Can I mow wet grass with an electric trimmer

Working with a trimmer is quite simple. easier than with a regular mower. But there are specifics everywhere, so before mastering a new technique, you should do what many leave for later. carefully read the instructions. This is already enough to roughly understand how to use a trimmer, fill it with fuel, figure out how to charge its battery or connect it to the mains.

From the protective equipment you should wear the recommended goggles and gloves, but the most important is to protect your feet. The cutting tool, especially if you mow with a gasoline trimmer with metal blades, rotating with huge revolutions, picks up debris, stones and clippings of vegetation, flying with such speed that they can cause injury to humans. That is why it is desirable to work in pants and closed shoes or boots.

As for ear protection, only the “loudest” gasoline trimmer based on a two-stroke engine requires it. They are usually equipped with special headphones with a headband, necessary to reduce sound pressure on the eardrums.

With cordless electric tools, everything is simple. After checking the presence of lubricant, it is enough to insert the battery in the battery compartment to make it ready for work. If the tool is plugged in, an extension cord will be needed to the intended cutting site. The wire should be placed outside the possible range of the grass trimmer blades.

The site should be as free as possible from foreign objects like glass, stones, wire, snags, etc. д. The presence of people closer than 15 meters is also undesirable. Depending on the capabilities of a particular grass trimmer and the intended work, you need to choose the appropriate cutting attachment. It is possible to use mowing head with a line for the grass, metal blades for weeds or haymaking or a saw for bushes. Plan your mowing so that you move away from buildings and people.

Grass trimmer should “lie” well in the hand. Many people prefer a fairly light tool that can work “on its weight”. Otherwise, it should be well balanced, on a comfortable belt or backpack suspension, because you can’t mow properly with a trimmer without it. A tool with a ‘bike handle’ is very handy, as it makes it easy to hold the mowing head at a constant height and the tip of the cutting tool at the right distance from the ground.

Here are a few rules to be sure to keep in mind when mowing the lawn:

  • First of all, make sure that the height is the same on both sides of the mower drum, otherwise you risk simply ruining the lawn;
  • Clear the area of stones, sticks, wires and other debris that can cause damage to the lawnmower;
  • Sweep the lawn surface with a broom or rake to even out piles of earth after rain worms and lift the grass towards the blades;
  • Mentor the direction of cut. the neighboring strips should be at a certain angle to each other;
  • Change the direction of the stripes to perpendicular to each mowing, then the lawn will not have ribbed stripes;
  • The last mowing in autumn should not be done in cold winds, otherwise the tips of the grass will get frostbitten, which will negatively affect the quality of the lawn in the next year.

If your area is characterized by a lot of bumps, it is worth to increase the height of mowing and sprinkle mulch to even out the surface of the lawn. When mowing, take care not to push or pull the handle back and forth.

When mowing, try not to push or jerk the mower handle back and forth

If narrow stripes of long and short grass appear while mowing perpendicular to the movement of the mower, it means that the blades of grass in the cylinder mower turn very slowly. The cause of resistance on the blades of grass can be dew on the grass (that’s why the lawn should be swept before mowing), too low or too high.

This “washboard effect” occurs if the grass is cut in the same direction every time

The same vibrations while mowing the lawn result in waves on the surface of the soil, that is why it is so important to change the direction of the strips at every mowing

What can mow the grass on the plot

Once the lawn grass seeds have been sown, you should immediately wonder what tools you need to mow the lawn. A simple scythe will not make a straight cut. A large number of different tools are available for this purpose:

grass trimmer

Bevelled bar with handles, special spool and motor, which can be electric or petrol. The spool has a bobbin, on which a special line for the trimmer is wound or a knife is dressed.

Pay attention! An electric grass trimmer simply plugs in and it’s ready to go. It is lightweight, handy, but it requires a long wire and the presence of a socket, which is not always convenient. Mowing a large area will be difficult.

  • Low-powered. Handy, lightweight, but cannot cut through tough, damp grass and weeds.
  • Powerful. Bottom-mounted and top-mounted. Can be fitted with a special blade, allowing more coarse grass to be mowed. Low-mounted models cannot mow wet grass.
  • Cordless. lightweight, mobile. One of the disadvantages is that a battery charge lasts only an hour.

Gasoline-powered trimmers are heavier than electric mowers, but they have better mobility. It has a forged shaft, shoulder straps and a powerful power drive. Gearbox design allows you to use not only a line for the trimmer, but also a knife and toothed disc, which greatly improves the quality of treatment of the site. Vast areas can be mowed with a petrol lawnmower.

Trimmers can mow in hard-to-reach places (under benches, near posts), as well as mow paths, regardless of their location.


It is clear why this machine is named so. it is a technique for mowing grass on the lawn. Looks like a cart on wheels with special blades and a device for collecting mowed grass. Lawn mowers come in different models:

As with trimmers, gasoline lawnmowers are mobile, can work away from home. But they weigh a lot, are more difficult to use and make a lot of noise.

lawnmowers with electric motors are lightweight, do not make much noise, are well cleaned, absolutely harmless to the environment. The disadvantages are the necessity to have a power network nearby.

Cordless are all good: a little noise, the lawn is flat, easy to work, but the battery lasts for a certain time.

Spindle mowers are those with no motor. The device is designed as if the lawn is cut with scissors. It turns out very beautiful and neat, but the process is very time-consuming.

Lawn shears

This tool is used there, where it is impossible to work with neither lawnmowers, nor trimmers.

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Why not mow wet grass with a trimmer

There are some indirect reasons why you should not mow grass on your lawn if it gets wet from dew or rain. These can include:

How it is possible to put out of action a brushcutter mowing wet vegetation? It is very simple. It is removed as a result of a short circuit when water enters the power compartment. In addition, even if all is very well sealed, there is a high probability that the engine can not withstand the heavy load created on the flexible shaft trimmer for grass. And the shaft itself can turn. Such strains are most often caused by wet grass sticking to the blades of grass and the spindle to which they are attached.

We trimmers with gasoline motor, mowing grass in wet weather, because of the heavy loads, increases the degree of wear of major components and assemblies. Premature failure of the piston pair can be noted here, as well as other moving units. Most often, the piston pair fails due to engine overheating. In this case, the engine will overheat from the strain of wet grass during mowing.

If you mow wet grass with a gasoline trimmer to avoid overheating the engine let him work for 30 seconds at idle speed without load. This way you will remove unnecessary heat and save the piston pair.

On the harm to the lawn

Many people probably noticed that if you mow wet grass with a trimmer, the cut is obtained jagged. It then dries out, and the grass begins to turn yellow. It can happen due to several reasons:

In the first case you should wait until the grass has dried out. Grass always gets tougher when it dries. In the second case, it is worth replacing the line for the trimmer with a thinner one or with a different profile. Practice shows that an even cut on wet grass is obtained with profiled lines with a square or star section.

Those who have ever tried to mow in the dew or in a drizzle have noticed that grass clings to the blade and spindle and gets scattered all over the lawn in piles. If they are not removed in time, the lawn becomes overgrown in places where wet grass falls. Mowed clumps begin to rot, and the lawn begins to hurt. That’s how unsightly gaps appear.

So decide for yourself, dear readers, whether you can mow wet grass with a trimmer and lawnmower, if you still want to bring the lawn in order before the cold weather arrives.

Can I mow wet grass with a trimmer?

Using such equipment as a grass trimmer to mow wet grass is not recommended. This is due to the fact that during the maintenance of wet lawns can occur:

When using a brushcutter, while mowing wet grass, moisture can get into the components of the power compartment. This, in turn, can be the main cause of a short circuit. Also, it should be noted that when mowing wet lawns, a strong, excessive load is created on the shaft, which the motor of the device may not be able to withstand. Also, with increased loads, the shaft can twist, which is the main reason for the device being used to malfunction. These high loads are caused by the fact that during mowing, wet vegetation starts to stick to the blades and spindles of the device, significantly hampering their operation.

Apparatuses which are equipped with gasoline engines often prematurely wear out the main components on the units when using them to mow wet lawns because of the excessive loads. As a rule, as a result of increased load, such devices not infrequently fail moving nodes, as well as the piston pair. In addition, when mowing wet grass, because of the high load, the engine of these models brushcutter begins to overheat heavily, which can lead to failure of the piston pair.

For your information! When using gasoline trimmers for mowing wet grass, to prevent a strong overheating of the ICE, you need to give it during the work, periodically, work (about 25 seconds) on the so-called idle run. This will allow you to withdraw the excessive amount of generated heat, prevent overheating of the engine and, accordingly, keep the piston pair in working condition.

The role of equipment

It should be pointed out from the start that there are two basic types of trimmers, which “relate” differently to wet vegetation. Some units are equipped with a gasoline motor, others are powered by connecting to the electricity grid or installing a battery. Electric mowers are in turn divided into two subgroups: with the location of the motor at the bottom or at the top of the machine. Only gasoline grass trimmers or manual grass trimmers can clean up wet grass safely enough for the user.

Using an electric lawnmower in such a case is categorically undesirable. It is often said that this requirement applies only to low-mounted machines. Such an electric motor comes into direct contact with water. This contact can cause a short circuit.

However, using a top-mounted mower after a rainstorm is not a good idea.

If water gets inside the power plant, there is not only the risk of a short circuit, but also an electric shock. It’s worth noting that these limitations apply not only to grass trimmers, but also to full-fledged lawn mowers. The manufacturers’ and marketers’ assurances about safety should not be taken into account. To minimize the risk to yourself and your equipment, it is worth using a chain saw. But there are a few more subtleties that must be taken into account.

Even if the mower does not fail and the owner is not electrocuted (let’s assume such a favorable situation for a minute), it is still impossible to mow wet grass with an electric trimmer. This is a known abnormal mode of operation, because of which the equipment wears out too quickly. Wet grass offers much more resistance to the cutting elements than it should. Therefore, even very well insulated motors work with overload.

Because of wet grass sticking to the blades of grass and the spindle, the loading on the blades of grass is bound to increase. It can not be avoided, and no skill of the mowers, no methods and schemes of clearing the lawn do not help. Not only the motor suffers, but also the shaft, which sometimes rotates.

Gasoline mowing machines also have problems when mowing wet grass. Yes, they are more powerful than their electric counterparts, but the load is still higher than normal. The piston pairs and other moving parts are the first to get hit. If there’s no choice but to use a petrol mower, you have to take care of it. If you mow damp grass, periodically turn the machine to idle mode without load. 30 seconds is just enough time to dissipate excess heat and also to conserve the trimmer’s grass life.

But it’s not as easy as it looks. Another reason to mow dry grass is that cutting a wet lawn is bad for the grass itself. If you look closely, it is easy to see that no straight cuts appear, but it looks like the cut is torn. Cuts in the stems dry out and the grass turns yellow. A little less danger is possible by using a less thick trimmer line. Judging by reviews, square or star-shaped lines allow even wet lawns to be mowed evenly. But there is another problem: the cut plants are scattered unevenly, and in piles, which should definitely be removed as soon as possible, so that there are no spills.

When they talk about mowing wet grass, you need to distinguish between the following possible situations:

grass, electric, trimmer

In the first case, it is quite possible to risk and try to clean up with a gasoline mower. In the second case, mowing is not advisable. In a third, you have to do something about the moisture first and only then get your lawn or lawn in order. If you often have to mow wet grass after the rain or “on the dew” in a small area, it is better to use not a trimmer for the grass, and not a lawnmower, but a simple hand mower. It is necessary to look not only at the grass that is removed, but also at the one where the power cord is laid.

Moistening it can be a very serious risk factor. For mowing grass after rain, you need to wait a little. A few minutes, even in a great hurry, will not noticeably reduce the time you can dedicate to mowing.

And the result can be clearly better. To mow the grass in the dew, even with an electric lawnmower or electric trimmer, is usually allowed.

As for mowing raw grass, there are still the following objections to it:

  • Walking with a trimmer or lawnmower in these conditions is more difficult, you can easily fall and get injured;
  • You have to spend more time on the work;
  • after mowing, it will be necessary to clean the machine itself more thoroughly;
  • Wet chlorophyll will leave more stains on clothing, skin, shoes.

Grass trimmer for grass: why and how to use it correctly

Working with a trimmer is quite easy. it’s easier than with a regular oblique. But there are specifics everywhere, so before you learn a new technique, you have to do something that many people will leave for later. Read the instructions carefully. This is enough to understand how to use a grass trimmer, refuel it, figure out how to charge the battery or connect it to the power grid.

grass, electric, trimmer

Getting Started with Safety

If you follow the recommended safety instructions, goggles and gloves are not a hindrance, but foot protection is of paramount importance. The cutting tool, especially when mowing with a high-speed rotating metal blade grass trimmer, picks up debris, pebbles, and vegetation debris that flies at such speed it can cause injury to humans. It is therefore advisable to work in pants and closed toed shoes or boots.

In terms of hearing protection, only the “loudest” gas trimmer is noticeably necessary. Two-stroke engine-based. They are usually equipped with special headband headphones necessary to reduce sound pressure on the ear.

Preparing the grass trimmer for work

Preparing the grass trimmer for work begins with checking the condition of all parts and their assembly in accordance with the instructions. At the same time, you need to make sure that the gearbox is lubricated and that there is enough oil in the crankcase of the four-stroke gasoline grass trimmer. Fuel depending on the type of two- or four-stroke engine is a mixture of gasoline and special oil in a ratio of 40-50: 1 or, respectively, pure gasoline. After filling the fuel tank, all you have to do is open the tap and you can try to start the grass trimmer, remembering that it needs to be idle for 2-3 minutes before you start mowing.

With an electric cordless tool this is easy. After checking for lubrication, simply plug a charged battery into a wall socket to prepare it for use. If the tool is powered by an electrical outlet, an extension cord is required at the desired cutting point. The wire should be placed out of reach of the trimmer blade.

There should be no foreign objects on the site: glass, rocks, wire, driftwood, etc. Д. The presence of people closer than 15 meters is also undesirable. Depending on the capabilities of the particular grass trimmer and the intended operation, a suitable cutting equipment should be chosen. You can use a grass trimmer head with grass clippers, metal grass knives or hay tools or a shrub trimmer. The mowing plan should be such that it is away from buildings and people.

How to mow a grass trimmer

The grass trimmer should rest comfortably in your hand. Many people prefer a fairly light tool. Otherwise, it must be well balanced, on a comfortable strap or suspension from a backpack, because without this it is impossible to mow properly with a grass trimmer. The tool with a bicycle handle is very comfortable, when mowing, it is easy to keep the mowing head at about a constant height and the cutting tool at the right distance from the ground. To make the line for the trimmer last longer, it is undesirable to approach fences, curbs, masonry and other hard objects. In addition, the head of the ground should not be touched without excessive force.

How to choose a grass trimmer for dacha? Which is better: gasoline or electric? Find out here.

The general principles of grass trimming

As a rule, the cutting tool rotates counterclockwise, so you can work with the trimmer in the same way as a scythe trimmer, making 1-2 strokes from right to left with a gradual advance of 15-30 cm. The grass clippings are then left on the surface to be trimmed. Since the trimmer line is best trimmed with the tip, the reamer speed and grip are chosen empirically. When quickly connected, the cut is along the entire length of the cutting tool, and in this case, the engine is too overloaded, and the grass often winds around the head.

Cutting wet grass, plus Bermuda Grass tips

How the grass trimmer looks like for mowing the lawn

The tool consists of the boom, cutting element and motor. Curved booms are more convenient to use. A flexible rope is used to transmit the rotation of such a construction. Straight booms use a rigid gear. direct transmission is often said to be more reliable, but this depends more on the manufacturer than on the type of transmission. Booms can be collapsible and solid. If you do not plan to transport the grass trimmer, it is better to buy a device with a one-piece boom. Such a construction is more reliable in operation.

Did you know? Garden trimmer for grass was invented in 1971 in America by entrepreneur George Bollas. The idea of such a device came to him after observing the work of brushes at a car wash.

The cutting elements of the device can be a trimmer line or a knife. Some modifications can work with two elements. Low power devices are usually equipped with a guide bar. They can cut soft grass, but they can’t handle shrubs and fruit tree undergrowth. The diameter of the line you use depends on the motor power and the type of vegetation. For soft grass 1.2 to 1.6 mm is sufficient, for hard grass 2 mm or more.

Also the cutting diameter of the grass should be taken into account. For mixed vegetation this parameter should not exceed 30 cm, in large areas with homogeneous grass it can be increased to 40 cm. Knives are used for tougher stems and branches. They can be made of metal or plastic. The blade diameter corresponds to the power of the machine. The cutting attachment must be equipped with a blade guard.

In addition to the division of motors depending on the type of power used, these devices may also differ in power. Before buying, it is worth comparing the required amount of work with the working cycle of the device, the type of vegetation with the type of cutting element. These specifications will help you choose the right power unit. For removing weeds between the beds, power up to 500 watts is enough, for mowing grass on 6 acres, you should choose a grass trimmer of 1 kW. Work cycle for electric models is directly proportional to the power of the motor. But even the most powerful devices require a 10-minute break after 15-20 minutes of work.

So, what’s the best way to mow

We suggest remembering a few general rules:

And the rider, and tractor. a great technique for professionals, but you can buy them for home lawns, if the area is large, and the money allows a large purchase.

A level area without crevices. seldom. If you are lucky enough to own one, then without a doubt, buy a lawn mower:

  • For a lawn near the house electric;
  • For a large area. fuel-powered. If the area with a slope. self-propelled;
  • For quality mowing results. the spindle manual. But be prepared for a long, physically demanding operation;
  • To make your participation in the process as easy as possible. the robot.

If the intended area of treatment is characterized by bumps, hollows, mole holes, there are growing trees, planted flowers, one mower will not do. You need to buy one type of mower, which one depends on the size of the area and your preferences.

If you don’t have money for expensive devices, you can quite manage with a brushcutter. On the market there is an inexpensive segment of electric or budget gasoline mowers, which is also worth looking at.

For very small lawns near the house, there’s no better tool than a lightweight grass trimmer. It is easy to use and characterized by the greatest affordability for the buyer.

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