Maxcut grass trimmers: an overview of the characteristics of popular models

Grass trimmers American brand MaxCUT appeared on the domestic market relatively recently, but for a fairly short period of time managed to win a considerable number of fans throughout the former Soviet Union. Among the advantages of electric and gasoline mowers of this manufacturer stands out the economy, ease of use and good build quality. At the same time models of MaxCUT garden equipment are much cheaper than analogues with the same technical characteristics and capabilities.

American company MaxCUT was founded in 2002 and since its foundation it has positioned itself as a manufacturer of high quality household and agricultural machinery. In the range of products of this brand one can find electric and gasoline generators, snowplows, electric and gasoline saws, motor blocks, cultivators, electric and motor augers.

Electric and gasoline trimmers for grass from the American brand deserve special attention among the whole range of MaxCUT garden equipment. Produced in factories, garden tools have excellent ergonomics, ease of use and good technical characteristics.

An important feature of MaxCUT trimmers is their reliability. The most wearproof materials are used for the production of the American brand trimmers, which significantly extends the life of garden equipment and significantly distinguishes it in the modern market.

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Reviews 2 trimmer for grass Hammer MTK420 from 7 549 ₽ Engine: gasoline, grass trimmer type: portable, recommended mowing area: 600 m², engine power: 1.70 л.С., the number of strokes of the engine: two-stroke, the cutting element of the grass trimmer: line trimmer and knife, cutting width: 46 cm, boom design: straight, shoulder strap, co data from Yandex Markat

Reviews 0 trimmer for grass RESANTA BTR-1300R, 1300W, 1.77 л.С., 9500 rpm, gasoline, reg.El.Trimmer line and blade, U-shaped handle, shoulder strap, upper motor position, 8.5kg, the difference between the model BTR-1300P from BTR-1300P. In the boom, it is detachable. (70/2/34) from 8 890 ₽ Item No.: 878815 Data from Yandex Market

Category gasoline trimmer maxcut mc 130 for the city of Moscow contains 67 products, which are sold in 7 stores at a price of 1256 to 46990

Testimonials Private Entrepreneur Maksimovich. А.

Took a welding machine for rent. Condition is certainly desirable. It seems clear that everyone is using as they can, or as they can, which is why the situation is like this. And so called, agreed, came and picked up.

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Gasoline grass trimmer MaxCut MC 158 is used for mowing grass and small bushes, trimming the lawn, the ratio of the technical characteristics of this model makes it ideal for private use in cottages and household plots. The air filter and spark plugs are replaced without tools, making this grass trimmer easy to use even for non-technical users.

We offer you a gasoline trimmer for grass. It is a typical example of what a high-performance grass trimmer should be. Among the released novelties this model is the most powerful, equipped with a two-stroke engine, the volume of which is 54. 7 cc. Cm. This is more than enough for mowing grass that sprouts in the middle belt of Russia. However, the key to effective work is not only the engine.

The MC 158 is a powerful, robust trimmer for grass with an adjustable handlebar that cuts grass around tree trunks and along paths in the garden. When replacing the fishing line with a cutting blade, it is used for mowing dead wood, tough weeds and small shrubs. Grass trimmer equipped with ergonomic backpack strap, rigid transmission shaft for maximum reliability and durability.

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Features (15)

Brand Maxcut
Brand Country of Origin USA
Grass trimmer type petrol
Engine type two-stroke
Engine location top
Tank capacity l 1,2
Power ls 3,2
Cutting tool type trimmer line/blade
Maximal line diameter mm 2,4
Processing width cm 42
Boom straight
Diameter of knife cm 25,5
Plants thin shrubbery, grass only
Handle shape T-shape
Warranty in months 12

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Price from 4611 to 5390 in 4 stores

MAXCUT MC 233 Benzotrimmer. Reviews

How nice in the summer at the cottage! One BUT, the weedsThey are like mad (and where do they get so much strength). There used to be an old grass scythe and sickle, we had to cut the grass to prevent the seeds from scattering all over the garden.

I will start with the minuses, during the entire operation of trimmer for grass has broken several times, indicating that this company has a certain percentage of factory defects, although the manufacturer may not recognize it, referring to the wrong use.

The gardening season is in full swing. And in the cottage without a grass trimmer can not do. I had many trimmers, two electric and two gasoline. When the last one broke down, it was a question of buying new equipment. I puzzled for a long time, but I did not want to buy another Oleo-Mac 25 and similar.

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I bought a Husqvarna (the second one, about 6 years ago), everything is great, a good friend in the fight against the grass! Mowing with a line and a disc all in a row! For women is quite a powerful machine, especially with the disk, really scary, with the saw blade norm.

Hello, haymaker lover))) When our family had the need to buy a gasoline trimmer, in the store, we paid attention primarily to such criteria as a reasonable price and a well-known brand. So out of all the abundance, we chose this one.

Hello all! Today I will tell you about a new helper in our family. Husqvarna 128R grass trimmer. We bought it back last fall at [link] for 12,700. From the cutting equipment it has. Line for trimmer knife.

I am already familiar with trimmers from Champion. And to be honest, the impression of them left a double. Someone he works flawlessly for 5 years, someone that does not withstand and one season.

Не заводится мотокоса. Основные причины и ремонт

A long time my family looked into buying a trimmer for the grass at the dacha site, the choice fell exactly on the gasoline trimmer for grass, not to be tied to source of electricity. Mandatory requirement. Collapsible bar, so it fits in the usual trunk of the sedan. Stopped on Patriot brand.

I work at a large enterprise in Belgorod region. Around our plant grows a huge plantation of ragweed (who do not know). Is a weed with a thick, stiff stem height of about 2 meters, also causing severe allergies in asthmatics) which we struggle with every year.

I bought this brushcutter three years ago in an online store “All Tools”. Well, that I have a car universal, as in this model is not collapsible long rod which barely fit into the car.

Welcome to my review page, I hope you find the information useful History. It’s been two weeks and two days since the first symptoms of the coronavirus, and I have had a completely restored sense of smell and taste.

Benzotrimmer Patriot MAXCUT MC 133 in Novosibirsk

Petrol trimmer Patriot MAXCUT MC 133 and other products in this category are available in the catalog of the online store “TechnoDrive” in Novosibirsk at low prices. Read the detailed specifications and descriptions, as well as product reviews to help you make the right choice and order the product online. Buy Patriot MAXCUT MC 133 Benzotrimmer at a price of 6 290.00 р. In Novosibirsk you can leave a request on the site “TechnoDrive” or by calling 8-913-936-99-81

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Model mc 130

Like its predecessors, this model is equipped with a two-stroke engine that runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil. The main indicators are:

  • Engine power 1,4 liters. С;
  • Operating volume of the engine 30.1 cm3;
  • Cutting element knife or trimmer line;
  • Fuel tank volume 0.95 l,
  • 6.3 kg weight.

Looking at these models we can conclude: Maxcut lawn mowers are powerful and handy equipment. Its use is possible both in the home, in private households, and in utilities. The special blade enables you to mow not only dense grass, but also bushes, reeds, vines and young tree shoots.

Maxcut MC 133 lawn mower

1the MaxCut MC 133 brushcutter is the optimal choice for small to medium lawns and lawns. Vibration damping system increases comfort, strong and sharp blade quickly copes with tough grass, for younger growth the trimmer line is excellent.

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Maxcut brushcutters keep your lawn or lawn tidy. Reliable components, powerful engine, the ability to change the equipment. A knife or line for trimmer. Depending on the density and type of plants. Fuel tank made of translucent plastic. You can always see how much fuel is left.

gasoline, trimmer, maxcut, period

Features of MaxCut MC 133:- primer. Manual fuel pump. Makes it easy to start the engine even after the long idle time of the tool. Translucent plastic fuel tank allows to visually control the fuel consumption. Air filter can be changed without going to the service center. Excellent balancing and belt equipment reduces the load on the shoulders and back of the operator to a minimum. Rich set. Everything you need to start working is in the set

Power 1.8 л.С.
Cutting system Trimmer line / blade
Boom fixed
Grip type U-shaped
Engine type petrol (two-stroke)
Weight 7.3 kg

MAXCUT” MC 133 brushcutters at the price of 4362.00 you can buy in the online store.Ms with a courier to your address or pick up yourself from the store or department of the transport company in your city.

The MaxCut MC 133 is an excellent choice for garden and landscape mowing. Ergonomic control handles make the MaxCut MC 133 lawn mower comfortable and quick to operate. Given that the gasoline (two-stroke) engine is used, the lawnmower is a mobile tool that provides a stable operation on the entire area and where there is no electricity. Maxcut MC 133 lawnmower with a power of 1.8 л.С. Is an excellent tool for arrangement and improvement of a garden plot.

In your city you can pick up the goods at one of the company’s stores “Tool” or “Sever-Instrument”. When you buy through the online store, if necessary, you can find out in advance the price of paid delivery for the ordered goods. You can order the “MAXCUT” MC 133 brushcutters and register your request for delivery on a day that is convenient for you.

If in doubt, call 8-800-333-40-65. Our specialists will consult you without holidays from 8-30 to 20-30, Moscow time. Call-center specialists of instrument online store.Our experienced brushcutters sales specialists will explain you which oil to buy for your “MAXCUT” MC 133 brushcutter and if necessary help you with additional products.

Payment for orders online store.You can pay in cash at pickup or directly on the site when placing your order. All payments online are made immediately and we can arrange an express refund of your funds. If you get in a force majeure situation or you simply decide not to buy this product, your money will be returned within 1 working day.

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