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In the range of TM Vitals there is a large number of technical oils. The modern pace of life imposes its own conditions. Most of us can no longer do without cars, motorcycles, scooters, tractors, ships, planes, and other mobility aids. This also applies to professional and domestic tools. machine tools, chainsaws, brush cutters and others. To ensure that all of the above techniques and equipment have an extended service life and work smoothly, it is necessary to carry out timely maintenance, the main element of which is regular oil change.

There are several subspecies of technical oils TM Vitals, namely. for two-stroke engines, four-stroke engines, compressor and saw chains.

For internal combustion engines timely oil change is one of the most important steps in. service. In our shop you can buy oil for two-stroke engines Vitals, which is designed for gardening and other equipment with air and water cooling. Two-stroke engines are characterized by the absence of a crankcase, so the lubrication is done with engine oil, which is added in a certain proportion to the gasoline.

Buy oil Vitals for four stroke engines that are installed on generators, mini-electric stations, snowmobilers, pumps, cultivators and other power equipment, you can also on our website. You have the option of choosing Vitals Semisynthetic oil from our range, which, like the other oils, is suitable for similar machines from other manufacturers, not just Vitals.

Semi-synthetic oil for lawnmowers | generators | pumps. characterized by excellent viscosity and affordable price.

Semi-synthetic multigrade engine oil by Vitals TM developed for different operating conditions. They are well-proven in all weather conditions and do not show signs of wear and tear over the fluctuating temperatures.

When choosing chain saw oils you have to consider all the conditions in which the tool is used. There are two types of oils in this tool, one for the engine lubrication and one for the automatic chainsaw lubrication. We offer quality chainsaw oils for chainsaws and oil for chain lubrication and tires.

When you use Vitals chain saw oil you are increasing the endurance of your tool. Mineral saw chain oil should be used to reduce friction and wear. Without lubrication the chain wears out and wears down very quickly. Vitals mineral oil takes care of one of the chain saw’s most important components. its chain.

Also with oils from Vitals you can take care of auxiliary equipment for work in the garden. Oil for air-cooled gardening equipment in our range.

If you call our hotline advisers they can help you buy compressor oil with delivery.

Production and sale of technical oils under Vitals has become relevant, because the range of goods of the brand is tools and machinery that require systematic maintenance.

Why oil the chain, and what chains are the best?

Let’s consider a chain mechanism on the example of a bicycle. The grease is applied not more often than once a year, and even it is not renewed at all. It doesn’t break and there’s no hindrance to movement.

The difference is that a chainsaw chain, unlike a bicycle chain, does not sag in the air, but always rests against the bar.

When cutting intensively, the load can be so heavy that the friction literally heats up the tool. Some of the energy is not spent on woodworking, but rather on overcoming that friction itself. Heat causes the chain to stretch and lose its strength, wearing out the smooth tire surface.

In addition, overheating of the drive sprocket during operation (if the friction is dry). This is another working zone of lubrication.

Serious manufacturers minimize possible problems during operation by using stronger alloys, but this does not guarantee safety of the material during dry friction.

The best chains are made of different metals: the bushings are designed to rotate axially and the links are designed to withstand stretching. To prevent the chain from sagging after continuous use, it is pretensioned.

For example, pulls chainsaw chains on calibrated equipment before sale, immediately reaching the ultimate length increase. After this procedure, the links do not change geometry under load. The chain is less likely to come off during cutting. Of course, the chains under load are kept in good condition by forced lubrication.

It always has to be between the chainrings and the guide bar. Each manufacturer recommends (and manufactures) lubricants for both the engine and the bar.

This does not mean that STIHL chain saw oil cannot be used in a Husqvarna chain saw. They are made for the same purposes, you only need to check their specifications.

Read more about chain saw oils here.

The main thing is not to mix up the chain and engine lubricants. These are completely different formulations.

Most chain saws use a two-stroke combustion engine.

That’s because they are lightweight and easy to service. Unlike four-stroke engines, these engines don’t have a separate oil sump. Even the four-stroke engines in this tool have a lubrication system that is fundamentally different from the internal combustion engines in cars.

Using a crankcase lubrication system is unacceptable for chain saws, because during operation the tool is constantly changing its position, the lubricant will simply not get into the oil lines.

And in two-stroke systems, oil is added to the gasoline, so there is no oil pump. That’s the topic of a separate article, but in this one we’ll take a look at the lubrication system.

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It’s a widespread opinion that high-quality brand-name chain oil for chainsaws should be used only in the gasoline-oil mixture of the engine. Nevertheless, the choice of oil for lubrication is not a difficult thing. Anything is fine as long as it gets in the right place.

But getting grease into the chain is half the battle. It has to stay on the metal and stay on the bottom edge, which is used for sawing wood. Products with a higher adherence rate, which means they are able to stick to the surface and hold on to it, are used for this purpose. Oil with poor adhesion will fly off the fast turning chain, splashing uselessly all over the place. Of course, some will remain, but no one knows if this is enough to keep the chain from overheating during intensive work.

Important! In all-season chainsaw use, you need to consider the dependence of oil conditions on the time of year and air temperature.

Mineral lubricants that keep the chain and tire lubricated at above freezing temperatures will crystallize and turn to grease. This makes it harder to deliver lubrication and increases pressure on the oil pump. Its service life is shortened and it may fail prematurely. Add synthetic lubricants with special additives that offer reliable lubrication even in cold conditions.40 ℃. In low frosts and temperatures around zero, use semi-synthetics.

Estimates of the use of different oil for chain lubrication chainsaws come down to the fact that the wrong choice can increase the load on the engine up to 10%. The life of the chain itself and the saw bar is further shortened.

In view of the increased environmental awareness in recent years, branded oil products are increasingly being made from degradable substances. But in the long run the chain lubrication consumption can be measured in liters. And for people who are not indifferent to nature, it will be an extra reason to choose an environmentally safe product. If you care what you get splashed with and what marks are left on the wood after sawing.

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Top 5 chain oils for chainsaws

Today the market is crowded with lubricants which, according to their producers, are able to provide continuous operation of cutting equipment and its actuator mechanism. But not every compound shows a really high performance and efficiency. We are talking about inexpensive fluids with a minimum of necessary additives, as well as non-original oils, which enter the market under the name of famous brands, that is fakes.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing an oil, it is best to give preference to the following chain formulations:

  • 1. Forest Plus by STIHL. The main advantages of this composition include good adhesion as well as high workability at temperatures up to.15⁰C. If you follow the recommendations of the German manufacturer, it will last for up to three years;
  • 2. Bio Plus by STIHL. This lubricant is made from a natural vegetable base. This ensures that the oil decomposes in the soil without damaging the subsoil. The lubricant from the German manufacturer can be used in temperatures up to.15⁰C;
  • 3. Synth Plus by STIHL. This oil successfully withstands heavy loads and operation at temperatures as low as. 25⁰C. The formulation is manufactured using a balanced synthetic base;
  • 4. Husqvarna Vegoil. This material from the Swedish manufacturer saves up to 40% oil without reducing protection of the drive and blade. The oil prevents the formation of tarry deposits and rust on the surface of tool parts;
  • 5. Champion BAR CHAIN OIL. Inexpensive chain oil designed for heavy use in summer and winter. The fluid is distinguished by high adhesion and decent anti-corrosion properties.

Regular use of any of these oils ensures that the chainsaw chain and bar will operate reliably regardless of the loads acting on the cutting attachment.

The advantage of special solutions over conventional fluids?

You are, of course, free to replace the special oil for chain lubrication with conventional oil. But such a move is not very beneficial to people who own a new tool with a valid warranty. In the event of any breakdown in the chainsaw, the fact that you did not use specialized substances to ensure proper engine operation may be grounds for denial of warranty service. Those who are concerned about the environment should also think about using special solutions. The chainsaw chain lubricant presented in this section of our website is less harmful to the environment than conventional mixtures. If you are going to do something with your chainsaw during the colder seasons, the choice is clear. only a special fluid is able to work in colder temperatures.

How to Oil a Chainsaw Bar and Chain

If your saw model is not equipped with an oil tank, you will need to take care to purchase additional tools that will allow you to lubricate important parts of the tool. These tools include an oiler, a syringe, and a brush. In addition, we recommend that you read the manufacturer’s recommendations for the care of your chainsaw. Some manufacturers recommend making special tubs for the tool. This is especially important for people who take long breaks from using their tools. In this case, you need to find any container, fill it with oil so that it covers the tool and place the chainsaw there. To prevent dirt and dust from getting into the mechanism, close the container tightly.

You can buy chain oil with excellent quality characteristics in the Arles store. Making a purchase is simple enough. To do this you need to add the product to the “cart” and place the order.

Matching oil density to external temperature factors

Using chain oil at low temperatures up to.20°C adversely affects oil pump performance and drive life.

If you don’t have the right stuff, you can solve the problem by diluting the oil that has congealed in the cold. Dehydrated kerosene is best as a solvent.

Such an additive will provide full lubrication of the headset, but heavy loads when working with a saw on diluted oil is recommended to significantly limit.

Top 5 popular brands

Saving on lubricants leads to accelerated wear and tear on chain saw parts, or even to chain saw failure. We have already noted that in no case should you use used fluids. this is a sure step to the destruction of your tool. Diesel oils, hemp and other surrogates are not recommended. They are not suitable for this purpose and will adversely affect your chainsaw‘s performance and durability.

Husqvarna Chain Oil

Oleo-Mac Polar Lube

chainsaw, chain, replace

Continuous use of substitutes reduces chain and guide bar wear by 30-40%. If you use recycled oil, this figure rises to 60-70%. It is for you to decide whether it makes sense to save on chain oil for chainsaw lubrication.

Recommended oils for chain lubrication:

  • Husqvarna Chain Oil. An excellent solution for work in moderate climatic conditions from a well-known manufacturer of garden equipment;
  • Oleo-Mac Polar Lube. Has proven itself in applications with temperatures from.20°C upwards.150 to 300 Celsius. Environmentally friendly;

MANNOL Kettenoel

Liqui Moly Suge-Ketten

STIHL ForestPlus

  • MANNOL Kettenoel. Has good adhesive properties, thus ensuring quality lubrication of the chain. Used at temperatures from. 150C and above;
  • Liqui Moly Suge-Ketten. High-quality, multipurpose mineral oil that protects your chainsaw reliably. Suitable for both high and low temperatures;
  • STIHL ForestPlus. Brilliant choice for professionals. Good protection for your chain when working in tough and extreme conditions;

Chain oils for chain saws

One of the most important parts of a chainsaw is its cutting part. the chain. If you use a chain saw without oil, the chain will wear out and get stretched very quickly, turning the work with the tool into a real torture. To avoid this, you need to regularly use a special oil for chain lubrication, like the Patriot 850030601 FAVORITE BARCHAIN LUBE Chain Oil. It greatly reduces friction between the guides and chain joints. Chain oil is poured into a special tank and fed through an oil pump, which is provided in any chainsaw. Using a chain saw at high rpm without chain oil can lead to instant failure of both the bar and the chain itself. In order to avoid this, it is imperative to check for chain lubrication before working with a chainsaw. You can also do it in the process. put a sheet of paper in front of the moving blade. if there is lubricating oil, an oily streak will appear on the paper.

There is also another way to apply chain oil to a chainsaw. by spraying. For example, the Arsenal Patriot AR-314 chain lubricant in the form of an aerosol is easy to apply even in hard-to-reach places.

chainsaw, chain, replace

All oils and greases also differ in volume. it varies from 0.05 liters to 5 liters.

Our store offers a wide range of oils and greases at attractive prices. To buy them is very simple. you should call by the free phone number 8-800-333-83-28 or place your order through the site. In any case, you will be contacted by an experienced manager who will provide all the information on the selection, timing and cost of delivery.

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