STIHL chain saw repair

Service “RemTechService” performs STIHL chainsaw repair at affordable prices. You can bring both professional and consumer chainsaws for repair. Repair of STIHL saws can be made in a short time. from 1 to 14 working days, depending on the complexity of diagnosis, the subsequent repair and the availability of spare parts in stock. To clarify all the necessary information and order the repair of chain saws in Kiev, you can call 063 202-90-70 or 097 023-42-42.

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Repair of STIHL chain saws intelligently and quickly performed by our mechanics with modern tool base, all necessary certificates and 6 years of experience in STIHL chain saw repair. Our own spare parts warehouse with the most popular parts and consumables for chain saws. carburetor repair kit, complete carburetor, fuel filter, spark plug, manufacturer-recommended oil, as well as cylinder, piston, rings and other spare parts necessary for high-quality repair and maintenance of STIHL saws also contributes to quality and prompt repair of STIHL saws in our service center.

RemTechService performs the following work:

  • STIHL chain saw starter repair (in case of jamming, malfunctioning return spring, starter cord breakage, deterioration or breakage of starter parts);
  • chainsaw carburetor repair (which involves removing the carburetor from the saw, its disassembly, washing, blowing, professional defectoscopy and repair, installation of the carburetor on the chainsaw and its qualified adjustment);
  • Repair the STIHL chain saw oil pump (if it is worn, broken, dirty or otherwise faulty);
  • Repair of STIHL chain saw ignition (cleaning, adjustment of the gap and check of the spark plug performance or installation of a new spark plug; check and, if necessary, replacement of other ignition system elements. cap, high-voltage wire and ignition unit of the chain saw);
  • chainsaw clutch repair (replacement of clutch spring, clutch pads or complete clutch with special tools and new fixation details);
  • STIHL chain saw engine overhaul (which includes replacement of the cylinder-piston group or its individual parts, repair or replacement of the crankshaft, replacement of the crankshaft oil seals, as well as other engine systems and components during STIHL saw repair);
  • adjustment of STIHL chainsaw carburetor (professional adjustment of STIHL chainsaw carburetor in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations);
  • gasoline saw maintenance (cleaning, diagnostics and adjustment of gasoline saws, including sharpening or replacement of gasoline saw chain, replacement of worn out bar, cleaning or replacement of fuel and air filters, spark plugs, muffler, lubrication, tightening fasteners and other works according to your gasoline saw repair and operating manual).

The STIHL RemTechService is one of the best chainsaw repair shops and STIHL chainsaw repair shops in the world. Timely maintenance and repair of STIHL chainsaws in our service is a guarantee of long and efficient operation of your chainsaw. Fill in an application on the website of the service or call us at 063-202-90-70 or 097-023-42-42. To order the repair of chain saws in Kiev by specialists of the service center “RemTechService” is a guarantee of quality repair of STIHL chainsaws.

Our company is engaged in repair and service, such models as:

Scope of application

The manufacturer positions the saw as a universal, simple in maintenance and durable in operation tool.

adjusting, carburetor, chain, stihl

It is suitable for a wide range of DIY applications:

  • with fuel wood sawing;
  • Care of ornamental and fruit trees;
  • constructing wooden structures and constructions;
  • architectural and landscaping design.


STIHL chain saw unites the advantages of a classic shape with the latest tool design. Highly compact internal combustion engine with air cleaner and exhaust silencer, as well as two fuel and oil tanks for chain lubrication.

The STIHL chain saw has a comfortable grip and its weight is compensated for by its excellent balance, efficient suspension system, reliable attachment to every working position.

The saw is equipped with high-tech and durable replacement equipment that allows to realize felling and sawing of wood with high productivity and observance of safety requirements.


STIHL chain saws combine the advantages of a classic shape with a modern tool design. The combustion engine is located in a compact housing with an air cleaner and exhaust silencer, and there are two tanks holding fuel and oil to lubricate the cutting chain.

The model is characterized by a comfortable grip, the weight is largely compensated by excellent balancing, effective operation of the vibration damper, reliable fixation of the tool in any working position.

High-tech and long-life removable equipment for felling and sawing with high productivity and safety requirements.

STIHL MS-660: How to tell a fake from a real one?

In the Russian Federation, authorized dealers are the exclusive dealers for authorized STIHL products. This means that you cannot buy an original STIHL saw in spontaneous markets or from dubious dealers. Official representatives have a certificate, made in gray, which must be provided at the first request of the buyer.

The tool has a serial number sticker that is duplicated on the plastic housing under the muffler. This index is also found on the packing box. All three numbers must match.

There is one large hole on the tire. Counterfeit models often have a small additional oil reservoir for lubrication. However, this is a deception. Manufacturers of the original modification provided for the lubricator with a reserve of oil, which is sufficient for the entire period of use.

Also, the standard chain has an S on each link, unlike the fake copies. The original model uses a minimum of stickers (available on the handle, where the safety instructions are prescribed). The basic STIHL logo cannot be glued.

READ STIHL 180 Saw Doesn’t Revolve

STIHL MS 180 chainsaw C1Q-S152E carburetor. 11301200608

The carburetor has a rigid nozzle instead of the maximum speed adjustment screw (H-screw).

The maximum speed is therefore theoretically set and cannot be adjusted.

It is only possible to adjust the idling speed within narrow limits.

The carburetor provides the optimum mixture under all operating conditions.

1.2 Standard carburetor settings for the STIHL MS 180 chain saw

If the carburettor must be readjusted, the standard setting must first be made.

L = Adjust the no-load speed setting screw (1) carefully clockwise until it is firmly seated, then turn one turn anticlockwise.

1.3 Adjusting the carburetor on the STIHL MS 180 chain saw

After each adjustment of the L = no-load speed regulation screw, at least readjustment of the LA = no-load stop screw (2) is necessary.

Note: Turn the screws only slightly and carefully. already a slight twist causes a noticeable change in the engine performance.

1.4 STIHL MS 180 chain saw engine stops when idling?

LA = Turn the adjusting screw for idle speed clockwise until the saw chain moves together. and then turn it back a quarter turn.

STIHL mc 180 chain saw chain moves when idling?

Stihl Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

LA = Turn the no-load adjustment screw counterclockwise until the saw chain stops and then turn it in the same direction by about 1/2 turn

Uneven RPM when idling, poor acceleration. although the speed regulation screw has been turned back by 1 turn

The mixture is not enriched enough when idling.

L = Turn the no-load speed regulation screw counterclockwise until the engine runs smoothly and with good acceleration

Diaphragm pump draws fuel from the fuel tank and delivers it to the carburettor.

The fuel filter on the STIHL MS 180 chain saw retains particles of dirt that enter the fuel tank with the fuel.

This results in the fine pores of the filter becoming clogged over time with minute particles of dirt.

The inlet opening is thus narrowed and the fuel supply is no longer adequate.

In the event of malfunctions in the fuel system, the fuel tank and fuel filter must always be checked first.

Clean the fuel tank, if necessary.

Cleaning the fuel tank of a STIHL STIHL chain saw 180

Note: Remove fuel according to regulations.

Replacing the carburetor on a STIHL MS 180 chain saw

If the pressure remains constant then the carburetor on the STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw is leak free.

adjusting, carburetor, chain, stihl

If, however, the pressure drops, it is mainly due to two reasons:

Inlet needle valve is leaking (foreign particles in the valve seat, the locking cone of the inlet needle is damaged or the inlet adjusting lever is jammed).

In both cases the carburettor on the STIHL MS 180 chain saw needs to be repaired

-Pull the fuel hose from the fuel nozzle on the STIHL MS180 chain saw.

Which carburetor is the right one for your STIHL MS 660 chain saw?

The STIHL MS 660 chain saw has a membrane-type carburetor and can therefore be operated upside down. The company has over half a century of chain saw history, so every part is state-of-the-art.

Unlike most other makes, non-original products have an identical design.

The STIHL MS 660 is one of the most powerful chainsaws in the world (7.1 liters).с.), professional grade.

That’s why the carburetor on it has an increased capacity, sufficient for this engine volume, and reliability.

Tuning procedure

Experienced operators may notice in the process that the chainsaw’s engine is starting to run worse. Sometimes it is enough to turn the screws H and L alternately to one side or another by a small step of 1/5. 1/6 of a turn and immediately check the result of carburetor adjustment in real operation. This is one of the simple ways to achieve a good adjustment.

What you need for adjustment

To access the adjustment, simply remove the upper housing cover and the air filter. So the only tool you need is a screwdriver for the slits of the adjusting screws.

An electronic tachometer is needed for professional carburetor adjustment. It accurately indicates idle and maximum rpm. The STIHL MS 660 chain saw has an idle speed of 2,500 rpm and a maximum speed of 13,000 rpm.

Without a tachometer, the quality of carburetor adjustment is determined by hearing and by the real performance of the chainsaw engine.

Standard or basic adjustment

Screws H and L clockwise all the way in, counting the number of revolutions made. Record or store the number of revolutions. If, as a result of an unsuccessful adjustment of the carburetor can not start the engine, this data will allow you to return to the original parameters of the factory setting.

  • Loosen screws H and L counterclockwise, each by 1 turn.
  • Start the engine and check its work by ear or tachometer.
  • If the rpm fails (suffocates) when you press the throttle trigger, unscrew the H screw another 1/4 turn.
  • if the engine idles while pressing the throttle trigger, tighten the screw L by 1/4 turn.

Every STIHL MS 660 chain saw has its own distinctive characteristics after it has been in operation for some time, including the compression ratio in the cylinder. That’s why the adjustment is individual. by turning the H and L screws in 1/4 to 1/3 turn in either direction you can get the chainsaw engine to work at the medium and maximum rpm.

Idle speed adjustment

needed if engine stalls at idle. low rpm or chain slips. high rpm.

To reduce the RPM, turn the LA screw counterclockwise until the chain stops, then turn it back a full 1/5th to 1/4th of a turn.

Adjustment of the LA screw is almost always required after adjusting the L screw, which also changes the engine parameters at idle.

The LA and L screws adjust idle speeds in basically different ways. L changes the quality and quantity of fuel delivery through the calibrated holes. The LA is called a “backstop” because it affects the position of the throttle, at idle speed.


A chainsaw carburetor is a part of a chainsaw’s fuel system designed to mist-mix gasoline with air and dispense that fuel mixture into the engine cylinder.

Note: The chainsaw carburetor mixes gasoline with air in a 1:14 ratio, t.е. gasoline and oil mix 1 part with 14 parts air, and adjusting your chainsaw carburetor ensures that it has the correct ratio of these components in the fuel mixture.

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