Key for removing the clutch (variator, clutch) of chain saw, with piston retainer M14, 2pcs

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How to unscrew the clutch on a chainsaw

The clutch and drum removal operation is quite simple and requires about 1 minute with a trained hand. If you know the nuances and prepare in advance, there will be no problem, but a spontaneous approach, the procedure is delayed significantly, if not thwarted at all. The following instruction will show you step by step how to disassemble the clutch on the chain saw in different ways and with the help of the available tools.

The first and easiest step is to remove the guide bar cover by unscrewing the two nuts with the hex key supplied with the chain saw. Saw bar and chain are also removed (if installed).

If the drum is positioned on the outside, simply remove the circlip to remove it. This is best done with a slotted screwdriver.

Since the overrunning clutch is fixed to the shaft, an attempt to unscrew it will only lead to the rotation of parts. The crankshaft must be secured in position by inserting the piston stopper through the spark plug hole. As a stopper, you can use special devices, the cost of which starts from 200 If there is no possibility and desire to waste time looking for such a stop, you can always place in the combustion chamber of an ordinary rope with a knot.

After fixing the position of the shaft, you can proceed to unscrew the clutch. Usually it does not have a convenient nut for a ring spanner, and disassembly involves the use of a special puller. The cost of such devices starts at a few hundred and often exceeds the cost of the coupling itself.

As an alternative, you can use a wrench from an angle grinder or rip with a hammer, using a chisel. Alternatively, you can use a chainsaw bar by sliding two short bolts through its holes and tightening them with nuts from the back. You can make a homemade clutch puller, marking and drilling in a sheet of metal (4 mm), the corresponding grooves in which to pass and tighten the screws. In general, there are many sophisticated ways to “hook” the coupling without excessive cost. Some people unscrew them with a simple wrench or pliers.

It should be clarified that for the reliability of fixing the coupling, a retainer is applied to the thread of the shaft, which extremely tightly connects these elements. It is quite difficult to break such a clutch, even with a handy stop. In order to facilitate the disassembly process and to protect the piston and the rest of the mechanism from damage, it is necessary to warm up the thread with a gas torch or construction dryer. The high temperature will destroy the adhesive properties of the retainer, and it will be much easier to separate parts.

Having unlocked the overrunning clutch, continue unscrewing in a clockwise direction (left-hand thread).

Under the clutch, on the shaft, there may be a large metal washer separating the components (not on all models). Take it out, and then the needle bearing drum. Clutch removed.

If the above guide does not fully convey the gist, reinforce your knowledge with a visual demonstration of the whole process. The following short video instruction, with helpful Комментарии и мнения владельцев by the author, will explain in detail how to remove and repair the chainsaw clutch with your own hands, with minimal time expenditure.

Description of how to remove the clutch is universal, applies to all modern chainsaw models. As mentioned above, the main design difference can be seen in the location of the sprocket, which is usually located inside (between the clutch and crankcase), but may be installed outside (this is much easier to change). For the rest, if you want to understand how to remove the clutch from a Partner or Husqvarna chainsaw, it is sufficient to read the above instruction, which reflects all the stages of the process. The small nuances that are typical for certain models (fixing the air duct cover, the chain tensioner) usually do not cause difficulties and are easily resolved on their own, or with the help of technical documentation.

How to change the clutch on a chainsaw?

Owners of chainsaws have probably wondered more than once. how to change the clutch on a chainsaw? On most chainsaw models, disassembly and replacement of the clutch can easily be done manually by the owner, on a few models unscrewing the drum can only be done in a workshop (such as Husqvarna 137 or Partner 351).

In this review we will learn how to remove and change the clutch on your chainsaw yourself, when to do it and what tools you may need.

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Chainsaw clutch (variator, clutch) removal wrench

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Key for chainsaw clutch (variator, clutch) removal

Key to remove the clutch (variator, clutch) chainsaw, with a piston retainer M14, kt 2pcs

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