Trimming saw made of a handheld circular saw

Trimmer saw most often is a circular saw, the peculiarities of the structure of which allow the best effect to saw at one or another angle many materials, including metals.

Today we will tell you what a crosscut saw is, what its characteristics are, how you can assemble it with your own hands and what to consider when choosing ready-made models. It is worth thinking about assembling a crosscut saw with your own hands, because it will save you a lot of money.

  • 2 Special features of sliding compound mitre saws
  • 3 How to make a mitre saw with your own hands

3.1 Advantages of making crosscut saws

Description Makita LH1040 combination mitre saw

Features of the Makita LH1040

Parameter Value
Manufacturer Makita
Country Japan
Classification mitre saw
Motor power, W. 1650 W
Rotational speed of disc, rpm 4800 rpm
Diameter of circular saw blade, mm 260 mm
Seating hole diameter, mm 30 mm
Left/right table adjustment, deg. 45°/52°
Saw tilt left/right, deg. 45°/0 °
Max. cutting depth, 45°/90°mm 69×85/69×130 mm
Overall dimensions (DxHxV), mm 530x476x535 mm
Accessories Circular saw blade, dust bag, setting triangle, mitre wrench, guide plate, box
Weight kg. 14 kg
Class Professional tool
Warranty 36 mo

Features of the Makita LH 1040

  • The Makita LH1040 combination mitre saw combines a sabre saw and a circular saw.
  • The tool is designed for sawing wood, plastic and soft metals.
  • It operates in two sawing modes: longitudinal and cross cutting. Also bevel and bevel cuts.
  • Soft start, double insulation, motor brake and accidental start protection provide an additional guarantee of safety
  • Safe saw blade replacement. Shaft lock for quick and safe saw blade changes.
  • Clean working environment. Dust extraction system with dust bag and vacuum cleaner protects the operator and his lungs from fine dust.
  • Comfortable locking. The table of the Makita LH1040 combination mitre saw has a U-shaped sliding stop to support large workpieces.
  • Dual insulation for ungrounded operation;
  • Starting current limiter for soft start;
  • Disk jam protection with backlash blade;
  • Powerful motor (1650 W) for fast and efficient sawing;
  • Can be used as a circular saw;
  • Adjustable cutting depth (circular saw mode) up to 40 mm;
  • Engine brake for a quick stop the blade;
  • Protection against unintentional start;

Makita LH1040 delivery set

  • Circular saw blade;
  • dust collector;
  • Adjusting triangle;
  • Trimmer key;
  • Limiting plate;
  • Box.

For more information about the facing saw Makita LH1040 you can call (044) 223-52-67, consult our managers.

You can buy a coping saw Makita LH 1040 in the “Strument” store. We have the lowest prices. Delivery of a crosscut saw Makita LH1040 in Ukraine for free. Warranty from an authorized service center and is 36 months. Our couriers will deliver the mitre saw at your convenient time and place.

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What can be cut

electric circular saws can be used for longitudinal and cross cutting of wood, both lumber (boards, battens, block boards) and logs. But a stationary circular saw, not a hand saw, can work with logs. If using a hand-held tool, a chainsaw would work best.

Circular or circular hand saws are one of the most versatile tools

Besides with the electric hand circular saw any sheet material can be cut. fiberboard, chipboard, OSB, plywood. By changing the disc, you can cut sheet metal (profiled and smooth), you can saw bars of rebar and other metal products. It is also possible, with a right choice of disc, to cut ceramic and some kinds of paving tiles, plastic products, slate, profiles for plasterboard, non-ferrous metals. A really universal tool, a favorite of many craftsmen.

The only work that is undesirable to do with this tool. to cut metal tiles. Any manufacturer necessarily indicates that the use of circular saws is prohibited, otherwise the material is removed from warranty. The fact that the work flies a lot of red-hot sparks that scorch the paint layer.

changing, blade, mitre

As a result, after several months on the surface in those places where the paint layer was scorched, there are numerous rust spots. Rust then quickly spreads throughout the roofing material. Therefore, it is better not to use manual circular saw for cutting metal roofing tiles. For this work are more suitable scissors for metal. hand and electric.

changing, blade, mitre

First, on the board mark the line for the trimmer saw. If high accuracy is not necessary, you can mark with a pencil, and cut directly along the line. If it is necessary to match to the millimeter, the line is drawn with the blade of the knife and the cutter is run along this line.

The board is then clamped on the gantry, pressed down with the knee. The circular saw is brought to the place of the saw cut, the distance to it is not less than 10mm. The saw is advanced to the marked line. With the teeth aligned by a line, turn on the electric saw and bring it to the edge, smoothly guide it along. Closer to the end of the saw, a little slow advance, then one smooth tug finish the remaining distance. This avoids splintering, which sometimes occurs during crosscutting.

How to cut a board with a circular saw across

changing, blade, mitre

To keep the trimmer line of the cut ideally flat, it is possible to use guide rails. A large angle piece is useful for this. The long side of it rests against the edge of the board, the platform of the saw is pressed to the short side below the edge. Move this entire structure along until the saw blade for the disc trimmer aligns with the intended line.

When cutting boards we use a guide. a metal square

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