Cutting openings in concrete and brick walls

It’s very difficult to install a door frame in a non-bearing wall if there is no such frame in the project. Problems are associated with obtaining a permit. Unauthorized cutting of openings in load-bearing walls is not allowed. In addition to the fine issued, the passageway will be forced to lay. There will be more problems if the structure of a high-rise building is damaged during the amateurism.

Bearing walls take the load of floor slabs and roofs. Partial dismantling without supporting structure will cause cracks. If measures are not taken in time, they can lead to the collapse of the building.

Determine on your own where the bearing walls and partitions are located according to the plan. In the housing technical passport they are marked with thick lines.

In the absence of documentation, the main walls are determined visually by the increased thickness. They are usually located at the connection between the apartments and the stairwell.

Diamond cutting of apertures in Moscow


Hello! We are a private company which specializes in diamond drilling, cutting and dismantling. Walls and partitions are dismantled as quickly and with the highest possible quality. Dismantling of reinforced concrete structures and solid walls. Modern methods of demolition of reinforced concrete building structures, which also use manual and semi-mechanized tools. We carry out removal of window sill blocks by diamond cutting. Inexpensive! Dismantling of reinforced concrete floor slabs with the help of diamond cutting technology. Our own fleet of equipment hydraulic hammers Excavators Full range of services permits permits Dismantling of houses, buildings, structures. Construction disassembly with removal. We are engaged in professional high-quality diamond cutting of objects of any complexity (from building re-planning to any structural elements of the building (foundations, bridges) and Moscow region, as well as beyond, all over Russia, since 2008. below market on average 15-30% due to own equipment and work without intermediaries. than 100 positive feedbacks from major customers. We can give credit and feedback from partners and contractors, photos and videos of completed and performed work. We have been working with major customers for more than 4 years! Any method of payment. Cash on hand \cashless payment,


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Diamond cutting for a 2.1 x 0.9 m opening.

Wall thickness, cm.Weight of the whole cut fragment, kg.Number of parts after cutting, pcs.Weight of the lifting part, kg.(38-40 cm); The cost of cutting an opening,

8 cm;380;6;63;5100 10 cm;475;6;79;6400 12 cm;570;8;71;7700 14 cm;665;8;83;9000 16 cm;760;10;76;10400 18 cm;855;10;85;11900 20 cm;950;12;79;15400 22 cm;1045;12;87;16900 25 cm;1187;15;79;19400 30 cm;1425;15;95;22900

1 brick (25-28 cm.);Yes;19 500 1.5 bricks (38-40 cm.);Yes;29 500 2 bricks (51-53 cm.);Yes;34 500 2.5 bricks (64-66 cm.);Yes;34 500 3 bricks (78-80 cm.);Yes;44 500

Increasing coefficients

Heavy reinforcement (rebar thickness over 14 mm);1.2 Work at a height of over 1.8 m;1.2 Depth over 0.4 m;1.2 Operation at temperatures below 5°C;1.2 Absence of water at the site;1.5 Increased density of concrete (grade M500 and above);1.5 Diamond cutting at night;2.0

When calculating the price of work on concrete walls, several key factors are taken into account: 1. The quality of the material (grade, class). 2. Thickness. 3. Diameter of cells and reinforcing bars (if any);1. 4. Time of day (higher rates at night).

Cleaning and foiling of interior parts must be paid for separately. The price is set individually after communication with the customer!

IMPORTANT: it is prohibited to perform such works from 23:00 to 07:00 on weekdays and from 21:00 to 08:00 on weekends/holidays in the Moscow region. At the specified time we do not provide services!

The minimum cost of work on cutting openings is 7,500

What to consider when planning an opening

In their own private homes, people are responsible for their own safety, do not risk the lives of their neighbors, and often neglect many prohibitions relating to construction and home remodeling.

When making an opening in the wall of a house under construction, a metal or concrete lintel is always placed over it, and its function is to bear the weight of the walls and other structures above it, as they can not lean on the void.

If you cut an opening in an existing wall, the lack of horizontal support will lead to excessive load on this site and understandable consequences.

Note! This does not apply to homes built from logs or beams, where the role of the lintel over the opening can be performed by any vein.

In monolithic, panel, brick and built of blocks of low storey houses to make new openings in the bearing walls is usually allowed, but only after an assessment of such a possibility of a specialist and compliance with certain conditions. When inspecting the house in addition to the material of the walls pay attention to:

  • their thickness;
  • The type and degree of deterioration of the slabs;
  • The magnitude of the load from the overlying structures;
  • the ratio between the width of the wall and the opening to be cut out;
  • Features of the layout, such as the presence of other openings in that wall.

Partitions are non-load-bearing walls, and it is allowed to make openings in them and even demolish them Source

The answer to the question of whether you can make a doorway in a load-bearing wall depends largely on its dimensions and location. It will always be negative if:

  • the opening is supposed to be cut under the joint between the floor slabs or beams;
  • there is a load-bearing support column above it on the upper floor;
  • there is another opening next to it that is not filled in;
  • The distance from it to the outer wall is less than 100 cm;
  • It occupies a large surface area of the wall.

It is easier and safer to move the existing opening a little to the side, widening it and laying the extra space. Completely cut a new one is more difficult, especially if it is not straight, but an arched opening in the load-bearing wall of a brick house. In this case the task is more difficult because you have to consider the position of the masonry joints and make a reinforcement structure that precisely follows the curve of the arch.

Stages of cutting

  • Unloading of the walls from the above-ground ceilings by means of the struts;
  • Direct cutting with diamond tools;
  • Reinforcement according to the approved project.

How we make openings in non-existent walls

To unload the wall from the overlying slab, telescopic struts are installed to the left and right of the future opening. They can only be removed after all the work has been completed.

The work is carried out only without percussion. With professional diamond tools. Thanks to which all the noisy work can be completed in 2 to 3 hours.

To unload the wall from the overhead slab, telescopic struts are installed on the left and right of the future opening. They can be removed only after all the work is done.

The debris generated during the work is taken away by the construction waste containers and disposed of

  • Work on the installation of the opening without advance payment: payment of all works on completion
  • Documents for approval of alterations: agreement, license SRO, certificates
  • In the absence of a reinforcement project, it will be provided by us from our database
  • Insurance against damage during the works from Rosgosstrakh for 5 million
  • Free delivery of metal for reinforcement and lifting it to the desired floor

How the thickness of walls affects the cutting of concrete

The size of the thickness of the wall is the main indicator, which determines which cutting method to use.

  • Angle grinder can cope with a depth of cut not exceeding 10 cm.
  • If the thickness of the concrete slab is 8-10 cm, you need a machine to work with high power.
  • When the thickness of the concrete slab is 15-16 cm, a circular saw is used, the diameter of the disks of which should be 350-400 mm. If you use an “angle grinder”, the work will have to carry out several steps, and the tool can overheat and break.
  • If the concrete is 30 cm thick or thicker, special wall-cutting tools. hand or machine. are used.
  • Concrete, which thickness reaches 60 mm, is cut with a tool like a chain saw, ring cutter.
  • Concrete slab whose thickness exceeds 60 cm is cut with special equipment. A disc with a diameter of 100 mm or more is used. You can also use wire cutting devices.

Features of cutting openings

The reason to order the service of creating openings with this technology is the high level of accuracy, even and smooth cut. Such parameters allow the company’s customers to reduce the budget, facilitate the installation of window frames or door structures. The company’s staff uses only professional installations, for example:

  • circular saws of different diameters;
  • ropes equipped with a steel wire rope that is diamond-plated;
  • laser equipment.

Specialist chooses the device in all cases individually after assessing the amount of work, features and material of walls, partitions. Installations guarantee quick, high-quality creation of openings for windows, doors, and other types of structures. Cuts are perfectly accurate, even and smooth.

All the pros in one application

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