Why does the chainsaw quit?

There are a lot of situations why a chainsaw stalls. As it is a technical mechanism, it tends to react at the slightest deviation by partial or global failure. There is a list of the most common malfunctions, the causes of which we will consider in this article:

  • The machine stops right away. The tool can not start fully, the reason is in the parts of the unit that take part in the start of the tool.
  • On load. The problem is in the fuel system or the air filter, as the pressure on all components of the tool increases many times.
  • On a downhill slope. The fuel pipe in the tank is in the air instead of in the fuel mixture when it is “sideways”.
  • At high revolutions. The problem may concern three parts: fuel pump, gasoline filter and air filter. The filters should be flushed and cleaned and the fuel pump should not leak. Otherwise, it needs to be replaced with a new one with the help of the Kosi Kosa store.

We have many other ways to choose a part for your chain saw. We are happy to answer all your questions and advise you how to solve problems even in hopeless situations with the tool.

What to do if the chainsaw does not decelerate?

This problem is regularly encountered by owners who manipulate the gas lever too often. Many people ignore this fault, but in the end it turns out that the garden tool consumes many times more fuel than usual.

The following factors may be the cause of the problem:

  • Stretching of the cable connected to the throttle lever;
  • The spring responsible for returning the throttle lever to its original position may be dislodged or deformed;
  • Throttle choke malfunction. it must be in a tightly closed position for the chainsaw to work.

To solve the problem you need to disassemble the mechanism of the throttle lever.

  • Remove the upper part of the chain saw’s protective housing;
  • Carefully dismantle the spring and inspect its condition;
  • Check cable tension;
  • Check the throttle lever retainer.

If all the parts of the mechanism are in good working order, you have to look for the problem in the carburetor. If the screw, which is responsible for the engine at maximum rpm, was turned too tight, then the engine will not be able to decelerate at all or will do it with delays. To fix the breakdown, you will need to re-adjust the carburetor.

Characteristics and possible causes of failure. Elimination of the problem with their own hands

Chainsaws are quite reliable and lightweight design. Because if you properly care for them and treat them according to the manufacturer’s advice, then they fail very rarely and rather quickly eliminated a variety of failures. But if you are faced with this situation and want to personally repair their own tool, without resorting to the experts, then delve into the information provided below.

In fact, it is impossible to uniquely and accurately determine the reason why the tool does not start or stalls when you press the gas, because there are many reasons for this. But do not forget that depending on the fact that the chainsaw is armed with a regular two-stroke engine, for its effective performance are important conditions such as: lubricant, fuel, spark and air.

Gasoline tank of a chainsaw

As follows, the manufacture of fuel-air consistency is engaged specifically carburetor, the filter produces purification of air from dust, the ignition unit and the spark plug makes the spark, and the gasoline is the lubricant.

That’s why the search of circumstances of this kind of failure should be engaged in the order of succession, starting specifically from the easy and passing evenly to the complex. And this is a fundamental factor in the correct repair, because the person who, without thinking begins to engage in disassembly of the carburetor, leads her to risk. Because this kind of unit should be repaired or adjusted directly in special workshops (read about carburetor adjustment).

  • It is important that for the trouble-free operation of the tool is necessary to be quite attentive to the fuel. If this kind of mixture isn’t made right, most chain saws won’t start. Not every proprietor will therefore suspect that the cause of the malfunction is in the fuel. That’s why you have to use only high quality gasoline to mix your tool properly.

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Why the chainsaw starts and immediately shuts down

The chainsaw starts and stops right away, the reason for this behavior can be hidden in the carburetor. A faulty fuel pump or restricted-main fuel valve can cause the chain saw to start and stop immediately. Failure to operate the chainsaw after starting it requires a complete diagnosis at a service center.

All of the above options for improper engine operation have similar causes, which, depending on their neglect, can have different manifestations. For example, with a little air in the crankcase, the engine operation will not change much, the engine power will drop a little, its maximum speed will increase a little, and it can heat up a little. In moderate stages of leaking air, the engine will stop idling and become very hot when running. Severe air intake, will make it impossible to operate the saw, it will start and immediately shut down.

Parallel to the visible appearance of faults, e.g. malfunctions of the chain saw after start-up, processes occur inside the engine at the moment of malfunctions that irreversibly lead to the most severe consequences, e.g. melting of the piston, jamming of the crankshaft.

What’s the cause of a malfunctioning chainsaw??

As the saying goes, it starts up, but then it stalls and has no time to move to the next power level. Many conditions can contribute to this problem:

chainsaw, idle, speed

  • clogged filter parts;
  • malfunction of the ignition system;
  • carburetor settings are out of tune;
  • the gasoline drive has a defect or has been damaged during operation;
  • The muffler is clogged or the exhaust ducts are clogged;
  • Faulty cylinder pistons and mounted valves.

Of course, it is difficult to make an independent diagnosis of everything at once, but moving through the proposed items, you can still get an answer to your question. Half the time, you just have to clean the carburetor, check the jets installation and the job is done.

The chain spins when idling

If the chainwheel rotates when idling, it may be due to the following factors:

Chainsaw Chain Won’t Stop at idleFIX

  • The clutch spring is broken. Visual signs: the chain is turning almost always, even when the engine is starting erratically.
  • A piece of clutch has broken off, the clutch spring is loose. Signs: Your chain saw isn’t picking up speed, you hear strange noises.
  • Clutch wear. Signs: frequent slipping of chain mechanism.

the saw headset idling is caused by a clutch problem.

What to do if the chainsaw picks up its own speed?

This malfunction is typical of novice gardeners who ignore the need for timely maintenance of their chainsaw. In the case of an arbitrary gain revolutions chainsaw cause it is necessary to look in the carburetor. First of all it must be completely disassembled. After making sure that all built-in parts are in good working order, you can proceed to flushing the fuel assembly. To do this you need:

  • put all the carburetor elements in a container with clean gasoline. After the knocking, the parts must be removed, thoroughly washed with water and dried;
  • the fuel pipes should be blown with compressed air from a cylinder. Immediately before installing the hoses back in the places of their connection to the fittings it is required to apply silicone sealant;
  • After installing the carburetor on the chainsaw, the carburetor must be readjusted. Before this, make sure that the power unit is in good working order, as well as the filters, rubber gaskets and bushings are in working order.

In some cases the loss of sealing of the crankshaft oil seal may be the reason of the chain saw’s irregular revolutions. Because of the constant contact with the moving shaft, the oil seal succumbs to increased heat, which leads to the formation of cracks and holes inside it. A damaged gasket cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

Often the cause of air suction, due to which there is an arbitrary set of revolutions of the motor, is the loss of fixation of bolt connections. In this case, the operator will need to tighten all the bolts and check the work of the power tool again.

Why the chainsaw farts

One of the faults of a chainsaw is that it ceases to obey the throttle button when it is running. The chain saw does not drop the rpm and you only have to turn off the ignition. It happens quite often.

The most common causes of these failures

  • One of the most common reasons for a chain saw to go haywire is a dirty carburetor. The carburettor on your chainsaw needs to be removed and disassembled as much as possible. carburetor parts should be soaked in clean gasoline for about 24 hours. If necessary, repeat the procedure again. Heavy dirt is cleaned with a brush. Afterwards the spare parts are dried and assembled in the reverse order. Before assembly the cleaned parts should be examined because it is only after cleaning that defects hidden by dirt can appear. How to disassemble and assemble the carburetor of a chainsaw there are many tips on the Internet and it is a separate topic.
  • If the chainsaw itself picks up speed one of the reasons may be time-adjusted throttle of the carburetor. It has a direct relation to the quality of the mixture, enriching the fuel with air in the right proportion. Carry out adjustment when the engine is idling. If the carburetor choke is correctly adjusted, the chainsaw runs smoothly and the saw chain does not move along the bar at idle. During the use of the chainsaw, from time to time you need to make these adjustments.
  • Sometimes the chainsaw is failing to decelerate because of air intake in some part of the fuel system. It would be better to say that there is no air flow from the system. Because of this, a certain amount of air will not be enough for the fuel to work properly and the engine rpm will go up. The fuel mixture becomes leaner for air and over-enriched with gasoline. In such cases you should thoroughly inspect the whole fuel system from the pipes to the carburettor.
  • The chainsaw will vibrate normally and the bolt connections on the carburettor could come loose. This is also one of the causes of air leakage under the gasket. Such places should be tightened systematically.
  • There are cases when chain saw does not cut off rpm because the acceleration cable is clamped. Some models may have a metal sway bar instead of a cable, which could be loose. We disassemble the handle where the gas button is located and examine the mechanics of the gas pedal.
  • If the crankshaft oil seal is damaged, air can leak from the fuel system. The crankshaft heats the oil seal when running and over time it becomes rough, which leads to a loose connection. Oil seal is replaced.

Perform repair of chain saw in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. It should be noted that now there are no problems with spare parts for chainsaws in our country. So you can repair it yourself if you have a little experience in technical matters and always have the desire to. Our online store offers factory chainsaws with their further as a consultative and technical support during the warranty and post-warranty periods of operation.

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