How to choose a peorator: specialist tips

The peoporator is one of the most popular tools during the repair in the house or apartment. With its help, holes for dowels are prepared, concrete is cut to install sockets, stroke of walls when laying wiring, removing the old plaster, and so on. Before choosing a peorator for home or professional use, you need to deal with what varieties they are, study the main characteristics of the tool.

A peorator is a hand tool for punching or drilling holes. It consists of 2 main parts. It is an electric engine and a shock head (can be pneumatic and mechanical). Do not confuse the peorator and shock drill. The main difference between a drill is that it imitates a blow due to the gear nuts built into the head, but at the same time the operator itself, holding the tool (piercing concrete, is attached by the rotation of the drill). In the ashorator, the blow is generated due to the transfer of force to the shock edge, while the operator simply holds the tool without much pressure on it (the breakdown of concrete is achieved precisely because of the blow, and not the rotation of the drill).

The main functions of the pedorator are as follows:

  • Drilling and piercing concrete, other stone or mineral breeds (tiles, tiles, marble, granite and so on);
  • Stroke of concrete;
  • Cutting holes in concrete (under the installation of sockets, ventilation systems).

Which pedorator is better for home

Firstly, it is worth taking a tool with an average impact energy. Because these types are most optimal, and the peniterators with maximum impact energy are in demand among professionals.

The Chinese.Made apparatus of a low price category should not be bought, since they quickly and often break, and sometimes it is very difficult to get the details for them. Assembly apparatus. The best choice.

What should be taken into account when choosing a peorator

This tool can be: with one drilling mode, with two modes (drilling plus a blow), as well as with three modes (deterrence is added to the previous two modes). In addition, the weights are classified by heavy, medium weight and lungs. The latter will not be harder than 4 kilograms, the average will “pull” from 4 to 5 kilograms, and the most severe devices of this type can weigh 5-10 kilograms or more.

The energy of the blow

One of the main parameters of the device is the energy of the impact. Joules are used to measure it. Light models have no more than 1-2 joule strike, and the more serious peorators can hit with a force of 8 to 15 joules. The greater the energy of the impact, the greater the diameter of the hole can be obtained. Когда эта величина достаточно мала, то прибор работает не эффективнее, чем дрель ударного типа. At the same time, he will not pierce the hole, but to drill it. As a result, his equipment will wear out extremely quickly, and you will not have to dream of high performance.

Speaking about the energy of the impact, you need to know that it does not depend on how forceful to press on the peorator handle. But when working with a shock drill, the situation is just the opposite. If the entrepreneurial seller of the instrument store to attract attention talks about the increased energy of the impact of the penetrator, listen to his words skeptical.

You should know that the value of this parameter exceeding 10 joules will lead to a rapid failure of your tool. Indeed, with such high loads, its tight inserts will be destroyed over a very short period of time.

If you need a peorator for drilling small openings for dowels and anchor bolts, then see compact models of devices with an energy of hit 1. 2 J:

If, in addition to drilling holes for the dowel, it is necessary to produce: stroke, cut out the sockets, drill a large diameter, choose medium-power devices with an energy of the impact- 5. 8 J:

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If the pedorator is needed to dismantle the walls and break through the aisles, then look at powerful devices with the SDS Max system and 10 J or more energy energy or more:

The frequency of strikes

If we calculate how many times in one minute the piston of the device on its boiler hit, we will get a value called the frequency of shock. The larger it is, the higher the speed of punching holes. The productivity of the pedorator depends on both the frequency and on the energy of the impact. Manufacturers that produce the most durable and efficiently operating devices in their models harmoniously combine these two parameters.

Therefore, it is better to pay attention to reliable brands, the products of which are distinguished by excellent quality and amazing durability. Specifically about the best manufacturers, we will talk a little further.

The capacity of the penetrator

Peorators are less powerful devices than electric drill. This is due to the fact that drilling is much harder than drilling. Therefore, the shaft of the penetrator during operation does not require such high rotation speed as the drill. In devices with different types of cartridges, the power differs. 400 to 800 watts consume models with cartridges like SDS-Plus. The SDS-MAX orals with 1.2 kilowatt cartridges have power. Actually, choosing this tool, it should not be done on power. This is not the most important parameter.

Spindle rotation frequency

The speed of rotation of the peorater shaft is lower than that of the drill. This was already mentioned above. Depending on the class of the device, the value of this value can be from 600 to 1500 revolutions per minute. The speed of rotation is reduced with an increase in the power and performance of the peorator. This is due to its structural features. After all, in productive models, the optimal diameter of the equipment is large enough. In general, the shaft of the device rotates only in order to remove the dust after drilling. Little drill has to rotate faster, and the big one is slower, otherwise it will be too quickly worn out.

Porators with high speed of the shaft rotation have considerable weight, which does not facilitate the convenience of use. In addition, in such high.Speed devices, spiral grooves wear very quickly, with which drilling waste is removed from the place of work. Because of this, the device begins to heat up quite hard, and as a result it can even jam it in the hole.

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Type of cartridge for attaching drills

The most common 3 systems of drill mounting. If a small peorator weighing up to 4 kilograms is required, it is better to choose a model with the SDS Plus mounting system. Holes such a device can make no more than 3 centimeters with a diameter. Usually this is enough for domestic needs, and such peorators are most in demand by customers.

Professional models, sometimes weighing up to 11 kilograms, are equipped with a SDS Max type attachment system. These devices are characterized by large sizes. However, they are able to break through the holes of rather large. Up to 5.2 centimeters.

Two types of fasteners, on the left of SDS Plus, right SDS max.

Recently, another type of mount began to be used. SDS-Top. It is well suited for the manufacture of holes with a diameter of 1.6 to 2.5 centimeters. This mount is often used in devices manufactured by Bosch.

Peorator operating modes

Now we will consider in more detail how peorators differ from each other with different number of operating modes. So:

The simplest devices are single.Mode. They work in the same way as an ordinary drill. If wooden and metal surfaces have to be drilled, then they are quite suitable.

In a dual.Mode device, the axis can not only rotate, but also make oscillatory movements during rotation.

A tri.Mode peorator as an additional function has the ability to strike without spindle rotation. Such a device is the most universal, it can simply drill, drill and hammer and just hammer.

The variety of peorators suggests that each of them can have various modifications. In this case, they can be performed with one, with two or three operating modes. If we talk about the latter option, then it costs more, of course. But if there is work to be done, as for drilling, so for drilling and crushing, then you definitely need to stop on a triple device.

Those who are engaged in construction or repair at a professional level, ordinary models are simply not suitable for. Due to increased load, such a power tool may quickly become unusable, and its possibilities are much less extensive. Specialists need peorators to work at a height or stepladder, capable of drill without problems and large holes, and destroy a massive concrete wall. As in other cases, we bring to your attention the three leaders of this segment, which are characterized by perfectly balanced characteristics, reliability and price tag.

Makita HR5001C

Makita HR5001C is one of the most powerful peorators in the ranking. He gives out 17.5 j shock energy and provides up to 2150 beats per minute. It has two modes (drilling with a blow and dollars), fastening of the SDS-MAX drill, six steps of setting the number and impact strength and a smooth descent. Such indicators are enough to destroy even strong walls or strong concrete floor. The weight of the penetrator is impressive 10.8 kilograms, but for this class of technology, this is a completely justified parameter. Among the minuses of the HR5001C model, only the high cost of spare parts can be noted, but their quality is at an excellent level.

  • Quality of materials and assembly;
  • Lack of heating at prolonged loads;
  • High level of protection;
  • Functionality;
  • System control system.

Dewalt D25762K

A great option for a professional device. Dewalt D25762K. Due to the high energy of an 18 J and a frequency of 2,300 beats per minute, this peorator easily copes with concrete and other solid materials. Among the key capabilities of the device, the anti.Vibrational system, indication of the degree of wear of coal brushes, as well as electronic speed regulation can be noted. The maximum diameter of concrete drilling in standard mode and drill mode is 52 and 80 millimeters, respectively. Included with the device, the user will be able to find an additional handle and lubricant packaging. All these features make Dewalt D25762K the best professional peorator in the presented rating category.

  • Active vibration protection using AVC technology;
  • High energy of the impact;
  • Drilling diameter;
  • Alert of the wear of the brushes;
  • Reliability in work.

Bosch GBH 8-45 DV

The GBH 8-45 DV model from the Bosch brand is one of the best network ratings and also the lightest of the presented in this class. The power of this device is 1.5 kW, and its weight is 8.9 kg. Included with the GBH 8-45 DV model, a lubricant packaging and an additional handle are supplied. This is a peorator with a slight impact power relative to other professional models in our ranking. The specified parameter here is only 12.5 J, but thanks to the TURBO Power function, it is not inferior in productivity to previous models. The energy of the blow is enough for most tasks, especially considering the frequency of shocks of 2760 per minute.

  • Long service life;
  • 3-step-step system of extinguishing vibration;
  • Power of 1.5 kW;
  • Relatively low weight;
  • Convenient location of buttons and switches.

The choice of household peorator

First you need to deal with the basic characteristics of the peorator. Manufacturers primarily pay attention to the three most important characteristics: rotation speed, impact force, impact speed. The power of the device also plays a small role, but in this case it is not a performance indicator.

The most important characteristic is the energy of the impact. It is she who needs to pay attention to first of all. Measure the energy of the blow in Joules. To determine the power of the impact, you need to look at several characteristics: the length of the working move, the weight of the box, the number of shocks in a certain period of time. Cheap low-class peorators work with a 2-joule blow force, while expensive, but heavy models have the strength of 10-15 joules. The maximum drilling diameter depends on this characteristic. If the power of the blow is too weak, the peorator turns into a drill, because it begins to drill holes of a small diameter. But the tools of such a device wear out quickly, and the quality of the work will be very low, so buying a weak model is completely disadvantageous. In no case do not ignore the characteristics and do not install a wide nozzle, this will lead to a breakdown of the device.

Also, a significant difference from a drill is the independence of the power of pressing the button. If the drill works more efficiently when the button is stronger, the peorator continues to work in the same mode. If you crush the button with all your might, the peorator may fail. Most manufacturers specially overstate the power of the device, as with another equipment, when they indicate the maximum power instead of the nominal. If you try to increase the impact power by clicking on the button, the instruments of the device will quickly be worn out, and you will have to carry it for repair.

The speed of rotation of the spindle is inferior to ordinary drums, in the ashorator its speed is approximately 500-1500 revolutions per minute. Of course, it depends on the quality of the power tool and its cost. Productive and powerful models have a small maximum permissible rotation speed. It depends on the diameter of the equipment of the device. The peorator rotates the nozzle only so that pollution, for example, dust, does not interfere with work. High rotation speed is required for nozzles having a small diameter. But if the nozzle is very large, high speed will only damage it.

It is also worth remembering that the higher the speed of rotation, the more the peorator weighs. In addition, the wear of the spiral grooves of the penetrator located on the sides increases. They are used to clean the pollution during operation, thanks to them the device will not overheat due to sand and dust, and the chances of jamming will also be reduced.

Another characteristic, the frequency of strikes, is responsible for the number of piston strikes in the boiler. The number of shocks is measured in one minute. The drilling rate depends on the frequency of shock, but this characteristic is very much associated with the power of the impact. The highest quality peorators have a high rate of frequency and impact strength, so working with such models is very convenient. Of course, you need to correctly combine these parameters, but if you buy a device from a well.Known manufacturer, you can be sure that everything is selected in it.

Homemade peorators differ from professional ones in that they work without stopping much less. All professional models have been working for a very long time, almost to failure. The duration of the layout, the complexity of mechanisms, electricians and other parameters depends on.

There are peorators of both triumphant and working in one mode. Single.Mode. Deals only with drilling, double.Mode. Stressed drill, and tri.Mode. Drilling with shock crushing.

All models are divided into light, medium and heavy. The lungs have a weight of 2-4 kilograms, medium-5 kilograms, heavy-10 kilograms. With the necessary characteristics, you can carry out drilling in steel, concrete, wood and other materials using a peorator. You can easily turn out and wrap any screws and screws, you can roll up tides, carry out beaten ceramic tiles. You can also drill openings in concrete ceilings, clean the walls of stone, compact the earth and score rods into it.

Before buying a device, ask the seller what an additional functions have additional functions. Is there a control electronics to regulate the strength and speed of work. Are there any constant electronics so that the installed settings do not be lost during the load on the device.

Also ask about the restrictions on the starting current, blocking the shock while working with steel, protection against overstrain and overheating. The presence of a safety coupling that interrupts the torque does not hurt if the device is jammed. Ask to show how the strength and speed of the impact is carried out, where the lock is blocking, and how the rotation reverse works (the drill rotates in the opposite direction). It is very difficult to get rid of jamming without reverse, especially if you work in the screwing mode of the screws.

When and where it is better to use peorators

It is necessary to use the peorator during the repair, when the shock drill does not cope with the tasks. An indispensable tool, the peorator is when laying the wiring and dismantling the walls. Household devices can be used to drill holes in the wall or metal structures.

Among the large assortment, it is necessary to highlight the TOP 9 oerators, which differ in quality and a long period of service.

The best batteries

If the equipment should not depend on electricity.

parameters, choose, battery, network, tool

Bosch GBH 180-Li

Bosch produces high.Quality devices that are suitable for home use. The model is characterized by a capacious battery and a small weight. The weight of the device is only 7 kg. The oratorium has 3 operating modes, so the tool will be the perfect option for repair work.

Important technical characteristics of the penetrator

Varies from 400 to 2000 watts in different models depending on their class. For household work, 400. 500 watts are enough. Although such models are used in the commercial sphere, for example, when installing suspended structures or installing drywall partitions. Tools that have to work with a large diameter equipment every day and destroy very strong bases, must have a power of more than 1000 watts.

Can be from 1 to 20 J and even more. When choosing, you should be guided by what density materials you will process. High impact power is needed to work with concrete, reinforced concrete, stone. But it will be destructive for fragile materials, such as brick and foam concrete. Cracks and chips may appear in them. Also, a small impact force is great for neatly riding the tiles and removing the thin layer of tile glue.

Important: the impact force does not depend on the efforts of the user and the degree of pressure on the tool. It is due only to the power and weight of a particular model.

This is the number of movements of the box per minute. For most models, the parameter is adjusted in the range from 0 to 4000. 5000 beats/min along with the speed of rotation. It all depends on the force of pressing the trigger. The frequency of shocks of the penetrator is lower than that of a drill, and productivity is achieved due to a large impact force.

Spindle rotation frequency

Affects the speed of the equipment. If you plan to often use a drilling tool, it makes sense to choose a model with a value of up to 2000 rpm. For drilling, a high speed is not needed, so for many representatives of a professional class it barely exceeds 1000 rpm. It is worth noting that the rotation of the ashrater is needed exclusively for the dialing of sludge from the hole.

The maximum drilling diameter

Manufacturers indicate different values ​​for one model depending on the type of equipment and processed materials. It is customary to compare the parameters for processing concrete. For example, the maximum drilling diameter with a crown can be from 12 to 160 mm, and with a drill. From 10 to 80 mm. If you need to make holes for dowels and anchors, large diameter values ​​are not needed. And to prepare holes for communication, sockets, distribution boxes need a tool with the ability to work with crowns with a diameter of more than 100 mm.

Given the type of cartridge, you will not be mistaken in the selection of equipment for your peorator. There are two main types.

There is another type of cartridge-SDS-Top. It gradually goes into the past and is mainly installed on tools for increased shock loads. Has two asymmetric slots and a diameter of 14 mm.

In the case of peorators, you should not be guided by the usual rule “the easier, the better”. As stated at the beginning of the article, there is a division into classes precisely by weight, and the most difficult representatives are the most productive. Their destructive force makes it possible to carry out dismantling, punch partitions, expand openings. Therefore, models weighing over 8 kg are used in major repairs, construction, road works. For domestic use, there is no need to buy a heavy and massive peorator, which will be difficult to control. Light class tools weighing up to 4 kg, are an alternative to a shock drill and are used in home repairs, finishing work, installation of drywall partitions, preparation of rooms for repair. Middle class is models in the weight category from 4 to 8 kg, among which you can find the perfect assistant for removing flooring, stroke of channels, drilling holes for the sockets.

Tip: On our site there is a selection by parameters that will help you find models suitable for your requests. This will save time on comparing dozens of inappropriate tools.

The appointment of a pedorator

The pedorator will be indispensable if the following types of work should be carried out:

    With a diameter of more than 10 mm;. Reinforced concrete and brick structures;

  • Lay channels for laying pipes, wiring and other communications;
  • Dismantle walls and partitions;
  • Get rid of old plaster;
  • Tile.

Since universal tools do not exist, it is better to have a peorator, drill and screwdriver with soft coatings to work with materials of increased hardness, as well as with soft coatings.

Of course, do not forget about the importance of having a suitable set.

Optimal characteristics for household and professional peorators

If you need a peorator for use at home, focus on such parameters:

  • Power from 600 to 900 watts;
  • Impact force 1.2-3 J;
  • 3 operating hours;
  • Impact speed 5000 beats/min;
  • Revolutions adjustment;
  • Rotation speed from 1100 rpm and above;
  • A coupling to prevent jamming;
  • Fast.Packed cartridge;
  • Interchangeable cartridges in the kit;
  • Curric fixation button;
  • An ergonomic handle with an anti.Slip coating;
  • The function of the reverse.

It is in this form that the household peorator will be the most convenient and practical.

As for the professional category, it is better to rely on such values:

  • Blow 1000-5000 beats/min;
  • Rotation speed 750-1100 rpm;
  • Impact force 8-17 J;
  • Power 1250-1500 watts;
  • Weight 7-10 kg;
  • Concrete drilling diameter 45-80 mm;
  • Protection against jamming;
  • Anti.Vibration protection.

parameters, choose, battery, network, tool

Knowing all these nuances, it will be easier and easier to choose the optimal option for the penetrator. For both professional and home use.

Do you have a peorator? What type? How often do you use it? For what purposes they bought? Are you satisfied with their choice?

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