Grinder and angle grinder in what is the difference

As you can see from the above description of the power tools, the functions of these tools are 98% identical. Both devices are used for cutting, grinding and polishing materials made of metal, wood, plastic and other materials.

Grinders have a wider assortment of division of areas of work (flat surface, angular). Also, many models have a function of the vacuum, which is not present at angle grinder.

Often, the angle grinder is used as a tool for cutting different materials, and the grinder is more designed for cleaning surfaces and the subsequent polishing.

Popular Angle grinder functions

A grinder is a type of power tool for grinding and polishing surfaces of different materials, such as plastic, metal, wood.

Many types of grinders have a function to collect sawdust, shavings, in a word waste from the work performed. Vacuum cleaner can be either built in or additionally connected.

Angle grinder and grinder. What is the difference between them

Angle grinder. The colloquial name of the power tool, designed for abrasive metal processing or other varieties of material.

The most important parameter in choosing an angle grinder is the size of the disc. The cross section of the disc determines how deep the device will cut material. Also, it should not be forgotten that during operation the disk is evenly erased and becomes smaller, so that the depth of cut is miniaturized.

Angle grinder and grinder: what is the difference?

Construction and repair work is not without cutting, scraping and grinding of different surfaces: metal, wood, stone. That’s why you can’t do without a quality angle grinder or grinder.

Angle grinder. The colloquial name of the electric tool, the main purpose of which is the abrasive processing of metal, as well as other materials.

To date, such a tool is widely used for cutting metal, stone and wood, as well as for processing various building materials, including bricks and concrete. Another name of the tool. Angle grinder.

Familiar to all the name “angle grinder” appeared due to the fact that the first examples of angle grinder appeared in the Soviet Union only in the 70s, and they were manufactured in Bulgaria. The tool has a cylindrical body, nozzle and side handle.

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Distinctive features of the angle grinder

The range of grinders is quite large, and according to engine power they are divided into domestic and professional. The first have a small power, simplified functions and shorter continuous work time.

For home repair and construction is a great option. The latter have a higher output and power. Professional angle grinder are equipped with adjustable number of spindle speed and can work for a long time without shutting off.

Domestic are equipped with a handle and have a power of 1.5 kW.

Manufacturers equip the angle grinder with various useful functions:

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  • Balancing, which stabilizes the vibration, preventing the blade from striking the work surface;
  • Disk speed control;
  • Speed regulation;
  • Soft start. These units are easy to work with. They start at low speed and gradually gain power;
  • Automatic brush cut-off in case of a power failure.

Angle grinder is equipped with an angle reducer, brushes (cutting, deburring, brushing, pan, cup) or discs of different sizes. Suitable for work with the angle grinder diamond cutting discs, which can perform work on granite, concrete and asphalt, as well as abrasive cutting discs, which have proven themselves in cutting ceramics, stone, metal, slate.

Features of angle grinders

If you need to grind material in places where a regular angle grinder can not reach, it is recommended to use a straight grinder.

angle, grinder, difference, choose

It is a type of electric tool designed for polishing metal, plastic or wooden surfaces.

There are many varieties of grinders on the market, most of them are equipped with a vacuum cleaner that collects chips, sawdust and other debris.

On sale are the following types of grinders:

  • Belt. Good for polishing large surfaces. Grinding is performed unidirectionally with the help of a belt on rollers. Can be used instead of a planer;
  • Vibrating or flat sanding. Has a flat sole, equipped with a vacuum cleaner, suitable for sanding wood, plastic, metal;
  • Eccentric or orbital. The sole resembles a circle, it is used to work on curved and convex surfaces;
  • Polishing tool, which is used for polishing painted and metal surfaces;
  • Brush. During grinding, it rotates on its own axis.

As you can see, the angle grinder and grinder have similar functions. They are used for polishing, sanding and cutting various building materials. But the angle grinder is better for cutting metals, while the grinder is suitable for cleaning and polishing surfaces.

angle, grinder, difference, choose

What is better to grind. Angle grinder or grinder

If you need to grind wood, and a vibrating, orbital or belt machine with its beneficial differences is not at hand, it is quite possible to use an angle grinder to solve the problem. At the same time it is necessary to intelligently choose the abrasive disc for the machine and set the desired speed. The device will help to clean the material from traces of old paint and provide roughing.

When using an angle grinder, you need to remember that one of its differences. More rough results after use

If you need to grind the workpiece neatly, to the maximum smoothness, the angle grinder to solve the problem will not work. It is better to choose an eccentric polisher because of its positive qualities. The grinder enables you to polish surfaces without scratches and burrs.

Angle grinder or angle grinder has many functions, and therefore specifically used for different purposes

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In order to qualitatively polish your car, you do not need to send it to a service center or buy tons of expensive products in specialized stores. Bring the machine in order can be very simple and economical. Using a quality polish, special paste and an ordinary angle grinder. So, you will not only save money, but also be confident in the excellent result of the work.

What to look for when choosing a buffing wheel

Sometimes polishing nozzles already come with polishing liquids, but if the products are purchased separately, it is necessary to take them into account:

  • Shape. There are two types of discs: surface grinding (circle-shaped) and petal-shaped (cone-shaped). To polish as effectively as possible, it is better to buy products of several shapes.
  • Hardness. This parameter depends directly on the type of polishing paste. If the liquid is used to restore the body, you must pick up and more rigid polishing discs. To choose the right disc, you just pay attention to its color: black ones are considered the softest, orange ones are of medium hardness and are suitable for all pastes, white discs are the hardest, so they are most often used for removing the most severe scratches.
  • Diameter. It is better to purchase several discs of different diameters, then you will be more convenient to polish different parts of the car and hard-to-reach places. For body polishing usually choose large discs, and for headlights. The smallest ones.
  • Mount type. The discs can be mounted on the polisher or an ordinary drill in two ways: screwed on or fixed with Velcro. The last option is considered universal, as you do not have to match the discs to the thread diameter.

When choosing a nozzle for car polishing, it is necessary to pay the most attention to the material of the sanding coating, as it will depend on it, and for what works more suitable wheel.

Popular features of the angle grinder

  • Soft Start Function. Devices with this function are very convenient in operation, due to the fact that the machine starts work at a lower speed, gradually gaining power.
  • Balancing. This feature is present only on the highest quality models.
  • Self-switching off the brushes. This function is also present only on high quality devices. The brushes themselves switch off automatically in the event of a power failure.

Types of grinders

This is a tool where the surface is grinded in a unidirectional direction, with the help of grinding sandpaper tape, which is located on the rollers provided for rotation. This kind of tool is suitable for polishing large surfaces.

This type of machine is also called a flat grinder. It is a tool with a flat sole, hence the name. Surface grinding is performed by reciprocating movements of the sandpaper. It is this action that is vibratory in nature. This type of machines also has a vacuum cleaner for collecting construction dust.

To work on the ledges and corners there is another kind of machines of vibrating type, it is a delta sander. The sole of this type of tool has a triangular shape, which allows you to perform work in hard-to-reach places.

Such a variety, it is customary to call orbital. The name again was formed due to the appearance of the grinding pad. It resembles an orbit or, simply put, a circle.

What is the difference between the angle grinder and the grinder

The grinder is a kind of electric tool. Its main functions are grinding and polishing metal, wood, plastic surfaces. There are many types of machine. Belt, angle, eccentric, etc. The second option is 98% similar to the angle grinder, so they are often used to perform identical tasks.

Angle grinder is the colloquial name of an electric tool, the main purpose of which is to abrade various materials. The unit is used for cutting metal, wood, stone, or processing construction materials such as bricks and concrete.

Angle grinder designed for cutting metal and other materials

Can wood be sanded with an angle grinder?

Angle grinder or angle grinder? The difference is that the second tool is used for cutting materials, and the first carries out cleaning and further processing of the surface.

Grinders have a wider range of applications. They can grind and polish not only flat, but also angular surfaces.

Since the tool is similar to an angle grinder, many people use it for grinding as well. It is important to choose the right abrasive wheel for the job. Roughing is recommended with cord brushes. To remove old coatings (paint) from the surface of the wood used roughing discs.

It is better to make bevel cuts and process the edges of wooden workpieces with end discs. Smooth sanding of wooden surfaces is performed with flap discs.

Makita GA5030, 720 W, 125 mm

Household angle grinder is equipped with a motor with a power of 720 watts. Works with 125 mm disc diameter. Spindle speed is a maximum of 11000 rpm. Additional two-position handle included.


Motor protection;

Start button retention.

Interskol angle grinder-125/900 671.1.0.00, 900W, 125mm

Powerful model from the Russian manufacturer according to other technical parameters is identical to the Makita unit. Low price due to poor functionality. Additional functions include only a spindle lock.

Low weight;

Price/quality ratio;

Ergonomic design.

Bosch GWS 660-125, 660 W, 125 mm

Small-sized household angle grinder attracts high quality of assembly. The tool is also suitable for circular saw blades of 125 mm diameter. Distinctive feature is the availability of spur bevel gears in the gearbox. That prevents the motor from overheating during prolonged strain.

Low vibration level;

Protection against dust;

Auxiliary handle.

How to choose a tool

First, you must decide for what type and amount of work needed tool, whether it will be a one-time job or the grinder is needed for permanent use in the workshop or production.

If it is a one-time job, after which the grinder is no longer needed, and at hand there is a drill, an electric screwdriver or angle grinder, then it is worth paying attention to the grinding attachments for these tools. If they are suitable for the work, then this way you will save your time and money

When the work is of a periodic nature, and their volume is not great, then it is worth paying attention to the renovator. This tool will not only be able to perform grinding, but will come in handy in the future, t.К

It is indispensable for occasional, small jobs on wood, metal, even tile in hard-to-reach places. In the household, it can replace a bunch of other tools.

If the tool is needed in the workshop for regular work, where both rough sanding and finishing are required, including.Ч. In hard-to-reach places, two or three tools are needed at once:

  • The combination of belt, eccentric and delta sander would be a serious blow to the budget, but could cover all needs at once. The result is fast deburring and fast finishing, as well as the treatment of angles that are inaccessible with previous models.
  • The combination of a surface grinder and delta grinder will not be as effective on a large volume of preparatory work on rough sanding wood, it will take more time.
  • The combination of an eccentric and delta sander will be even slower, but the sanding results will be better.

For occasional carpentry work at home or in the shed or workshop, cheaper models of sanders are suitable. Household machines can be designed for limited intermittent use.

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About assembling a homemade device is worth thinking only if you have your own workshop or shed, where there are all the necessary materials, as well as a place to install the tool. You also need a lot of time, patience, and understanding of what you need it for.

Important Features

Characteristics you need to pay attention to when choosing:

Power consumption, as it determines the performance. In this case, the power is compared between models, not between types of machines. Whether the machine has a built-in dust extraction system on the soleplate, an outlet for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Without it, dust particles will interfere: spoil the surface of the product, get clogged in the abrasive, reducing the effectiveness of the work. The more holes on the sole. The better, they should be evenly spaced over its entire area. The longer the power cord, the better

An extension cord compensates for this drawback, but it is not very convenient to lug around on a cord a box with a socket. Handles must rest comfortably in the hand and rubber pads are used for this. All buttons should be easy to access and lie flat on the handlebar so you don’t have to intercept the buttons to operate them. Note the weight. A lightweight tool is comfortable to handle vertically

Heavy models are easier to control. Have a “soft start” function. When the speed is set gradually. It depends on the tool life, it is also more pleasant when the tool starts working smoothly, rather than jerk. Must be able to adjust the number of revolutions. For grinding, use a large number of revolutions, but there are places where you want to accurately process the surface of the product at low revolutions. Overheat protection feature extends the life of the unit. In models with clips for sandpaper, you need to check whether they are conveniently located, whether they click easily. Replacing the abrasive blade should not be a problem.


Angle grinder was originally created for grinding surfaces. But due to significant design upgrades, it quickly enough began to perform such useful functions as cutting and processing all kinds of building materials, including cement, concrete, brick, tile, slate and all types of metals.

According to the way the work is done, the angle grinder, as well as all power tools, are created to operate in one of two modes:

  • Constant work in the conditions of construction with the overcoming of the maximum loads during a full work shift. Professional models;
  • For single use with the organization of breaks at rated loads. Household tool.

This is one of the important differences to consider when buying. It affects the cost of the angle grinder.

angle, grinder, difference, choose

Professional models

To ensure that the tool worked for a long time in extreme conditions and was also convenient manufacturers use all kinds of technical tricks. For example, insulated copper wire in the shape of a square, not the round cross-section we are accustomed to, allows to reduce the size and weight of the motor for the stator and rotor windings.

How To Use An Angle Grinder. Ace Hardware

Even the plastic composition of the body is chosen so that when heated to 140 ° C does not transfer high temperatures to the hands of the operator, while at the same time did not lose its strength.

  • Vibration protection inserts on the handles to prevent the development of occupational diseases;
  • SDS quick lock nuts which allow you to install the working parts without using a special wrench;
  • Swivel back handle;
  • Swivel function of the gearbox or possibility to change the front handle in one of three positions;
  • Special design of the bearings, which ensure the balance of the tool;
  • Long power cord with protective layer of solid insulation;
  • The ability to regulate the rotation speed of the working wheel and a number of other useful functions.

Household tool

Angle grinder of this class are inferior in their characteristics to professional tools. However, they are produced according to strict technical standards, meet safety standards, allow you to work with the observance of breaks.

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