The device of the carburetor of the gasoline trimmer for grass

On trimmers, in addition to electric motors, internal combustion gasoline engines are installed.

This mechanism requires special attention, because if not properly adjusted, it will either refuse to work or work with interruptions and loss of power.

Basically, the adjustment of the engine is to adjust the fuel supply, and this is done with the grass trimmer carburetor.

If the engine won’t start

When the lawnmower won’t start, first of all check whether the fuel tank is empty. If everything is fine, you need to check its quality. perhaps you have purchased a cheap type of gasoline that does not suit the equipment. For a grass mower, it is best to use good gasoline, which is purchased at gas stations, the brand must be at least Ai-92.

It is not worth saving and buying cheap fuel, as it will lead to the fact that the cylinder-piston group will fail, and you can spend a lot more money for repairs than for high-quality gasoline.

And it is also very important to prepare the fuel mixture correctly and combine oil and gasoline in the right amount. The proportional ratio should be stated in the manual. This is why it is so important that it is written in Russian, because there is a possibility that different models of the mower require several different proportions for successful operation.

It is not necessary to use the fuel mixture in large volumes, because if the unused volume is stored indoors for a long time, it will lose its properties. It is better to use freshly made solution.

  • A problem in engine operation may be caused by contamination of the fuel filter. First of all you have to check the filter. If necessary, replace it. The inlet spigot should never be left without the fuel filter. You should also check the air filter. If it’s dirty, you need to take it off, rinse it in gasoline and put it back. If you are in a cottage or private home, it will be enough to wash it in clean water, using a variety of detergents. Then rinse, squeeze and let it dry. The ready filter is moistened in a small amount of oil, which is used for the mixture. Remove the excess by squeezing the filter with your hands. The part can then be reinstalled.
  • If all these procedures did not help and the engine still does not start, you can try to adjust the idle speed, to do this, start tightening the carburetor screw. This is very similar to setting up a similar part on an automobile. If there is no experience in regulating the carburetor, you can study videos on the Internet, which are very clear and accessible. There will clearly show how you can make adjustments to the lawnmower carburetor with your own hands.

How a carburetor works

The brushcutter carburetor constantly works on the same principle.

The functioning of the node is as follows:

  • First, as a result of the suction stroke of the motor, a certain rarefaction is created in the diffuser, which leads to a suction of air masses;
  • At the same time, fuel flows through the nozzles from the combustion chamber and then mixes with the air. After the air enrichment, the gasoline begins to atomize gradually, resulting in an air-fuel mixture;
  • The finished mixture then enters the cylinder of the internal combustion engine, where it is affected by the piston. At the upper point of the piston stroke, the fuel is ignited by a spark which is generated by the spark plug of the brushcutter;
  • Due to the fact that the inner cavity under the diaphragm by means of a channel is connected to the air from the environment, when the diaphragm is lifted the valve is opened. This leads to a supply of air into the cavity under the diaphragm;
  • Once the chamber is filled with fuel mixture, the diaphragm quickly returns to its original position. This also closes the valve.

The scheme of operation of the node is repeated constantly, throughout the whole cycle of operation of the garden grass trimmer.

How to choose a lawn mower

The most important useful function of the lawnmower is, of course, to make it easier to work. Because the perfect beauty of a French parterre lawn or the trampling stability of an English lawn can only be achieved by constant mowing. Some landscapers consider this statement only a historical stamp, others actually recommend cutting the grass at intervals of a few days. there can be a lot of arguments, the soil is fertile. But that’s not what we’re talking about now, but the useful features that can make mowing more pleasant. So, let’s begin.

“Why change the cutting height at all??” is the first question that arises in the mind of the buyer who is carefully studying the technical characteristics of his future helper. And here’s why Lawns can be different types, for example, sports lawns are customary to cut very short (30 mm), so they create a rigid covering, resistant to trampling.

Each lawn requires an individual approach

  • manual. You’ll need to unscrew each wheel and reinstall it in a different hole. This type of adjustment is usually made on affordable household models. It requires stopping the machine and turning it over. Also, models with manual wheel level adjustment have a limited selection of height options. most often there are less than 3.
  • mechanical. It is done by turning the lever. The position can be changed on all four wheels at once or on each wheel individually. The operation does not take long and can be done without stopping the engine, literally on the fly. This feature is equipped with professional devices and models of premium. Generally, machines with this type of height adjustment have a greater number of cutting height variations, ranging from 20 to 120 mm. Electric mower Denzel 1400 W allows you to adjust the height of grass in five positions: 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm.

On drum mowers the cutting height is also adjustable, but within smaller limits. They can cut lower grass than rotary ones, and that’s why they are used for sports lawns. they are “in vogue” there very short cuts (up to 30 mm). But such models are not suitable for those who can’t constantly control the height of the crop and occasionally let the lawn get “overgrown.

Drum mowers can cut grass lower than rotary mowers

Grass cuttings can be dealt with in a variety of ways. The first option. just scatter it: the grass flies out through the pipe to the side or back. It is not very handy, because after mowing, you have to laboriously teddle with a rake.

We suggest reading the top 10 best gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers: rating, characteristics, which is better, price, reviews

In the second case, the mowed grass falls into a special container. a grass catcher. Its capacity will determine how often you have to interrupt your work to throw away the contents. And here is a simple rule: the bigger the grass catcher box, the better. Its volume is specified in liters: grass catcher box for 30-40 liters (mower Denzel GC-1500) is enough for the average six-sow garden with a small lawn.

Removable grass catcher box. Denzel GC-1500 on the photo with 40 l grass box

The grass catcher box is available in plastic, fabric and fine mesh. The latter is convenient because you can monitor the filling through the transparent material and make timely “PIT stops” while mowing.

This is a very simple but very useful feature when it comes to taking turns mowing the lawn. Adjust handle height (

) is very helpful in such cases. Seemingly minor, but pleasant! And if the handle is also foldable, then the price of such a lawn mower will not be. Handlebar-folding models are easier to carry and store, taking up less space.

Models with folding handles take up less space for storage and transportation. Denzel GC-1100 on the photo

Adjusting the Husqvarna

Adjusting the Husqvarna grass trimmer carburetor is identical to adjusting the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw.

  • the engine run-in period is over (after using the first 4 to 5 liters). fuel);
  • the quality of the fuel components (gasoline octane number and oil grade) has changed;
  • The air temperature and its rarefaction (altitude, heat, cool, frost) have changed a lot;
  • the beginning of the Husqvarna grass trimmer operating season (at the beginning of May, after winter storage);
  • the adjusting screws have turned themselves from vibration;
  • the load on the motor has changed.

Also, to be sure the Husqvarna engine is working as it should and that the grass trimmer (lawnmower, brushcutter) is operating at peak efficiency.

Adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor

Before adjusting the Husqvarna, do maintenance on the grass trimmer (wash the lawnmower and engine, replace the spark plug, repair minor defects).

Be sure to wash the foam element in the air filter. Wash the element in warm water and soap, then wring and dry it (or replace it if it is old or damaged).

Note: If you adjust the Husqvarna carburetor with a dirty air filter, after cleaning the air filter the fuel mixture will become much leaner (which can lead to poor performance or even engine failure). Install trimmer head with cord of maximum allowable diameter and standard length (up to the cutter blade in the additional protection) to create load on the engine while adjusting Husqvarna carburetor high rpm screw.

Start the mower according to the Husqvarna manual and warm it up for 10 minutes (if the trimmer head rotates at idle speed, the idle screw, i.e.е. lower one, you have to turn counterclockwise until the trimmer head stops rotating).

Carefully turn both needles (right and left) to the middle position between fully unscrewed and fully screwed in (do not twist by the stopper!, this can cause damage to the Husqvarna engine).

How to adjust the carburetor on a gasoline mower

The upcoming adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor with your own hands is made with the adjusting screws. There are three revolutions in total:

Right (L). fuel consistency adjustment for low RPM.

You need to find the highest idle speed. To do this, turn the screw (L) slowly to the right and to the left.

In order to adjust the screw turn it a quarter of a turn counterclockwise.

lower (T). responsible for adjustment of the engine at idle speed.

For proper adjustment specifically the idle speed is characteristic:

  • Stable operation of the engine when cold;
  • not too high revolutions of the hot engine;
  • for the trimmer head a large RPM margin;
  • stable operation of the engine when changing its position (sudden raising or lowering of the blade).

Left (H). adjusts the mixture at high rpm. (The screw is adjusted last).

The left screw (H) determines the overall adjustment of maximum rpm, engine power, temperature, and gasoline consumption.

adjusting, carburetor, grass, trimmer, engine

Adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor with the last screw is performed as follows:

adjusting, carburetor, grass, trimmer, engine
  • open throttle at full throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until the revolutions drop (in this case, orient by ear).
  • Turn the screw as slowly as possible counterclockwise until the engine runs smoothly.
  • Then turn it back just a little when you hear a steady, even operation.
  • For a more clear application of skills it is more convenient to consider the work of an experienced user:

Interestingly, from the perspective of the author of the video, the setting (its correctness) is determined by the color of the plug, and not only by the revs and engine stability.

Adjusting the carburetor on petrol and brushcutters. instructions for adjustment with a step-by-step description

The process of adjusting the carburetor lawnmower or grass trimmer is not difficult, but its performance should be carried out step by step with observance of the recommendations. Before starting the work, it is necessary to carry out preparatory actions, namely:

adjusting, carburetor, grass, trimmer, engine
  • It is desirable but not obligatory to flush the engine
  • Check the spark plug, and if necessary, clean it, measure the gap and replace. Do not forget that the plugs have their own resource, and are an expendable material. Sometimes unstable operation of the engine may be due to the faulty operation of the spark plug

When all the points of preparation are done, we proceed to the actual process of carburetor adjustment. First you should start the motor and let it run for 5-10 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature. When starting the engine in idle mode, the coil or knives on the trimmer should not rotate. If they move, then it is necessary to reduce the idle speed. The photo below shows an example of the location of the adjusting screws used for adjustment.

Using a slotted or Phillips screwdriver, proceed to the actual process of tuning works. First, we identify the number of tuning screws, because there may be 2 or 3, depending on the manufacturer of the tool. Usually Chinese grass trimmers are equipped with two screws. Below we will consider the process of tuning the carburetor, which has three tuning screws:

  • Regulator marked L. it is necessary to start tuning manipulations with it. The screw should be turned while the engine is running. This screw is responsible for enriching the mixture at low speeds, so it should be turned so as to achieve the maximum value. This bolt is normally turned as far as it will go and then loosened by ¼ turn. If you find sagging, it is necessary to tighten the bolt again to the stop and loosen it by 1/8
  • Screw marked T or LA for adjusting the idle speed. Turning the bolt to the right side (screwing it in) increases the idle speed and to the left side decreases it. When the idling speed increases it means that more air is added to the mixture. This lightens the mixture and causes you to lose power or traction. Decreased idling speed indicates an excess of air in the mixture, so you need to find the golden mean. Adjustment is necessary so that the lawnmower engine is running stably at idle speed without the filament spool or steel cutting disc rotating. Rotating cutting elements contribute to rapid clutch wear

It is often the maximum rpm setting that is difficult to get right. To prevent this from happening, perform the following actions:

  • Turn the accelerator pedal until the engine revolutions are lower (clockwise or clockwise)
  • After reducing the revolutions, you need to rotate the bolt so (counterclockwise or to the left) to detect unstable operation of the engine
  • As soon as this unstable operation is detected, turn the screw clockwise until the engine is running smoothly
  • At this point the process of adjustment work is complete

This is interesting!For more accurate setting of the brushcutter carburetor it is recommended to use a tachometer. How to adjust the operation of the carburetor with the tachometer is described in detail on the example of a chainsaw. If the adjustment work is done correctly, then the tool will work steadily, at idle will not rotate the cutting element, and the fuel consumption will be the same as on a new trimmer. Adjusting a carburetor with two screws is much easier, but much less accurate. Usually 2 screws are equipped with Chinese gasoline tools, as well as household units.

To summarize, it should be noted that you can not understand the principle of the membrane carburetor benzocos and trimmers. It is important to have a screwdriver and a tachometer for adjustment. However, in order not just to adjust, but also to understand what you are doing, it is necessary to know the design and principle of operation.


It is not difficult to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw independently and without proper experience. Enough for this follow the algorithm above.

It is important to set the dust for a while working conditions. If there are deviations, correct them according to the same instructions. After troubleshooting, the adjustment procedure can be considered complete.

If you use a TM Foresta tool, the employees of the company’s service center will stick to free and professional adjust the carburetor of your chainsaw without risk of damaging the tool.

Countryside construction and repair is not without the use of chainsaws, and garden maintenance. Because of the malfunction of the tool all the work can stop, so it is important to be able to disassemble it yourself, find the problems and fix them. With enough experience and dexterity, it’s even possible to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw. The procedure is complicated, to be exact. Jewel. How to carry out corrective procedures, we suggest to divorce today.

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