT-3065

The INTERTOOL oil filler is designed for pouring oils and technical fluids into gearboxes, axle crankcases, bearing housings and other units. Made of steel. Complete with flexible hose.

Does not work. Either the piston seal is bad or the piston is not sufficiently cushioned for some other reason, but it was not possible to use it for the intended purpose. Maybe after some modification it will work.

Does not do what it is supposed to do. Sold with condensation inside (about a tablespoon of water) and rust. The rust is light, with oil back and forth and it washed off. Half an hour. But it is a pity too, as it needs more work.

Hello, Nikolai! We are sorry about this situation. For the decision of the arisen question on your mail the letter was sent, we suggest to continue dialogue in a personal correspondence.

No, thank you. Do not plan to do anything about the complaint. It’s a waste of time. I think that 189grn. Not such a bad price for a solid piece of thick steel, when I have more free, I’ll bring it to mind myself, I feel it is possible.

The piston seal is not good. It leaks from all sides. And in front of the piston and behind. How to seal the cuff, are they repair?

Good day, Alexei! Please, write your order number or phone number, so we can contact you to solve the situation. Thank you for asking.

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The second time I filled the syringe with oil, it leaked into the handle. After each squeeze of the oil, it appears behind the piston.Not satisfied with the quality.

Good afternoon, Alexander! For the fastest resolution of this issue, please contact our service center directly at: 38 (050) 303-24-23, 38 (067) 576-14-10.

Good afternoon, Vladislav! Thank you for your feedback. We are glad you like your tools and that they are up to the task. We wish you a pleasant use and great results!

Today I poured oil into gearbox with this syringe. Poured Across the syringe flowed. Leaks oil where threaded (screwed all the way in) and leaks past the piston onto the handle itself which you squeeze in a syringe to pour oil.

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Oil change syringe for lawn mower Universal 577 61 68-21

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Oil change syringe

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Advantages and price of grease guns vs

  • The device is easy to use, no need to go to the service center, which saves time and money.
  • High quality lubrication system.
  • Oil level control with easy to read marks on the cartridge.
  • The oil supply pressure is maximized.
  • The environmental impact is minimal.
  • The fact that you can operate the grease gun with one hand makes it possible to do other things during work with the other hand.
  • Syringe for lubrication and oil filling. people with average income can buy it.
  • In contrast to the industrial settings, takes a minimum amount of space.

With the high growth of progress and information, a syringe for lubrication and oil pouring will not be difficult to buy in Ukraine. This can be our specialized store or online store “Key”, where consultants will give free advice and answer all your questions. The second option, more and more often chosen, given that shopping online saves a lot of time, and there is an opportunity to order goods with delivery to the house.

A syringe for oil will need any motorist. Before filling out the order form, take advantage of the online consultation of the call center employees of the company “”.

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