Cart (trailer) for a power tiller: how to choose the right one or make it with your own hands

Cart for a power tiller, even one with a 5-7 liter motor.с., For example, Neva, not to mention more powerful models, the thing is not just necessary, but indispensable in the household. Such a trailer device makes it possible to use a single-axle tractor not only for agricultural work, but also as a means of transport. According to statistics, the owners of motor blocks first of all equip their two-wheeled friends with a cultivator, an earplug and a cart, and only then they start to buy or make by their own hands other mounted and trailed equipment.

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At different time 4 models of trailers were developed directly for the Neva power tillers:

  • Single-axle tipping cart with dimensions of 110×90 cm and height of sidewall. 35 cm. Carrying capacity.250 kg, own weight.56 kg
  • Two-axle undercarriage with dimensions of 110×90 cm and a side height of 35 cm. Load capacity 500 kg, empty weight 40 kg;
  • TPM cart with the dimensions of 133×110 cm and the height of side board. 30 cm. Load capacity. up to 250 kg, own weight. 110 kg.;
  • TPM-M cart with dimensions 140×82,5 cm and board height. 25 cm. Load capacity. up to 150 kg, own weight. 85 kg.

However, this does not mean that only these 4 carts can be hitched to the Neva power tiller. The vast majority of today’s trailers are equipped with a universal hitch, allowing them to attach to any self-propelled machine, so you can safely take any you like. But still, before you buy another brand of trailer, it is better to first make sure that the coupling on it will fit exactly to your model of two-wheeled helper.

Types and purpose of models

The design of the trailer for a power tiller depends on its capacity and purpose. These parameters also affect the price of products.

  • Trailers with 1 m width and 0,85-1,15 m length are used for light power tillers. Their load-carrying capacity is 300 kg, and the price starts from 200.
  • Trailer for power tillers from 5 l.c (medium category) is larger in size. For the same width (1 m) their length reaches 1,4-1,5 m. Price of such products. from 250
  • Trailers for heavy power tillers have greater length and width. overall dimensions 1,2х2,0-3,0m. Such huge size needs more reliable support, so such products are produced in two-axis versions. When buying such models you will have to spend not less than 500.

The division into categories can also be made by the design of the body itself.

  • The simplest models. one-piece. Their geometry does not change, the walls and the bottom are joined together rigidly.
  • Flip-over body is well suited for transportation of bulky goods up to the weight limit of the specific product category.
  • Dump trailer is most convenient for unloading work. Using it, there is no need to pick up a shovel or other hand tools. In addition, the tipper trailer increases the productivity of work.

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The first stage. the preparation of the necessary parts and tools

In general, it is the usual combination of the body, frame, wheels and hitch. To assemble a homemade trailer to a power tiller, you need to buy (and perhaps they are already in the household) such parts:

  • pipes with a diameter of 60×30 mm and 25×25 mm, usually they should be iron for the reliability of the future product;
  • two wheels, you may have some old unwanted ones from a Moskvich, as well as springs;
  • Duralumin sheets, their thickness should be about 2 mm;
  • Sheets of steel, their thickness should be about 0.8 mm;
  • channel ;
  • fasteners.

Of course, you cannot do without the necessary tools when assembling a cart for a power tiller: an angle grinder for cutting parts, an electric jigsaw, an electric screwdriver and a welder.

Homemade generator from a power tiller

Many people face a power outage in their homes, and this is not unique. Someone rescues in the classic way, using candles, gasoline generators, etc.д. But there is another solution to the problem: made from a motor-block generator with their own hands, capable of producing electricity. To do this you need an asynchronous electronic motor. Frequency of rotation. 800-1600 per minute with a capacity of up to 15 kW. It is connected by means of a drive belt and pulleys to the motor, which is removed from the motor. What should the speed of the motor was 15% higher than the technical value, you need to choose a pulley with a suitable cross-section. We unite the windings of the motor in a star, in turn the capacitor is connected in parallel to each of them. Output is a triangle. For the correct operation it is necessary to have the same capacitance for all generators. The generator must be created according to the following annotation:

Hitching to a power tiller

Bogie and power tiller hitch is secured by a bracket. Its higher part follows the contour of the tool carrier, because it is fixed in the regular bracket of the power tiller’s hangers. Around the lower part of the axle in the form of 2 RUP-bearings is mounted rotary steering knot. The space between the PTCs is filled with grease and sealed from the outside with dust caps. Under severe conditions of use, the cart and the driver must have a swivel joint.

The drawbar is inserted inside the tubular longitudinal joint body and secured with a stubborn ring. This design makes the cart wheels independent from the wheels of the power tiller, which makes it much easier to control the power tiller when riding over bumps.


These are taken from the sidecar together with the complete hub. Both ends of the axle are turned to fit the cross section of the hub bearings.

Make your own brakes

Making homemade brakes for the trailer of a power tiller will be very easy, if the master in advance makes sure that he has all the necessary materials, as well as tools. It is necessary to take into account that for effective braking it is strongly recommended to install brakes on each wheel. This will allow you to quickly stop even when driving at high speed, as well as avoid turning the trailer.

Tools and materials needed

Planning to make homemade brakes for a motor-block cart, you need to prepare materials and tools. As the basis for future brakes, it is best to use the following parts of the motorcycle:

During the assembly process, the master will need to use a standard set of tools, as well as a welding machine, which will make all connections of the structure strong and reliable.

For the brakes to work properly, you will need to have the discs turned. Such manipulations are best left to professionals, since they have the necessary qualifications and equipment for such work.

To successfully perform the work, it is strongly recommended to use the drawings of the braking system of the chosen model, which is used as the basis for the homemade design. Since the system includes many parts, you should be extremely careful and install the assembly in full accordance with the diagram, otherwise there is a high probability of their incorrect operation or rapid breakdown.

How to assemble the brakes

After all the parts have been properly prepared it’s time to proceed directly to assembling the home-made brakes. To do this, you will need to remove the rods and cables from the discs, turn them and follow the following algorithm:

  • Slide the machined drums onto the hubs, secure them.
  • The resulting gap between the discs must be closed, using a wire of strong metal.
  • Place the disk on the axle, securing it with the sleeve. Make sure that the disc is securely fastened and that it is not likely to move during the operation of the device.
  • Weld an angle or a piece of pipe to the axle for a better fixation of the disk.
  • Attach cables to the drums, and then pull them to the control system.

The brakes are controlled by a special mechanism, which can be taken from a car handbrake. You can make it yourself from improvised materials.

It should be noted that during operation some elements of design of such brakes may significantly wear out and require replacement. For example, it can be cables, in connection with that it is recommended to use elements with a minimum degree of wear during the assembly.

Figuring out how to make the brakes on the cart for a motor-block with your own hands, you can refine the design for greater ease of use. The most obvious improvement is the installation of a spring, which returns the lever to the reverse state, which will allow you to switch the brakes without significant effort. Such an element can be placed not only on the brake mechanism, but also on the cable, as well as other nodes of construction, which allows everyone to choose the best option.

If automobile brakes are used for the assembly, you should consider the presence in their design of an element that turns off the control lamp. Although it is important in the car, it is absolutely useless for the trailer, so it is recommended to dismantle it to simplify the design.

Preparing drawings for a trailer with a capacity of up to 350 kg

The cart on a single-axle tractor, capable of carrying inventory and luggage weighing up to 350-400 kg, is considered universal for use with a domestic power tiller. Plan to make a more cumbersome design, in principle, is not worth it, as it will entail additional costs, as well as wasted time and effort.

In order to make a cart for a power tiller as reliable and balanced as possible, it is extremely important to study the schematics. Depending on the material and parts available, the dimensions of the main and additional elements of the construction can be changed. Here are the drawings of the optimum trucks for farming.

The first diagram describes in detail the overall appearance of the trailer with its major components and assemblies.

The second diagram shows the frame in detail. The main material for its assembly is round or rectangular pipes joined together by welding. The body of such a cart is made of planks, at least 2 cm thick. All of the sides are fully welded to the frame and do not fold away.

The third diagram shows the design of the steering head. Most of the loading of the steering unit is on the attachment points for the drawbar and the pivot body. Because of this, to prevent breakage, this part of the structure is reinforced with four additional stiffeners, as shown in the drawing in section B-B.

This diagram shows the design of the swivel head. This element of the cart is the most difficult to manufacture, so when assembling it, you will need to show maximum attention and patience.

Using detailed blueprints is as essential as using durable materials when assembling the cart. Only with the proper schemes at hand will a farmer be able to build a quality trailer capable of carrying the right amount of cargo for long distances.

Tips and tricks for choosing a trailer for your power tiller

When choosing, keep in mind where and how often you plan to use the adapter, with which power tiller it will be connected. So for large plots, where there will be a lot of work, you need a model with folding sides and tipping function. Loading and unloading will go much faster.

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brakes, trailer, motor-block, their

Tipping trailer with tipping sides and tipping function

The size of your future purchase depends not only on the amount of work to be done, but also on the power tool itself. or rather its potential. If it has a pulling power limit of 300 kg, the big cart will be useless.

Important! If you plan to transport a load of 350 kg or more, you need mechanical brakes. Hubs also matter. it is better to choose steel hubs.

With any purchase, most Russians focus on the price, but it is important to keep in mind the brand and the reputation of the manufacturer. On the products of popular firms the price is usually higher, but it must be remembered that these trailers are aggregated with almost any motor-block. it is on the list of priorities of any self-respecting manufacturer.

Work on the land

Often there is a question of how to make a gallery on the trailer to the tiller, as throughout the past few years for the supervision of summer cottage plots zastosovayut motor units (including іs samorobni), for which often make their own hands chained.

Motor blocks are widespread among dacha owners and farmers. This is due to relatively low price of this device, a large number of tasks, which it can solve. Remember that the single-axle tractor is only a leading pair of wheels (with an engine, the power of which allows not register the unit as a vehicle), and all agricultural tasks (cultivation, harrowing, transportation, etc.д.) are made by additional prichypnyami-tools. That said, virtually all types of prichepiv produced by various firms and are available on a permanent sale, but relatively high cost and not always adequate designs prichepiv not given their widespread popularity in the nation.

Most people believe that it is better to make sub-devices to the power tiller with their own hands. This is not only justified economically, but also allows you to create equipment that is designed for working in certain conditions (on a particular plot). But do not forget about the rules of safe operation of similar structures. You should by all means forebuy a self-made grapple to the power tiller to ensure the safety of this device.

How much do halma need?First you should understand why the galley is necessary for the trailers. The necessity of availability of galmoving devices for towing vehicles, first of all, through the requirements of regulatory documents is consistent with the rules of road traffic: all vehicles must have galmoving systems.

over, if there is a wheel, the presence of the galm fully ensures the safety of the device. As the output material can be used the galm from a motorcycle or car. This should pay attention to different types of gimbals. Thus, for example, parking loop (aka “handbrake”) does not provide full galumphing of the laden trailer (if the trailer with a walking motor-pilot). Therefore, do not use such a device for galm on a single-axle tractor.

Some craftsmen use different string mechanisms of their own design to solve the problem, but they are not the way out of the situation. String mechanics will not be able to stop at once the engine will collapse, regardless of its load, moreover, as the string wears down, the galvanizing will be carried out by the growing galvanizing stroke. This is not safe and it is recommended to refrain from implementing such galmuvanizing devices.It should be taken into account and the fact that in the rural area is easier to get an old motorcycle and spare parts for it, galmas for motorcycles are cheap at auto parts stores, which makes them more accessible.

The recycling of motorcycle galm for galmuvannya device for power tillers with your own hands does not require great investment and costly waste of time. Galmets on the cover are made from motorcycles much easier. If motorcycle wheels are used on the trailer, the overhaul will be minimal. This device will allow to provide quick galmovannya in Russia and reliable maintenance of the rider in parking place.

What you need?To put the galley on the cover, you must first have the following materials for their production:1. Galmovy drum from a motorcycle.2. Motorcycle shoe pads.3. Spokes of a motorcycle wheel.4. It is recommended to make a trailer with tackle on each wheel. This will prevent problems during welding (the block with the flame will NOT be ignited).

Varto distinguish these tools, which are needed for the processing of these galm:1. Welding machine.2. Screwdrivers.Changing the wheels is better to be replaced by a professional mechanic in the car service. All the necessary equipment is there.

processingWhile beginning of works it is necessary to fulfill some preparatory operations with ready materials. To do this you need to remove the cables and rods from the drums, after which the drums need to be ground. It is very simple to assemble these reels on the trailer. To do this, the threaded drums should be put on the matochins and locked into their back parts. This creates a free space between the ribs of the drums. It is necessary to close it by winding a metal sheet around the ribs. Then the disk is mounted on the shaft and fastened by means of bushes. It is necessary to make steps to exclude displacement of the drive in any direction. For this purpose a piece of metal (a cube or a pipe) is welded on the shaft with the help of a welding machine.

Then the cables are assembled on drums and pulled up to the control place. To implement the control system, a gear roller should be used. For these purposes would be suitable a control mechanism (with a shaft) of the parking gallery of the car, but you can make a control system by yourself from common things. It is important that together with the control shaft the valve for control of the pressure bars with double-wire actuator is installed. This is the reason that this mechanism is very effective and “tough”.

How do these galmas work??An important difference between the use of similar devices on motor vehicles and trailers is that on motorcycles and cars this system is a “standby” and is rarely used to stop the vehicle. The main purpose of this is. the vehicle’s unreliability in the parking lot. This is due to the fact that this mechanism is very intrusive and “hard”. is to ensure only emergency galumphing.

But this mechanism is quite optimal for a single axle trailer. This system can operate not only with manual control (motor axle) but also with the foot control (if you want to use the foot control). In this case, the driver starts the galmivny device to the extent necessary, based on an assessment of the situation. These galm variants for the motor unit are used quite often for traction mechanisms.Transmission in similar devices are mechanical, carried out with the help of cables. Conditionally we can distinguish between 3 sections: The first one. cam-valve, the other one. valve-drum, third. drum-wheel. It is important to ensure interoperability between these areas, for this purpose the equalizer is used. It is recommended to include in the mechanism a special nut for adjusting the length of drive. These schemes are often used in automotive tackles.

Since cables often wear out quickly, it is strongly recommended to buy and install new cables on the tackle with galleys.Cables control is very simple: to remove the cable, you must loosen it by loosening the tension of the cable. To avoid expending too much energy to rotate the shaft, it is recommended to have in the design a centrifugal spring which can be placed anywhere: indirectly on the pulley mechanism, rope, counterweight, etc.д.When vyvoristannі gamma from the car, as the basic material, you can install vimikacha control lamp.

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