The machine for peeling nuts with their own hands

To make a shredder of twigs with your own hands, you need to study all their varieties. Depending on the nature of the material to be threshed, choose a construction that has the necessary power. Make the right choice in the design of blades.

During the assembly of some of the nodes are made with their own hands. Standardized parts are purchased or used from used machines. A good option is the use of end-of-life machines. This includes a washing machine, angle grinder or single axle tractor.

The main components of the machine

There are many varieties of mechanisms and the price of models varies, but both factory and self-made consist of the same components, the only difference is in size and layout:

  • The basis is a metal supporting frame, often it is made of either angle or profile tube;
  • The heart of any machine is the power unit. Here it is an electric or gasoline engine, less often a diesel engine is used;
  • The most important node is the cutting part;
  • Depending on the design, there may be a transmission mechanism. Most often it is belt, but on powerful units there are chain and gear transmissions;
  • The feeder neck for the material;
  • A hopper for the collection of chips;
  • Protective equipment and guards.

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The general design of all shredders is similar.

It is unrealistic to describe all components, so I will talk about the main ones, that is, the types of power units and the cutting unit.

Types of power packs

The main and only advantage of shredders with internal combustion engines is their autonomy. The price of such devices is much higher, plus these motors are quite bulky and heavy. The installation with their own hands often uses the drive for a power tiller.

The power of an internal combustion engine for a shredder must be at least 6 horsepower.

A shredder with a combustion engine is completely self-contained.

It is much more convenient to make shredders with electric motors. The range of this product is now huge, and at home you can almost always find an ownerless engine. The most powerful semi-permanent shredders are usually made from a circular saw, but if you are interested in a lightweight machine for grass and small branches, then make it from an angle grinder.

The electric motor for the home chopper is selected according to its power.

When choosing an electric motor for a homemade shredder should take into account its power, here it all depends on what kind of branches you are going to shred.

  • If the diameter of branches in your area does not exceed 2 cm, then feel free to get a 1.3-1.5 kW motor. A broken drill, vacuum cleaner or angle grinder may well be a donor;
  • For a young garden, where the thickness of the material up to 4 cm will already have to look for a motor of the order of 3-4 kW. Here we usually take a circular saw, by the way, and the bed can also be used from it;
  • To shred serious branches up to 15 cm in thickness, the power of the power unit must be at least 6 kW. In the domestic sector, such machines are rarely used, this equipment is closer to the professional.

Types of cutting units

It is the device of the cutting unit that determines the diameter of branches that can be shredded on the shredder. Traditional factory machines use 3 types of designs.

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You can make such a block with your own hands, the instructions are available, but it needs a good gear reducer, and it is expensive, so this design is rarely used.

The shredder can only shred dry branches, otherwise the shaft gets clogged with raw fibers.

These 2 types of cutting units are similar. These designs are considered versatile, with the proper motor power, you can cut any wood.

Garden grass chopper from an angle grinder

A simple device, requiring little time and effort, can be assembled on the basis of the motor from an angle grinder. The basic steps are as follows:

An iron frame is made of corners on 4 legs

Horizontally put and welded a metal sheet, to which the angle grinder is attached spinning part upwards

A metal tank or large bucket with a hole for the motor is put on top

A hole is cut into the side for the finished product to flow out. Formed with a tin sleeve for convenience and proper direction to the receiving container

The knives are attached directly to the motor shaft so that they do not touch the walls of the housing

The safety of working with this device depends on the stability of the iron frame.

The most difficult operation in the manufacture of a garden chopper is the milling of the shaft and milling knives from the spring, which you can not do with your own hands. You will have to pay for this service, unless you have a couple or three metalworking machines in your household. The task will be made easier if you can find a drive assembly, such as from an old circular saw.

Another option is to use the circular saw itself for shredding branches, installing a working mechanism for cutting on its drive. Again, the shredder can also function from the engine of a power tiller, you just need to make a correct belt transmission.

Advantages of a homemade machine

Garden shredder with their own hands, in contrast to the factory models, is more versatile. It can be used not only for processing branches and grass, but also for crushing fruits and various variations of household waste.

Powerful machine can even handle branches up to 10 cm in diameter

Horizontal location of the engine on the same level with respect to the knives allows you to prevent its failure from getting wet stems. Work with the unit is simplified due to the fact that now there is no need to monitor the moisture of raw materials and sort branches by size.

Homemade shredder of garden waste is characterized by high productivity: disc saws with high speed can process even quite thick branches. The cost of the shredder will be twice cheaper, and the power is several times more. A unit built this way will be just as good as an expensive factory garden tool.

You can come up with a lot of design options, it all depends only on imagination, ingenuity and the desire of the handyman.

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