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I needed an angle grinder with a revolution control, so that I could work with one hand sometimes, for frequent use sanding in wood. Well, that it clarified my store, offering a grinder with a constant-action electronics, the motor which maintains power, so the tool does not fail under load even at low speed, which is just the wood needed. I decided on the Bosch GWS 13-125 CIE angle grinder. At first I wanted to save money and looked at the angle grinder from dayspro m and Sturm, but still bribed Bosch the presence of a number of other systems, such as protection against accidental jamming of the disc, plus power. Buying satisfied, in Taki Yes made a discount, got an angle grinder with a warranty card in Ukraine, everything as it should!

Already have a Makita angle grinder, with a thin body, now you often need to work stationary, to cut thin fittings. Thanks guys from the store, which for such a problem advised the best solution, namely to buy an angle grinder 125 mm with a long handle with a stand for it. We got a small stationary machine. In this case, the new angle grinder Dnipro-M has a regulator turns, useful for cleaning, especially pleased with the price of the set to 1500 USD, including free delivery!

Thought to buy an angle grinder with “mother-of-pearl gudzikami”) but it is that she had a regulator obrotiv, with a small design, so that the button was under the finger of a large hand conveniently roztashovana, so that the power is enough, and also the price is adequate, so inexpensive. Thought long schukati will, but in the So-and-so was surprised, after my call in 5 hvilinok requested at once 3 options, I even rogubivsya, v vyreshtі-shen was determined between Dnipro GS-140SE and Sturm AG9512P. The price of the angle grinder Sturm підпипила, a lot more than that, too, have підтримку potustі on small wraps. Took it, tested and realized that I did not go wrong, the tool is what you need, the only thing that is not good is the button three times from the top, but the gearbox can be turned and all ok!)

Great selection and good sorting, the ability to choose the angle grinder by class, the price of inexpensive, to the current discount on the angle grinder pro class. Helped me decide, took a few grinders. 125 mm from Bosch. I work with it most of all. 230 Dnipro M. for cutting angle, bought with a rotary knob. And fit into the budget and got a decent set!

bosch, angle, grinder, adjustable

I bought an angle grinder Makita GA 5030, Romanian assembly, warranty card official in Ukraine, with holograms, the original angle grinder. In this case, the price of angular grinder pleased, because there was a discount!)

if you need a cordless angle grinder, pay special attention to battery capacity. Under load discharges quickly, I bought a cordless grinder enhel, and took a 2 Ah battery from an electric screwdriver (previously taken, and the batteries are compatible, which is a plus). I just realized that it is better to buy a 4 Ah battery pack. That would be great for home. Thank you

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Bosch GWS 9-125 S Angle Grinder with Variable speed switch (900 Watts) Unboxing.

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Angle grinder (angle grinder) Bosch Professional reviews

Gave it to my husband very pleased) now my brother is asking)

Bought an angle grinder specifically because of the small size. I use this tool for precision work, tile corner trimming, and also for work in hard to reach places where a standard size angle grinder is not quite suitable. The convenience of low weight and speed control solves work issues perfectly. The tool itself “sits” in one hand just great.

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Bosch GWS and PWS angle grinders

Bosch produces its angle grinders in two variants:

Before you buy a Bosch angle grinder, you should know what’s behind these German acronyms and what the difference between them is. Hereafter we explain everything to you. It’s very simple. WS stands for Winkelschleifer, which stands for. angle grinder. The letter G stands for gewerblich (professional or industrial), P for persönlich (personal or household).

What are the differences between the bolt cutters?

As you have already understood, the GWS angle grinder is intended for professional use, and the PWS is for household use. Their first characteristic difference is the color of the product. Professional angle grinder have a blue color, household. green. The first option is reliable, durable and designed for long daily work. Such products need only rest when a person is resting. At the same time, the tool for household needs should not be used more than 3 hours a day. Professional saws use higher-quality plastic (usually reinforced), while metal ones are made of alloy steel. The handles of industrial grinders are anti-slip and sit comfortably in the hand, and automatically shut off if overheated. over, professional angle grinder can boast the presence of release clutches in case of jamming of the saw wheel.

Bosch cordless angle grinders

The main advantage of these devices is their autonomy. They are lightweight, small in size and ergonomic. All this allows you to work with it in hard-to-reach places in the absence of electricity. Also, the Bosch cordless angle grinder allows you to hold it over your head for a long time. Intended for cutting, sanding and deburring of different materials (wood, plastic, ceramics). Not suitable for very long works because of the battery capacity, as well as for works where you may need deep cutting. This is not possible because of the small diameter of the drive. Like the cordless, cordless angle grinders have a system of “soft start”, that is, are equipped with a constant electronics.

Bosch Professional angle grinder

I looked in the store. But the price was higher than on the site. I ordered through the addendum and went to the Ordering Center. Hereby checked the packaging, checked whether the slip was firmly on the disc, which always comes with the original in a complete set of “legs did not do, the warranty with the receipt in his hands and happy to go home. Macintosh at the site is available, I did not find a washer on the thrust washer (I do not know whether it should be there or not, the support washer is available). original). And the main thing.- It was the same one I held in my hands. Traces of bruised fingers were on the inside of the machine, and then I checked. Price tag was “lying” at 100 USD, so that through the dock price is less, but more.70 grn just through this bit of my innocent hand.) And calm down, what difference does it make where it was in the store. in a drawer or in the window, I am happy!) Conclusion. feel in the store. but ask for it via dodatok! And do not cut 5030 flight and the Soviet tanks, and if you do cut. Let’s calm down, and do not step on it with your foot, the whole mass, and you will be happy. This is the best miniature angle grinder, for their tasks goddess!

Good powerful angle grinder for its price, especially on the stock. Long cable. For half an hour of continuous work with a grinding wheel, did not warm up at all. During 3 hours of work heated up, barely warm, and that in the reducer, just imagine, 3 hours of continuous work ))).

The quality of the angle grinder at the level, good assembly. Big plus. soft start. Fits well in the hand. Long cable. The angle grinder copes well with its tasks. everyone’s advice

This sander is a super product of the highest quality! The Bosch product is something, it is a true mark of quality, I use only products of this brand, never fail! I really like this grinder and never let it down. What about the grinder itself, it is not hot when you use it for a long time in your hand like it has always been there)).

So, there is a distinction between

As for the angle grinder with adjustable speed, they can be both professional and domestic.

Choosing the option for themselves, you need to decide what amount of work to be done, and how often the tool will be used.

Bosch GWS 14-125 Inox angle grinder (0601829K00)

Angle grinder Bosch GWS 14-125 Inox suitable for grinding, gentle processing, it is provided due to the low speed. A powerful 1400 watt motor with 50% more torque is used for speed and power.

Ventilation holes to keep the tool cool during long hours of work, which prolongs the life of the tool as a whole. Thanks to advances in innovative technology, the tool is able to detect a blocked disc and can immediately stop the tool, and there is also protection against accidental start. Rotation-resistant protective cover with easy and simple adjustment guarantees safe handling and avoidance of accidents.

Constant RPM even under high load, thanks to the electronic constant speed control. Another advantage is that the optional handgrip can reduce vibrations by up to 40%, which enables the operator to do everything comfortably and efficiently without fatigue. M14 spindle thread, 125 mm wheel diameter. Also it helps to make the work easier and without a lot of effort just a small for such a grinder weight of 2.2 kg.

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Bosch GWX 13-125 S Professional angle grinder

Electric angle grinder Bosch GWX 13-125 S Professional with 1300 W at adjustable speed 2800-11500 rpm. Works with 125 mm cutting, scraping, grinding discs. X-LOCK keyless disc changing system. Delivered in a cardboard box with a dust filter.

bosch, angle, grinder, adjustable

Here you can choose and buy a professional series of angle grinders Bosch, working with disc diameter of 125 mm.

Compact, with a small gear head, with an additional handle installed on both sides of the tool, lightweight, yet powerful 125 mm Bosch angle grinders have a high performance and comfortable use in any, including hard to reach places.

We have a 125 mm angle grinder with power from 720 Watt to 1700 Watt.

All models have a robust, no-twist guard to protect the user from possible injury if the blade breaks.

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