In one of the Internet firms my friend bought “cheap” the Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR superaggregate. professional peorator with class-leading characteristics.“The “drilling reamer” is perfectly suitable for a regular continuous use. but it did not work at my friend for a long time after intensive work, it started to spin the drill with great difficulty and to get warm when shoring. the work with drill bits for under-branches was out of the question at all.

When they took the device apart at the warranty repair shop, they were unspeakably astonished. The bearings turned out to be of the open type. and it is for a tool designed to work in the dust. Concrete dust got into the cage in a moment and it disintegrated. There was practically no grease on rubbing parts. The housing did not want to match because of the mismatch of grooves. In short, man, counterfeit. as they say in the backwoods taiga villages “CONTROFACT”.

Even Boshev’s experts could not visually detect a fake. The only difference between the Russian-Chinese tool and the original was that it did not work in China they produce almost the entire range of Bosch parts under license. the parts assembled for assembly are shipped to our countrymen cast plastic bodies and aluminum parts. naturally, they put the “Made in Germany” label on the assembled unit only “rotten liver” gives out the lame. зand similar “pranks” in China have already executed more than a thousand counterfeiters!.I bought my peorator for 9030 rubles, at a discount of 12.5% from the dealer Bosch. I was also patted down by this professional for throwing away over two thousand rubles in the wind.

The bearing is of a completely different type and of a lower class. The original Bosch has closed needle, some gaskets, dampers, seals are missing. The electrical box on the fake is visually different. Bosch power tools have marked “proprietary” wires and no second clamp on the terminals The starter motor for Bosch tools is designed differently. the balance kerf on the rotor is different, the copper tabs are neatly bent instead of tucked inside real Bosch tools (in the photo on the left) do not have a circular “threshold” around the hole. the color of the case is noticeably different

Let’s define the terminology

It should be noted that there are also blatant imitations of brands and original tools, which are not certified for sale in Russia.

In the first case, everything is clear. Fakes are made by handicrafts; technical specifications are not a priority for counterfeiters, the main thing for them. to recreate the appearance of the original model more accurately. Sometimes it can be done quite well, but often a fake drill or circular saw can be distinguished at a glance. Such household power tools will not only disappoint with their performance and durability, they can also pose a serious threat to the health and even life of the user. Original machines of the famous brands use motors, the winding of which is made with double insulation wire. In counterfeit tools, the insulation is single-layered, which significantly increases the risk of electric shock.

In the case of uncertified power tools, things are more complicated. These models are made in factories of well-known companies (i.e. the tools are original). It is clear that in this case there is no claim to the quality of the product, externally it is also absolutely no different from the certified. But we still recommend to avoid buying uncertified tools. It is imported into the country illegally. Its selling price can be slightly understated, as unscrupulous importers are able to avoid paying customs duties. A side effect of this scheme is the lack of control and the invalidity of the guarantee. Often, “gray” goods intended for sale in other countries end up on commercial counters. So at the market or in an Internet store with unknown suppliers one can buy a drill or an angle grinder intended for sale in the USA. Everything would be fine, but in the States the standard line voltage is 110 volts, and in Russia. 220. There is also a discrepancy in the AC frequency (in the USA, 60. Hz, in Russia. 50). We think there is no need to explain the possible consequences of such a “profitable” purchase. When you bring a burnt out tool to the service center you will be surprised to find out that the manufacturer is not responsible for the tool’s performance if the operating conditions are not met.

Review: Bosch GBH 2-24 DF. Reliable equipment, but there are a lot of fakes on the market

I want to write a review about the Bosch peorator. I want to write this review in my own words, because the technical specifications of this equipment are like a “dark forest” to me. Why am I writing? Because my spouse wanted to upgrade to newer tools and sell my old tools, there are a lot of second-hand buyers these days.

We began to look for a new peorator, went into a brand store Bosch near his work. We started looking for a new peorator for 6,000-6500 hryvnia, but on a well-known website (Olh), the same peorator costs from 1500 hryvnia, and went up in different ads, each seller came up with his price, as it turned out later for the same product. They sell Chinese knockoffs.

And we started to deal with this cheapness and compare with the peorator, which we have in stock (good thing the spouse did not sell it immediately, although he really wanted to), all the cheap peorator were fakes, my husband even went to see some. Said that if you do not work on construction sites (or other large volumes), then work this technique will be very long, but for a large volume of peorator did not fit him. And also tested them on impact, they do not suit him, because they work a day and the next day at work will not go. Shoulder otplitsya, but if you need to make 20-30 holes at home, it is suitable (said that the fake will crumble, as for the working day they hit 300 holes).

Peorator Bosch

So, fake in the first place, differs from the brand peorator. The price, it is very attractive, branded Bosch will not cost cheap, do not be fooled!

(Photos of burner made spouse at work, at my urging, time for a photo shoot, he particularly did not have, so the technique is dirty-dusty, but its main advantage is not beauty, and unkillable, heard from the spouse lots of comparisons with the burners Makita and Dnipro, I hope to pour it all in the following reviews).

Look closely to the calligraphic letters on the toro, all fakes have had one or more letters changed in the calligraphic inscriptions, or (but there were some knocked-out letters in fakes, like in original ones). You can be sure there will be no errors in a brand-name burner, only Bosch, take your time.

Turn the machine on (if allowed), and check for shock, the branded machine practically does not feel the shock.

My spouse has changed his mind to buy a new technique, his Bosch will work for a long time, and the new price is biting, the old peorator was bought at a completely different dollar exchange rate and the price was correspondingly lower.

Our peoratoratora serves my spouse a decent amount of time, I had to take it to work when one flew apart, which bought the job, so there was no downtime, as he (the foreman) was not going to buy a new one, and drove twice to repair his purchase (I’ll write more in another review), and Bosch worked, works and will work.

Thank you for reading my review!Have a nice and useful shopping experience!

Review: Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE. I felt like the Terminator with this tool! Outstanding German quality!

Guys, I want to share with you my great buy.

The Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE is a top-quality product, and it performs magnificently. It weighs 2.8 kilograms and you can basically hold it with one hand while working.

Impact force 4000/minute, good enough for the job. Drills quickly in brick and concrete.

Compared to cheaper peorators there are no extraneous noises and sounds. The cord is long. The cable is 4 meters long and has a ball mechanism at the entry point of the cord into the handle, which is very convenient and will certainly extend the life of the power cable in this place.

The type of attachment of the drill in my peoratora SDS-Plus, which allows you to quickly replace the drill with a regular drill or set any other attachment.

Now I will tell you in detail how I chose this tool for me. I had a screwdriver, I used it for two years, drilled everything around the house, screwed any holes, but in the third year of its work the battery began to run out quickly and it was impossible to work with it. had to charge the battery several times to drill one hole.

After that, the idea to buy a peorator, so to speak, two in one. Since I often have to drill holes in brick/concrete, my screwdriver couldn’t handle it.

For several months I’ve been choosing which model to buy. I searched a lot of sites, read a lot of forums, looked at reviews, went shopping. As a result, I chose several manufacturers and models from which to choose. They are Makita, Metabo and Bosch. Makita turned out to be a production from China, and half of the reviews were very negative, so this option I discarded as one of the first.The Metabo comes from Germany, but I was stopped by the fact that in my city there is no service center and in case of failure I would have to wait longer for warranty repair, to search for these services in other cities, etc. д. And the company is less well-known than, for example, Bosch and nowhere in the top ratings is not listed.

In my price category of up to 10 thousand, the Bosch company has several models of torches. For example, the Peorator Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE is one of the cheapest, but it is made in China, under license from Bosch.

And this model is Peorator Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE, it is already the model of manufacture in Germany. By the way, I can tell you to distinguish quality peorator from the Chinese fake, you can check as follows: the inscription Bosch on the peorator should be plastic, molded, and the fake has it glued and the sticker is easily peeled off. In the store I immediately checked this point.

I decided to take the original German peorator. I hope it will last for a long, long time. For home use it is enough for me by the eye.

I chose between two models: my rotary tool Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE and the rotary tool Bosch GBH 2-26DFR, which comes with a native removable chuck. It is undoubtedly useful, but I did not want to overpay for almost 2000 for a single chuck.

Then I took a 2-26 DRE without that chuck and bought a 350 piece chuck with an adapter at the store. It had no effect on the performance of the torch, whether the adapter is native or not. For my drilling needs, that’s good enough.

For this price it only came with documentation, the case, the torch and the depth stop. I had to buy the rest. I got the drill bit, the chuck, the drill grease. By the way, the documentation is very weighty, a big book of instructions.

I have already worked with this torch. Satisfied more than, felt like a terminator with this powerful tool.

This peorator has a safety clutch that ensures the safety of the owner of the peorator. As there are cases when the auger or the drill bit jams and without this muff the person performing the work will be hurt, the torch will drop out of hands, fall or break, it is possible to receive hand injuries and other unpleasant consequences.

Peorator Bosch 2 26 how to distinguish a fake

Fake screwdrivers, drills, peorator, angle grinder, saws from avito 0.

There are a lot of fake tools for sale on Avito. Copies from China, very similar to the original tools and of terrible quality, and yet they give away the little things that are immediately visible.

1) The Bosch GBH 2-28 DBR is a fake, absolutely all of them, because Bosch does not have such a model

And additionally it is clear that this is a fake set of drills in the kit

The code says Bosch GBH 2-26 DBR 0.611.255.560 but you will not find it on sale in russia. 99 percent are just as fake (check everything before buying)

2) Peorator Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR quick-release chuck is fake

You can tell by the replaceable chuck, the horrible tool case and the nameplate on the drill

This is clear and a set of drills and crooked labels and a strange nameplate where the power is more than 1000 watts 🙂

4) Makita HP1630 Impact Drill is fake

It is clear the box without the inscription, the nameplate is not filled, the additional handle is not the same, the inscription Makita sticker

Fake screwdrivers, drills, angle grinder, saws from avito

On Avito sold a lot of fake tools. Copies from China, very similar to the original tools and terrible quality, and yet they give away the little things that are immediately visible.

It is clear from the absence of a sticker on the protective handle, a different design of the box

2) The Bosch GSB 13RE impact drill is fake

It is clear from the box first of all. The model of the drill is not written, as well as the drill has a different nameplate and a huge chunk of plastic on the body

3) Makita 9555 NB and 9553 NB angle grinder fakes

This is immediately clear on the nameplate, it is written power 1010watts and these angular grinder have a capacity of 710 and 840watts

Again no inscriptions on the box. fake. The power on the nameplate may be listed as any, plus a fake has another regulator turns, which the original does not.

Fake screwdrivers, drills, angle grinders, saws from avito

There are a lot of fake tools for sale on avito. Copies from China, very similar to the original tool and terrible quality, and yet they give away the little things that are immediately visible.

It is immediately and accurately fake according to the box and the nameplate on the case

It is immediately and accurately fake on the box and on the nameplate on the body, which the Chinese are too lazy to fill in all the items

It is at once and precisely a fake by the charger, by the nameplate on the electric screwdriver which is not filled and by the case which is without hinges even

Fake screwdrivers, drills, angle grinder, saws from avito

On Avito sells a lot of fake tools. Copies from China, very similar to the original tool and terrible quality, and yet they give away the little things that are immediately visible.

1) Makita PLI-24s cordless electric screwdriver is a fake

It is clear that the charger, the case, the chuck are all fake

Well, here’s a deception from all sides, even on the battery of 2 pcs 18650 wrote 18 volts, although there is only 10.8 volts

Well, and the model has no Bosch such of course

Revealed fake the design is not at all

Fake screwdrivers, drills, angle grinders, saws from Avito

On Avito sells a lot of fake tools. Copies from China, very similar to the original tool and terrible quality, and yet they give away the little things that are immediately visible.

1) Cordless Electric Drill Driver Bosch-GSR1020-2-LI is a fake

This is immediately and definitely a fake, because this model from Bosch does not exist at all

2) Bosch TSR 1080-2-Li Cordless Electric Screwdriver Fake

This is definitely a fake, because this model from Bosch also does not exist at all, but it looks very plausible.

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