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Electric angle grinder, popularly called “angle grinder”, rightfully occupies one of the first places in the list of the most popular and widespread versatile handheld power tools. The only competition is a cordless electric drill and a cordless electric screwdriver. Indeed, if you need something metal or stone saw, clean up, grind, grind, polish, without having for this special expensive equipment, it is an angle grinder will come to the rescue (angle grinder Vitals), which can be bought incomparably cheaper.

The main design feature of this power tool is that the rotation axis of the cutting tool. of the cutting or deburring disc. is at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the housing and motor, which is why it is called an angle grinder. Such a layout was chosen because of the length of the lever, formed by the housing and the rear handle in relation to the spindle, allows you to easily compensate the torque arising from friction of the abrasive disc against the workpiece. This, in turn, makes it possible, firstly, to precisely control the position of the abrasive disc during work and, secondly, to use discs with a large diameter to increase productivity.

Although the angle grinder and is a versatile tool, still, when choosing a specific model must take into account many factors, and in the first place. for what kind of work it will be used most often. So, for cutting thin sheet metal, heavy grinders with high power are contraindicated. they will burn and deform the metal. And vice versa. It is very difficult to cut a massive channel with a low-powered angle grinder with a 115 mm wheel.

Technical characteristics of angle grinders (angle grinder).

  • 230 V supply voltage, 50 Hz frequency.
  • Power output 650. 2300 W.
  • Idle speed 0. 11000 rpm.
  • Max. disc diameter 115. 230 mm.
  • Weight 1.7. 6.4 kg.

Whatever angle grinder TM Vitals you have chosen, you can be assured of its reliability, performance and durability, provided that the use of abrasive wheels of good quality and compliance with all the rules of operation of this power tool. Buy the angle grinder can be not only in stores selling tools, but also in online stores, which is more profitable and convenient.

25 x 860 watt angle grinder with Vitals Ls1286HLv speed regulator

Angle grinder Vitals Master Ls 1286HLv. light, high-performance and reliable semi-professional model that can perform a variety of tasks in a continuous and intensive work, both in small industries, and in everyday life.

The Vitals Master Ls 1286HLv, which has a power of 860 W, is characterized by high efficiency and ease of operation, as well as operational reliability and ease of maintenance. In work can be used cutting (grinding) circles with a maximum diameter of 125 mm.

The Ls 1286HLv has a system of smooth adjustment of idle speed in the range of 2000-11100 rpm. The spindle speed is adjusted by turning the adjuster wheel within 6 positions. Multistage spindle speed control allows the use of different cutting discs and scraping accessories with a wide range of maximum RPM.

Main competitive advantages of this power tool are reliability of electric motor and quality components that significantly increases its service life. The body of Ls 1286HLv is made of high quality plastic. another important feature is that instead of plain bushings ball bearings are used in the construction.

The angle grinder is supplied with an auxiliary handle, protective hood, carbon brushes as well as a wrench for safe clamping of the cutting (grinding) wheel.

The product weighs only 2.2 kg, which, combined with a compact and ergonomic design, makes this power tool comfortable and safe to use.

angle grinder Vitals Ls 12120BRvc power (90221)

The Vitals Master Ls 12120BRvc power angle grinder is a powerful multifunctional tool that is ideal for. multi-tool that is ideal for a wide range of demanding tasks. whether you’re a domestic or semi-professional sander. This “angle grinder” demonstrates high reliability, is very productive and comfortable to work with, has a modern design! What is capable of angle grinder Vitals Master Ls 12120BRvc power ? This model is made in compliance with all safety requirements and works perfectly with metal products and materials. saws, deburrs, grinds, sharpens, polishes. Ideal tool for your home and country, garage and workshop. The principle of robotics angle grinder or “angle grinder” Constructively, this tool consists of an e

MORTGAGE without overpayment! Brand: Vitals. Brand: Master Ls 12120BRvc power. Type: angle grinder. Maximum power: 1200 watts. POWER. : from 220 V mains. Nominal voltage: 220 V. Note: Wheel diameter, mm: 125; Idle speed rpm. : 6000-12000. Manufacturer: Latvia. Warranty / Service: 36 months. Price per: piece.

semi-automatic inverter, synergic, welding: manual arc (MMA), semi-automatic (MIG/MAG), argon (TIG), welding current: from 30 A, up to 180 A, electrode up to 4 mm, wire: from 0.8 mm, up to 1 mm, power: 220 V, from 160 V, display

eccentric, 300 W, 125 mm disc, 2000. 6000 rpm, frequency 4000. 12000 rpm, amplitude of 3 mm, speed control, optional. handle, dust bag

drill, pistol, 850 W, 1100 rpm, 1 speed, chuck: quick-action, Ø 13 mm, reverse, power: mains (220 V)

800 W, 800 strokes/min up to 3000 strokes/min, stroke length: 23 mm, pendulum stroke, dust extraction, backlight, laser marker, weight: 2.5 kg

Vitals “Base” and “Master” series angle grinder

Today the Vitals lineup includes a wide range of models that are designed for a specific range of work and application, and you can clearly divide this entire range into two lines. “Base and Master. Base Series grinders are models with optimal functionality and technical characteristics for home use. In this series you can find models for 125 mm wheel, and for wheels with a larger diameter, so if you want to buy an angle grinder for home cheap, then you can certainly pay attention to this series. All models of the Base series are covered by a warranty period of 18 months.

Vitals angle grinder from the Master Series has a warranty period of 36 months, they have strengthened nodes and an impressive service life, extended functionality and a number of additional features. In general, the series is equated to a semi-professional building tool, so if you decide to buy an angle grinder for intensive work, then the Master Series models will certainly appeal to you. It’s worth noting that along with functionality and high performance, the entire line of Master is also notable for its affordable price.

Angular grinder (grinder) Vitals

Needed an angle grinder with a speed controller, so that work and one hand could sometimes be for frequent use grinding in wood. It’s good that this was clarified with me in the store, offering an angle grinder with constant electronics, the motor which maintains power, so that the tool does not fail under load even at low speed, which is just for wood needed. I opted for an angle grinder Bosch GWS 13-125 CIE. At first I wanted to save money, and looked at the angle grinder from dayspro m and Sturm, but still bribed Bosch the presence of a number of other systems, such as protection against accidental jamming of the disk, plus power. Buying satisfied, in Taki Da did a discount, got an angle grinder with a warranty card in Ukraine, everything as it should!

Already have a Makita angle grinder, with a thin body, now you often need to work stationary, for cutting thin fittings. Thanks guys from the store, which under such a problem advised the best solution, namely, to buy an angle grinder 125 mm with a long handle with a stand for it. We got a small stationary machine. In this case, the new angle grinder Dnipro-M has a regulator turns, useful for cleaning, especially pleased with the price of a set of 1500 USD, including free delivery!

I decided to buy an angle grinder with “pearlized gudzikami”) but it had a regulator of obversions, with a small design, so that the button was under the finger of a large hand conveniently located, that the power is enough, and the price is adequate, so inexpensive. Thought for a long time will schukati, but in So Yes surprised, after my call in 5 hvilinok requested three options, I even split, so the choice was between Dnipro M GS-140SE and Sturm AG9512P. The price of the Sturm angle grinder is appealing, especially since it has a low power output at low speeds. I took it, tested and understood that I did not go wrong, the tool is what you need, the only thing not very much the button is three times at the top, but the gearbox can be turned and everything is ok!)

The excellent choice and a good sorting, it is possible to pick up an angle grinder by class, the price ranges from inexpensive, to the current discount on the angle grinder pro class. Helped me make up my mind, I’ve got a couple of ratchet cutters. 125mm Bosch. I work with it most of all. 230 Dnipro M. For cutting angle, I bought one with a twist handle. I fit the budget and I got a decent set!

Bought an angle grinder Makita GA 5030, Romanian assembly, warranty card official in Ukraine, with holograms, original angle grinder. In this case, the price of the angle grinder pleased, because there was a discount!)

If you need a cordless angle grinder, pay special attention to battery capacity. When loaded, quickly discharged, I bought a cordless grinder enhel, and took the battery at 2 Ah from an electric screwdriver (previously taken, and the batteries are compatible, which is a plus). That’s just realized that over time it is better to buy a battery at 4 Ah. Then for the home will be super. Thank you

angle grinder Vitals in Kharkov

I looked in the store. But the price tag was greater than on the site. I ordered through the addendum and went to the Ordering Center. Also checked the packaging, checked whether the original slip disc, which always comes with the original in the set of “legs did not break, the warranty with the check in hand and happy to go home. The layout on the site is listed as normal, I did not find a mold on the pressure washer (I do not know if it should be there or not, there are molds on the support. original). And the main thing.- It was the same one I held in my hands. Traces of bruised fingers were on the outside of the box, and then I checked. Price tag “cheated” at 100 UAH, so that through the addition of the price is less, but more.70грн just through this arm witch is not a bit.) And felt relaxed, what difference did it make in the store. In the drawer or in the window, I’m happy!) Visnovok. feel in the store. but order through the dodatok! And do not saw 5030 and Soviet tanks, and even if you do. Let’s cool down, and do not step on it with all your weight, and you will be happy. Tse naikrachascha miniature angle grinder, for their tasks goddess!

Good powerful angle grinder for its price, especially at the action. Long cable. For half an hour of continuous work with a grinding wheel, not heated up at all. After 3 hours of work, heated up, barely warm, and that in the area of the gearbox, just imagine, 3 hours of continuous operation )))).

The quality of the angle grinder at the level, good build. The big plus. smooth start. Fits well in the hand. The cable is long. angle grinder copes well with its tasks. To all advice

the best cordless grinder 125 mm

When buying a cordless lathes, it is important to know what to rely on when choosing. Each model has a different level of efficiency and power, which means it is important to study all the advantages of the angle grinder.

Makita DGA504RME

The wireless angle grinder called the Makita dga504 is a powerful, professional tool with high performance. It uses a work disk with a diameter of 125 mm. The angle grinder is equipped with a brushless motor, which means that it has low power consumption, compactness and durability. Cutting speed automatically varies depending on load. It has an overload protection function, soft start, speed stabilization system.

angle, grinder, vital, adjustable

Beautiful design.

Lightweight and rugged housing.

Can be held at different angles.

It has an overload protection system.

Two batteries.

Bosch GWS 180-Li 4.0Ah x1, GAL 18V-40 case (06019H90R1)

The cordless angle grinder GWS180-LI has a high-performance brushless motor that offers the same operating power as a corded 700-watt model, a beautiful design and an ergonomic handle that is optimized for cutting in different conditions.

Powerful battery.

Soft start.

Decent speed.

Unusual design.

Metabo W 18 LTX 125 Quick 4.0 Ah (T0333) 2021

Metabo. a high-quality, robust and durable angle grinder. Quickly copes with the work without losing power. There is a Metabo quick system for changing the wheel without additional tools. tools.

Compact and handy design.

Interesting design of the structural elements.

Powerful battery.

Ultra-M technology.

Battery packs with capacity gauge.

DEKO DKAG20-125 1.5 Ah x2

Angle grinder called DEKO DKAG20-125 is a versatile unit used for cutting, grinding and roughing metal and stone building materials. angle grinder with this battery is also suitable for combined grinding.

The machine is distinguished by a compact and beautiful body, which, coupled with the light weight, dop. the handle ensures comfort even during long hours of working with building materials. As source of power, the modification uses a rechargeable battery, which ensures freedom of movement and allows the use of the device in places without electricity.

Low weight.

Good grip.

Nice design.

Interskol angle grinder-125/18B 4.0 Ah x1

This is not the only cordless angle grinder in the Interskol product line. On its basis, was created a similar model with adjustable spindle speed. angle grinder-125/18 VE. Speed regulator is located at the base of the handle, just above the battery slot. The only difference between models.

Top 35 best welding semiautomatic machines. 2022 rating

Note also that this angle grinder, like many tools from Interskol, is part of the MST system.

High-performance: 5 cuts in 41 seconds.

Powerful battery.

Compact and handy body.

Comes complete with a lithium-ion battery.

Buy angle grinder angle grinder Vitals in Ukraine

In the assortment of Vitals company of Latvia. high-quality angle grinder (angle grinder or angle grinder) at an inexpensive price.

angle grinder. is a multifunctional power hand tools, which is used for cutting and grinding of different materials. The angle grinder is mainly used for metal, concrete, stone, etc. д. With its help it is easy to cut a slate sheet or pipe, brick, tile. All these tasks are performed with standard abrasive discs. Besides with help of this tool it is possible to sharpen cutting surfaces of knives, chisels, axes, etc. To work with softer materials, such as wood, plywood or chipboard, you must use other attachments, such as grinding discs.

Features of the VITALS Master Ls 12110BRvc power angle grinder:

The Vitals Master LS 12110BRvc Power angle grinder is manufactured in compliance with all safety requirements.

Angle grinder is a hand-held power tool, which is designed for grinding, cutting and deburring metal products.

Structurally, the product consists of an electric motor, motor start button, gearbox (bevel gear) and spindle, which is attached to the grinding, cutting or deburring disc.

The Vitals Master LS 12110BRvc Power angle grinder is equipped with high-quality CU bearings.

Angle grinder 125 mm with adjustable speed and soft start: rating of the best models. What to choose?

Angle grinder or simply “angle grinder”. one of the most popular and indispensable tools in the home. It can be used to cut or process the surfaces of various materials: brick or ceramic tiles, concrete products, stone and even iron. When planning home repairs, it is advisable to stock up on these tools in advance.

The number of manufacturers of similar equipment in the world is growing. And every brand tries to make their models as convenient and functional for users as possible. That’s why it can often be very difficult to choose a particular model. Consider the best, according to buyers, angle grinder 125 with adjustable speed and soft start.

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