How to make a chain saw out of angle grinder. How to make a chain saw from the angle grinder Chain saw from the angle grinder with your own hands

In our time you can buy a variety of tools, but many craftsmen want to improve any tool and make it versatile. It turns out of the well-known angle grinder can be made and chain saw.

Undoubtedly, you can’t call such tool safe, reliable and professional, but it is possible to saw something off on the minimum. To convert an angle grinder does not need many parts. For chain saw the drive sprocket is screwed on the shaft. Then the bracket is made to mount the bar, which is designed depending on the model of your angle grinder. With the same bracket is the tensioning of the chain.

The chain installed on a rebuilt angle grinder rotates at high speed, so if the angle grinder has a speed regulator, this is more acceptable. In addition, it is necessary to lubricate the chain. But as they say, the idea is not a bad one, and as for the practical application and rationality, think for yourself.

Sometimes a chain saw is needed for several cuts, in those places where an angle grinder with a wheel is not suitable, it is acceptable. In addition, there is an accumulation of wooden junk that needs to be turned into firewood and this saw can cut it. So it is not a bad idea.The author of the article is RWT

In this article, we will consider the budget option of making an electric saw, its possible types and the peculiarities of reworking the angle grinder under the saw.

Nowadays the market abounds with all kinds of tools for different applications. But not everyone can buy everything he wants, because of the inflated price of quality goods. Especially if the tool is required for temporary and not very extensive work.

But good craftsmen will always find a way out of this situation. An example of this was the creative method of making a chain saw from an angle grinder, which has recently gained particular popularity among inventive Internet users.

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The angle grinder can be transformed into three kinds of saw:

The latter is the most popular, so we will talk about it.

Advantages of homemade tools

In the household there is often a need to saw a board, chipboard, fiberboard, plywood and other similar materials. The most convenient way to perform such manipulations, using a stationary machine, which is popularly known as a circular saw. On such a machine you can even saw firewood, so you do not have to think for a long time about the rationality of making it.

Angle grinder or angle grinder has gained wide popularity, as it is a versatile tool for cutting metal, stone, concrete, plastic and even wood. However, with woodworking you need not only special skills, but also caution. After all, it is the machining of wood that produces such an effect as blowback. That is why experts recommend using the tool only as a circular saw, which eliminates the possibility of backfire, as well as increasing the efficiency of the power tool.

Making a stationary machine from an angle grinder for wood sawing has a number of advantages:

  • Saving on the purchase of a stationary machine, which consists of a bed and a powerful electric motor While it is possible to make a circular grinder out of an angle grinder without additional investment
  • Simple manufacturing. to create a machine you need only an electric tool and a base, which can be made from a wooden workbench or boards
  • High efficiency. the angle grinder has a speed of more than 9000 rpm, which has a positive impact on speed and cutting quality
  • Ability to use the angle grinder at any time by removing it from the machine

If you came to this site, then you must be wondering about the question and the purpose of making a self-made circular saw from an angle grinder. There is no doubt in the rationality of such an idea, and let’s find out how to make a stationary wood sawing machine.

Necessary materials

For making a homemade machine will be required:

  • rectangular cross-section pipe, steel or aluminum angle;
  • Sheet of wood chipboard, heavy plywood 12-14 mm thick;
  • bolts, nuts, washers;
  • metal strips, plates, pieces of angle of a large size;
  • welding machine with electrodes;
  • Electric drill or drilling machine;
  • angle grinder;
  • saw blade;
  • connecting wires, on/off button.

Depending on the capabilities and needs of the master may need other materials or tools. It is impossible to give a complete list of components, because the design of the machine can be complicated, additional elements or functions can be added.

Examples of drawings of ordinary machine, for a general understanding of the device:

How to make it out of a drill

The drill can also be applied to the construction of the circular. To begin with, it is recommended to make a bed in the form of a strong, solid and stable table. Attach the legs to it and make a slot in the surface for the cutting wheel to move comfortably.

Turn the tabletop over and bolt a rectangular piece of wood a short distance from the slot. Beforehand, in the middle part of the bar cut a round hole whose diameter equals the size of the chuck of the used drill.

Then take a second sheet of plywood of the same size as the worktop. At the same distance as for the bed, make another slit. When aligning the two sheets, the slots must match exactly. Place the second piece on top of the worktop.

To put a bar on the slit in the upper sheet of plywood, the dimensions of which should be the same. The block will serve as a guide rail.

To ensure the strength of the connection of all wooden elements can be achieved by gluing and bolting them together.

If you have an old washing machine, a drill or an angle grinder, you can build a functional and reliable circular saw with minimal effort.

A circular saw from an ordinary drill

Initially a table semblance is built. Four legs are fastened to the table top. On the surface of the tabletop, a slot is marked out from which the cutting disk will protrude.

On the back side of the table top at a small distance from the slot for the disk fix a rectangular bar with a round hole cut inside it. Its diameter must be equal to the diameter of the chuck of the used drill. Use the jigsaw to cut the required slots.

Similarly, a slit is cut on another sheet of plywood, and parallel to this slit, another slit is cut, the width of which should be equal to the width of the prepared wooden bar. The second sheet of plywood is superimposed on the first one so that the slots for the disk coincide.

In the second slot a wooden bar is inserted and a rectangular piece of plywood is glued at right angles to it, which looks like a skirting board. It will act as a guide. All wooden elements are glued and necessarily fixed with bolts.

Awesome idea with Angle Grinder! And so it was possible

Advantages and disadvantages of homemade electric saws from angle grinder

Electric saws, which today you can not only buy in the store, but also make at home, in addition to their main advantage. the low cost of their production, have a lot of weaknesses. namely:

  • low level of safety for the health and life of the operator working. in homemade saws there is no protection from kickback, which in the factory electric saws is taken by the inertial brake of the chain. And this increases the likelihood of injury and maiming;
  • The durability of the tire and chain elements due to the lack of automatic lubrication. The only way out in this situation will be to periodically dip the homemade saw in a container of chain oil;
  • there is a high risk of overheating in the motor of the angle grinder due to overloading and prolonged use.

Do not mount a circular saw blade on an angle grinder

Here is what can come to mind if you do not have an electric jigsaw at hand:

In recent years, it has become increasingly rare to find a circular saw blade mounted on an angle grinder in construction stores. And this is no accident. Many who have managed to do this, remained disabled. It is strictly forbidden to work in such a variant. An ordinary angle grinder’s RPM reaches 10,000 rpm. The number of revolutions of the electric motor drive of the band saw drive in the sawmill, which is really designed for sawing boards and logs varies in the range of 1500. 3,000 rpm. Can you imagine what happens when you start working with an angle grinder? The disc will simply shatter and the shards will cause fatal wounds.

If you have an angle grinder with a lower number of revolutions, and you use a protective guard, then this option. also not a variant:

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The saw can simply vomit out of hands when machining in case of a bad tooth strike on a limb of the tree. And most importantly, the number of revolutions in the angle grinder is still high.

Circular saw by hand

Homemade circular saw made with their own hands: detailed photos of making a homemade saw and a description.

Here decided to make a homemade circular saw for woodworking and logging wood for the stove. For the inhabitant of the countryside is quite a necessary machine, every year in the garden piled a lot of branches, which can be cut for firewood, you can do it on a regular circular saw.

Next is the process of making a circular saw with their own hands.

They hooked me up with a motor that doesn’t look like much, but it works.

Checked it, it worked, and I set about restoring it.

From a 30×30 mm profile pipe I welded such a frame for a circular saw table.

I got the shaft for the circular saw still from soviet times, with the jointer and knives, fixed the shaft on the frame with bolts.

I made a platform for the motor, installed it, put the belt on the pulley, tested it. it works.

To work with the filber, to realize the table lift relative to the shaft, decided to attach one part of the table on the hinges to the frame, and another part was fixed to the bolt, which are attached to the handle for quick adjustment of the depth of wood sawing with the filber.

Fastened the switch to the frame, put a tabletop on the frame.

Here is such a simple home-built circular saw, now you can saw boards, work as a planer or make firewood for the winter.

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