What to cut the artificial stone

Decorative stone is often difficult to distinguish from natural stone in appearance. As for durability, the durability of artificial stone to external influences sometimes even exceeds. For this reason it is so in demand in finishing works. Many people wonder how and what to cut decorative stone when it is necessary to change its size or give it the desired shape.

At production facilities for cutting decorative stone special stone-cutting machines are used, equipped with a liquid supply for cooling. The machine cuts the stone, which immediately cools. The process is simple and to some extent even automated. Also used hydro-abrasive and laser cutting. The methods indicated by the latter, can give a decorative stone a very different and even unusual shape.

However, in domestic conditions it is much more difficult to solve this problem. The following handy tools can help: a manual circular saw, an angle grinder with diamond discs of various diameters, an electric tile cutter. All mentioned devices are equipped with diamond discs, segmented and solid, which can have different configuration if necessary. It is also possible to cut stone manually with a simple metal saw. A stone blade with a diamond coating must be mounted on it.

Electric tile cutters are equipped with a tray to cool the stone during operation. Such reservoir with liquid is placed directly under the table, where the tile cutter is installed. Such devices are divided into two kinds: the first has a fixed cutting disk and in the process of work moves only the work table, on which the stone is fixed, the second kind of apparatus has the disk itself moving over the cutting plane.

In some cases, a hand-held tile cutter will suffice, for example, if the thickness of the stone is not great and the relief is uncomplicated. The easiest and most convenient tool is an ordinary angle grinder with a diamond disc of large diameter. Different discs are suitable for different types of decorative stone. Sometimes, finishing decorative stone (http://elit-stone.By/dekorativnyj-kamen/) of any room, requires making small cuts or notches in the plane of the material. For this purpose you can use an ordinary jigsaw or a diamond string.

Cutting. it is not difficult, there are two basic ways: the first suitable for builders with experience, the second for professionals. On the back side of the stone a line is drawn for the trimmer, along which it will be trimmed. Then a knife is used to mark the place where the seam will be. Angle grinder makes a deep incision along the entire joint. Then it is placed on a horizontal surface and broken. On the face of the stone, a not entirely flat crack appears.

The other method is recommended for people who do not have much experience in cutting stones. It is necessary to mark the place of the seam on the front side. After that it is necessary to saw the stone manually with a saw with a special blade. You can also use a hand-held power cutter that has a flexible cord.

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By power

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing an angle grinder is power. The main thing here is to understand that the rule “the more, the better” does not work for this tool. Higher power leads to higher price and weight of the angle grinder. Therefore, before you choose an angle grinder, you need to decide on the appropriate diameter of the cutting disc.

Т.к. When you work with stone using heavy metal disks, you can take an angle grinder with a small power reserve. For example, an angle grinder with up to 2,500 W is suitable for a diameter of 230 mm.

Advantages and disadvantages of tabletops made of artificial material

From the liquid composition can be made even a countertop of artificial stone marble with complex curves. The process of processing finished acrylic or agglomerate sheets is more complicated, but such countertops or window sills will not emit harmful vapors into the air.

Acrylic products

  • 60% Aluminum trihydrate (the main component, which has the highest mass fraction and provides strength);
  • 35% Acrylic resin for viscosity and elasticity of the material;
  • 5% dyes (needed for color and texture).
  • harmless to health;
  • ability to bend after heating;
  • joints are not visible;
  • wide range of colors;
  • the availability of textures, imitating natural materials;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • warm surface that does not accumulate dirt;
  • easiness of care;
  • maintainability;
  • durability;
  • affordable price (if compared with agglomerate)

Composite is easy to scratch, hot dishes leave traces, so it is not the best option for the kitchen.

Quartz agglomerate

This material consists of 93% natural quartz, 5% polyester resin and 2% color pigments, so it is quite resistant to any external influences. Most often, it can only be sliced and polished in the shop environment. The work is quite difficult and time-consuming, but the table looks good for a long time.

  • does not absorb water, dirt, odors;
  • does not leave marks on hot cookware;
  • the material is strong, durable;
  • Perfectly imitates marble or granite;
  • looks great.

Solving the problems, how to make a countertop with your own hands from artificial stone, it is important to remember the disadvantages:

  • on a long product will definitely be visible seams;
  • may need to reinforce the furniture or even the floor (if the floor is not the first);
  • It is impossible to make a surface with rounded corners, a complex shape;
  • Cannot be repaired if damaged badly.

Disadvantages of using quartz sheets:

  • the work is complicated by the large weight;
  • without professional equipment, perfect cuts cannot be made;
  • You will need clamps for gluing;
  • Grinding joints without a rotary sander or angle grinder is not possible.

Cutting bricks

Brick is a common material in construction. It often needs to be adjusted to size, carrying out repair work in the home. Brick cutting with an angle grinder is a very frequent operation. For its implementation will require, in addition to working power tools with cutting discs, these other devices:

The entire process of cutting brick blocks is accompanied by considerable dust generation, so you should take care to protect your respiratory system and eyes from dust. To do this, use goggles and a respirator, or a full face mask. Hands should be protected with gloves.

DIY Home Made Building stone dressing machine (Machine Cut stone)

To work with little or no dust, you need to regularly water the place of cutting.

The cutting process itself consists of several steps:

  • Drawing chalk or pencil marking lines with a ruler or an angle;
  • Brick-cutting, whereby the wheel must pass near the marked line in order to provide the required size of the block fragment.

It is recommended to put a plank under the bricks to be sawn in order to work more comfortably and not to damage the flooring. No pressure on the power tool when cutting a brick block. A light application of force is sufficient. When working with discs of insufficient diameter for complete sawing, the cut is made along the marked perimeter. Surplus material can be hammered off and polished afterwards.

The work efficiency and the quality of the end result can be improved by using a special frame. This ensures secure mounting of the angle grinder and the brick block. Not only can the brick be cut lengthways or crossways, but also at different angles. This setup is shown in the following photo.

To re-saw bricks at once, without turning them over, you should use a disc diameter of 230 mm. Working on larger areas is easier with a cutting attachment size of 125 mm. When this relatively small disc is used to cut blocks, the quality of the result is largely determined by the skill of the cutter. Also, it will increase the time to perform the work, reducing productivity.

Characteristics and advantages of diamond cutting stone

Diamond cutting is one of the most common and highly effective methods of cutting stone. It is used to make perfectly straight cuts. Diamond discs can easily handle the toughest stones, like granite.

The second method is more acceptable, as the dust formed in the process of cutting is washed away with a liquid substance in the form of water. Thus, it is not deposited in the air and is not harmful to humans.

Stone cutting disc performs the function of cutting the material. It has special diamond-powdered areas. There are two kinds of diamond discs. The first involves diamond spraying only on the surface of the teeth; the second involves the entire surface.

Diamond cutting procedure implies a gradual crushing of the stone, so it cannot break or crack.

Types of diamond blades for granite

  • Solid (smooth) No impact load when using solid discs. The solid disc cuts slowly and very precisely. When working with a solid disc, a smooth cut is obtained. No risk of damage to the top layer (splintering and pitting).
  • Turbo Diamond turbo stone discs have a fluted edge that has a stronger backing. allow high cutting speeds without overheating. Suitable for dry or wet cutting. Despite their high speed, exactness of cut is guaranteed.
  • Segmental On the surface of the blade are fixed segments with different sized grooves. Are noted for their long service life and high working speed. May leave chipping on the stone surface.
  • Solid discs guarantee maximum cutting precision and accuracy;
  • The turbo guarantees high working speed;
  • the segmented ones are ideal when maximum service life is needed.

The same diamond disc may not always be used with the same equipment. some are only suitable for stationary power tools, others can be used with stationary or mobile power tools. Selection criteria that are particularly important to consider. type of diamond disc (solid, segmented, turbo), diameter. One more important point. flange availability/non-flange availability. Diamond discs for granite with a flange expand the capabilities of the tool. They are most popular in the workshops that produce various products from granite. Flange size is also important in the choice, it can be standard or extended.

If you do not have sufficient knowledge about the technical specifications of diamond discs, their compatibility with specific types of tools and the intended use, consult a specialist.

Cutting of artificial stone

In general, artificial stone is cut with the same tools as concrete. True, some types are very strong and require a different action, but about that later. Now let’s see what you can cut an average strength artificial stone with.

If you want to make holes in the stone, use an electric screwdriver, drill, or torch. The latter tool is more effective and practical. Cutting the artificial stone should be made with an angle grinder. It is important to choose the right nozzles so that the drilled gap is not too small or large, and the cut piece of stone was the size that you need. It is much easier to cut with a pencil or a construction adhesive tape.

Diamond cutting stone: Features and advantages

In the 21st century, the long and archaic methods of cutting stone have been replaced by diamond cutting, which is characterized by low dust and little vibration. It is an inexpensive and quick method that has made efficient processing of building stone accessible to all. Performed with a special diamond wheel. a disc with a microcrystalline sputtering of artificial diamond, which is installed on a gasoline cutter.

The disc technique using portable equipment is suitable for both precise and rough cutting of medium- and small-sized stone. Primarily used for tile manufacturing, laying of facing tiles (for trimming), installation of monumental structures. Diamond cutting prevents cracks and chips. Ensures good accuracy and a flat surface that only needs to be grinded.

If the stone has a large diameter, or if fragments of marble or granite that cannot be raised must be sawn, the wire cutting technique with metal ropes and attachable diamond-bearing sleeves is used.

This is interesting!Rope cutting is a fast and high-precision method, but not the most frequent because of the high cost, the need for prior installation of stationary equipment and a constant supply of water, up to 7 liters per minute.

The main thing is professionalism and safety

Stone cutting is kind of works with special requirements to safety and observance of hygienic and ecological norms that means it must be done by professionals only. Specialists in stone cutting are highly qualified, accurately master the technology of work, are provided with personal protective equipment. In addition, access of third parties to the place of stone cutting is limited.

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