Angle grinders (angle grinder)

Although it’s a multi-purpose tool, you can’t just pick it out of the box. It is clearly divided into classes based on the features of the application. The wrong choice of parameters may not allow you to implement your plans.

“Turbine” or angle grinder is not called correctly at all. It has a historical name, derived from the geography of production, because in the early 1970s it was delivered to the Soviet Union from Bulgaria, quickly gaining the market under the brand name “Eltos.

Many people think that its main purpose. cutting of pipes, frameworks, metal structures, but these are not all the possibilities. Cutting angle grinder. angle grinder (angle grinder) with a metal brush instead of a disc becomes a brush grinder. In order not to have problems during operation, the main thing is to choose a tool of the appropriate class.

Recommendations for choosing an angle grinder

Type of power. The most popular models in the home, warehouses and construction sites are electric angle grinder. There are two varieties in this category.

The mains-powered tool is still the leader in terms of sales. The main reasons of popularity are a wide price range, variety of models, reliability and high performance. The only disadvantage would be the attachment to the socket.

Cordless angle grinders are not yet as popular as screwdrivers or saws. Although they are superior to their mains counterparts in maneuverability and mobility, the operating time on a full battery charge is limited to 2-3 hours. In addition, the battery makes the construction heavier.

RPM adjustment. When choosing an angle grinder, it is important to determine for yourself the speed range. It all depends on the specific operations to be performed with the tool.

If the angle grinder will cut metal, then the optimal speed mode should range from 7000 to 11000 rpm.

It is better to cut stone or concrete with a frequency of 5000-7000 rpm.

It is more convenient to grind wood at a speed of 2000-4000 rpm.

It is better to work on metal surfaces with a frequency of 2000-3000 rpm.

Technical characteristics. The angle grinder has several important parameters that potential buyers should pay attention to.

The set of characteristics depends on the maximum diameter of the tool (disk or circle). In everyday life, the compact tool with a disc size of 125 or 150 mm is most commonly used. The larger the tool, the more powerful the motor has to be.

An important characteristic of the angle grinder is the power. It is expressed in watts and varies from 800 to 2000 watts. The higher the value, the longer the tool can work without overheating.

The power of the cordless grinder depends on the battery. It is optimal to use 18-volt current sources with a capacity of 4-5 Ah.

The equipment. To increase operator safety, extend tool life, and ensure comfortable operation, angle grinders are equipped with a number of options.

Powerful models have a soft start system that gives the machine a soft start.

When it is important to stick to the set speed mode, the system of RPM stabilization under load will be useful.

Serious danger for the operator caused by jammed or jammed tools. The problem is solved by installing an electronic clutch.

To prevent accidental start of the tool, it is installed double trigger.

Keyless tool changer will be relevant in case of frequent disc or wheel replacement.

Only 12 angle grinders with adjustable speed managed to get into our review. You can buy them in specialized stores in the country. The editorial staff of simplerule distributed the positions on the basis of the experts’ conclusions. Feedback from Russian craftsmen was taken into account.

Why buy an angle grinder (angle grinders) adjustable speed in

In the online store represents a wide range of products of the group of angle grinders (angle grinders) adjustment of the speed of rotation at the best price in Kiev and Ukraine. Items are always in stock, so you will find 87 variants on the angle grinder (angle grinders) RPM control.

Reasons to buy in the group angle grinder (angle grinders) RPM control in

  • You can take advantage of credit, payment in installments or installments;
  • official warranty from the suppliers;
  • A lot of promotions and discounted merchandise.

On this page you can filter the desired price range from 721 USD. up to 9364 UAH. The cards contain technical specifications, descriptions and reviews. You can also watch video reviews and read feature articles before buying. If you still have questions, our consultants will be happy to answer them and help you make the right choice.

Features of models

angle grinder with variable speed for cutting thin sheet metal. In such cases, you need to set a small rotation of the disk to prevent the melting of the edge. Maximum speed is required when cutting hard and thick material. The adjustment is useful when cutting stone, tiles, ceramics. Tempo adjustment gets rid of the rough and tumble. Useful equipment prefer to buy masters of laying tile plates, decorative paths. Some materials can be processed at high speed.Angle grinder, equipped with a regulator, allows you to process paint coatings without damage.

It is also important to understand that the size of the saw blade also affects the rate of cutting. The larger the disc diameter, the lower the speed needed.angle grinder with adjustable speed when polishing surfaces will not allow their overheating. That is, the advanced option expands the boundaries of application.

The electronic block reduces the power and torque. The presence of a regulator in the angle grinder is reflected in the cost of equipment.A distinction is made between cordless and corded models. The former are connected to AC power supply. But the latter are autonomous.

The price of cordless products is higher than that of cordless tools. The price level also reflects the availability of additional options, functional differences that simplify operation, increase user safety.Speed-controlled angle grinder with brush motor requires no tedious maintenance. Brush motor needs regular inspection.

brush unit is easily accessible for easy replacement. Speed-adjustable angle grinder has an automatic brush cut-off switch integrated in case of heavy brush wear.

  • some models have a pistol type handle for a confident grip and full control over operations;
  • dust-tight housing protects the internal components
  • Second support point with side handle. Changing the position of the handle is useful for right- and left-handed users;
  • The angle grinder has a rugged housing that is resistant to collision and impact;
  • Increases service life of vibration protection system, elastic pads, rubber pads;
  • the low weight of the tool helps you work with confidence over your head;
  • the locking mechanism of the safety guard of the angle grinder with a speed regulator allows you to set the required position, protecting the operator from flying sparks;
  • spindle lock is used when changing accessories;
  • angle grinder with speed control, equipped with a system of automatic shutdown of the engine when the permissible load is exceeded, will maintain the performance of the unit;
  • temperature balance is maintained by external cooling, which removes excessive heat.

Numerous models in the online store differ in engine power, technical characteristics. Highly professional specialists will help you choose the most suitable unit from a huge list. There is an extensive network of service centers in Ukraine, which are ready at any moment to provide qualified assistance to customers in Kiev, Poltava, Kharkov, Odessa.

Decided to buy the angle grinder (angle grinders)?

In the online store Epicenter a wide range of angle grinders (angle grinders) electronic fixation of the roller switch. According to the characteristic you are looking for on the site you will find products, and their number is gradually increasing. Each product card contains quality photos, customer feedback, as well as all the necessary technical specifications for proper selection. Competitive price on angle grinders (angle grinders) electronic fixation roller switch is valid due to always current promotions and sales, including brand new models of 2022. Real cost from 549 to 11899 UAH. Also available on credit or installment plan. If you have any questions, our qualified specialists will help you to solve them. After payment, you can pick up the goods free of charge at the customer service center in Kiev or in one of 47 cities of Ukraine. You can also arrange delivery to any city by “Nova Post” or “Myst Express.

Rating of top-10 according to KP

Makita GA5030 (from 3.4 ths. rubles)

Makita GA5030

The device is in high demand, and you can find it on the shelves of most major construction stores and equipment centers. The manufacturer is from Japan, but production is in China. Sometimes there are models from Romania. Renowned for its mid-priced tools. Largely due to the good price it managed to win the lion’s share of the market. This angle grinder is used for scraping and grinding surfaces, as well as cutting various parts and materials. The engine here at 720 watts. not a record, but in everyday life and when repairing the house will saw off anything. There is a side handle. an essential attribute for precision work. Diameter of the body can be safely called a compact. Spindle locker is available, the mechanism stops when the button is pressed and the disk can be replaced without disconnecting the device from the network. The manufacturer has added a power button lock, which means that there is no need to constantly squeeze it out during work. The pluses include the system of protection of bearings, so as not to clog construction debris, double insulation of the body. for the sake of safety.


Despite the rather democratic price of this angle grinder for home, it has a lever to adjust the frequency of rotation. In 2022, manufacturers of more expensive models often save on this function, but the German company did not skimp on an additional mechanism. The angle grinder differs from competitors by its thin body. only 19 centimeters. In reviews, customers praise the device for this characteristic. It weighs a little less than two pounds and in comparison with others seems a fluff. Like other grinders in this class will take wood, ceramics, and metal. The main thing is to choose the disc. From the pluses let us distinguish the spindle lock, for a quick change of tooling, a comfortable grip and a hood to protect the operator. However, goggles are better to wear. By the way, unlike the previous participant of our rating of the best, here the cover can be adjusted without a wrench. Several ventilation openings on the housing, through which the heat is led away. Judging by the reviews, the thing is needed, but not quite finished, because a lot of complaints about overheating during prolonged work. Claimed power of 900 W is a respectable index.


For some reason the manufacturers of the angle grinder liked the color of a sea wave, so our rating is again a device in this range. This time from another German tool manufacturer. The sample has all the qualities of a good grinder: quick disc change due to the locking mechanism, additional handle, which in addition can be located on the left and right. It can also be equipped with a notation tool, the so called scribe. But you have to buy it separately. The power button can be fixed without having to hold a finger on it. The mechanism has integrated nodes that are responsible for the soft start. an important nuance for grinders, which had not previously been presented in the mentioned samples. The electronic filling of this device is generally praised: in case of abnormal situations in the work, it simply turns off and then quietly resumes the work. The RPM is adjustable to fit different materials. The housing rotates at the drop of a finger without the need for a screwdriver.


Let’s say right away that you do not need the claimed power of 1100 watts, you can save 1000 and take a model of the same company by 200 watts less. It is almost identical except for this one. Tool from Russian company promises long-lasting use to its owner. Exactly how much. in the technical papers of this angle grinder could not find. But we have not found any complaints about overheating among the users. RPM adjustment and infinitely variable flavor. The cool feature is the RPM support under load. For those who have worked with an angle grinder at least a little bit, you know the situation when a long grind against hard material begins to sag in the RPM. The device simply can not cope. Theoretically there should be no such thing in this tool. Additional handle is repositionable in two positions. The cover rotates without a wrench. The manufacturer recommends using this product for cleaning of welding seams, abrasive metal cutting, when working with paddle circles and scratchers (rust cleaning).


It’s quite a high quality and reliable device, which is actually not positioned as a home tool, but with a serious claim to professional use. The engine power of 1.3 kW! The number of revolutions per minute, in comparison with other competitors in the top, this grinder has not added. But the comfort of the work is noticeably affected. Can cut bricks, rebar, concrete up to 40mm deep. When you take it in your hands, you understand that the engineers have worked hard on the tool. Everything is crisp, butt to butt, the plastic is sturdy. The handle is equipped with vibration protection. There is overheat protection, which turns off the device at a critical temperature without consequences for the technique, as well as speed control. Cable length of four meters. the dream of many home masters. It’s not uncommon for customers to have to make their own replacements. With this model, you can not take any more risks.


If you do not spare money, you can consider buying this model, which, by the way, is assembled in Russia. If you compare its characteristics with other members of the rating of the best grinders, there is nothing outstanding. Same speed, 900 Watt power, adjustable handle position and speed. But let’s take a closer look at the nuances. First, there’s no complaints about the grip. Runs for a long time without overheating. No complaints of the angle grinder failing fast. If you’ve been in the construction business a long time, you might remember this tool from the old days. However, the motor in the 2021 model has been changed: the efficiency has increased, the winding has been improved. The safety system was redesigned. Six speeds are available to the operator. On the first ones you can go over the walls to remove paint or to treat a part against rust. It is easy to cut fittings at the last one. Local carbon brushes have a long service life. If you only need your grinder occasionally in everyday life, then you can forget about replacing this consumable at all.

What is the speed control for?

The speed controller on the angle grinder allows it to be used for a wide range of applications. variable speed allows the tool to be used for a wide range of applications even in the most difficult-to-reach areas.

Spindle speed varies depending on the technical data of the angle grinder. The larger the radius, the higher the linear speed of the cutting or grinding wheel. This explains the peculiarity inherent in small size angle grinders (115 and 125 mm.). Reflected in the high speed: 12,000 rpm. In most cases such characteristics are characteristic for low-power angle grinders designed for household use.

Important! Such a tool can not be used in intensive mode. Take a break every 5-6 minutes to cool down the power element. of work.

On angle grinders with 150 mm disc, the speed of the cutting element can vary between 2,300 and 9,000 rpm. On the 180 mm, not more than 8,000 rpm. Continuous work time depends on the intended use of the tool. Professional grinders can work for hours without stopping, household ones. with short breaks, inherent to grinders with smaller discs.


DeWALT DWE4217 angle grinder has a power of 1200 watts, this is quite enough for a household grade angle grinder. disc speed of 11 thousand rpm allows you to cut steel sheet or metal bars very effectively, but you must be very careful when working with soft materials, such as aluminum profiles. Low-profile gear case allows to work comfortably even in the most confined spaces, and rubberized handles dampen vibrations, allowing to perform operations accurately, safely and with high quality. Other advantages of the tool include:

housing is made of light, but very strong aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity. In addition, it protects the mechanisms inside from falling from a height of several meters;

in the angle grinder is implemented system of dust extraction, which protects the tool from ingress of dust, which leads to intensive wear of the dynamic elements of the tool;

the presence of a function of soft start, the disk unwinds smoothly, without a jerk, while in the network do not arise large starting currents, which protects against breakdown of the stator winding;

the stator windings are connected directly to the stator. the use of terminals was avoided in order to increase the reliability of the tool. In addition, the windings are additionally treated with epoxy coating. this reliably protects the electric motor from the effects of aggressive abrasive dust;

Active vibration control system allows to reduce the load on the operator’s hands by 50%

the side handle can be fixed in three positions, increasing the convenience and safety of the tool;

the possibility of adjusting the protective cover, which protects the user from small particles, dust and sparks.

Lack of ability to regulate the disk rotation speed;

high price compared to grinders of similar power and functionality;

the kit does not include a plastic case.

The choice of Makita angle grinder is yours

The Makita angle grinder is available from Makita in a wide range of products:

  • Angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita 125, the price presented on the website of the store. the tool for the amateur, its main purpose. household repairs. Its power from 800 to 1400 watts, while weighing about 2 pounds. Thanks to its low weight and compact size, the Makita 125 mm angle grinder, whose price is listed on the website, successfully copes with its work in hard-to-reach places. For example, to clean and grind seams after welding on a metal pipe. It’s easy to buy a Makita 125 angle grinder, just visit our online store and choose the right model for you.
  • Makita 230 angle grinder. This model is ready to work with concrete and hard stone. Smooth, jerk-free operation is ensured by a special coupling in the tool drive, which protects the cutting surface from damage and jamming. The Makita 230 angle grinder has a power output of 2000 W, with a rated motor speed of 6600 per minute. Diameter of the disc used 230 mm. Angle grinder Makita 230, whose price is affordable to everyone, is waiting for you on the pages of our online store This model is very popular, convenient and reliable in operation, with high power (2.2 kW) has an excellent performance. Special design of the tool prevents dust and debris from getting into the motor. For convenience, the side handle can be attached on either side, and the design of the main handle allows you to hold the angle grinder firmly in the hands. Easily cuts through metal and stone with the right disc. Advantageously buy a Makita angle grinder you can only at us!
  • Makita 9055 angle grinder. Because of its low weight of only 1.4 kg, it is ideal for use in the home. It is easy to hold with one hand. Low power 710W, but enough to get the job done at home, in the garage or in the cottage. We recommend buying a Makita angle grinder for the DIYer or novice craftsman.
  • angle grinder 9565. This power tool is designed exclusively for professionals in their productive activities. The powerful 1400 Watt motor and the built-in dust and debris protection allow you to work in extreme conditions. Small and handy body diameter allows one-handed operation in hard-to-reach places. Soft starter and adjustment of rotation elements ensure accuracy and reliability of work. All in all, all the advantages are apparent. angle grinder Makita 9565, the price of which is listed on the site, is waiting for its customers!
  • angle grinder 9558. Universal tool for professionals and amateurs alike. Motor power 840 W, weight of about 2 kg. Easy to use and reliable in operation. Buy a Makita 9558 at an affordable price from our Makita online store.
  • Makita GA 5030 angle grinder. Several of these models take one of the first places in the rating. A powerful motor. 720 W, equipped with a dust protection, a handy body, a small weight. these advantages create a comfortable environment for work. If you are interested in Makita GA 5030, you can buy it in our online store price is listed on our website, designed for professional work. There is no need to advertise this model, t.к. every craftsman knows its exceptional capabilities.

Electric angle grinder (angle grinder)

Angle grinder (angle grinder). a popular type of power tools for cutting, grinding and cleaning various products from hard materials, such as stone or metal. Mainly used in construction work and metalworking.

The choice of angle grinders (angle grinder) must be made with regard to the tasks to be performed. Individual models come complete with tooling for specific materials. concrete, wood, metal alloys, tiles, bricks, etc.д.

The key characteristics to consider are power, rotation speed, tool diameter. It depends on them how much work a particular model can perform. For example, if you want to buy an angle grinder for home, then it is worth buying a medium-power machine. The most common household angle grinder has a diameter of 125 mm. For most simple works it is enough.

If you need to buy an angle grinder for frequent use and heavy loads, then the main criterion for selection should be the motor characteristics (the more power motor, the better). For professionals, we advise powerful and hardy units with a large number of provided additional functions, such as speed regulation, their maintenance under load, protection against backfire, etc.д.

Buy angle grinder with adjustable speed in Ukraine

Online store “Sea of Tools”. official dealer of most famous brands in Ukraine, which gained their fame by producing high-quality and inexpensive tools. From our range the job seeker can easily find a tool to suit his or her needs and buy it on convenient and favorable terms.

If you need an angle grinder with adjustable speed for work or home use. use a simple search system in our catalog, which implies a search for suitable tools on the technical characteristics, brand and price range. Over the phone our experts will help you choose the right product, provide genuine information about manufacturers, service centers, payment and delivery. You can also ask a simple question to our online consultant, who is active from morning till late night.

We provide delivery all over Ukraine. If you need an angle grinder with adjustable speed to buy Kiev, then you can do it using a simple online order form on the site or call cell phone numbers that we have left for you on the site. We deliver in the most convenient way and in the shortest possible time. “Sea-tools” collaborates with many payment systems of cashless payment, that’s why we can easily find the convenient way of payment. Also, our store offers a convenient exchange / return of the product within two weeks from the date of the transaction. Self-delivery from our office, as well as cash payment, credit processing can be done at. Zaporozhye, ul. Zaporozhskaya 6. We are open weekdays from 9-00 to 18-00.

In our store we constantly conduct competitions and promotions, discounts on certain products. Don’t miss your chance to save money or get a nice bonus from Tools. Go to the “Promotions” section to find out about current events.

Also, for regular customers we have a bonus-free system. “loyalty program”, which allows you to save even more on future purchases. For more detailed information please see the relevant section of this website.

The staff of the Internet-shop “Sea-tools” welcomes you and wishes you a good shopping!

Vitals angle grinders /h2>

Electric angle grinder, popularly called “angle grinder”, rightfully occupies one of the first places in the list of the most popular and widespread universal handheld power tools. Compete with it in this regard can only surpass the cordless electric drill and cordless electric screwdriver. Indeed, if you need something metal or stone otpilit, clean up, grind, hone, polish, without having for this special expensive equipment, it will come to the rescue is an angle grinder (angle grinder Vitals), buy what can be incomparably cheaper.

The main structural feature of this power tool is that the axis of rotation of the cutting tool. of the cutting or deburring disc. is at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the body and motor of the grinder, which is why it is called an angle grinder. This arrangement was chosen because the length of the lever, formed by the housing and the rear handle in relation to the spindle, allows you to easily compensate for the torque generated by the friction of the abrasive disc against the material to be worked. This makes it possible to accurately control the blade position during operation and use larger diameter blades for higher productivity.

Although the angle grinder is a universal tool, still, when choosing a specific model, you need to consider many factors, and first of all. for what kind of work it will be most often used. So, for cutting thin sheet metal contraindicated heavy grinders large power. they will burn and deform the metal. And on the contrary. to cut a massive channel with a low-powered angle grinder with a 115 mm wheel will be very, very difficult.

Technical characteristics of angle grinders (angle grinder).

  • 230 V supply voltage, 50 Hz frequency.
  • Power output 650. 2300 W.
  • No-load speed 0. 11000 rpm.
  • Maximum disc diameter 115. 230 mm.
  • Weight 1.7. 6.4 kg.

Whichever Vitals angle grinder you choose you can be sure of its reliability, performance and durability by using good quality grinding wheels and by following all the rules for operating the power tool. You can buy an angle grinder not only in stores selling tools, but also in online stores, which is more profitable and convenient.

How to work properly?

When working with the angle grinder is necessary to observe safety precautions, because this tool is quite traumatic. The basic rules for using the grinder are:

  • Hold the tool firmly, so it does not fall out of his hands, did not bounce off the material to be processed;
  • install only those grinding wheels that are designed for the diameter of the angle grinder;
  • Ensure that the power cable is not caught by the rotating disc;
  • stand on your feet as steadily as possible to avoid loss of balance;
  • turn on the grinder only if the user is fully prepared to work;
  • Replace accessories only when the angle grinder is switched off and unplugged;
  • Be sure to turn off the unit after performing a particular work, do not move around the room, the room with the included tool;
  • after turning off the angle grinder, activate the “start button” accidental press lock, if such a function is provided in the model.

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