– 5. Nikolay

Pros: Engine, compactness
Disadvantages: Gas control
My feedback: Been using for 12 years. The gas control on the handle is uncomfortable, almost immediately removed. Starts on the 2nd time is guaranteed, even after the winter. Periodically change the oil. I use Rosneft, branded is too expensive. The filter is always filled with oil. I don’t pay attention to it. The engine breaks, the starter is made of plastic, it is the main drawback of this machine, after much suffering, I screwed it out and put it away.It breaks the ground in fluff, there are no claims. I recommend.The American engine is the main power of this bike.

– 5. yuri perepelkin

Pros: Easy to carry (two seats), reliable, easy to operate.
Review: Year of manufacture 2001, gearbox oiling, brake pads replaced, service as scheduled. I cultivate, weed, plant, dip. Depending on the condition of the soil I use the grousers (wheels) when plowing.

– 4. Aleksandr V.

Pros: I bought it in 2009 with a “brigs & stratton” engine. Has been in operation for 10 years, during that time I changed the air filter and this summer I changed the oil seals on the gearbox. I bought the engine in 2009. “Briggs Stratton”. oil stains on the output of the shaft with cutters. Because of the small size, you can turn on a heel.
Cons: I wish there were fewer different protruding fingers on the shaft. Wraps roots and grass on the shaft. I constantly change the oil in the engine, but now, after 10 years, the engine is already less powerful. Doesn’t pull cutters until it warms up. Used only on previously developed ground. milling machines won’t take virgin land.
Review: Recommend

– 5. Podboronov Yevgeny

Pros: I have been using it for over 5 years. It is a great tool for works on lots up to 20 acres, it mills the earth in fluff, easy to operate and transport, very economical and reliable, it starts up without any effort.
Cons: Weak for paving hard new areas. The light weight makes it jump.

– 5. Evgeny

Pros: Reliability
Cons: Cable fixing screw snapped off threads replaced with a big one, but it’s a minor detail Chinese screws are unreliable.
Testimonial: Great and reliable engine.For 10 years I have only changed the oil, excellent blades.Looking for a Tarpan single axle tractor on websites looking around.

– 5. The data is hidden

Pros: Used for 11 years, leaked gearbox oil seal. Not one more failure. Didn’t twist the plug. After the winter rarely starts after the third try, in general it starts on the second try. Worked out virgin land more than once. Earth to fluff with 3-4 passes. In principle a reliable model, I am satisfied.

– 1. Tkhostova E.

Pros: The engine works, but that’s all the merits for now.
Disadvantages: The control rod is much longer than necessary to open the damper, and the air damper control lever does not respond to any movement at all. So even though the motor is running, the rotor is spinning, and it is not possible to work with the device.
Review: Just so happens that we bought the single axle tractor in 2017, and only tried to work with it for the first time now. When buying the seller Ltd. “Grand” actively peddled it as a superreliable. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be. The engine works, but the quality of work of Tula craftsmen brings it to nothing. Where to turn now in conditions of self-isolation, we do not know. The user manual doesn’t even list the manufacturer’s website.

– 4. Dmitry T.

Pros: Reliable and powerful. I have been using it since 2007. The engine is economical, 4-stroke Briggs Stratton, easy to start. Simple design and operation, it is convenient and easy to transport in disassembled into 2 parts. Can be used as an oscillator. Folding and adjustable handle.
Cons: Inconvenient gas handle (had to hobble it). Inconvenient locking pins for cutters. Cumbersome installation of transport wheels. The metal shaft on the cutters is damp. Inconvenient to change the oil in the engine. No oil level in gearbox.
Review: I use it for cultivation of 7 hectares of land. In the engine every year I fill synthetic oil. In gearbox every year I fill up TAD 17. Candle is native, only check clearance. In general, it can be recommended for cultivation of land plots. Thanks to the Tulians for the garden helper!

– 4. Mikhail Gubin

Pros: Turns on after one turn. I tried to start the engine in winter in the garage at 19gr just for fun., Took the engine off the second pull, at first it was a little heavy as the oil was too thick, but then it worked out. The engine runs smoothly, unlike the Chinese, they are with a kind of jerking and ringing. Not heavy, easy to operate. Powerful enough, even if the cutters get caught in the root, they stop at a certain force. They won’t break or bend.
Cons: No reversing, often has to clean the cutters from the grass.
My feedback: I bought it from my grandfather by accident.в., but in good condition. I changed the oil in the engine and gearbox, replaced the oil in the tillers. I used the transport wheels of another cultivator. The cost of the original wheels is not humane. I think it will last a long time. I think it can last for a long time, if the terrain is not too big. It’s perfect.

The Tarpan single axle tractor: description, features

If you are a dacha owner, who takes a critical approach to the care of your garden, you can’t imagine your life without your power tiller. If you have previously coped with the task using other equipment, you should consider buying the aforementioned device.

With its help, you can work the ground, and the health of this will not suffer.Undoubtedly, this technique is quite expensive, but it has so many functions that in just one year the purchase will be justified. Since the main task of power tillers is land work, this equipment will allow you to plow, dip and cut rows. In addition, a single-axle tractor can help a person take care of the lawn. For this, a rotary mower is supplied, which mows the grass like a grass trimmer, capturing about a meter of lawn.

If you additionally purchase a nozzle in the form of an aerator, the lawn will receive additional oxygen supply, and therefore, the grass will be thicker.Now that you are familiar with all the advantages of the described equipment, you should pay attention to the manufacturers. Among other models you can find a single-axle tractor “Tarpan” on the market of corresponding products, which will be discussed below.

Description of “Tarpan Zongshen” power tiller

This equipment is not so expensive, the price of 27 300 But, having paid, you get a device that is used for tillage in the conditions of the gardening.Powered by a four-stroke engine, which has a capacity of 5.5 liters. from. The engine is completed with an oil level sensor. The manufacturer has taken care of user-friendliness, providing the single-axis tractor “Tarpan” with wheels with a special tread pattern, which guarantees high cross-country ability.

Using the machine, you can use one of two speeds, which contributes to better maneuverability. The height of the cart can be adjusted via the handle, a height-adjustable position allows comfortable operation of the machine.If necessary, you can buy additional attachments, which will be an effective equipment. But the presence of the PTO says that you can apply an active pattern.

The main technical characteristics

Described in the article single-axle tractor “Tarpan”, the price of which may seem very impressive, has unique technical characteristics. Zongshen 168 FA engine is built into the equipment, and the width of plowing is 70 cm. For active attachments power transfer by universal joint shaft.Engine capacity 163 cm 3. tool diameter 32 cm. Belt clutch, no electric starter available. The power of the unit is 4.1 kW, and in horsepower this value is. 5,5. With this walking tractor “Turpan” can go deeper into the ground to 20 cm, the device weighs 75 kg, it has a gasoline engine, fuel tank capacity is 3.6 liters. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a cogged-type gearbox.

Main characteristics

Considering the features of the motoblock, it is possible to allocate:

As for the first characteristic, it is provided by large wheels, because the tread with an aggressive pattern will pass over any surface, even if the relief is uneven. The handle of the power tiller allows comfortable operation, it can be adjusted, which makes it convenient to work. the single-axle tractor fuel tank is located in an easily accessible place, so you can fill the tank in a few seconds. Its neck is wide enough to facilitate the process.

Main advantages

the “Tarpan” single-axle tractor described in the article has a number of advantages, among which are a reliable engine, availability of a PTO shaft and a wide range of attachments.For better maneuverability, the manufacturer has provided a reversing device, in addition, you can even adjust the depth of plowing. Do not be afraid that the truck will not cope with clay soil, because it is equipped with a powerful engine, which can also do such work.

If you are interested in Tarpan brand products you may need to buy additional attachments for power tillers. For example, a tyre packer used with the Tarpan 03 and Tarpan 04 is available for 940.A frame with transport wheels will cost the consumer 1033 rubles.

Sometimes customers are also interested in the lugs. If their size is 260 x 80 mm, you will have to pay 1480 for the set With the dimensions of 400 x 170 and 500 x 170 mm, the tines will cost 1790. Attachments for power tillers. it is also a potato shovel, and the polishers, or rather their set. в 1160. A motorized universal coupler used to connect a power tiller costs 2,100. Goosefoot Cutter. 2880

Oil Change Review

According to buyers, oil change in the motorblock “Tarpan” should be done in the first 5 hours of operation. All debris left in the engine will get into the oil after assembly, and the engine may seize up. According to buyers, it is best to perform these works on a hot engine. For this you will need a container and new oil.

cultivator, tarpan, change, engine

Drain into the tank, but this should be done only after the engine can be warmed up.Tarpan single axle tractor, which is the most positive feedback, should be warmed up, only after that unscrew the drain plug on the engine and tilt the tool. Home craftsmen advise leaving the technique in this position until the oil is completely drained. After screwing in the plugs and pouring in new oil, if there are no plugs, the filling can be done through the filler.

Specialist recommendations

When buying a single-axle tractor, you should buy oil designed for the four-stroke engine right away.This provides a small margin of safety and makes it easy to replace in good time. Friction between working parts will be reduced if quality lubricant is used. This will protect the elements from corrosion and extend the life of the engine. Depending on the season, synthetic, mineral or semi-synthetic oil is preferred. But you can also find multigrade oil on the market. If we are talking about the Expert High-Tech SAE 10W40 brand, then for a 0.946-liter package you will need to pay 419.But the semi-synthetic oil Specific High-Tech can be bought for 409.

single axle tractor, photos of which are presented in the article, before each start-up you need to check the oil level. Experts advise changing the oil once a season. When choosing it, you should be guided by whether it is summer or winter. If we talk about gasoline models, you can use semi-synthetic oil 5w30, which is sometimes replaced by 10w30.

When to change the oil in your power tiller engine? Frequency of oil change in a power tiller.

In a new engine of an engine blocks the oil is to be changed after the first 5 (five) hours of work, then after every 25 hours of work, but experienced owners of power tillers change oil in the engine every spring before the start of the season regardless of the last year mileage, which in our opinion is the most optimal and correct.

Remember, any, even the most advanced engine of a power tiller eats up at least 1 gram of oil per hour of work (the so-called hourly rate of oil consumption for burn-out), that is why the oil level must be watched carefully!

Types of attachments

The following attachments can be used with Tarpan cultivators:

  • The skidder is used when it is necessary to destroy weeds on inter-row areas, which size is from 30 to 40 centimeters.
  • Hiller is used together with skidders. It can be used to mark beds, make furrows, plant potatoes.
  • String attachment is designed for grass mowing.
  • Grousers are needed for the machine to grip the ground better and not to slip.
  • A special frame with wheels is used to easily move the machine.
  • Plough is used for deep tillage.
  • Goose-foot tiller
  • Snow clearing attachment (used only with MB-07 power tillers).
  • A hitch, which serves for attaching third-party attachments.

Motor cultivator Tarpan TMZ-MK 04

Tarpan TMZ-MK 04 gasoline-driven cultivator is used for loosening of normal and heavy clay soils, fertilizing, weed harvesting.

Technical characteristics of the model:

  • Gasoline-powered four-stroke engine with an output of 6.05 liters. с.;
  • Motor capacity. 190 cm3;
  • Automatic centrifugal clutch;
  • Worm gear with one forward speed;
  • Working width. 56 cm;
  • The depth of cultivation. 20 cm;
  • Weight of the unit. 43 kg;
  • Number of cutters (goosefoots). 4 pieces.

Among the model range Tarpan distinguishes electric cultivators. They differ from petrol ones with electric motor powered by 220 V. El. Tarpan cultivator is a bit inferior to petrol cultivator in terms of power, but they are almost identical in terms of cultivation parameters and design features.

Read the operating instructions before using the cultivator. This will greatly simplify the work with your power tiller and prevent malfunctions.

Before buying a unit it is worth checking out other models of power tillers for plots of different areas. For example, Pubert cultivators, Greenworks, Echo.

Payment options

  • Payment for the goods by cash on delivery by courier of our service.
  • Payment by bank receipt or invoice (for organizations without VAT).
  • Transfer to Sberbank card
  • Cash on delivery

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Payment: cash, cards, receipt, cash on delivery

Delivery of goods all over Russia and CIS countries!

Guaranteed quality of all products in the store!

cultivator, tarpan, change, engine


For over 10 years the service center of Maltiservice provides repairs of gasoline cultivators and power tillers Tarpan, as well as service maintenance of benzocultivators. Working with official suppliers and using our vast experience accumulated over time, we can afford to make the repair professional, quality and inexpensive for the customer. We use not only original Tarpan spare parts but also spare parts of other manufacturers that allows to make repair works fast and without additional costs. We are confident in our work and give 90-day warranty on repairs and replaced parts and components.

Gasoline-driven cultivators and power tillers are designed for working the ground and they are really well received by users. Variety of models, additional cutters, ploughs and other equipment allows a dacha owner and a farmer to cultivate large area of land for not much money within a short period of time.

However, as with any equipment, with active use can occur as small breakdowns, and failure of the whole unit. over, gasoline-driven cultivator and single-axle tractor periodically need service and replacement of consumables. Filters, oil, etc.

We are ready to provide you with a full range of services for maintenance and repair of gasoline cultivator and power tiller Tarpan, namely:

All these works are carried out on the territory of our own service center.

You can learn more about repair of Tarpan gasoline cultivator and power tiller, as well as costs of Tarpan gasoline cultivator and power tiller repair here.

Transmission and engine oil change to RURIS 751ks cultivator

Our service will diagnose your power and gasoline tools in a short time. In the case of availability of necessary spare parts in our warehouse or warehouses of our partners we will agree with you and terms of works. Ordering of spare parts and expensive works are made after prepayment or signing of a contract. Spare parts that are used for repairs are sold to our service department at a wholesale price that is at a discount compared to the price list of our online spare parts store for power tools and power tools.

If no spare parts are available from our stock or from our suppliers, or if the repair costs are not agreed with the customer, the customer pays for the labor involved in diagnosis (time needed for disassembly, fault finding and reassembly). Our service center is not responsible for availability of spare parts and terms of delivery in the market of the Republic of Belarus. As a rule, this is the responsibility of the official importers of the equipment and only during warranty support.

Overall performance

a good cultivator I use since 2000 the american engine. I added 150 mm to the handle. I removed the existing throttle knob. instead of it put a toggle switch on / off and a new throttle lever. I can drink water in the meantime. It would be easy to control if there was reverse gear. It’s a little heavy, so I took off the guard and it goes deeper and it’s easy to clean. Now I want to put transportation wheels, but not Tarpan wheels, they’re too expensive. Don’t forget to change the oil in the engine. air filter and gear oil.

this power tiller has been working since 2006, plowing, ditching, digging with auxiliary. The equipment and not just on my site. At the annual oil change changed the spark plug only. compact. Economical. Can be disassembled and fits inside the closed luggage compartment

Turns on after one turn. Just for fun, tried to start it in the winter in the garage at 19 degrees Celsius., From the second jerk started, at first a bit heavy rabbet was apparently thick oil, and then developed. The engine runs smoothly, unlike the Chinese models, they have some kind of jerking and ringing. Not heavy, easy to operate. Powerful enough, even if the cutters get caught in the root, they stop after a certain amount of effort. they won’t break or bend.

-: No reverse, often have to clean the cutters from all kinds of wrapped grass.

Review: Bought it from my grandpa for a reason, it was a 2011 model.в., but in good condition. I replaced the oil seals on the shaft, changed oil in the engine and gearbox. I used the transport wheels from another cultivator. the cost of native wheels is not humane. I think it will last a long time. If the size of the plot is not too great. fine.

Robust and powerful. In use since 2007. Economical engine, 4-stroke Briggs Stratton, easy to start. Simple design and operation, convenient and easy to transport in disassembled into 2 parts. You can use the rocker. Folding and adjustable handle.

-Uncomfortable throttle grip (I had to hobble). Uncomfortable locking pins for the blades. Troublesome mounting of the transport wheels. Metal shaft on cutters is damp. Inconvenient to change the oil in the engine. No oil level in gearbox.

Review: I use it for 7 acres of land. In the engine every year I fill synthetic oil. I put TAD in gearbox every year. The spark plug is original, I just check the gap. Overall, we can recommend this cultivator for plots of land. Thanks to the Tulians for the garden helper!

The engine runs, but that’s all the advantages so far.

-: The control lever is much longer than necessary to open the choke, and the choke control lever does not respond at all. So despite the fact that the engine is working, the rotor rotates, and it is not possible to work with the device.

Review: It so happened that we bought the single-axle tractor in 2017, and we tried to work with it for the first time only now. At the time of purchase, the salesman from Grand Ltd. actively advertised it as superreliable. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be. The engine works, but the quality of the work of the Tula craftsmen brings everything to naught. Where to turn now in self-isolation, we don’t know. The manual does not even show the manufacturer’s website.

Been using it for 11 years, gearbox packing is leaking. Never had another breakdown. Didn’t unscrew the candle. After the winter, it rarely starts after the third attempt, mostly on the second attempt. Developed virgin land more than once. Earth in fluff from 3-4 passes. In principle a trouble-free model, I am satisfied.

-: the cable fixing the bolt came off the threads changed the big normal but it is a trifle bolts Chinese unreliable.

Review: Great and reliable engine.Been serving for 10 years just changing oil, great blades.Looking for a single-axle tractor Tarpan on the websites looking closely.

Great little worker and garden helper, easy to handle

Convenient to transport. Does not do badly in the virgin soil.

Review: Everything is great, used it for three seasons until the engine fails. It is almost impossible to find and replace it. Can be repaired in a service shop. Better to buy a new one. Although similar but not matching engines cost a little more than a third of new. P.S. Maybe it was my bad luck, but the overall impression and all the pros have come to naught.

Bought it in 2009 with a “brigs and stratton” engine. Bought it in 2009, bought the engine Briggs Stratton. 10 years in the field, changed air filter and this summer changed oil seals on the gearbox. I used to get oil stains on the end of the cutter shaft. Small size makes it possible to turn around on the heel.

-: Less projecting pins on the shaft. Wraps roots and grass on the shaft. Changing the oil in the engine all the time, but now after 10 years the engine is already less powerful. Doesn’t pull the tillers until it warms up. Used it only on previously worked out soil. I can’t get my milling machines to work in virgin land.

I have been using it for 10 years without any problems, I just pull the handle and go to work, the extensions let me expand the width of the cultivated area up to 1 meter. I got used to plant and dip potatoes. In 1 hour 6 acres it’s a beauty. Simply put it in the trunk of the car and go, 2 minutes to assemble it on the spot. For 10 years I have changed the spark plug, air filter and oil. Planning to change pads.

Great machine. I was a bit afraid of the Russian production, but I must admit that everything is on the level. Assembled quickly, the oil was already there, poured the petrol and ploughed all my fill in a couple of hours. Including virgin land, which I hadn’t touched before. In the management of the machine is easy, starting excellent, too, goes well. I’m a hundred percent satisfied.

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