Repair of the control regulator of corner grinding

Even the easiest repair of corner grinders in a service workshop can cost a sum of a third to half of its cost. Therefore, before contacting professionals, you always need to try to fix it on your own. over, in the passports of the Bulgarians, tables of the most common malfunctions and the causes of their occurrence often give. For home repairs, in most cases, you can get by with a set of the most ordinary tool: screwdrivers, pliers, keys and multimeter. The only thing where mandrels, pullers or similar devices may be required is the removal and installation of bearings. And the spare parts for the repair of corner grinder can easily be purchased at all famous online stores.

The safety regulations during the repair of a corner grinding machine are the same as when repairing any other power tool. Dust cleaning, disassembly and assembly is carried out only with a completely de.energized device. Repair work must be carried out on the dielectric surface, and the power source should be equipped with an automaton of protection against short circuit. It is strictly forbidden to manually turn the corner grinder, if it is enabled a power grid. It is also forbidden to carry out trial inclusions in the process or after repair with a cutting disk installed on a spindle.


Common problems in the work angular grind

Corner grinder is a rather unpretentious tool, t. to. designed to work with high loads and in an dusty environment. The main problems in its work in most cases are associated with improper operation, as well as non.compliance with the terms of maintenance and planned repairs. The following malfunctions are most often found:

  • Corner grinder does not turn on. The most common cause of this phenomenon is a break in the wires in the power cable or a circuit breaker malfunction. And in electronic controls. the failure of the speed adjustment unit or smooth starting.
  • Corner grinder works at low speeds. As a rule, this is due to the inter.seal circuit in the rotor windings or the electronics malfunction.
  • The corner grinder is very warm. Often this is due to a violation of the ratio of recommended working cycles and breaks. In addition, heating may be the result of poor engine cooling due to the dust accumulated inside the body.
  • The corner grinder sparkles. In this case, the main causes are the erasing of coal brushes or the wear of the electric motor collector. Brushes also sparkle with increased pollution and oxidation of the collector plates.
  • The corner grinder smokes. This is usually observed with too intense operation and filling out air cooling channels. The reasons that the tool is smoking, there may also be shortings in the windings of the rotor or stator.
  • Corner grinder buzzes, but does not rotate. As a rule, this happens when jaming gear of the gearbox or failure of the bearings.
  • The spindle fixation button broke. The reason for this is the entry into the cloud of dust that causes the wear of its rod.
  • Bearings broke. The failure of the bearings most often occurs after prolonged operation and work with shock loads.

Another fairly common malfunction of the Bulgarians is the jamming of the clamping nut.

The main malfunctions of the corner grinder and their causes

According to statistics, most cases of failure of the corner grinder are associated with the electric part of the device. Some breakdowns can be insignificant, which allows you to repair corner grinding grounds with your own hands. But, for example, when the engine windings are blocked, the repair of an angular grinding machine can only be carried out by a specialist.

Corner grinder does not turn on

The reasons that the corner grinder does not turn on can be the following:

  • an electric fork is faulty;
  • faulty electric cable;
  • The launch button broke;
  • the contact between the power cable and the button is disturbed;
  • cliff of the contact wire of the electric shock;
  • severe wear of electric grinding;
  • The failure of the rotor or stator windings.

Corner grinder does not develop momentum

The reasons that the corner grinder is not gaining momentum can be different.

  • Damage of the revolutionary control unit. To check this version, you need to connect the machine engine directly, bypassing the regulator and check the operation of the device.
  • Electric cable malfunction due to constant overcurrents or mechanical damage. Because of this, the damaged wire begins to warm up under load, and the engine speed is falling.
  • Dust pollution by dust. It is necessary to remove pollution with alcohol.
  • Problems with brushes. They can be worn out or have a short contact wire, as shown in the next photo.

The brush, although half.wiped, is quite efficient. In this case, a short contact wire prevents the spring with press the electrode to the collector. This situation can also be the reason why the corner grinder stopped working in normal mode.

The electric motor heats up

The reasons that the angular grinder is heated may be the following.

  • Incorrect operating mode of the device. As a result of overloads, the electric motor can be very hot, which often leads to blocking the windings.
  • Destruction of bearings located on anchor. As a result, the rotor clings to the stator, the engine operation is difficult, and the windings overheat. The problem is solved by the replacement of bearings.
  • Clogging of the ventilation ducts through which the air enters the engine cooling. It is necessary to clean the ventilation holes from dust.
  • Damage to the impeller, which serves to cool the engine. It is installed on the rotor, on the opposite to the collector side. If the impeller is broken, it must be replaced with a new.
  • Interpreter short circuits of the stator and rotor windings. Rewinding the coils or replacing these parts with new.

The corner grinder sparkles

If you notice a strong sparking when turning on an angle grinding machine in the place where the collector is located, then the reasons for this trouble may be the following.

  • Damage to the anchor winding: a break in one or more sections of the winding, an interval circuit. With such breakdowns, increased noise appears, engine speeds fall and brushes burn.
  • The contact between collector plates and winding was violated.
  • Weakly clamping brushes. With prolonged modes of corner grinding, the springs overheat and can “eat up”, while losing the elasticity.
  • Balance of the engine rotor.
  • Violation of the cylindrical surface of the collector. This sometimes happens after rewinding, if the anchor is not pulled on a lathe, but immediately installed in the device. In this case, you can also observe that the brushes sparkle excessively.
  • Between the collector’s lamels, insulation is impaired. There may also be clogging of the grooves of the proxy with graphite or breakdown between the lamellas.
  • Bearing wear that causes the rotor bearing also leads to the fact that brushes sincle greatly.
  • Violation of the geometry of the rampage shaft. This usually happens with an inaccurate disassembly of the electric motor when the shaft bends.
  • The graphite brushes are installed in the wrong brand. Brushes are selected based on the expected revolutions and stress.
  • Raising one or more lamellas leads to the fact that brushes are quickly burned. This happens due to overheating of the engine during prolonged operation. As a result of the glass mass, which serves as the basis of the collector, softens, and the lamella begins to rise. Due to the fact that the lamellas are raised, the brushes are erased very quickly.

Diagnosis of the electric part angular grind

As mentioned above, most often the angular grinder refuses to work due to the breakdown of the electrical part of the unit. For the correct diagnosis of electrical circuits of the tool, the wizards for the repair of electrical equipment are used by a special device. a tester.

If you pressed the assembly button, and it does not work, then in 90% of cases the cause of the breakdown is not so serious that you cannot repair the angular grinder with your own hands.

Experts advise adhere to the basic rule of repairing power tools: move from simple to complex.

First of all, it will take a check of an electric cable and a fork at its end. If it is collapsible, then spin it and check the reliability of the contacts. Otherwise, you will have to disassemble the angular grinder (remove the casing of the device) and “call” the cable by the tester, and also make sure that the current is suitable for the “Start” button contacts. If the device shows a break, then the cable should be replaced with a new.

The situation when the current enters the button, but does not go further (when the position is turned on), indicates a malfunction of the switch. The button cannot be repaired. It must be replaced with a new one, but first march the contacts removed in order to connect them correctly in the future. When the contacts are incorrectly connected, the engine winding may burn out.

If when checking it turned out that both the cable and the start button are working, but the current does not enter the brushes, then it is necessary to clean the contact plates of the brush holders. In case of ineffectiveness of this procedure, it is recommended to replace the brushes. Further, if everything is fine with the brushes, and the current comes to them, you should check the rotor and the stator for the presence of circuits and cliffs.

Checking the anchor of the electric motor

The electric motor rotor may have the following malfunctions: inter.seal circuits and wiring at the lamella contacts. You can check the anchor of the corner grinder with a multimeter: the device is converted into the mode of change in resistance, the value of 200 Ohms is set, and the resistance between two neighboring lamellases is measured using probes. Thus, it is required to check all pairs of lamellas. If the resistance indicators are the same, then the rotor winding has no damage. Detection of other resistance values ​​during the “rang”, as well as the identification of a chain cliff indicates a malfunction in this coil. In this case, it will require repair of the anchor of the corner grinder.

Typically, rupture rupture occurs in the joints with the winding. Inspect the places where the coils are connected to the lamellas, make sure the reliability of the contacts of the contacts.

If you do not have a measuring device, then you can check the rotor by using a 12 V light bulb for these purposes and the battery. Power should be in the range of 30-40 watts. The verification is done as follows: supply voltage 12 V from the battery to the corner grinder fork, connect the light bulb in the rupture of one wire, start rotating the corner grind. With a good winding, the light bulb will burn evenly, without blinking. With an interval circuit, the degree of intensity of a spiral of the bulb will change. In this case, the repair of the anchor of the corner grinder with your own hands will be difficult, since the winding scheme is quite complicated, and the process itself requires special equipment and knowledge. Therefore, this operation is recommended to entrust to specialists. But the best way out of the situation will be to replace the anchor on the corner grinding of a new.

If the bulb does not light up when testing the rotor, this indicates the presence of a cliff in the stature or closing in its windings, as well as problems with electrographs.

Checking the electric motor stator

To check the stator of the corner grinder, the multimeter is used, as in the previous case. Values ​​need to be set at 20-200 Ohms and make the following. Touch one probe to the contact of the stator winding, and the second. to the part of the part. If the device shows resistance, this means that a breakdown on the case occurred. Touch the probes to the contacts of one winding, and then to the contacts of another. If the resistance is the same, then the coils are serviceable. If on one winding the device shows a chain break, then it will require a rewinding of a stator or replacing a part with a new.

Rewind the stator at home, without special knowledge, skills and equipment, it will be problematic. It is better to contact specialists professionally engaged in engine rewinds.

Making a speed control regulator with your own hands

Attempts to adapt the usual dimmer of MDL adjusting the brightness of the lamp will not give anything. Firstly, these devices are designed for a completely different load. Secondly, the principle of dimmer operation is not compatible with the control of the winding of the electric motor. Therefore, you have to mount a separate scheme, and invent how to place it in the tool case.

The simplest thyristor rotational speed regulator can easily be done on your own. For this you will need five radio elements that are sold on any radio market.

Electric diagram of a thyristor speed control for your tool

Compactness of execution allows you to place the diagram in the corner of the corner grinder without damage to ergonomics and reliability. However, such a scheme does not allow to maintain torque when the speed falls. The option is suitable for reducing revolutions when cutting thin tin, conducting polishing work, processing soft metals.

If your corner grinder is used to process the stone, or it can be installed on it with more than 180 mm in size, you need to assemble a more complex scheme where the KR1182PM1 chip, or its foreign analogue is used as a control module.

Electric circuit of speed adjustment using the KR1182PM1 microcircuit

This scheme controls the current strength at any speed, and allows minimizing the loss of torque when they are reduced. In addition, this scheme is more careful to the engine, extending its resource.

The question of how to adjust the revolutions of the tool arises with a stationary placement. For example, when using a corner grinder as a circular saw. In this case, the connection point (automatic or socket) is equipped with the regulator, and the speed adjustment occurs remotely.

Regardless of the performance method, the revolution regulator angular grinder expands the capabilities of the tool and adds comfort when using it.

You have a corner grinder, but there is no speed controller? You can make it with your own hands.

Revolutions control and a smooth start for angular grinder

Both are necessary for the reliable and convenient operation of the power tool.

What is a revolution regulator and why it is needed

This device is designed to control the power of the electric motor. With it, you can adjust the speed of rotation of the shaft. The numbers on the adjusting wheel mean a change in the speed of the disk.

corner, grinder, does, work, speed

The regulator is not installed on all corner grinders.

corner, grinder, does, work, speed

Corner grinder with a revolution regulator: examples in the photo

The lack of a regulator greatly limits the use of a grinding machine. The speed of rotation of the disk affects the quality of the operation of the corner grinder and depends on the thickness and hardness of the processed material.

If the speed is not regulated, then the turns are constantly kept at the maximum. This mode is suitable only for solid and thick materials, such as a corner, pipe or profile. The reasons why the presence of a regulator is necessary:

  • For thin metal or soft wood, you need lower rotation speed. Otherwise, the edge of the metal will melt, the working surface of the disk will be blurred, and the tree will turn black from high temperature.
  • For cutting minerals, it is necessary to adjust the speed. Most of them at high speed break off small pieces and the place of cuts becomes uneven.
  • The highest speed is not needed for polishing cars, otherwise the paintwork will deteriorate.
  • To change the disk from a smaller diameter to a larger one, it is necessary to reduce speed. It is almost impossible to hold your hands with a corner grinder with a large disk rotating at a huge speed.
  • Diamond discs cannot be overheated so as not to spoil the surface. The speed is reduced for this.

How to disassemble a corner grinder

How to disassemble a corner grinder? Not so complicated process. This does not require special knowledge, but you need to do everything carefully and with caution. Each owner needs to know how to disassemble any working tool, because periodically he needs internal cleaning of pollution and dust that has caught, and his durability depends on this.

At the present time, on the market you can choose different types of corner grinder, which differ in working parameters, sizes, quality. Manufacturers are also different. Whatever the model of the grinding machine you get, everyone has one model of the assembly of parts.

Dismantling of the corner grinder will require some tools, you need only a regular screwdriver or reversing with a ratchet mechanism.

Having prepared a screwdriver, you can start disassembling:

  • We unscrew the screws from the housing and remove one side of the product.
  • Remove the nut, thanks to which the disk holds, unscrew the bolts of fastening the protective casing.
  • Remove the brushes.
  • Disconnect the wires from the engine.
  • We unscrew the bolts with which the gearbox is attached inside, and very carefully remove it, the rotor is removed with it.
  • Unscrew the bolts that hold the stator and remove it.
  • We collect the corner grinder back, alternately put everything in place in the reverse order and fasten.

Analyzing the corner grinder, it is important to remember the outline of removal of parts in order to correctly collect.

For what purpose is the angular grinder low speed?

An integrated option for adjusting the number of revolutions of the circle will make it possible to carefully process materials such as wood or plastic. At low speeds, comfort and safety increase. The most practical option is in the radio and electrical work, one hundred and studios involved in restoration.

In addition, among professionals using the power tool, there is a judgment that the more trivial the device is arranged, the more reliable it is. And it is advisable to remove the additional service “filling” by the boundaries of the corner grinder. With a similar approach, equipment maintenance is greatly simplified. In this regard, some firms deliberately produce outdoor individual electric controllers connecting to the network cable angular grinder.

Characteristic signs of malfunctions

Before completely broken, the angle grinding machine gives signals about the beginning of problems.

Pay attention to the work of your assistant: you should alert if:

  • The brushes began to spark too much;
  • During operation, a corner grinding grip is heated;
  • The motor is buzzing inside the case when the tool turns on;
  • The vibration of the case has become much larger when performing work;
  • The gearbox of the corner grinder cracks inside;
  • The sound of the creak of bearings is heard during promotion or periodic shade when the rotor shaft rotates;
  • The corner grinder smoke, or an uncharacteristic smell of combustion comes from it.

In order not to buy a new angular grinder, you need to carefully treat the tool. In the case of any deviations from the usual work, start diagnostics of malfunctions, determine the cause and repair the power tool.

Prevention of angular grinder breakdown

The service life of a grinding machine directly depends on the departure of the owner for it. Each tool needs good care, then it will work regularly for a long time.

Any corner grinder will heat up during work, but in order to postpone the corner grinder for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to some rules in the work:

  • Do not overload the tool to avoid overheating and smoke.
  • Do not put pressure on it during work.
  • Clean and lubricate the necessary parts inside the case in time.
  • With noticeable improper work, stop the operation and conduct an inspection for the presence of problems.
  • Replace fast.intelligent parts in a timely manner.
  • If the corner grinder smokes, urgently stop working and no longer turn on.
  • Do not use the tool when processing wood.type material.
  • Hold the corner grinder tightly in the process of work, so as not to drop and not damage.

Adhering to the listed simple recommendations and rules in working with a tool called an angular grinder, it is possible to extend its period of work longer than a warranty period.

Small breakdowns and their elimination

In cases where the corner grinder refuses to turn on when the start button is pressed, the reason can be insignificant and, most likely, the repair can be done without the help of a specialist. In this case, you need to be guided by the main rule. to start with the simplest knots and move to more complex. In this case, the reason for the breakdown of the corner grinder may be the wiring on the section of the power wire and brushes.

First of all, it is necessary to turn off the angular grinder from the network, and then inspect the cable for damage. After that, you need to disassemble the housing and check the connection of the power button and brushes. If the wire is damaged, it can be replaced with a new, and the torn electric circuit is restored. If, after checking the cable and the electric circuit, the current comes to the mechanism, but the start is not made, then the problem may be in the start button itself.

You should check the button and eliminate it if the malfunction is detected or replace the button. The button must be carefully disassembled, while it is desirable to mark the terminals and wires. When connected, it is important to correctly connect the contacts, since the wrong installation can cause blocking the winding and jamming of the anchor.

After checking the operability of the power wire and the button, you need to check the speed controller, which is available in some models of the angular grinder. If the malfunctions are not detected, then you need to pay attention to the brushes and, if necessary, replace them, as well as clean all the contacts.

Graphite brushes are faulty

The main cause of the malfunction may be brushes. Depending on the loads and duration of the angular grinder, the brushes can last six months, a year or two, then worn out, and the tool may stop working. Replacing old parts with new ones is made with a cable turned off and a disassembled case. Using a screwdriver, you need to unscrew the brush holders and remove the old brushes. They can also be closed with plugs in the housing, and then the case will not have to disassemble.

Brushes should only change to similar in size and material, and after replacing the brush is rubbed. the corner grinder works for a while. With a faulty start button, it is forbidden to work with a corner grinder, as this can lead to jamming of the cutting disk, its destruction and unpredictable consequences. Speed ​​regulator is a smooth launch of a corner grinder, and after malfunctions in its work, it requires a replacement, since the repair will be difficult and almost impossible.

The main malfunctions, the reasons for their appearance and repair methods

To simplify the task, searching for a malfunction and repair must be carried out systematic. No need to rush to disassemble the tool. First, decide on the type of malfunction. The most important nuisance is that corner grinder does not turn on. What needs to be checked:

The anchor of the electric motor

If these elements are working, then examine the contact brushes. The brushes serve to transfer the supply voltage to the contacts of the electric motor collector. The windings of the anchor are soldered to these contacts. If one of the brushes does not contrast or at all a broken, then the electric current will not enter the winding and the corner grinder will not want to work.

In order to inspect the condition of the brushes, you need:

The brushes are loaded, so you have to try not to lose the springs. The extracted brushes should be the same size. They will have some wear, but there should not be chips and transverse cracks that could violate the contact.

If the brushes are in normal condition, then you will have to inspect the engine anchor. This node is only called an anchor, but in fact with an anchor has absolutely nothing in common. This is the central shaft of the engine on which the winding and the collector crown are located. Sometimes, due to the large loads between the brushes and contacts of the collector, a strong spark arises. As a result, copper contacts are covered with a layer of oxides and the current does not go to the winding.

What needs to be done to put the anchor in order? You need to take ordinary white gum, which is used by drawers and lovers to draw. The corner of the elastic band needs to rub the contacts. A film made of oxides should be cleaned and shone with a copper luster.

If this operation did not give results, then it is necessary to open the body of the corner grinder and inspect the condition of the internal wires, the capacitor and the winding. The winding should have an even color of the varnish, which is covered with a winding wire. Darkening or blackening of the wire or its sections indicates a short circuit of the winding. It is difficult to eliminate this malfunction with your own hands, you will need to replace the anchor.


The task of the gearbox is to convey the rotation of the electric motor shaft to the disk of the corner grinder. over, since we have an angular grinding machine, then the gearbox is a corner. To inspect it, you need to:

After that, the gearbox should leave the body. There are few malfunctions here:

Output elements of the gearbox must be replaced. The replacement of the gear is difficult to imagine anything. Then the gearbox is lubricated with a good layer of thick lubrication and installed in place.

Repair of the stator corner grinder

The stator is called that part of the electric motor, which is motionless in the case. It is designed to create an electromagnetic field in which the anchor rotates.

The main malfunction of the stator is a break in the winding or its strong overheating. What is the danger of overheating? When overheating of the winding wires, protective insulating varnish, which covers them, also overheating. Violation of lacquer isolation leads to a short circuit of the turns of the winding.

Even the closure of one turn of the winding completely removes the corner grinder out of order. The winding immediately begins to overheat and smoke. The shaft rotates slowly or even ceases to rotate.

To repair the stator will have to change windings to new ones or rewind. But the rewinding of the stator is not for beginners.

Mechanical breakdowns and their elimination

The corner grinder to mechanical breakdowns, the following can be attributed.

corner, grinder, does, work, speed
  • Wear of the engine anchor bearings. Usually, with the wear of the bearings, you can feel strong vibration during the operation of the apparatus. In addition, the rattle and other noises can be heard. Sooner or later, the bearing will nevertheless collapse, and the poured balls will fall on the gear of the gearbox. If this happens, then except the bearing, you will have to change the gear. Of course, it is better not to wait for this trouble, and at the first signs of the bearing malfunction, replace it. How to get to this part of the corner grinding of.
  • Wear of the ball.bearing or gearbox bearing. As in the previous case, when the device is turned on, vibration will be felt and noise, unusual work, corner grinder unusual work will be heard. To prevent further breakdown of the gearbox, it is necessary to replace the faulty part.
  • Wear of the gear of the gearbox. Gears wear out quickly due to insufficient lubrication. For the same reason, the gearbox is warmed up. It is necessary to monitor the state of lubrication inside the gearbox and, if necessary, change it. How to disassemble the gearbox, was described above. The lubricant must be used by a corner grinder specially designed for gearboxes, and you can buy it at the points where this tool is sold. If for any reason the teeth of at least one gear broke, then you need to change the whole set of gears (pair).

Corner grinder and its operation

A corner grinder is called an angular grinding machine (angular grinder). The name of the tool is due to the fact that it was released in g. Plovdiv. It is intended to perform work on grinding or pruning of solid material:

The corner grinder in our time is a very necessary tool, so almost everyone has.

There are grinding machines different in power: from 500 watts to 2500, depending on the thickness of the circle. from 115 mm to 230 mm. The most popular in the work are an angular grinder with a power of 1.2 W, and the most used disk is 125 mm thick.

Every year, the choice for this construction power tool is becoming more and wider, but the operating rules are almost not changing. And even if they always adhere to them, sooner or later in the mechanism there are malfunctions, which can be tried to be eliminated with your own hand, collecting everything you need for the repair of corner grinders.

The most common breakdowns

Malfunctions of the corner grinder happen quite often. Everyone who works with this tool knows about it. What is out of order most often?

Only one awkward press on the spindle fixation button, when the disk is rotated, leads to its breakdown. Sometimes it can be broken if it is used to remove the jammed disk. To prevent this from happening, you need to use an rye key inserted into special holes near the location of the disk.

It mainly arises when jamming occurs. If a roar is heard in the gearbox, this is a sign of just such a malfunction. Когда у шестёренки сломано больше одного зубчика, то угловая шлифмашинка не сможет резать необходимый материал.

In order for the tool to continue work, it is necessary to change the gears, and everything, and even the conical wheel. Before going to the store for spare parts, remember the manufacturer’s company, model and power of the product.

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This type of breakdown happens with an angular grinder that work in places where there is a lot of dust, and when they are given rest, they are left on the ground. The dust that gets inside spoils the winding. Large loads, especially for the low power of the corner grinder, turn out to break off the motor.

If the corner grinder is used to cut materials that create a lot of dust, then it is recommended to cover the places of ventilation holes with something.

The weakest link, and not only the Bulgarians, are bearings. A large speed of rotation quickly wear out the mechanism. One thing pleases that changing the bearing is easy. Replacing a sprinkled bearing at the corner grinder should be done on time so that there is no breakdown that can no longer be fixed.

This breakdown is easy to determine when the angular grinder turned on, but the disk turns are too intense and differ from normal work. which means that in the stature there is a turning point on the winding. The breakdown of the stator is considered the most serious, special skills are needed to eliminate it. When there are doubts in your abilities, it is better to turn to professionals, so that later you do not have to buy a new tool.

If the decision to fix it independently, it begins with cutting the frontal parts of the winding, the remains are all removed. The next step is a new winding on the template. It should be identical in the number of turns, with the same density and from the wire of the same thickness as the previous one.

Corner grinder, whose power is less than 1100 watts are usually equipped with straight.toothed gears. They are on the stature. Bulgarians with greater power have a scooter gear. Each of the options has a cone.shaped shape, the rod of the gearbox of the corner grinder crosses with the shaft of the stator at an angle.

Repair of the gearbox of the corner grinder mainly consists in replacing the gears. In the case of a breakup of a disc toothed wheel, it is difficult to replace it, because it is very firmly fixed. It is easy to disassemble the gearbox:

  • It is necessary to unscrew the nut on his part;
  • Gently take the rotor housing in the vice and knock out the gearbox body with light blows;
  • change the position of a clamped rotor and knock out a bearing through a wooden board;
  • unscrew the gear from the shaft.

The speed regulator is not present in all Bulgarian models. When the corner grinder is used for cutting, it, in principle, is not needed, but if you grind it, it is simply necessary. If suddenly he stopped working, then most likely, a fee that needs to be removed and buy the same in the store of power tools for further replacement. of corner grinding grounds is not always carried out. If suddenly something does not come out or not everything is clear, it is better to contact the service center.

Before completely broken, the angle grinding machine gives signals about the beginning of problems.

Pay attention to the work of your assistant: you should alert if:

  • The brushes began to spark too much;
  • During operation, a corner grinding grip is heated;
  • The motor is buzzing inside the case when the tool turns on;
  • The vibration of the case has become much larger when performing work;
  • The gearbox of the corner grinder cracks inside;
  • The sound of the creak of bearings is heard during promotion or periodic shade when the rotor shaft rotates;
  • The corner grinder smoke, or an uncharacteristic smell of combustion comes from it.

In order not to buy a new angular grinder, you need to carefully treat the tool. In the case of any deviations from the usual work, start diagnostics of malfunctions, determine the cause and repair the power tool.

The service life of a grinding machine directly depends on the departure of the owner for it. Each tool needs good care, then it will work regularly for a long time.

Any corner grinder will heat up during work, but in order to postpone the corner grinder for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to some rules in the work:

  • Do not overload the tool to avoid overheating and smoke.
  • Do not put pressure on it during work.
  • Clean and lubricate the necessary parts inside the case in time.
  • With noticeable improper work, stop the operation and conduct an inspection for the presence of problems.
  • Replace fast.intelligent parts in a timely manner.
  • If the corner grinder smokes, urgently stop working and no longer turn on.
  • Do not use the tool when processing wood.type material.
  • Hold the corner grinder tightly in the process of work, so as not to drop and not damage.

Adhering to the listed simple recommendations and rules in working with a tool called an angular grinder, it is possible to extend its period of work longer than a warranty period.

Further more serious malfunctions are underway, respectively, and repair requires certain knowledge and skills.

When determining the mechanical defects of the corner grinder, more attention should be paid to the condition of the dam (large gear), the shank (gear on the shaft) and bushings. Uneven wear of teeth or shaft shafts indicates immediate replacement of worn parts.

Bug of the spindle fixation button.The reason is only one careless movement, namely pressing (intentional or random) on the button when the disk is spinning. Sometimes breakdowns occur due to attempts to remove the jammed disk using the button. Many Bulgarians on the spindle, where the disk has slots specifically for an ordinary track key, look at your corner grinder, most likely you have this. So, it is better to use them and an an ore key than the disc flask button.

Chips of gear teeth.Usually arise due to jamming (in such a situation, the breakdown of the tool is not the worst thing that can happen). A sign of a malfunction is the roar in the gearbox. If the gear has lost two or three teeth, then the tool will not be able to cut. In this case, it is necessary to change the gears with a couple and the gear itself and the conical wheel. When you go to the store for gears, do not forget to record the name of your corner grinder and its power.

The failure of the electric motor.Often this happens in tools that work in dust and which are forced to relax in the sand or on the ground: sucked dust grows the winding. However, you can ditch the motor without dust. strong overload, especially if the tool is low. Therefore, in small Bulgarians, not only the anchor, but also the stator often burn out. Small Bulgarians also have a breakdown of the electronic revolutionary control unit. If you use a corner grinder for cutting strongly dusting materials, in particular the slate, it helps well to protect the tool wearing a stocking to the places of ventilation slots in the case.

Bearings.Another sore spot of the Bulgarians (and like other twisting power tools). Strong immunities against dust are released by few machines, and a high speed of rotation involves rapid wear. In general, bearings are not the most terrible breakdown, they change easily. However, it is important to replace on time, otherwise there is a high probability of a more serious breakdown, the repair of which is comparable to the purchase

Stresli when turning on the disk begins to gain speed and accelerates too much, definitely on the stator winding there is a turning point. Stator repair refers to the most serious breakdowns, requires appropriate skills. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is more advisable to entrust this to professionals or use the services of a repair workshop.

Repair of the stator of the corner grinder begin by cutting the frontal parts of the winding, the remnants of which we take out. Next, we make a new winding using a template clamped between two large plates on the axis, which can be inserted into the electric drill. The main thing is to achieve an identical number of turns made with the proper density and withstand the thickness of the wire. We insert two coils into the stator case, draw the conclusions from the same winding wire, isolating with flexible tubes of the corresponding diameter.

The gearbox in models up to 1100 W is usually used direct.toothed, anchored, but corner grinders with greater power, for example, are 1500 watts, gear rats. Both options have a conical shape, since the axis of the gearbox rugged intersects with the anchor shaft, and the transmission is possible only by angular grip of teeth. As a rule, the repair of the gearbox of the corner grinder consists only in replacing the gears. If the disc toothed wheel breaks, then it will be very difficult to remove it for replacement, in the gearbox this knot is best fixed.

The turnover regulator in all modern models of drills, jigsaws, screwdrivers has a revolutionary regulator. But not all corner grinders (grinder) are equipped with such a mechanism. In principle, the regulator is not needed for cutting metal with a cutting stone, but for grinding it simply does not replace. The proposed scheme of a home.made regulator is very simple and reliable. There are not many details and they are not expensive. If you already have a corner grinder without a standard revolutionary control regulator, then you can easily improve it.

Can be assembled separately in a box with a socket and use it as a carrier with a power regulator. And you can immediately assemble the regulator in the corner of the corner grinder and remove the resistor handle.

It is impossible to allow the power tool for a long time to work at a substantially reduced revolutions (this can be determined by ear) compared to idle speeds, and all the more, it is impossible to allow clamping (blocking) the tool, otherwise it will burn within a few seconds.

After working at low speeds, the power tool should not immediately be turned off. To prevent local overheating, it is necessary that it work for a while (more than 1 min.).

It is important to clearly observe the deadlines for replacing (adding) the lubricant and its number.

Prevention consists in complete or partial disassembly of the tool, cleaning, lubrication and replacement (if necessary) of some parts.Timely replacement of relatively cheap details that wear out quickly, will save more expensive components of long.term use, which will ultimately lead to saving the tool, relieve premature repairs and greatly extend the life of the tools.

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