Electric shavers (Philips OneBlade) on board in your hand luggage

I wonder if I can carry my Philips OneBlade in my carry-on luggage when traveling by airplane?

It’s impossible to cut anything with the Philips OneBlade, but I’m still wondering if it’s forbidden, since airlines say

  • Volotea: no sharp objects allowed
  • Air France: Blades and any sharp, blunt, metallic or non-metallic objects that can be used as weapons are prohibited (for example: (. ) razor blades )
  • Easyjet: No items with a sharp or sharp edge are allowed (. ), including blades.

I haven’t checked all airlines, but I’m sure they all say something similar about sharp objects and razor blades.

Are electric razors allowed in the salon, particularly Philips OneBlade?


Generally they are allowed, however my dad had it confiscated earlier. The reason they did was because it wasn’t from a well-known brand and they couldn’t tell what was inside the razor. I think sometimes strange situations happen. My blunt nail clippers were also taken, but my COMPASS with a huge needle was fine.

Jan Doggen

@ JaneDoe1337 Good question, that should be the answer. Regardless of what the official rules say, you take into account the interpretation of those rules by the person checking your luggage, and you won’t win an argument at check-in if they say it’s not allowed. Ignore the two answers that say it’s allowed and don’t take any chances.

Lauren Pechtel

I carried an electric razor (albeit another unit) in my carry-on for quite some time, the only time it aroused any interest was when I had a whole bunch of electronics and wires that security couldn’t figure out. (Family emergency, I just threw what I needed in my bag without careful packing.)

Prohibited for carriage for aviation security purposes

For the safety of the aircraft, passengers, crew or property on board the aircraft, the following items and substances are prohibited for carriage in hand luggage on aircraft of Belavia Airlines JSC:

  • All sharp, cutting and stabbing objects (knives, daggers, scissors, knitting needles, shaving blades, manicure sets, etc.) are prohibited on board of an aircraft.д.), including cutlery (knives, spoons, forks, corkscrews);
  • firearms and edged weapons of all types (including gas weapons), as well as items actually imitating weapons (toys, mock-ups of plastic or metal);
  • explosives, ammunition, illuminants, and rockets;
  • compressed and liquefied gases, corrosive and oxidizing materials and substances;
  • poisonous, toxic, and irritating substances;
  • Magnetized and radioactive materials;
  • flammable solids and liquids;
  • Working tools (knives, hammers, screwdrivers, chisels, darts, files and nail files);
  • Sports equipment (bats, golf clubs, cricket sticks, pool cues, skiing equipment, etc);. Physical fitness equipment and personal protective equipment.д.);
  • syringes, including disposable ones (passengers who need injections during the flight). diabetics, allergists, etc., must submit confirmation from the attending physician);
  • briefcases and suitcases with security devices
  • mercury and other substances and objects which are suspicious of their safe transportation and which can be used for arson, explosion or threaten the life safety of passengers and crew of the aircraft.

The following restrictions also apply on Belavia flights:

To ensure safety in accordance with the rules of hand luggage in many countries there are restrictions on the transport of liquids, aerosols, gels (alcoholic beverages, perfumes, colognes, medicines and toiletries).

All liquids, gels and aerosols are permitted in your hand baggage in containers of no more than 100ml capacity each (or the equivalent capacity in other units, e.g. fluid ounces). Liquids, gels and aerosols contained in containers with a capacity of more than 100 ml are accepted for carriage as checked baggage only, even if the container is only partially filled.

Containers containing liquids, gels and aerosols should be placed in a resealable transparent plastic bag not exceeding 1 liter. The containers should fit loosely in a transparent plastic bag, which should be tightly closed. Each passenger is permitted to carry only one such bag, which must be presented separately for inspection.

Exemptions apply to medications, baby milk/nutrition and meeting special dietary or other medical needs. Liquids needed for medical purposes are liquids prescribed by a doctor or purchased without a prescription. Liquids used to satisfy special dietary needs are to be understood as foods without which the health of the passenger would be compromised (baby food or foods such as special diets for lactose- or gluten-intolerant passengers).

to exclude the possibility of fire in the luggage compartment of the aircraft caused by overheating of electronic devices due to spontaneous actuation of heating elements, e-cigarettes and lithium or lithium-ion batteries are carried only in the hand luggage of the passenger.


  • for use in portable medical devices:
  • Not more than 2 lithium ion batteries with a specific power greater than 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh or lithium metal batteries with m lithium greater than 2g but not exceeding 8g;
  • each spare battery must be short-circuit proof (using the original shipping package or by sealing the contacts, e.g., by using a lithium-ion blanket, or by placing a lithium-ion blanket in a separate plastic bag or pouch).е. (e.g. by taping the contacts or placing each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective pouch);
  • batteries shall be of a type which meets the requirements of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, subsection 38.3. No more than two individually protected spare batteries per person may be shipped.
  • no more than 2 lithium ion batteries with a specific power in watt-hours of 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh;
  • each spare battery must be short-circuit-proof (using the original shipping package or by insulating the contacts, i.e.е. blocking the contacts with duct tape or placing each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective bag);
  • Batteries must be of a type that meets the requirements of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, subsection 38.3. No more than two individually protected spare batteries per person may be transported.

Transportation of dry ice in the passenger cabin on one airline flight is limited to an amount not exceeding 2.5 kg per passenger. To ensure flight safety and comfort of other passengers the amount of dry ice carried in the passenger cabin of an airline aircraft may be limited on one flight.

From scissors to alcohol. What you can and cannot carry in your carry-on baggage and luggage

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Although you can carry this device with you, it does not refer to a dangerous machine. This prohibition is due to the fact that this tool can be equated to a knife. The same applies to dangerous blades.

often you can’t. Many countries and airlines allow you to carry alcohol in your hand luggage in a 100 ml bottle in a sealed bag measuring 20×20 cm. Duty free alcohol can be taken in bottles over 100ml if they are in a sealed bag with a receipt.

Airlines only allow safe or eclectic shavers to be carried in the cabin. There are companies which do not allow shavers in the cabin at all, so you have to check them in your luggage. With that in mind, find out in advance if you should be messing with this thing at all.

Baby food is not subject to restrictions on carrying liquids and gels in hand luggage. This means that you can take as much water, milk, formula, and baby food for your baby (usually up to 2 years old) as you need during the flight. Even if your luggage is larger than 100 ml you won’t break anything.

A lot of airlines worldwide have banned shaving foams and lotions. People are wondering if they will allow shavers to be transported in luggage if they can’t be carried in carry-on luggage.

So the total weight allowed in the luggage compartment, as well as the whole plane, with fuel and a stout Aunt Mania on the seat next to it, will always be different. Smart people therefore derived the average weight of luggage and hand luggage in the expectation that someone will take less, and someone will pay for overweight. You can check in 20 kg, 23 kg, 25 kg of liquids in the hold and 5 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg in the carry-on baggage, depending on the airline. The rules for carry-on luggage are quite strict. You can bring no more than 1 liter of liquids (duty-free rums do not count), but each bottle may be no larger than 100 ml. there is no such thing as “bottled”: this is the case when it is not only the amount of liquid that counts but also the size of the bottle. And in an ideal world all bottles and vials should be in a resealable, transparent bag.

If you fly with one hand luggage, they will let you take the electric shaver with you. There is a nuance. the mechanism should be a modern model and with the ability to recharge. Do not try to bring a Soviet-style electric razor with a cord. This will attract extra attention from the airline staff. the device will be examined for a long time before they agree to transport it.

Note! You can’t take them in the cabin. When checked, the product, even if it is an antique, will be confiscated. We strongly recommend that you put it in a suitcase and put it in the luggage compartment.

The most important sights of European countries. How to Get from One City to Another by Train or Bus.

Comparison of living standards with modern Russia. Average salaries of people by profession, the size and retirement ages of Soviet people. What taxes, benefits and allowances do socially unprotected people have. There are no restrictions in the rules of carriage of electric shavers in hand luggage. Such products are not capable of causing serious injury, as they do not contain dangerous blades. There are no special requirements for packaging, there is no need to accompany documents with technical specifications.

According to statistics, airplanes are the safest form of transportation. And it really is. Before every flight, the airplane is serviced and inspected. In addition, before you get on board, it is necessary to pass more than one inspection.

According to the rules, a passenger can take hand luggage, the weight of which may not exceed 10 kg. There are specific rules on what you can and cannot take in your personal luggage.

What you can’t take on board

No dangerous objects or substances may be carried in the cabin or in checked baggage: weapons, flammable substances and liquids, liquefied gases, explosives, toxic/radioactive/poisonous substances. This is obvious and does not raise any questions. Sharp and sharp items cannot be carried in your hand baggage, including the following seemingly harmless household items: corkscrews, metal files and nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, razor blades and folding knives. These items should be checked in your checked baggage, or if you don’t have one, you can purchase alternatives or make one locally. For example, you can transport in your hand luggage an electric razor or a shaving set with interchangeable electric shaving blocks, and nail files are sometimes soft with rounded edges.

Unless additional security measures are introduced, liquids in hand luggage may be carried in packages of no more than 100 ml in a total volume of 1 liter. Liquids include: water, drinks, creams, lotions, aerosols, gels, foams, pastes, etc.п. Cosmetics (mascara, lip gloss) are also liquids. Keep in mind that if a 200 ml bottle of shampoo is half-full, you may not take it with you. Liquids from people traveling together do not add up.

Where to get containers not exceeding 100 ml?

Do not throw away the shampoo and shower gel packages they give you in hotels. Most cosmetic brands sell or give away mini cosmetics kits with your purchase. When going through security, liquids must be presented separately in a sealed, transparent bag. You can buy a bag suitable for the requirements at office supply stores (a file with a zipper fastener). Some airlines like wizzair impose additional restrictions on the size of your fluid pack (no more than 20x20cm). You can buy a universal travel kit of 6 mini liquids in a transparent cosmetic bag, or a liquid container set in a clasp bag and fill them with your own liquids. Both of these are fully compliant with the liquids regulations.

Watch out for changes in the rules of carrying liquids

During the Sochi Olympics 2014 Rosaviatsiya imposed a total ban on liquids on planes. Restrictions may vary from country to country. If during the preflight check it turns out that you violated the rules of carrying liquids, you will be offered to get rid of the prohibited items (throw them into a special container), the discussion on this subject is useless, it may lead to being late for boarding or cancellation of the flight.

carry, trimmer, hand, luggage

Can I carry my weed trimmer in my hand luggage?

Ryanair became the cheapest airline in Europe. The airline offers cheap tickets for its flights. What is the size limit for hand luggage for this flight and what you may take with you? ?

Hand luggage can sometimes hold you up at baggage check. To go through security quickly and without incident, it is worth knowing in advance the list of items allowed and prohibited on board the plane.

We have prepared an overview of the rules and requirements for carry-on luggage on Ryanair.

What you can take in your hand luggage ?

You may bring on board any foodstuffs except liquid and gelatinous foods.

You may bring tablets, drops, bandages, and hydrogen peroxide on board.

The security regulations of the country you will be visiting define what technical equipment you may take on board.

You may typically take a laptop, tablet, cell phone, camera, electric razor and toothbrush, charger for your device and bulky electrical appliances (e.g. hair dryer).

Documents, valuables and jewelry.

You may bring on board all dry cosmetics such as eye shadows, mascara, eye and lip pencils, blush and powder.

Hand luggage may include toothbrushes (remember to ask about toothpaste. some airports prohibit it), wet wipes, combs without sharp handles, nail polish remover (up to 100 ml without acetone).

Experienced travelers recommend bringing a sweatshirt. It can be chilly in a light T-shirt or blouse. the cabin is usually hot during boarding, so air conditioning may be turned on after takeoff.

It is strictly forbidden to take sharp-cutting items, such as manicure sets (especially scissors) and any liquid products larger than 100 ml: shampoo, cream, gel, suntan lotion, etc.д.

You are allowed to take one small bag on board Ryanair for free. If you pay for Priority. you can bring your large carry-on baggage on board.

The size of your carry-on baggage if Priority is purchased:

Where your luggage will go

Suitcases and bags, as well as strollers, bicycles and other large luggage are carried in a special luggage compartment. The bus driver takes the luggage most often, and either the passenger or the driver takes the luggage into the compartment and unloads it.

Your checked baggage must be presented by a receipt: it may be a paper form or a tag with a number that is assigned to the case.

Why are sharp objects not allowed on board??

Sharp objects, e.g. razor blades, can be used as weapons. Except for a straight razor, you may not take any weapons or ammunition on board:

  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Any kind of knife or dagger.
  • Corkscrew.
  • Scissors or tweezers.
  • Sharp cutlery.
  • Knitting needles.
  • Manicure scissors and nail file.
  • Individual replaceable blades.
  • Hammers, nails, screwdrivers.
  • Cigarettes and lighters.
  • Syringes.

If it is necessary to take a prohibited item on board, you must obtain official permission from the airline.

What you may not take on board?

In trains, unlike on planes, luggage rules are much more relaxed. You may take only 36 kg of hand luggage with you, but in the sleeping carriages you may take up to 50 kg. However, there are items you may not take on the train.

Items that can damage or contaminate the coach or other passengers’ belongings, as well as stinking, flammable, poisonous, highly flammable, explosive or other dangerous substances are prohibited for carriage in hand luggage. Hunting guns and other firearms may be carried in hand baggage, but only if unloaded and sealed in their cases separately from the ammunition. In addition, the owner of the weapon must have documents. Cold weapons can be taken also, if it has documents and is in a case. Folding knives and penknives are not weapons and are permitted on board.

No pyrotechnics. salutes, fireworks and other items that are potentially explosive. may be taken on board.

Unlike on an airplane, you may take almost any quantity of liquids with you on board a train. Alcohol and vinegar are carried in accordance with the standard of 0.5 liters per passenger. Household appliances may also be carried in hand luggage if their dimensions and weight allowance is met. However you need to issue a separate baggage receipt for such items, transportation is charged. Bicycles, kayaks and baby carriages can be carried in cabin baggage, but not fully assembled. Seedlings (if they do not exceed 180 cm in height) can also be taken in the car. just carefully tie up the rhizomes and crown.

You may not take financial documents, money and other valuables, firearms, malodorous, flammable, poisonous, inflammable, explosive or other dangerous substances in the baggage carriage. Also, you can not take any broken or fragile objects in luggage.

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  • Choose the right train and seats.
  • Pay for your ticket using one of the following methods.
  • Payment information will be instantly transferred to RZD and your ticket will be issued.

Any ticket bought on tutu.You can return your train ticket in accordance with Russian Railways rules.

Refunds can be made directly in your Toutou account.You can also buy your ticket online or at the railroad ticket office.

If you paid by e-ticket with a bank card, the money will be returned to the same card.

No service fees and commissions are refunded when you surrender your purchased ticket, in addition RZD charges a reclamation fee.

The total loss when you surrender your ticket depends on the amount and method of payment. For one ticket surrendered, an average of about 500 is withheld.

If you return ticket less than 8 hours before train departure, RZD penalties are significantly increased.

Yes, of course. Payment is made through the payment gateway of the Gateline processing center.net. All data is transmitted via a secure channel.

Gateway Gateline.net was developed according to the PCI DSS international security standard. The gateway software has been successfully audited for version 3.1.

Gateline system.net allows to accept payments by Visa and MasterCard, including 3D-Secure: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Payment form Gateline.net is optimized for different browsers and platforms, including mobile devices.

Almost all of the railroad agencies on the Internet work through this gateway.

Buying an e-ticket on Tutu.The e-ticket is a modern and fast way to issue a travel document without the participation of the cashier or operator.

When you purchase an electronic rail ticket, you buy your seat at the time of payment.

After payment to board the train you need:

Electronic check-in is not available for all orders. If registration is available, you can proceed by clicking on the button on our website. You will see this button right after the payment. Then to board the train you need the original ID and a printout of the boarding coupon. Some train conductors do not ask for a printout, but it is better not to take the risk.

You can print out an electronic ticket at any time before the departure of the train at the ticket office at the station or in the self-registration terminal. A 14-digit order code is needed (you will receive it via SMS after payment) and the original ID.

We are confident in the accuracy of our information, because the same data from the ACS “Express-3” now sees the cashier at the station.

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