Testing circular saws. which one is better in 2020 and how to choose?

Circular saws, also known as circular saws (capaciously nicknamed “mafel” in Western Europe after the plant in Baden-W├╝rttemberg), are an integral part of any woodworking specialist. Small or large, handheld or tabletop, they’re all ready to cut plywood, trim boards, or shorten floorboards while making a precise straight cut. They’ll easily machine the benches in your gazebo and shorten the kitchen countertop to the size you want. The main thing is to choose a suitable saw blade correctly.

In this article you will find brief reviews of the best circular saws on our market (we made the selection based on the characteristics of the saws, tests conducted and user reviews). We also advise you on how to choose a circular saw and what to pay attention to when buying it. The beginners will also appreciate the description of the main discs and how to work with them properly.

What kinds of circular saws there are

There are basic types of circular saws: hand circular, circular and plunge circular. The main differences in design and working directions. The choice of circular saw directly depends on what kind of blade the saw is equipped with, what power of the engine, cutting height, the ability to cut at angles and how many different kinds of additional equipment can be used to it.

What circular saw to choose?

If there was a question, what circular saw to buy, you must first decide on the front of future works.

There are three basic types of circular saws:

Stationary type saws are essentially professional wood cutting machines. But they are in wide demand for home and garage work. The tabletop circular saw differs from analogues with high functionality, allows high-quality longitudinal, cross and shaped cuts due to its design features. But the only disadvantage. table or floor type design requires enough working space.

The manual type of saws includes a fairly diverse list of products. there are the usual chain saws, cordless saws and miniature saws. The range of products on the market covers the needs of every customer, no matter if it is a cheap saw for home or a professional tool for heavy, precise work or for sites away from civilization. Plunge circular saws also fall into this category. This equipment is in the professional class only. Whereas a regular circular saw only cuts wood, chipboard and other materials, a plunge-cutting saw can be used to cut into materials and shape workpieces. Such variant is almost 90% unsuitable for home work, because the cost of such equipment is high both at the time of purchase and in further maintenance.

Combined type of circular saws. For the most part, it is a stationary type of tool. It is usually presented in multifunctional woodworking machines or it can still be associated with crosscut saws, where the combined machine safely performs the function of cutting at angles and longitudinal trimming of workpieces.

Before you decide which circular saw to buy, you need to decide what kind of saw you need for this or that kind of work, because the work can be so much that one tool will not be enough, and buying several models can be expensive in finances. But for professional work this is not a disadvantage, on the contrary. with the right amount of properly selected tools, the work will always be comfortable, and the result will be desirable.

When choosing a circular saw for the home, you can be limited to the following selection criteria: power, cutting depth, manufacturer and, of course, the price. I often answer customers when asked, “What kind of circular saw to buy for home?”. And in order to help you in your choice, I will tell you in more detail about their design features, advantages and disadvantages, working nuances.

Rating of top 10 according to KP

Makita HS7601 (from 7300)

choosing, circular, table, mounting

A popular brand of power tools has in its arsenal a number of circular saws. This is the most popular model, optimal in characteristics. power, weight, And now let’s return to our heroine. You can connect a vacuum cleaner to it so you can clearly see the trimmer’s cutting line. Graphite brushes used for safety work are easily accessible. The back of the engine is flat. Makes it easier to change the blade.

Can be retrofitted with an adapter, so the guide rail can be installed. Cutting angle can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees. It is recommended to take planks no thicker than 5 cm. “fat” tools will pull, but will fail faster. than enough for home use, though.


Saw cuts materials up to 63 millimeters deep. It has a powerful 1600 watt motor. Disks have a standard diameter of 19 cm. Cutting angle can be adjusted. There are locks against accidental start and spindle. the tool shaft, so you can quickly change the disc. Support platform made of aluminum alloy. You can put a pad on it to work with the bar.

Has a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. There are two handles on the circular saw. Tilt angle can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees. For this purpose, the design provides convenient levers. Those who bought the model write that replacing the native disc will help make the device perfect. It’s not bad, but the other fully tool will open with the sharpest analogues.


The equipment of the German manufacturer is always a little bit more expensive than competitors in its segment. But there are buyers enough. they pay for the quality. It has a relatively light weight, and the power and speed are comparable with a large tool. The depth of cut in our ranking of the best circular saws 2022 record. 70 millimeters. But note that it is at an angle of 90 degrees. At 45 degrees the depth is reduced to 5 centimeters.

In the case built in the fan, which blows shavings, but if it is not enough, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner. The handle is rubberized with a pleasant feel. In the complete set at once there is a parallel stop. The spindle is lockable, for quick disc changes yourself. If you put a circular saw for metal, some sheet of aluminum it will not notice as well as a board. Buyers note that this model, unlike competitors, does not make unnecessary noise. the engine and disk hum, nothing else.


If you don’t have any money to spare, then look into this “American”. It’s still made in China, though. The company makes a professional tool, but this one is first of all for hobbyists. But the engine is powerful enough. There are two handles to comfortably hold the saw with both hands. Suitable for straight and diagonal cuts. The maximum angle of inclination is 48. Angle is adjusted by special clamps on a scale with degrees. No additional tools required.

Has its own blower system for removing debris. The circular saw already has a ruler with a stop to ensure that the blade moves in a straight line. Some sets have a disc for work on the wood with nails. That’s handy if you’re going to saw old parquet, for example. There is also a version with case, but it is more expensive. The only thing is that this tool has non-standard discs. not 19 centimeters, but 184 millimeters. But frankly speaking, if you take a 16 millimeter hole, everything will fit.


Russian manufacturer, but they make the tool in China. For this kind of power it’s a very good price. Takes wood 6.5 cm thick. Gearbox is enclosed in a steel casing for protection and good cooling. There is a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner in the kit, but the regular fan is in place. There’s a big handy handle on the body. There is a wingnut, by setting it to the right position that adjusts the angle of cut. Conveniently, it’s not divided into any sections, so you’re free to choose your own angle within a limited radius.

How to Choose a Circular Saw | Ask This Old House

The design has a metal cover, which is put on the disc, in order to protect the operator. As with all the best circular saws, the soleplate is made of steel. The shaft is fixed and you can change the disk yourself. But why, if everything is so great, we didn’t put this model somewhere higher in the top ranking?? The thing is that this is still an amateurish tool with all the disadvantages that follow. The saw runs a little sideways in the process and the cut is beveled. Not critical. up to one millimeter. Plus the protection system is not very well designed in the sense that it sometimes gets in the way of the operator.


Another budget model from China, though nominally the company is German. This model blade works well on wood and plastic. Cutting depth up to 64 millimeters at right angles. If you reduce the radius by half, it drops to 40 millimeters, which is also enough for domestic needs. The manufacturer gives a good five-year warranty on the tool, which means you do not need to worry that this is a mass-produced item. It comes with spare carbon brushes and a simple parallel guide.

When buying it is worth considering that it dusts badly, and there is no no nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, goggles, mask are compulsory and it’s better to work outdoors. The handles are rubberized, the ergonomics are good: all the buttons are in their place. But, as always, in the inexpensive technique is a catch: in the process of working for a couple of degrees flies angle of penetration, from the vibrations on the body of the screws and then it develops. If you are planning to take it somewhere in the workshop where the tool will relentlessly saw for months at a time, there is a high probability that the body will crack under the pressure.

What is the purpose of wood circular saws

The first reaction of any specialist when answering the question why you need a circular saw machine for wood will be quite predictable: to make straight cuts in large quantities, quickly, accurately, in minimum time in wood of any species and wood panels. everything where the use of other tools does not meet the requirements and peculiarities required for this equipment. And also the use of only circular saws allows to achieve the expected result.

The areas in which you might need a JET circular saw are in fact many. These are:

  • wood processing and preparation of wood for further processing;
  • Finishing of rooms and facades of buildings;
  • woodworking, wood preparation for recycling; woodworking for recycling; work in low- and high-rise construction;
  • Industrial or warehouse construction;
  • logging and woodworking;
  • Furniture production and cutting wood or particle board;
  • and even recycling and working with recyclable materials for further processing.

As you can see for yourself, there are even more areas where this tool may be required than it may seem at first glance.


For saws designed for self-contained work, battery capacity should be taken into account. The greater the value, the longer the portable circular saw will work. The power of the saw increases accordingly.

Modern appliances use lithium-ion batteries. These saw batteries are designed for long periods of use, have no “memory effect” and do not need to be fully discharged before they are connected to power. Important disadvantage of this battery-operated circular saw is the reduced operating time in freezing temperatures, when the battery quickly loses its capacity.

Older circular saws have nickel-cadmium battery packs. The weight of these batteries is slightly higher and they are fully discharged before charging. But these battery packs perform better in cold conditions.

For long, uninterrupted work with a self-powered circular saw, we recommend a circular saw with two or more batteries in the set. As long as one battery is in use, the second battery can be charged.

The most powerful

Bosch GKS 85 G

  • Powerful motor
  • Good saw blade included
  • Handy dust extraction adapter
  • High-quality construction
  • Longer cutting depths

A circular saw from a reliable manufacturer. Runs on the basis of the motor power of 2200 W. Nice-sized saw blade with 235 mm diameter included. Speed of the disc 5000 rpm. Soft start system and spindle lock included. Cutting height of 85 mm. Enough for most standard sawing jobs. Working weight 7.8 kg.

VORTEX DP-235/2200

  • Easy to use
  • Reliability
  • Saws smoothly at any angle
  • No overheating during intensive work
  • Fits securely in the hand
  • Pendulum shroud

The 2200 watt model for the most demanding tasks. Makes even longitudinal workpieces easy to handle. Uses standard 235 mm diameter discs, one of which is included in the kit. However, it is recommended to replace it with a better one. Works also at 45 degrees. Great for regular use.

The manufacturing process: step-by-step instructions

Worktop for table saw in set-up condition

To make a quality construction it is necessary to follow some tips. The process consists of several steps, as shown in the table.

Steps Description
1 Trim the timber on all sides with a planer. Then the frame of the future table is assembled from it. Drill several 5 mm holes in each side of the worktop. Additionally, you need to make one through hole for the legs.
2 Several holes of the same diameter should be made in the beams. One through hole is made in each leg. Diameter remains the same, 5 mm.
3 Then install the dowels into the worktop. Before doing this, they are covered with joinery glue. Place the legs and tsars on top. If there are scissors with clamps, the product should be fastened using them. When the glue dries completely, you need to fasten the reigns and legs, using special fasteners made of metal. Additionally you need to tighten the screws. To add strength and reliability to the structure you can use the corners. They will become an element of additional fastening, will give stability to the product. For the short side 2 pieces are enough, and for the long side 3 pieces will do.
4 The next step involves securing the saw to the workpiece from the inside. There are several methods of accomplishing the task. M4 bolts or bars with self-tapping screws are suitable for mounting. The first case is fast and reliable. The second method does not involve additional holes, which eliminates the need for drilling. It is necessary to make a cut in the bars, the width of which is equal to the dimensions of the saw’s platform. Then self-tapping screws and timbers on both sides fasten the equipment and the table top
5 After installing the saw, you will need another larger bar. It, using self-tapping screws, is fixed to the base of the structure. Screwing is done on the marks made when setting the platform in a level position. The mentioned manipulations will help to remove the saw and return it usually quickly without looking for marks
6 The saw blade is set in its proper place. The base is sawn to obtain the longitudinal hole. Then turn the product upside down
7 Then begin making the parallel stop. Two strips of plywood are sawn off. Their length should coincide with the width of the table. On average, these dimensions are 10 cm. The corners should be rounded
8 The resulting strips are ground. They are to be fastened at an angle with self-tapping screws. A metal angle must be screwed inside
9 If you want to fix a stop on the base and the structure will be used often, you should attach the rail so that it is perpendicular to the disk. Attach the roller to the lower part. This allows it to move.

The construction is completed and ready to use. When carrying out the described manipulations it is important to remember about the observance of safety measures. Applies to any manipulations with the circular saw.

Regularly check the position of the table and its strength. The construction should be stable, without loosening.

Example of work table for circular saw

Table variant for manual circular saw with lifting mechanism

First make sure the saw is securely fastened, then engage the saw. Do not hold the material you are sawing with your hands. This will help to avoid getting wood in the face when knots start to bounce. In addition to this, the use of safety glasses is recommended when working.

Always wear safety glasses for your safety

These simple tips will help to avoid injuries at the workplace.

Circular saw machine Scheppach (Workzone) HS 100 WZ

German company Scheppach produces inexpensive circular saws with excellent power and ability to work without interruption. Scheppach HS 100 WZ. The best circular saw for home, used for sawing wood and plastic. The machine makes longitudinal, cross and angular cuts. Works accurately and with high quality, so it is actively used in carpentry and furniture shops. It is easy to operate, compact, weighs only 24 kg. Hardware class. semi-professional. The manufacturer has installed a fairly powerful electric motor. It is single-phase, 2 kW power. Cutting is performed by a disc with 48 teeth. And there’s another 65-tooth blade for a clean cut. The cutting disk is protected by a shroud, which enhances safety at work. Cutting head can be tilted by 45 degrees, right. left which extends the possibilities of the machine. When cutting straight, depth of cut reaches 73 mm, when cutting at an angle of 45 degrees. 53 mm, depth is adjustable. the cutting line for the trimmer is illuminated by a laser The dimensions of the working table 640×430 mm. The table is sturdy, made of metal and has three extensions. on both sides and behind, which increases its area. Dust and shavings are collected in a cloth bag. Installation on a stand with four legs is stable on a flat surface.

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