The same.based tractor is an indispensable and necessary equipment that is useful for working on a personal plot, in the garden. With its use, you can easily process the land and transport many different cargoes, for example, tools, hay, various crops, fertilizers, planting material, country garbage. If the standard model of the walk.behind tractor is not included in the standard model, there is a solution to the problem. this is a homemade trolley for a walk.behind tractor.

Motoblocks are: light, medium and heavy (professional). Models differ in mass, power and functional capabilities. The same.based tractor can be equipped with a perch, a soil, a plow, a potato.dialect, a mowing, motoblock rakes, seeders and steamers. Motobultivators are considered analogues of motoblocks, but this technique is created to perform only one function. the cultivation of land in rare cases has small additional opportunities.

The advantages of a home.made cart

The advantages of a home.made cart

  • an indispensable device in a personal plot;
  • When creating, simple materials and technologies are used;
  • saving money, because the approximate minimum and used and from 8 thousand. and higher.
cart, walk, tractor, dimensions, make, yourself

Disadvantages of factory carts:

  • The unit is not always on sale, which is suitable in all respects;
  • Technical parameters and quality do not always correspond to the overestimated price.


Recommendations of experienced self.buildings on the independent assembly of the trailer to the walk.behind tractor:

  • When installing the body, it is better to use a steel galvanized sheet with a thickness of 1 mm. If we consider wooden boards as a manufacturing material, then it should be taken into account that the tree is weakly resistant to moisture. Another option is plastic. This material is cheap and moisture resistant, but has low strength. The bottom, for strength, is preferable to make double. It is advisable to use stiffness ribs in the design;
  • Wheels are recommended to be used from motorcycle stroller and install them complete with the central part of the wheels. You can also adapt the wheels from the car (Zhiguli or it should be borne in mind that the wheel size affect the ability of the vehicle, the higher, the higher;
  • The design of the chassis should not be weighted, since at the same time the payload on the trailer is reduced;
  • In the manufacture of a trailer for a cultivator with a self.settlement function, it is preferable to purchase a trailer mounting unit to a motor unit of industrial production, since it is not easy to make it yourself, and the finished product is quite cheap and affordable. over, buying a finished part will save you a lot of time;
  • To create a frame, it is better to use profile pipes of square or rectangular section. You can use a metal corner;
  • It is recommended to fix the carts of the cart together with a welding machine, since the bolted connection is considered short.lived. Both methods are even better.

The life of a homemade trailer depends on the quality of the materials used in the manufacture, as well as on the method of attaching structural elements.

Preliminary drawings

It is best to develop drawings yourself, under the model of your walk.behind tract and available materials. To do this, you do not need to have a special education for a gross sketch enough. Below is a typical design of a single.axis trailer on which you can easily make a trailer for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands.

  • 1. welded frame (40×40 mm corner);
  • 2. Podvoik (strip 150×40 mm, 10 mm);
  • 3. bracket (strip 100×40 mm, 10 mm);
  • 4. semi.suction (steel 45);
  • 5. wheel;
  • 6. drawbar (pipe seamless, cold, Ø 45×4 mm, l = 1.2 m);
  • 7. cardan head;
  • 8-pinpoint;
  • 9. a polish of naval (segments of a steel corner);
  • 10. the rotary axis of the breath (steel hot round Ø 36 mm or a segment of the steel pipe Ø 36 × 6 mm);
  • 11. nut (m36);
  • 12. washer;
  • 13. welded crossbreaker (a segment of a steel corner 40 × 40 mm);
  • 14-axis-spark (hot steel is round Ø 40 mm);
  • 15. scarf (10 mm, st. H);
  • 16. nut (M20);
  • 17. Grover puck;
  • 18. bolt (M20).

Buy a hitch and trailer for a walk-behind tractor in online stores

Structurally, the trolley consists of such elements as a hitch, a body, wheels, as well as a frame on which on.board equipment is installed.

The frame of a home.made cart for the walk.behind tractor is made of their profile pipes (for these purposes, round sections are also suitable, which will guarantee the highest possible functionality of the equipment). So that the design of the frame does not require frequent repair and maintenance, you will need to additionally strengthen it with corners using welding.

To make a more durable body and side will allow the coating of these elements with a thin metal of sheet type, in extreme cases. corrugated board.

If you perform the body of a cart with folding sides, you can guarantee a simpler operation of the equipment, ensure the ease of loading and unloading materials or any other agricultural goods.

Axis and wheels

The approximate size of the wheel axis of the cart is one meter and looks like a rod. If you make the length smaller, the wheels will not be placed in the set borders of the body. As standard elements of the support, ordinary corners will perfectly prove themselves. By using welding, the master can qualitatively connect the hinged elements of the hinge, as well as the spar with the corresponding rod.

The Seryog set and the crown axis brought to the required size of the Kronstein. For a homemade cart, any wheels used in the automotive industry will actually be practical. For example, tires from a VAZ car, but it is better to look for special wheels for the cart assembly.

If you choose large wheels, this will contribute to the formation of better ability and a fundamental increase in the functional properties of the device.


So that the trolley can move, it is necessary to choose the right hub under the wheel pair. These can be special trailers or models selected from old vehicles or trailers. Regardless of the design of the wheeled pair, the hub is not provided for by it. Among all units, the rear beam VAZ-2109 received widespread use. This is a relatively inexpensive, but quite practical and effective solution.


The coupling device is made or bought depending on the fastening option on a particular walk.behind. This is important that the coupling properly approaches the “ear” of the walk.behind.

One of the coupling options is the console, the upper part of which repeats the bracket of the walk.behind tractor, to which all the attachment equipment is attached.

Assembly of the cart

If it is planned to transport cargo in bulk, then on.board elements are best done with folding. This applies primarily to the side sides, which allows you to optimally load complex cargoes. If it is planned to transport the load in bags, then it makes sense to make only the rear side folding.

Materials and tools

For work, the following tools are needed:

  • corner grinder for cutting parts;
  • welding machine;
  • welding electrodes;
  • electrician;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • Ordinary builder for measuring angles.

In the manufacture of a towing design, the following materials and parts will be needed:

  • metal profile pipes of square or rectangular section;
  • wheels and springs;
  • duralumin sheets 2 mm thick;
  • steel sheets;
  • Channel;
  • metal corners;
  • metal rod;
  • Fasteners.

All parts, especially if these are the remains of old metal products, are carefully inspected for damage, cracks, are cleaned of rust, cut.

Making a cart

In order to understand how to make a cart to a walk.behind tractor with your own hands, you need to perform such an algorithm of operations:

  • For the manufacture of a loading welded hard frame, take 5 pipe blanks, cut the ends of the corner grinder.
  • Press the wood-mounted plate to the sheet and grab the junction of the connection of 3 longitudinal blanks with 2 perpendicular so that they create a lattice frame.
  • Check the geometry of the structure using a conventional construction square. The corners of the connected ribs should be 90 °.
  • Install the struts between the grabbed blanks in the corners of the bottom and in the center, grab with welding.
  • To the longitudinal pipes of the bottom make the boot of 4 vertical racks in the corners with a welding electrode.
  • Check the perpendicularity of the angles, sneake the size of the sides of the structure with dimensions in the drawing of carts for a walk.behind tractor.
  • Finally weld all the blanks to each other, polish the welds, clean them of influxes and formations.
  • The body can be made of plywood or wooden boards, the corner compounds are fixed with steel corners.
  • The boards are installed on the frame and attached using bolted connections.
  • durable sides of the masters are made of steel sheets. The sides can be folded and fixed. The folding sides of the body are considered more rational, Unloading of goods of large volumes is easier. The sides are also made of metal pipes of square or rectangular cross.section. They are performed, like a frame, grabbed, checked geometry for strength and avoiding braces and deviations, finally weld, tightly attached to the frame. The rear folding side is attached with ordinary door hinges and equipped with spinger.
  • Take a metal rod with a diameter of 30 mm and a length of about 1050 mm for the manufacture of the axis for the wheels, connect with the longitudinal hinges and angular supports. The length should be selected so that the axis does not go beyond the wheels. Turn it for the necessary diameters of the bearings in the hubs.
  • As a chassis, you can take a wheelbase from a scooter, strollers, cars or other agricultural machinery. Heavy wheels from a car trailer with hubs are not recommended to install.
  • For the manufacture of the breath, 2 profile pipes with a diameter of 25×50 mm about 1.85 m long are taken, they are welded to the frame of the frame so that the triangular structure is obtained. To enhance in the corners, metal scarves with a thickness of 4 mm are attached with welding, the plate 8 mm thick is attached to the front of the trolley.
  • Self.sewing technology provides for the installation of door hinges attached at the bottom on the beam and to the spacers of the bottom.
  • The frame of the design made is sheathed with wooden boards, plastic or metal.
  • A driver’s seat on a one-axle tractor with a cart is installed in a finished form or in the form of core boxes from a piece of a wood-piece plate and foam rubber, sheathed with a dermantine. Such boxes are necessary for sheltering inventory and materials.
  • As a brake, you can use the parking brake drive of the unit. The brake pedal made of a plate of 6 mm thick is fixed on a foot stand under the seat, weld 2 corners. In the front part, install the pedal, in the rear-a plate with 2 holes for attaching the brake cables, the ends of which are connected to a T-shaped plate with a thrust.

In this way, you can make a trolley for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands.


The design is formed by a frame and a body. Home.made trailers for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands involve the performance of a metal frame.

If the starting material when obtaining the frame element is taken, then there are several negative consequences when using this material:

How to pull garbage cans down your long driveway

  • Due to the moisture of the tree, there will be shrinkage, twisting of elements, which will lead to frequent repairs;
  • The service life is very small, since the tree is exposed to dampness, insects, ultraviolet rays;
  • The strength of the tree during bending limits the capacity of the trailer.

Easier to apply profile pipes for the installation of a frame. They are characterized by good rigidity and lack of tendency to compress when exposed to gravity.

When using bolts for fastening, it will be easier to skin. The material for the sheathing is selected at will: iron, corrugated board, boards.

The dimensions of the trailer for the walk.behind tractor with your own hands are selected according to the dimensions of the pipes. Standard trolley will require pipes size 50 (60) x30 (frame) and 25×25 (racks). The channel is suitable for lining the cart different materials are suitable. The bottom of the trailer should be thicker to exclude the occurrence of deforming reactions. The strength of the structure is provided by the upper strapping of the racks.

As an axis for the wheels, the base of a metallic nature or the former on any technique of the beam is used. The smallest diameter of the axis is 3 cm. It is necessary to mount criminal and scarf areas to strengthen the support. The wheels of the cart can serve the wheels from the Lada or the motorcycle. The use of the wheels of a motorcycle stroller CD will contribute to obtaining a hub for a trailer trailer.

The hub component is fixed using pressing. Its end is pulled out and placed on the axial segment so that there is no overhabitation.

The trailer fastening to the walk.behind tractor is provided with a clutch. The method of “pipe in the pipe” is considered simple execution. The bent pipe serves as the basis. A small segment of the pipe joins it when welded. Then the connecting wosworm is installed. On the other side of the curved part, a segment of the pipe and shkvoren are installed. The described coupling for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands contributes to the reliability of fastening and mobility when turning.

Advantages and disadvantages

A car for a walk.behind tractor has its positive qualities:

  • expansion of the potential of the motor block;
  • the possibility of installing stationary processing plants, sprayers, fertilizer distributors;
  • the possibility of arranging a self.lifting adaptation in order to increase the rate of unloading;
  • No need to spend a lot of money on purchase;
  • The device is made for its own one.axle tractor.

A motor.cultivator with a trailer has small disadvantages:

Such disadvantages are compensated by the presence of significant advantages in these devices.

Homemade trolley for a walk.behind tractor

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a good option, but very difficult and

And if we allow the potatoes half or more, how to overturn it quickly?

I’m wondering, is it really not firm why not put rice ?

No, not firmly, I do not ride so far, and springs are a complication of the structure and weighting

Well then, yes, and so each risser with a breeze up to 15 kg

I drove the back beam on my cart from the eight.It turned out normally.

You can about the axis with wheels in more detail, from which it approached?

The wheels from Toyota (bananas) The axis of the turner heeded under 205 bearing

Great job!And there is a drawing of this trailer?!

Everything is in my head, if interesting then I can say the main size

Yes please!Otherwise the father needs help and the wheels from what?!

body 1200x1400x25 wheels from Toyota (banana), what else is interesting to ask, I will answer

Thanks!The element of attaching the wheels is very interesting.You can photos of the design.

A few days later I can only, there are hubs with axis mm 200 on the corner welded

Everything is in my head, if interesting then I can say the main size

all sizes in the head, ask what is interesting, I will answer

I have long been looking for something similar. Definitely to the bookmarks.

Excellent, well done! I would still supplement this design, a closing box under a whip.

For this walk.behind tractor is an excellent thing, the main thing is that the sides are not high. Yourself on the same.based zirka 7 l.With. made a trailer of 1.2 m per 2 m, in which three sides are opened.

Or maybe the axis of the trailer should be shifted closer to the walk.behind tractor. then the radius of the turn would be less

you can open your company for the manufacture of carts)) the mine is of high quality factory

Great. Well, a couple of shock absorbers would not hurt, otherwise it would be harsh

Brakes in the future, without them really bad

springs or shock absorbers should be hard without them

rolled, not very much and shakes, the wheels soften

springs or shock absorbers should be hard without them

On factory trailers neither springs nor shock absorbers.

Well done. Only I seem to me that in a manually loaded cart, do not freeze for unloading.

Perhaps, but you will have to invent some kind of mechanism, I don’t want to,

Typically, the axis of the banging is closer to the middle of the cargo platform. Then everything is easy to tip over.

Perhaps, but you will have to invent some kind of mechanism, I don’t want to,

And what to come up with that. a rack jack and all business.Great addition to the walk.behind tractor!

Perhaps, but you will have to invent some kind of mechanism, I don’t want to,

turn on the ingenuity. the rope is binded to the body and we serve a bit forward. Under your weight, the cart will not play and will not turn over, and if there is no one for one by there, then it can play.If you do how to do the rear side, it is advisable to make arcs on it and the bumper of the force behind.

Supova set: a home.made trailer in a walk.behind tractor

The bottom line is that my father and I love something to pick something or make;) So we decided to cook a trailer for a walk.behind tractor for sale or a relative will sell it;) In short, evaluate the needlework lovers;)

They made 2 hours a day in the evening;) As a result of 2 weeks;) it seemed to be worthy;) the brakes made By the way, the pedal is also from the old oil amorta;) the size of the side 1.5 m per 1.2 the height of the side is 50 cm;)

The frame is welded to the beam plus is reinforced with corners and the is welded to the beam In short, all the joints of the beam’s joints with the frame are welded.

Tormase is involved in the relatives After all, they extended the cable and connected to the pedal;)

Tags: DIY trailer.

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Thanks for the photo report.I was looking for a beam for a long time.The most optimal from AZLK 2141 without alterations.or cut everything and put springs from 2140.I just understand whether it is worth it to put the cross.

I want to do this to myself, to make a horse on the Chinese “!)) Well done, solid help!) With which model the beam?

The question is how it turns? Interested in the rotary mechanism

Last photo;) I missed it;) I corrected everything;)

Yes. I did not put him there. Because its course is the right.wingedness of 45 degrees approximately)

The powerful helped the help! Respect to the author!

Such a trailer is not a replaceable thing to a quadric in the village, it is better not to!

Making a Motorised Go Cart with NO WELDER and simple tools #1. Chassis/Engine

I have a trailer from the walk.behind tractor attached to the quadric in full, I look at yours to be paused 🙂

Cool;) nevertheless with quadric more interesting;) than on a motor block))))) Come on); not so perfect trailer;) but nice)))))

There was a spring to make a spring, otherwise it will be hard

I agree, there are no springs on the walk.behind tractor and there is nothing to do with.

Not a racing car and not comfortable Mercedes;) so everything is clear;) but do not be afraid for springs or springs)))))

That’s for sure! The easier the more reliable! For the brakes separated praise! Well done!

Thank you)) I am glad that there are those who like)) and do not say what they say and what is it)))

I read that post about which you mentioned, “such people” are present everywhere, and they can even crap any design, even the perfect. It was nice to read the report, and this is the main thing. The Kulibinism section has a real place.

Thank you) just really showed on the example of how we cooked;) about the weighting yes you need to transfer the axis a bit backward.But I have a small trailer I decided not to tolerate))) And all the more so to say, the first experience;) someone has even stressed something interesting for themselves;) because ideas come very spontaneously;) I puzzled as a pedal to make a pedal From improvised means In the end.amort;) like that;)

It seems to me that the amusement of the norms, if it is necessary to load the axis of the walk.behind tractor, you can displacement of the cargo, and so there is still the driver’s weight, and the seized load on the clutch device is also a certain. Everything needs to be found in everything

cart, walk, tractor, dimensions, make, yourself

Of course I liked it))) I redid the trailer under the boat, so I made wings from the lockers from VAZ2101

Classenly, in bookmarks, or you can dimensions in the studio (frames, breath)?Well, or in a personal at least, thanks!

Can. Write the salary in the afternoon. I measure any size)

Littleriki! Thank you very much for the idea with a beam. Tell us more about the brake system at the trailer is very interesting!

Well, in this beam there are ordinary drums and pads I handed the cable and led to the pedal everything;)

And how do they connect through the trailer? And all understood this is not a trailer for a car.

I have a homemade axis based on 21 tsapf. I can sell. New condition. With earrings and fasteners.

An important thing, a loaded thing under the hill, is specifically carved, without them you fly away.

DIY fastening

A very important and quite complex part of the entire structure, this is the mounting of the cart to the walk.behind tractor with your own hands.

The turning knot of the drove, part of which is the console, is needed so that the trailer moves in all planes regardless of the walk.behind tractor.

This is an important and necessary detail, since most of the time this design will not move in an even highway, but in a crossed area where there are no roads, but there are only directions.

The console should be attached to the bracket of the attachment equipment, so that part of it, for which it will be necessary to hook the trailer, must fully repeat the shape of the fastener mounting.

The process of how to make a trailer device to a motor.block cart is not very difficult, but requires a certain attentiveness of the master to the installation. the drawbar in the tubular case of the longitudinal hinge is attached using a locking ring.

cart, walk, tractor, dimensions, make, yourself

After installing and fastening all of these parts, the control of the walk.behind tract with the trailer will become a very comfortable and pleasant driver. It remains only to fix the seat and the footboard. and now, the product is ready to use.

In a good home workshop, you can make almost any equipment that is necessary when maintaining the household. And even if there is no desired tool, or their analogues can be found in the most unexpected places, just show ingenuity.

In the same case, if the necessary product is not able to make it yourself, it can always be bought in specialized stores, if the price seems acceptable.

Also with an article on how to make a front adapter for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands drawings and dimensions.

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