Top 15 best inexpensive chainsaws: rating 2021-2022 by price/quality and what budget under 5000 to choose for home

This rating of inexpensive chainsaws on our website Vyborcen.Com. A great option to quickly choose the right model. For easier navigation, we have divided the rating into categories:

Inexpensive chainsaw will be a good assistant in everyday life, especially if you own a garden or a summer cottage.

But how to choose a reliable model and do not miss with the choice?

We have compiled a rating of the best for 2021-2022 models of inexpensive chainsaws, in which we tried to consider not only the technical and design features, but also the advantages with disadvantages.

Budget group

Chainsaws for domestic use are most affordable, most of them have short service life of 500 to 1000 m/h. Simple in design, inexpensive chainsaw for dacha or private household is designed for a wide enough range of household chores.

This category is characterized by:

  • Moderate, up to 2 horsepower power units. The exception is a number of domestic models made in China, the power up to 3.5 liters.С.
  • It has a saw unit with a length of up to 40 cm.
  • Minimal operating comfort.
  • Short (up to 40-60 minutes) continuous operating time.

Budget models are included in the product line of well-known European and Asian manufacturers. A good chainsaw does not have to be expensive. Decent by major indicators tool can be picked up in the budget list.

DAEWOO DACS 4516 chainsaw

The chain saw 2022 is opened by the well-known Korean machine-building company DAEWOO. This is a handy and practical saw with a 3.1 л. С. And 40 cm guide bar. The saw handles most wood sawing jobs perfectly, so it will be handy for gardening as well as in the workshop. Model is ideal for cutting logs and wood, but can also be used for pruning branches easily.

The manufacturer emphasizes that the saw can be used exclusively for wood, i.E.Е. It is not recommended for cutting other materials. This applies, in principle, to almost all chain saws.

With the bar 40 cm can be in 2 minutes to cut a log with a diameter of 35 cm, and with the proper skills with such equipment, you can easily sawn and thicker wood.


Equipped with a DAEWOO proprietary two-stroke engine. The maximum speed per minute. 10800, and the engine life is more than 1500 hours.

Safety features include inertia chain brake, manual chain brake, safety shield and vibration damping system. Low weight, excellent ergonomics, automatic chain lubrication and two easy-to-handle grips ensure safe and comfortable use.

Can use gasoline of AI-92 or higher, and as a lubricant should be used only special oil suitable for 2-stroke air-cooled motors.

If the standard set of features and performance of household tools of this plan will not be enough, it is worth considering this category of the rating. The best semi-professional chainsaws offer durable assembly materials, innovative manufacturing technology, increased performance, longer service life. Which semi-professional chainsaw is better can be determined by the length of the bar, service life, weight, reliability of assembly, cost.

Echo CS-260TES-10

Japanese manufacturer offers a semi-professional portable chainsaw that is in no way inferior to European models. The presented functionality will be able to perform sawing garden or forestry tasks. At 910 watts and 1.24 horsepower, the motor provides sufficient chain speed. In its category it is one of the lightest units in terms of weight. It does not need to clean the air filter. Built-in ES-Start system and primer for fast start in extreme cold.

  • Two-stage self-cleaning air;
  • Convenient shoulder strap;
  • Resourceful engine;
  • Quality body;
  • Up to 5 years of warranty;
  • Light weight.

Because of this low weight, the unit is most often used by cottagers, travelers, and carpenters in their business. Due to the fact that the oil tank may leak slightly, it is better to store it away from combustible mixtures. The disadvantage is considered a low power, although we are talking about a semi-professional model.

Champion 254-18

Particularly noteworthy is this high-performance, high-powered model, which is designed for intensive work. During its creation, materials with increased thermal conductivity were used, the manufacturer offered a quality Walbro carburetor, Oregon saw headset. Bus length here is 45 cm, 3.4 horsepower along with 2500 watts. Lightweight, it offers high chain speed, which distinguishes it from competitors. Fuel economy, high-capacity tank, accidental start lock, decompressor, unified parts are not all it boasts.

  • The best power density in the manufacturer’s lineup;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Balanced design;
  • Lightweight;
  • Chain emergency stop system;
  • Effective vibration damper;
  • Cold start.

What Are The Best Husqvarna Chainsaws to Buy?

Users have given high marks to the rare combination of low weight and power unit in such equipment. Performance also received praise. But the plastic body was considered an indicator of durability. Due to the fact that the owner will not be able to adjust the oil supply, there may be oil overspending.

Zubr PBTS-560 45dp

This tool is designed for demanding, time-consuming tasks. Thanks to the two compression rings and the cylinder made of chromium, the reliability of the engine. The construction includes a carburetor from the popular brand Walbro (Japan), together with a primer for forced fuel inflation, it guarantees a simplified, rapid start in any weather. Precise fuel supply provides outstanding value for money. 3.3 horsepower at 2,400 watts, 45 cm chain length with 72 links. Vibration damper will ease the protection in operation. Eco-friendliness is guaranteed by the electronic ignition, the lubrication is performed automatically, which is very convenient. Life is increased by an air pre-cleaning system that removes large particles at the inlet.

  • Ergonomics;
  • Excellent weight distribution;
  • Electric ignition;
  • Air pre-cleaning system;
  • Japanese carburetor;
  • Economy;
  • Fast start-up at all temperatures.

On average, a machine like this can work up to 4-5 hours uninterruptedly. It is most often used on construction sites, but due to its weight it is not very convenient to use at height. Ability to impact wood of all densities, volume results in noise generation. Otherwise, all features are top-notch, especially the carburetor, automatic lubrication control, electric ignition, and fuel economy.

Serious tools include chainsaws of semi-professional or farmer class. With medium power and a higher motor life, models of this class are suitable for operation up to 5 hours a day, but with significant interruptions in work. A good semi-professional chainsaw will be indispensable for farming or household chores. Collecting firewood for the winter season, construction and repair work, clearing yard of old trees. This class of chainsaws will do it all perfectly.

Echo CS-260TES-10

The lightest chainsaw in the ranking Echo CS-260TES-10 is designed to work with any kind of wood. This chainsaw is lightweight and handy. It weighs only 2.9 kg, and its special coating makes it very durable. Due to the low weight, the saw can be used at heights and safely carry out the necessary work with one hand. Electronic ignition and easy-start system allows you to work in all conditions. The oil pump is made according to the professional schemes and feeds lubrication to the saw chain only during the sawing process. The power of the engine allows you to fit a longer bar.

Oleo-Mac 941 C-16

One of the best all-purpose semi-professional saws, the Oleo-Mac 941 C-16, provides maximum productivity at work. Three-jaw clutch, chrome-plated piston, forged steel crankshaft and connecting rod give this chainsaw the reliability and performance you would expect from a professional chainsaw. Electronically controlled magneto for easy starting and automatic oil pump for zero oil consumption when idling. According to. It’s a quality, durable, and comfortable chainsaw.

Husqvarna 450e

Husqvarna saws are justifiably considered one of the best. The Husqvarna 450E chain saw is no exception. Reliable and high-quality, it ranks among the best semi-professional saws. Has a pretty powerful 3.2 liter engine for its low weight.С. Ergonomic handle, quick access to filter and spark plug (cylinder head is secured with clips), fuel level indication and tree guiding markings make the work with the Husqvarna 450e very easy.


Our most popular semi-professional chainsaw is the STIHL MS 260. Popular with lumberjacks and construction workers for its versatility, power and durability. Suitable for both felling and construction work. With its relatively low weight it has plenty of power to get you through the day in all conditions. Equipped with 37 and 40 cm long bars, but its power also allows the installation of longer bars, up to 50 cm.

Professional chain saws

There are few people willing to buy an expensive professional class chainsaw. In private households and farms, it is extremely difficult to realize the potential of a powerful and productive tool.

Professional chainsaw applications include:

chainsaw, choose, husqvarna

Characteristic feature of professional chainsaws:

  • High reserve of engine power and torque;
  • Reliability of components and systems;
  • High tooling level;
  • Increased autonomy and stability of the engine temperature mode during continuous work at high revolutions.

Husqvarna 372 XP 18″

Light, powerful and productive tool is designed for heavy-duty use. The 6.1 kg saw is powered by a carbureted gasoline engine with a working cylinder capacity of 70.7 cm3 and an output of 5.3 liters.С.

The Husqvarna 372 XP Series 18″ is equipped with a high-performance brand-name guide bar up to 70 cm in length and a hard-wearing saw chain.

The main advantages of this model include:

  • Noise and vibration levels are comfortable for the operator;
  • Stability of traction characteristics of the gasoline-powered drive regardless of external factors;
  • Easy-to-use layout of main and auxiliary controls.

The selling price of this model varies in the range of 40000, according to the experts, the ratio of cost and quality for this power category is optimal.

Hitachi CS 40 EL

Professional-grade tool is the best helper when performing sawing and sawing work. Made from quality materials, the saw has a power output of up to 2.86 l.С. Differs from the same-type developments of other manufacturers in the versatility of use, increased motor life, resistance to workloads.

With a cylinder capacity of 43 cm3 and a torque reserve, the CS 40 EL chain saw guarantees the efficient operation of the 16-inch saw unit.

In the list of advantages of the tool:

  • Affordable ;
  • A small weight of about 4 kg;
  • Modern design and balance;
  • Stable performance;
  • Adding a decompression valve to the engine’s easy-start system.

Hyundai X 560

This model of the famous South Korean brand is easily distinguished from the same-type developments by a combination of democratic cost and high-performance technical and operational capabilities.

The tool has a set of basic equipment, supplemented by exclusive design solutions.

The advantages of this model include:

  • Equipped with an economical carburetor Valbro 49,3 cubic meters 3-power petrol engine with an increased motor life;
  • Branded vibration damper;
  • Engine starting system adapted to difficult climatic conditions.


Professional chainsaw Patriot PT 6220 series in its power category in terms of price belongs to the line of budget tools, its average

The PT 6220 benefits from a reliable and easy-to-maintain two-stroke carburettor engine with a displacement of 62 cm3. Traction parameters of the 4-horsepower power unit provide a 20-inch headset drive with Oregon-branded components.

Special mention should be made of the tool’s list of advantages:

  • The shortest time interval for the emergency brake to work;
  • Redesigned automatic chainsaw lubrication;
  • Effective damping, good balance and ergonomic design on the whole.


This review of professional class chainsaws completes the model of the famous brand STIHL series MS 361. For this chainsaw, which weighs only 4 kg, a 43-cubic-inch proprietary engine has been developed with an output of up to 2.86 liters.С. The tool can be operated with headsets from 38 to 46 mm in length.

Characteristics of the STIHL MS 361:

  • The optimal combination of weight and power parameters;
  • Made of magnesium alloy lightweight engine crankcase;
  • Availability of a quick-start device, supplemented with a decompression valve.

How to choose a chainsaw

To understand how to choose a chainsaw, we turn to the advice of experts. A good device does not always have to have a large price, you can pick the most powerful tool with a minimum cost. Manufacturers and sellers recommend choosing the best chainsaws that meet a number of criteria.

  • Powerful work. For household appliances, the power indicator is not more than 2 kW. If the consumer wants to buy a powerful chainsaw, it should be 3-7 kW. The more power a chainsaw has, the thicker the log or branch that needs to be sawn.
  • Weight. It should be small or medium-sized so that the user is comfortable picking up and using the model to cut through trees. Keep in mind that professional devices only have a lot of weight, but they perform a wide range of works.
  • Resource index. It includes the number of trees and branches that a quality chainsaw can cut in 40-50 minutes. Professional devices can work up to 10 hours in a row. This parameter is always specified on the package, it can not be exceeded, as the device will overheat, will be inoperable.

Another criterion. Price. A device with good quality cannot have a low price. But you can always buy inexpensive models with high performance and durability.

How to choose a good chainsaw

Chainsaws are divided by power class (conditionally):

  • Household gasoline saw. Affordable low-power devices, designed for occasional use. An excellent choice for home and cottage. The power of their engine reaches 2.5-3 liters.С. With a bar length of 35-40 cm allow you to split and saw logs with a diameter of up to 55 and 65 cm, respectively. Weight. Up to 5 kg.
  • Good semi-professional chainsaw. Designed to operate for several hours a day with short breaks. Suitable for small forestries, utilities, construction crews, working as a portable sawmill with a chain for longitudinal sawing. Used for making wooden sculptures. Power ranges from 3 to 4 liters.С., weight. 5-6 kg. With a bar length of 40-45 cm copes with 65-75 cm thick logs.
  • Professional chainsaw is designed for regular use at logging companies, for commercial firewood gathering, for professional construction. Made from top-class materials and components, with vibration protection and long service life. Power. From 5 liters.С., weight. From 6 kg. Traction is sufficient for working with bar lengths up to 90 cm.

chainsaw, choose, husqvarna

Power determines the load and duration of work. A 2-3 kW device will be enough for your home, depending on the activity and operating conditions.

Busbar length (given in cm and/or inches). Corresponds to the motor capacity. For budget models. 35-40 cm or 14-16″. Can handle trees up to 50 and 60 cm in diameter respectively: the usable length of a 35-cm rail is about 26-27 cm, multiplied by 2 (cutting around the tree or a longitudinal cut from two opposite sides), you get about 52 cm.

Chains pitch for home chain saws is 0,325″, for semi-professional chains are 0,375″, for industrial chains. 0,404″. The teeth may have different profiles depending on the application. There are headsets specialized for longitudinal sawing, work with frozen wood or for crosscutting logs from old buildings with small nails, remains of plaster (clay, gley). Teeth with tungsten carbide tips. Chains adapted for cutting hardwoods wear out quickly on softwoods. Chains, especially new ones, need regular tensioning and sharpening. The first time or twice the cutting edge can be dressed with a special file, but the real sharpening can only be done on a sharpening machine.

Weight depends on dimensions and materials of which the tool components are made. The lower it is, the longer you can work without feeling tired, the higher the maneuverability of the saw, which is important when pruning the garden. On the other hand, the low weight may indicate a low quality of the components.

Engine volume approximately indicates the operating time, for domestic units does not exceed 40-50 cm 3 with a capacity of up to 3 liters.С You can periodically work for a couple of hours a day. Seasonal cutting of firewood or construction of a hut. Effective chain pitch is 0.325″. For motors from 4 kW. 0.375″.

The rating includes saws in different price categories, capable of solving a wide range of tasks at the construction site and personal plot.

Top 5 best chainsaws by price, quality and reliability for 2021-2022

If you do not plan to use the chainsaw too often, there is no point in buying a too expensive professional model. Many brands have quite decent quality devices that are sold at a very reasonable price. In 2021-2022, users put four models in this category.


The Kruger chainsaw is equipped with a 4.5 liter gasoline engine.С. And a 52 cm3 capacity, which does not require frequent refilling.

A protective plastic cover on the bar ensures the safety of the operator and prevents tool breakage. The engine is equipped with a soft-start option. It runs on a mixture of gasoline AI-92 and oil.

Fuel is mixed in the proportions, which are specified in the instruction. Despite the fact that the tool is made by a German brand, for our country it comes with a manual in Russian.

There is also a 1 year warranty.

Chainsaw Kruger equipped with a chain brake, which stops the chain instantly if it gets stuck or hits a nail.

The tool also has a chain tensioner. The chain is lubricated automatically, which greatly reduces the time it takes to service the saw.

To exclude the premature failure of the gasoline saw, the manufacturer has equipped it with thermal protection of the ignition system.

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