What to do if something has got into your eye

A mascara brush, branch, or fingernail can cut the surface of your eye and you will feel intense burning and discomfort or feel nothing if the scratch is shallow. So it is better to be reinsured and see a specialist. Your doctor will prescribe drops or ointments to prevent infection and scarring.

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Never rub your eyelids if a foreign body has been left in your eye. The object can scratch the mucosa and cause serious complications.

Do not work with eyes with unwashed hands. Do not wash your mucosa with dirty water. Do not use tweezers, toothpicks or any other hard objects: they can easily injure delicate tissues.

Do not try to remove an object that has injured the eye surface and cannot be washed out with water. In this situation, seek medical attention immediately.

Do not wash your eyes if you are wearing contact lenses. First of all, take them off.

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Chemical burn of the eye: first aid, or what to do before the arrival of the ambulance?

If a harsh chemical substance has entered the eye, it is important to immediately begin to provide assistance, without waiting for the arrival of the doctors. If chemical burns are caused by alkali, acid or other reagent, the first thing to do is to clean the eyes from the residual substance. Speed is of the essence in such a situation, and the final degree of the burn and the prognosis of treatment depend directly on it. You should start to irrigate the injured eye as soon as possible.

Rinse the eye under running water, wiping the eyeball with a generously moistened piece of absorbent cotton toward the nose. If the burn was caused by alkaline action, a 2% solution of boric acid can be used to wash the eye. If your eye tissues are affected by acid, a weak solution of bicarbonate of soda will do the trick. However, before applying the above solutions, it is better to consult with your doctor in order to avoid unexpected reactions in the damaged area. It is better to confine yourself to clean water until the ambulance arrives. For chemical burns, you should rinse your eyes for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

ophthalmologists recommend removing powdery eye chemicals with a dry cotton swab before rinsing the eye.

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After the eyes are cleaned from chemical residues, a 4-5% solution of lidocaine, novocaine or another anesthetic may be instilled into the eye, and a preparation with analgesic properties may be given inside.

In addition to the above, first aid for chemical eye burns can also be supplemented with eye drops to prevent infections. An ambulance doctor will advise you on the best medicine to use.

Eye Care in the Home

To avoid trouble, during repairs, working with chemicals and especially when doing carpentry and welding work, you need to follow a few simple rules. Be sure to wear safety glasses, observe safety precautions, never touch your face or rub your eyes with dirty hands. Going out, in a strong wind or a gathering of small insects, also try to wear glasses (at least sunglasses).

Is it possible to get the maggot out with the help of folk methods??

One of the most widespread folk methods of removing the maggot from the eye is licking the speck with the tip of your tongue which you gently feel for and extract it. In principle, this option has the right to exist. but it can only be carried out between close relatives, and only if absolutely necessary, because saliva contains a lot of pathogenic germs, and you can easily get corneal inflammation.

Another popular folk method is to remove metal shavings from the eye with a magnet, this can be dangerous because such shavings can easily damage the cornea and sclera.

But after the extraction of the speck from the eye, folk medicine is very helpful. For example, to relieve irritation and redness you can put a cotton pad soaked in strong tea, calendula or chamomile tincture or just a slice of fresh cucumber.

When to go to the doctor in case of an eye cavity?

If you get metal or wood shavings in your eye, if there is a chemical burn, if a foreign body is deeply embedded and cannot be removed, if you feel sharp pain or burning, you should immediately contact a doctor, otherwise severe consequences are inevitable. Also it is necessary to be seen by a specialist, if after the extraction of the foreign body for a few days remains pain, redness, tearing or a feeling of sand in the eyes

What you should not do if you have a chip in your eye?

You categorically cannot pull it out with sharp objects, touch or rub your eye with dirty hands, try to remove it yourself if it hurts or damages your eye. It is better to see a doctor.

What may be the complications of an eye cavity?

Whether it is necessary to treat the eye after extracting the pussy?

Usually no additional treatment is needed, you can put in an eye antiseptic like Albumicide or eye drops to relieve tension and inflammation, like Visin. Make chamomile or black tea lotions and get a good night’s sleep.

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What to do is categorically not allowed?

There is a correct sequence of actions to take when this problem occurs. However, sometimes people do things that are forbidden and this can only make things worse.

  • Frequent blinking. This urge occurs because a foreign body is firmly stuck to the eyelid. The result is scratching of the epithelium, development of conjunctivitis.
  • Rub your eyes with your hands. It is important not to let this happen so as not to damage the mucosa.
  • Blinking. The chips from the angle grinder will penetrate even deeper, making it harder to retrieve.
  • Rinse the eyelid at the affected area with running water. Chips may scratch the eyelid.
  • Drip aloe juice, honey or other substances into the eye. These elements will cause irritation if exposed to the shavings.
  • Use a match or your tongue to remove foreign objects.

Attention! An important issue in repair and construction work is safety. When using an angle grinder, special goggles and a safety helmet should be worn, even though it is difficult to do certain things with them.

angle, grinder

It is almost impossible to get the chip out of the eyelid on your own, because it is located on the mucosa itself. In this case, only an ophthalmologist can solve the problem. To avoid permanent loss of vision, a foreign object that has been removed from an angle grinder must be removed as soon as possible. When first aid is not given in time or physical factors are present, damage to the lens, retina and vitreous body by chips from the angle grinder is not excluded.

What to do in case of scale penetration?

Remember that the removal of a foreign body at home by yourself poses a great danger to your eyes. Timely medical help will effectively eliminate the problem and keep your vision clear.

angle, grinder

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How to alleviate the discomfort of smoke in our eyes?

When smoke comes in contact with our eyes, we can take some steps to mitigate its negative effects.

  • Rinse our eyes with water: immediately after exposure to smoke, we should rinse our eyes with water to relieve irritation.
  • Using artificial tears: moisturizing drops can help us moisturize our eyes and eliminate foreign substances that may remain in our eyes. People who already use these types of drops can increase the dose.
  • Cool your eyes: to soothe your eyes, a vial of moisturizing drops can be kept in the refrigerator or put a cold compress on your eyes.
  • Avoid places with smoke: if you have dry eyes, it is best to avoid smoke exposure. Don’t smoke, avoid fireplaces with wood, etc. ะด.
  • Use of protective eyewear: glasses provide eye protection. If you are outdoors, wear sunglasses to keep the smoke out of your eyes. If you are in a confined space, you may want to use corrective or safety glasses to protect against external agents.
  • Improve the air: when we are inside, we can use filters or humidifiers to reduce the amount of harmful substances for our eyes.

If the discomfort does not go away, you should see an ophthalmologist

Basically, in the case of eye irritation, redness and itching, the symptoms usually disappear after a few days.

If after one week these symptoms are still present, you will need to see a specialist for an ophthalmic evaluation.

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