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Review of the best according to the expertology editorial board.Ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

In recent years, the gasoline trimmer has become a common tool for owners of private homes. Many affordable models have appeared on the market, allowing every consumer to find a suitable brushcutter. However, not all of them live up to expectations. Therefore, the problem of choosing a gasoline trimmer with optimal parameters is still relevant. The experts will help you decide on the main technical characteristics.

The key parameters for choosing a gasoline trimmer

Modern benzotrimmer better, which one to choose for a cottage or garden? How to determine the right features? The main parameters in a gasoline trimmer are power and performance. These values should correspond to the amount of future work on the site and their intensity. For processing a small area once in 30 days it is better to buy a unit with low power, which will be able to fight the grown grass and weeds, dry vegetation. Such a lawn mower will serve for several seasons, its cost is low and the brand is not particularly important, when you will use it not in intensive mode. From time to time. For constant operation of the grass trimmer (7 hours a day) you will need a model with good power and quality parts. Under these characteristics fit the products of brands Husqvarna, Echo, Makita, STIHL, they are characterized by long service life and system reliability, which justifies their high cost.

Depending on who will mow the grass (a strong man or woman, a teenager), the gasoline trimmer is selected by weight. Working with heavy equipment for a long time is difficult, so you need to choose lightweight models.

The type of boom affects the performance and reliability of the mower as a whole. Grass trimmers with a curved boom are not designed for heavy loads, as they have a steel cable in the design, which transmits the rotation of the cutting equipment. But they are good for mowing grass, especially in hard-to-reach places (along fences, around trees). And models with a straight boom have a metal shaft inside, which can withstand high power and dense vegetation.

The type of cutting equipment affects the possibility of using the mower for different jobs. Mowing head with a fishing line is used for grass and small weeds, a metal or plastic knife can cut dead wood and thin bushes. Saw blade can also cope with thin branches on trees.

A shoulder strap or backpack harness provides comfort during trimmer operation. For continuous use a soft backpack system is used to take the strain off your hands, for short mowing a textile soft strap is suitable.

Which grass trimmer is better: gasoline or electric?

The traditional hand-held grass trimmer is irreversibly becoming a thing of the past. Trim the lawn, mow the yard, get rid of weeds or cut hay is now possible with a special tool. A grass trimmer. On the one hand, its appearance has saved people from excessive physical exertion, but on the other. Has put before the choice, what exactly the device to give preference, because everyone has different needs, and the price of tools significantly differs.

Lawnmower or grass trimmer

To begin with, we need some clarity on the terminology. There is confusion about what the difference between a trimmer and a brushcutter. Some believe that the grass trimmer is a tool powered by the mains, while the lawnmower is powered by the internal combustion engine. But this is not quite true, because there are both gasoline grass trimmers, and grass trimmers with an electric motor. In fact, all tools designed to cut the grass and held in the hands can be called trimmers. And the name “lawnmower” is used as a synonym for. Perhaps there will be those who want to argue with us, but in this article we will adhere to this principle.

Key features

According to the power source, three types of trimmers can be distinguished:


Electric battery-powered (rarely encountered).

Grass trimmers are similar in design. There is a rod, a motor (it can be located above or below the boom), a handle (D-shaped or bicycle), a spool with a fishing line or a metal knife, a protective cover.

Bottom-mounted grass trimmers are low-powered. Up to 0.7 kW. In addition, if we are talking about the electric version, the disadvantage of the lower-motor design will be impossible to work in the rain or in the morning, when the dew has not yet descended, because a short circuit can occur. As an equipment for such a grass trimmer, most often only a fishing line for a trimmer with a small section can be used. At the same time, the bottom-mounted unit is more balanced, so the tool operator is less tired. Many models are equipped with vibration suppression system.

Common is the top location of the engine on the trimmer. In most cases, such a tool is equipped with a combustion engine and has more power. The maximum figure reaches up to 5 kW. In such a trimmer, both a trimmer line and a metal blade or disc can be used as accessories. A top-engine grass trimmer can handle wet grass without any problems.

D-handle is most commonly found on electric trimmers. You can hold the tool with both hands and still be mobile. The so-called bicycle handle (T- or J-shaped) is used on more powerful trimmers, both electric and gasoline. It can be used to make movements similar to a hand-held scythe.

It is also important to have a special shoulder strap in the grass trimmer kit, which will reduce the load on the operator’s hands and allow to work with the tool much longer.

An important characteristic of any grass trimmer is the cutting width. It would seem that the bigger the handle, the better. This is true in most cases. But when it comes to the fact that we need to accurately remove the grass where a lawnmower can’t reach, a small cutting width is just right.

Grass trimmer drive can be flexible or rigid shaft. The second option is more reliable and is used on tools with higher power. Here the transfer of rotation from the motor to the head is carried out by a gear shaft. In the case of the flexible shaft, the rotation is transmitted via a steel cable.

Grass trimmers with a curved boom is equipped with a flexible shaft and therefore use only a line for the trimmer as equipment, while models with a straight boom can also use metal blades and even disks.

Pros and cons of the electric grass trimmer

Grass trimmer with an electric motor is suitable for a private home or cottage. It can be used to mow the lawn or to clear a small area of excess vegetation in the form of small and thin grass.

Electric grass trimmers weigh less than gasoline devices, which theoretically makes them more mobile. But, if we consider that the area mowed by the electric trimmer depends on the length of the mains cable or extension cord, the weight will be a plus only in terms of convenience and duration of use. In addition, working with a light trimmer will be able to elderly people.

Electric grass trimmers are virtually silent and environmentally friendly. But, once again, let us note that it is not safe to work with them in rainy or wet weather.

The undisputed advantage of the electric trimmer for grass is its relatively low price. Otherwise, it all depends on what goals you will set for the tool.

Pros and cons of the gasoline grass trimmer

Gasoline grass trimmer, compared to the electric, is more versatile. Due to the greater power it can cope not only with grass but also with dead wood, bushes and even young growth of trees. Unlike the electric trimmer, the device with an internal combustion engine is not tied to a power source and allows you to travel any distance. Working time is limited only by the fuel reserve in the tank.

Gasoline grass trimmers are equipped with two- or four-stroke engines. In the first case, the tank must be filled with a fuel mixture consisting of gasoline and oil, in the second. Gasoline and oil are filled separately. The design of a two-stroke engine is simpler, weighing less than a four-stroke, but consuming more fuel, running louder and emitting more pollutants. In addition, grass trimmers with four-stroke motors usually cost more.

The weed trimmer with a gasoline engine weighs more than an electric one. You’ll get tired faster while working with it. In addition, it requires more care and maintenance than an electric grass trimmer, which is fraught with additional costs.

Before you buy a grass trimmer, be sure to estimate how much work you will have to do and how often. When it comes to maintaining a small patch of soft grass, you can get by with an electric trimmer with power from 500W to 1000W (for more confidence). The quality of work will not suffer, but you will save a tangible amount of money. If you have to work on the site, overgrown vegetation of different age, height and hardness, it is worth paying attention to the gasoline trimmer for grass with a capacity of 1000 watts. For haymaking is suitable only version with a diesel engine.

Why it is profitable to buy a garden trimmer for the grass from us

In our Internet-shop offers the widest range of garden equipment. Here you can read detailed descriptions, photos, videos and technical specifications of the products, read reviews of other buyers, take your time and comfortably choose the necessary model, as well as all the additional accessories: lines, spools for grass trimmer, Specialized garden machinery oil. On our site you can order a grass trimmer with delivery to any region of Russia.

Zubr ZTE-30-550

Domestic-made model has a 550-watt engine. It is low-lying and feels less vibration. Note that there is a swivel head with a trimmer roller, which allows you to make a vertical cut. The grass around flowerbeds and underneath borders can be cut very gently. The cutting width here is 30 cm, which is enough for a 6-acre plot.

The unit rotates the spool at up to 10,000 rpm. By the way, it can be adjusted by changing the pressure on the start button. The electric grass trimmer is equipped with an additional D-handle for the second hand. The blade can be adjusted in three positions, so that it can be set at just the right height for the operator. This model is equipped with a 1.6-mm line, but can also be used with round and square lines up to 2.2 mm. In Russia Zubr brand service centers are available in almost every regional center, so repairs or routine maintenance can be easily performed.

Patriot ELT 1000

In this electric trimmer motor has an upper position, so it is easier to guide the working tool. Its power is 950 watts, which allows it to work comfortably with a 2. 2.4 mm fishing line. By the way, it comes with exactly 2 mm line for a 15 m trimmer. The machine can mow a strip 35 cm wide in one pass. Note that, unlike lower-mounted devices, it has a curved boom instead of a straight one, making it easier to maneuver between beds. True, this curved design does not allow the mower to accelerate faster than 7500 rpm.

Optional D-handle can be adjusted to different positions for easy mowing. The manufacturer has equipped the model with an anti-vibration system, which has slightly reduced the vibration transmitted to the hands. That’s why even during long work the operator won’t feel a tingling sensation in the palms. Buying this model, you get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer (in addition to the warranty provided by the seller).

Denzel TE-1400

Denzel’s powerful electric ride-on grass trimmer not only cuts grass and thick weeds, but also mows smaller brush and even shrubs. In addition to the standard line spool, the machine can be installed on the shrub shear in the form of a blade knife. By the way, the blade itself, as well as the spool of line (thickness 2 mm) is included. The grass trimmer can work with solid and cut lines of different cross sections up to a thickness of 2.4 mm. Mowing width string is 42 cm, and the knife 23 cm.

The device is equipped with a bicycle handle rather than a D-shaped handle, so that both hands are involved in the side-to-side movement of the mower. This arrangement distributes the load so only one hand is not constantly tired. By the way, there is a shoulder strap to lighten the load. Users often comment on the good build quality of the housing. For example, the bike handle is attached to the rod not by a flimsy plastic, but by a reliable metal bracket. On the end of the body there is a holder for the power cord, thanks to which the plug with an extension cord will not hang out behind the trimmer for grass.

Makita UR3502

This Japanese-made electric mower is designed for mowing low and tall grass, as well as thick weeds and bushes. The 1000-watt motor delivers up to 6,500 rpm. It has an engine braking system that stops the engine in seconds. No need to wait for the cutting head to stop after pressing the start button. And the cutting width is not the widest: 35 cm. Note the design of the auxiliary handle. It has a special thigh rest, which makes it easier to guide from side to side and reduces the load on your hands. The handle can be repositioned around the shaft.

Plastic deck (shroud) is equipped with special stationary knives that trim excess line for the trimmer after its release from the bobbin. On the housing there is a lock for the trigger. On the one hand, it serves as protection against unintentional activation, and on the other hand, the push button can be locked during operation, so that you are not constantly pressing it with your fingers. The price of the unit is not trivial, but the reason for this. The brand and high performance.

How to choose a grass trimmer for dacha

The grass trimmer cuts grass, pulls weeds, and trims bushes. Thanks to its compactness, mobility and low weight, the apparatus is convenient to work in hard-to-reach places, for example, near a fence or near tree trunks.

Grass trimmer device

The heart of the grass trimmer is the engine, and it can be electric or gasoline. Electric motors are divided into two types: the first work from the mains, the second. From a battery.

Gasoline engines are only mounted at the top of the boom, electric motors can be attached either at the top or bottom.

The main part of the grass trimmer is the working head, it is responsible for cutting grass, trimming weeds and branches. Under the protective cover one of the three cutters can be fixed: a knife, a disc or a line for trimmer, also called “cord.

The entire structure is supported by a bar. The boom is equipped with a handle. Professional models, which weigh more than eight pounds, are also equipped with a suspension belt, it properly distributes the load on the shoulders and back. A belt can be purchased separately for lighter trimmers.

How to Choose a Grass Trimmer

Grass trimmer motor can be gasoline, electric or battery-powered.

The most powerful trimmers for grass. Gasoline. They work on a mix of gasoline and oil.

The engine is based on a carburetor, manual starter and air cooling system.

  • Mobile;
  • Self-contained;
  • High output;
  • Handles not only lawn and weeds, but also shrubs and young tree branches.
  • Noise and vibration levels are higher than electric and battery models;
  • Weighs more than electric and cordless grass trimmers;
  • Costs more on average than electric and cordless grass trimmers;
  • Requires regular maintenance;
  • Generates exhaust emissions.

Lawn mower engine can be two- or four-stroke. Two-stroke engines are fueled with a pre-blended mixture of gasoline and oil. Four-stroke ones have gasoline in a tank and oil in a separate container, the crankcase.

Two-stroke models are cheaper, more compact and lighter than four-strokes. At the same time, four-stroke work more quietly, vibrate less, do not emit a smell of burning oil and consume less gasoline. Please note that both types of engines require regular maintenance.

benzotrimmer, trimmer, grass, better

Three petrol grass trimmers from the Leroy Merlin range:

Works from the mains 220 V. Ideal for small spaces. There are top and bottom mounted models at Leroy Merlin.

Grass trimmers with bottom engines are most often used for small tasks, for example, to trim a lawn that has already been mowed. These models are very small: power rarely exceeds 700 watts, weight. 3 kg. For example, this grass trimmer from our own brand Sterwins weighs 2.3 kg with 350 watts of power.

Grass trimmers with a lower motor is equipped only with a cord.

Advantages of trimmers with a bottom-mounted engine

The main disadvantage. This machine can not cut wet grass, for example, after the rain or early in the morning, when the dew is still wet.

Grass trimmers with an overhead motor. More serious units, the power can reach up to 1300 watts. They can work with dense, tall grass, even with small bushes. Can be equipped with both a cord and a blade.

  • Limited mobility;
  • Relatively low power;
  • It is necessary to constantly ensure that the cord is not cut or entangled in it feet;
  • Electric motor requires frequent pauses in operation;
  • Inability to work in case of power surges or without power supply
  • Bottom-mounted trimmers are dangerous for cutting wet grass.

Three electric grass trimmers from the Leroy Merlin range:

Trimmer owners often use portable extension cords. It happens that during operation via an extension cord, the motors of the devices produce weak revolutions. To avoid this, it is worth considering simple rules.

A subspecies of electric trimmer for grass. Runs on a lithium-ion battery. Suitable for small lawn areas.

  • Full mobility;
  • Low weight.

Choosing Grasscutter for the farm.#60

  • The battery charge lasts for a maximum of 1-1.5 hours, then you need to recharge;
  • The price is higher than for mains-powered trimmers;
  • Only comes with a fishing line, does not work with blades/discs.


Power. The main parameter when choosing a grass trimmer. The power depends on what kind of vegetation the grass trimmer can handle, how long it will take to work, and how much of a burden the operator will have. The more powerful the engine, the more productive, heavier and more expensive the grass trimmer.

Domestic grass trimmers are designed to work with an area of up to 50 sq. Km.M, universal and professional. Up to 1500 sq.М.

Three electric grass trimmers with high power:

Three gasoline grass trimmers grass trimmers with high power:

Benzocos or grass trimmer: choose a tool for mowing

Every owner of a homestead or garden plot wants to keep it in a well-groomed condition. Using manual equipment is difficult to achieve the desired result, so now we will talk about choosing modern equipment. Lawn mower or trimmer for grass.

Lawn trimmers are intended for short work in hard-to-reach areas and are suitable for soft lawns. Grass trimmers are typically simple, low-power devices with an electric motor. There are cordless models and models with a gasoline engine.

Lawn mowers, or as they are also called, trimmers are designed for more serious continuous mowing of large areas of grass. Unlike trimmers, they can work on tough grass, vines, bushes and even fell small trees.

What’s the key difference between the petrol and electric models

Electric grass trimmer is lighter, more compact and easier to maintain than a gasoline mower, and it requires no fuel. Such a tool can work an area of up to 10 acres. You still have to choose between battery and cordless model.

The disadvantage of the gasoline grass trimmer is its weight. If the weight of the most powerful electric trimmer for grass does not exceed 5-6 kg, the weight of gasoline models can weigh up to 10-11 kg. Its heavy weight makes working with a trimmer very difficult.

When choosing between electric and gasoline trimmers, it is advisable to follow the following rule. If you have to work with the trimmer in a radius of 30-50 m from the power source, it is better to choose a high-quality electric grass trimmer for dacha, otherwise it is correct to choose a gasoline grass trimmer.

A significant disadvantage of the battery model is that such a trimmer can work only 20-40 minutes on a single charge. Then it needs to be recharged for a few hours.

What does the power of the grass trimmer and the volume of the engine affect

Power grass trimmer for dacha can be from 300 watts to 2.5 kW. The more powerful the grass trimmer, the faster you can get the job done, and the thicker the stems it can cut. However, with the increase of power the weight of the grass trimmer rises (from 3 to 10 kg), which should certainly be taken into account when choosing it.

Grass trimmers with power from 500 W to 1700 W are designed for plots of up to 10 acres. Average weight. 3.5 to 5 kg. Powerful models handle tough grass and bushes. The engine is located on top, so the grass trimmer can be used to cut wet grass.

The most commonly used gasoline internal combustion two-stroke engines, much less often 4-stroke.

Two-stroke engine for normal operation needs gasoline mixed with a small amount of oil (usually a ratio of 25:1 or 50:1). The four-stroke engine does not have this disadvantage, because there are separate tanks for gasoline and oil.

The noise of the gasoline grass trimmer is inevitable, but the models with a four-stroke engine have a lower noise background than the 2-stroke ones.

What cutting tools are used in trimmers?

Virtually all grass trimmers (both gasoline and electric) are equipped with two types of cutting tools.

Initially, steel plates or disks were used as blades for them, sometimes similar to a saw from a “circular saw”.

They are good for mowing tall grass, overgrown weeds, burdocks, brushwood, destroying small bushes.

But their capabilities are limited by the fact that if the blade comes in contact with stones or soil, it can break, in addition, small stones in this case scatter splinters almost at the speed of a bullet.

Therefore, along with metal knives, a line for the trimmer (cord) is also used, rotating at a speed of 6-11 thousand. Rpm. At this speed it becomes a tight string that easily cuts solid plant stems and small branches. Such a head is completed as a light trimmers for grass, and professional.

Line for trimmer is convenient where it is impossible to avoid contact of the cutting element with the soil, stones, bricks or metal structures. Smoothly bypassing any obstacle, it cuts all vegetation around, with minimal damage to itself.

Knives are used for more “serious” vegetation. The more powerful the grass trimmer, the heavier the cutting attachments. To get rid of burdocks, reeds and hogweed, use plastic solid blades or blades with movable blades. Young growth can be handled with steel blades and thin bushes with steel cutting blades.

How to choose a grass trimmer by weight

When choosing a trimmer, remember that you have to work long hours, so the less is its weight, the longer you can hold the machine in your hands.

Also remember that the grass trimmer’s fuel tank is empty, and after a full load the mower will weigh from 0.5 to 1.5 kg, depending on the volume of the tank.

As a rule, manufacturers underestimate weight in technical specifications and give “dry” weight. Without mowing systems, belts, fuel, etc.Д.

What are the recommendations for caring for your trimmer or chain saw?

It is advisable to regularly clean the working surfaces of the tool and the mechanical parts that are open to contamination. As a precaution, it is permissible to cover the open parts when using the tool in humid conditions of morning dew or in dry weather in the case of heavy dust.

Parts should only be covered for a short time and should be opened to allow them to cool down, to prevent the engine from heating up more than it should due to lack of ventilation.

Remember also to change filter elements in the engine in time. Modern models are equipped with filters to protect the fuel system from contamination, some users only find out about their existence when there is a problem with the piston system. Timely replacement of filters will save money that can be spent on repairs of the system.

Yury Alisievich, Shop.By

Selection criteria. Size of the property

The most important factors influencing the decision in this matter are the size of the site and the availability of electricity. Let’s assume that there is no power grid. Then, unfortunately, too, no choice. Buy a lawn mower.

But an electric grass trimmer has a number of advantages over a gasoline trimmer. It weighs less, has a low noise and vibration level, does not produce exhaust waste, does not require gasoline and fuel mixture, it is easier and more comfortable to work with. So if the area is small or small-sized and the electrical network is available, you should definitely buy an electric mower.

However, unfortunately, it too has its disadvantages. It depends on the outlet, so the cable for it must be a certain length. For a medium-sized area the cable length should not be less than 50 meters. In addition, the very presence of the cable is already a well-known inconvenience: when mowing you have to constantly maneuver to exclude the possibility of simply cut it. But battery-powered models are even heavier than gasoline-powered models, and the battery charge lasts a maximum of half an hour of continuous operation.

So, maybe a gasoline trimmer will suit you better if you are ready to prepare and fill up the fuel mixture, spend money on gasoline, tolerate noise and exhausts.

Why Electric wins every time

Working with a wacker lawnmower to control weeds can be a vital part of lawn care. They’re great for mowing areas that aren’t accessible to your lawnmower, and they can also be used to mow your lawn.

Buying the best grass trimmer for the grass, you’ll probably notice that you have options for electric or gas models. Both can certainly get the job done, but there are some significant advantages that the electric weed vibrator offers.

Some people may still believe that gas weed eaters are the best option, but electric models have come a long way.They now have plenty of power, and the best electric string trimmers for grass will outperform gas-powered models in many ways.

If you’re still trying to decide between electric and gas-powered eaters, the following points should be enough to convince you that the electric is the clear winner. Electric grass trimmers for grass can be corded or cordless, they are easier to start, maintain and handle, and they make less noise.

With electric weed vibrators, you have the option of wireless models and those that are plugged in.Electric string grass trimmers that use a cord have the advantage that they have an endless power source, but you are limited by the length of the cord.

When you use a cordless grass trimmer for grass, you have the freedom to work without a cable, but you are limited by battery power. However, rechargeable batteries have gotten much better over the years. With today’s batteries, a good electric wacker for grass can offer run times that are sufficient for most homes.

One of the best wireless electric marijuana eaters is the 20V GT Revolution 12″ String Grass Trimmer / Trimmer / Mini Mower.This electric string trimmer for grass is powered by a 2.0 Ah 20V lithium battery for long run times, and thanks to the telescopic boom and 5.5 pound weight, it’s very easy to handle.

This is also part of the WORX Power Share line. This means the batteries can work with a number of other WORX tools. When you’re not using batteries to power an electric grass trimmer, it can be used with other Power Share tools such as leaf blowers, chainsaws, cordless drills and WORX Hydroshot.

One of the biggest problems with gas weed trimmers is how difficult it is to get them started.You have to pull the cord until the motor starts, and then when it starts, you have to let it warm up for a few minutes.

With an electric string trimmer, starting work is as easy as flicking a switch or pulling a trigger. This means you no longer have to pull the cord multiple times to start your pot. What’s more, electric models are just as easy to turn off as gas models.

If the gas model stops or runs out of fuel, it means you also have to start the whole process all over again.With a cordless weed trimmer you may run out of battery, but it’s as easy as switching to a new battery to continue working. You can even buy extra replacement batteries to extend the run time.

Gas string grass trimmers require a lot of maintenance. You only need to mix gas to start the machine, and since it’s a gas machine, you also have storage restrictions. Gas models also have spark plugs and air filters.This means you’ll have to tune up your machine every year before you can start using it in the spring.

All you have to do with electric shakes is check the machine every year and clean it before putting the tool away. You’ll also want to protect the cord on plug-in models and make sure the batteries are charged for cordless joints.

Gas joints are usually much heavier than electric models.Ten pounds is considered easy when you look at gas weed eaters. It may not seem like much, but it’s a lot when you have to carry the tool around and work with it for hours on end.

If you’re looking for electric grass trimmers for strings, 10 pounds would be considered heavy. If you’re looking for a lightweight machine, you should have no trouble finding an electric weed eater that weighs less than 7 pounds. There are even some models that cost less than five pounds.

Electric grass trimmers for grass are also much quieter than gas trimmers.You’ll still want to keep an eye on the safety of your grass trimmer and use earplugs, but less noise means you won’t bother your neighbors as much. Taking care of your lawn with an electric grass trimmer will also be easier for the people in your home.

An electric weed handler can make mowing your yard much easier. They’re easier to maintain and easier to use. When you purchase a battery from the WORX Power Share line, you also have a tool that can share batteries with a wide variety of other tools.

Buy the best electric weed trimmers at WORX!

Electric vs.Gas Eater: why the electric one wins every time

Electric grass trimmers for grass can be plugged in or unplugged, are easier to start, maintain and handle, and are less noisy.

To summarize. What to choose electric grass trimmer or gasoline trimmer?

No access to electricity, or to pull wires through the whole site is not possible, or to work for a long time. For example, the treatment of parkland regardless of the weather. You should choose a device with a gasoline engine.

For work on a landscaped garden plot the electric grass trimmer is ideal. It’s powerful enough, but lightweight, not noisy, without gasoline emissions.

Trimmer comparison The FPT 43 gasoline trimmer FET 1200R electric grass trimmer
Power 1.3 kW 1.2 kW
Weight 8.5 kg 5.5 kg
Ready to work
Operating noise

It is ideal to have both tools. There is a worthy use for each of the trimmers. Watch the new videos on our YouTube channel FUBAG RUSSIA to find out how to choose between them.

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