How to choose the best circular saw?

The circular (disk) saw is used for sawing wood, plywood and wood-based stove. In this article we will figure out what circus are, their areas of application, and also what you need to know when choosing.

  • Hand disk saw compact and comfortable. It is useful for small home repairs and cutting a small number of parts. allow you to start the saw from the middle of the workpiece. As a rule, the casing completely closes the cutting disk. Suitable for processing the edge or creating grooves. Fixed and massive. Copes with wooden slabs and boards. Most often used in the workshop or on sawmills.
  • In the hypoid circular saw, the teeth of the engine gear are located curvilinean, which increases the torque. Come in handy on frame construction.


  • Light (from 400 to 1000 watts) is useful for a cut of plastic and wooden blanks.
  • Average (from 1000 to 1500 watts) is almost universal, optimal for repair or processing of solid wood.
  • Heavy (from 1500) will cope with the cut of thick wooden bars or steel sheets.
  • The start fixer will protect against randomly launching a saw. To turn on the circular saw, you need to simultaneously squeeze two buttons.
  • Smooth start protects against jerks when turning on and voltage jumps. Extends the life of the instrument.
  • The crumbling knife will not allow the disk to get stuck in the workpiece. Will reduce the load from the cutting disk during longitudinal sawing. denotes a trajectory on the workpiece along which the cut will pass. Increases the accuracy and accuracy of the cut line.

There is no deficiency in consumables for sawmills today. You will easily find equipment for your woodworking equipment in any construction supermarket. If necessary, you can purchase a universal disk that is suitable for working with various materials. But you need to understand that such a disk will always be worse than “profile”.

Answering the question, what is better disk saws, pay attention to the equipment of famous European brands or leading domestic manufacturers. For example, products under the Altai brand. She has established herself well at the enterprises of our country.

Varieties of cutters

The main parameter of consumables for disk saws is the material of the manufacture of discs. They are made of solid varieties of alloys or of instrumental steel. Cardish cutters are made from high.carbon durable steel brands and is suitable for working with the hardest materials.

Delicia saw wheels for circular saws are made from various alloys. The best solution will be the choice in favor of solid stamps. They have the following advantages:

  • Can be used to work with a large number of materials.
  • Do not require periodic teeth divorce.
  • Have great reliability and durability.
  • Can be used for cutting at high speed.

The attacence of the saw discs significantly expands the scope of use of such equipment and improves the efficiency of equipment. Such equipment remains acute for a long time and reduces the time to regularly restore the cutting edge.

When choosing a drop for sawmills, two sizes are taken into account:

The selection of the size of the disk is carried out according to the passport of the sawmill. The external diameter is selected based on the maximum possibility of your equipment. The larger this parameter, the more logs you can work. But even if, thanks to the constructive features of the sawmills, you can place a more disk on it than spelled out in the diameter passport, this should not be done. Since this will lead an excessive load on the engine and the reduction of its working resource.

What you need to know about the dieship of the disk?

Buying a saw disc for circular will not be difficult. But it is important to choose the right consumable material. By the number of teeth, there are three categories of discs:

Their optimal amount depends on the nature of the work performed. For transverse cutting, a large number of teeth are needed. For a high.quality longitudinal saw, it is better to use a disk with a minimum number of cutting segments. This will make it better to remove chips from the area and increase the speed of the saw.


During the selection of parts, a number of fundamental parameters of products should be taken into account.

The size

In this case, you must first familiarize yourself with the instructions for the tool. Pil manufacturers indicate this information in the characteristics that have a particular device. As for the external diameter, its choice is based on the dimensions of the protective casing in the circular saw, so the cut.out circle with a large external diameter on the device with smaller dimensions in the mechanism will not be possible to put. The most common disk sizes are the parameters in the range from 120–250 mm. This criterion is not responsible for the intensity of the cut, but is of great importance for the depth of the saw.

And the inner diameter affects the power shaft of the tool. It can be the following sizes. 16 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm. The size of the disk must correspond to the size of the shaft in the saw. In modern models of equipment for fixing circles there are special holes that allow you to fix the part with pins.

The number of teeth

Too many teeth will cause additional load in the motor, in addition, the speed of the saw can decrease. If you use consumables with a smaller number of teeth on the surface, it will be easier to remove chips from the working material, but the cleanliness of the cut will be imperfect. Based on this parameter, the discs can be the following types:

  • discs with incisors, the number of which will be in the range of 80–90 pieces;
  • products with average indicators where the number of teeth will be in the range from 40 to 80 units;
  • cutting circles with a minimum number of incisors, which are from 1 to 40 pieces.

Products with medium values ​​refers to the universal class, therefore it can be operated for processing different wood and wood.containing materials.

Tilt of teeth

For the most part, the wheels for circular saws on wood are made with a positive inclination, due to which the quality of the longitudinal cut increases. With a negative angle of inclination, the radius of the tooth will be directed to the back of the disk. However, longitudinal types of sections are most often performed with a positive deviation of the tooth from the radius, since such a configuration provides a more reliable capture of raw materials. The classification of inclination occurs according to this principle as:

  • The angle from 5 to 15 degrees is considered a standard option for the location of the incisors;
  • A positive inclination is in the range of 15–20 degrees;
  • negative. from 0 to 5 degrees.

Based on these values, it will be easier to choose a consumable part for work.

Disk thickness and options for attacks

The thickness of the cut itself directly depends on this parameter. However, too large products can cause overheating. The most common size is 3.2 mm.

Design features of disk cutters

In this matter, a clear gradation of the circles is a clear assignment. So, flat teeth are used to work on soft or solid wood of longitudinal cut. The element is marked by the manufacturer FT abbreviation. The second type of incisors is called interchangeable, it involves the location of the components in alternating form, where the teeth in turn are inclined in opposite directions. The transverse and longitudinal cuts of wood and wood.containing raw materials perform this disk. In this case, the cut.out circle has an ATB marking.

Combined type discs contain incigans that repeat the configuration of the two previous types. A manual or electric type tool with a Combi disk can be considered a multifunctional device of a universal type, with which almost all types of cuts can be performed. Trapezoid cutters are flat teeth, such products are indicated by the abbreviation TCG.

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Circular saw labeling

To determine the parameters of the proposed products, the manufacturer applies certain values ​​to his products, which determine the external diameter of the circle, the thickness of the soldering and circle. Among the most popular disks for wood, you can distinguish products with a marking of 190×30 mm or 190×20 mm.

Type of raw materials

As a rule, high.speed steel is used to make circles for circular saws. Vanadium, chrome and molybdenum are also used to increase its strength.

Classification of saw wheels for cutting wood involves their division into two main groups.


Products related to this group are recommended for working with all types of wood, and they can also be used for a saw of soft raw materials, such as polymer alloys. High.carbon steel is used for the production of circles. Among the positive features of the products, it is worth noting the affordable cost of disks, they are quite quickly and simply dragged, so the consumables in most cases even after prolonged operation can be restored. Among the minuses of the products, the low strength of the material is highlighted, which leads to the rapid wear of the elements.

Disk mills

Such a working detail belongs to varieties of cutting elements that are used to work with circular saws.

circular, monolithic, carbide, wheels

The main functions of the milling plant are as follows:

In addition, the part can be operated both on straightforward and on curved planes.

The work of the cutter is based on the simultaneous functioning of a large number of blades on the teeth. During milling, layers of different thicknesses are removed on raw materials. Hard metal alloys, ceramics and others are chosen as a material for the manufacture of mills. As well as in the assortment of construction stores, you can find mills with diamond spraying on the teeth, due to which the quality of the work performed and its effectiveness increases significantly.

For circular wood on wood, the following varieties of the cutting canvas are used:

Each type of part has its own purpose, on which its configuration depends.

Additional functions

Modern models of “circular” are equipped with serious functionality, among which the most popular are:

  • The system for maintaining a constant speed of rotation. The controller reads the speed of rotation of the shaft, with the fall of which (for example, when entering the zone with more viscous and dense material), the electronics automatically increase the speed due to the supply of the device’s power;
  • The smooth starting system allows you to reduce starting currents and the load on the mains. The equipment smoothly gains momentum, thereby increasing the resource of the gearbox and the life of the tool;
  • The overload protection system will automatically stop supplying power when overheating of the engine windings;
  • The electrodynamic brake stops the rotation of the equipment at the end of the cutting process. This option increases the security of the operator when using the tool;

Electrodynamic brake increases the safety of the operator

Do not forget about ergonomics. There are models specially designed for left.handed. Pay attention to the pens. They can be made in the form of a bracket, have direct or mushroom.shaped performance. Regardless of the shape, the handles must have anti.slip lobs.

Rating of the best manufacturers of circular saws

What is the circular saw is more or less clear. Which model to choose for home use? The answer to the question will be the rating of the most popular models from various price segments.

Budget models

A compact and lightweight model for periodic use in the household. A 900 W engine allows the process of wood and sheet materials, providing a cut depth of 45 mm, and at an angle of 45 °. 28 mm equipment, up to 140 mm in diameter. Spindle rotation frequency 4500 rpm.

circular, monolithic, carbide, wheels

Features: Step.up adjustment of the depth of the cut and rotation of the platform, an additional handle, the possibility of a stationary installation. Safety is provided by two protective casings that shift at the same time.

A very good choice for periodic use during repair and construction work at home and in the country. The Bort BHK-160U disk manual saw is equipped with a 1200 W engine, which allows you to work with equipment with a diameter of 165 mm. Sprinking depth. 55 mm, at an angle of 45 °. 32 mm. Disk rotation frequency. 5300 rpm.

Features: adjustment of the depth of cut and turning the base.

Complete.set: parallel guide, a set of spare brushes, keys for replacing a disk, a saw circle for wood work. Weight. 3.5 kg.

Great model with good technical characteristics. 1600 W engine provides high performance when sawing material up to 65 mm thick. Opening speed. 5000 rpm. The maximum diameter of the equipment is 190 mm.

Features: Mechanism for adjusting the cut depth, laser pointer, the ability to connect an external vacuumber or vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with a parallel emphasis. Weight. 4.8 kg.

Average price segment

Ergonomic and light model from a well.known manufacturer. 850 W engine power is enough to easily cope with wood and its derivatives thickness 40 mm. The depth of cut at an angle of 45 °. 26 mm. This model uses equipment with a maximum diameter of 130 mm. Rotation frequency. 4200 rpm.

The functionality is limited by the mechanisms for adjusting the depth of the cut and fixed rotation of the platform.

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Summary: parallel emphasis, carbular saw disk Speedline Wood. Weight. 2.4 kg.

A sufficiently powerful manual circular saw to perform most tasks associated with the repair of the house and the cottage. The model is equipped with a 2.2 kW engine, which allows you to easily cope with wood, up to 85 mm thick, in the presence of a disc with a diameter of 235 mm. The maximum spindle speed is 4500 rpm.

Functionality: cutting mechanism at an angle and the possibility of adjusting the depth of cut.

Complex: Cure saline, a disc replace the disk, guide. Weight. 8.5 kg.

A light, and ergonomic model with good performance that provides an engine with a capacity of 1350 watts with a maximum number of spindle revolutions 5500 rpm, with a sawing diameter of a saw of 184 mm. Reza depth. 65 mm, at an angle of 45 °. 42 mm.

Features: The cutting mechanism at an angle and the possibility of adjusting the depth of sawn with adjustment of the range up to 48 °.

Complexation: carbide equipment, key, adapter for connecting to an external dust system, parallel emphasis, can be equipped with a case. Weight. 3.7 kg.

Premium models

A powerful battery model for maximum autonomy when performing repair and construction work. Engine power. 1500 watts. Reza depth. 67 mm. Maximum disk diameter. 190 mm. Excellent cut quality is provided by a high spindle rotation speed of 5800 rpm.

Features: adjustment of the depth of cut and turning the base by 45 °.

Complex: sawing disk, guide, vacuum cleaner adapter, key. Weight. 3.7 kg.

Reliable and functional professional disc saw from a well.known brand is equipped with a 1300 W engine capable of providing high quality and cut depth of up to 56 mm at a speed of 5200 rpm.

Functionality: adjusting the depth of cut and turning the base at 48 °, smooth start, the presence of electronic protection of the power unit, electrodynamic braking of the motor. In addition, this model implements additional options: smooth speed adjustment, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. The kit comes with the key to replace the equipment. Weight. 4.1 kg.

A professional model that can cope with almost any work thanks to a good set of functions and reliable design. The power of the motor is 1400 watts, the spindle rotation frequency is 6250 rpm. The maximum size of the equipment is 165 mm. Reza depth. 57 mm.

Features: the immersion mechanism allows you to perform drunk from any point.

circular, monolithic, carbide, wheels

Functionality: adjusting the depth of cut and turning the base by 48 °. Additional options: smooth start, electronic power protection, smooth speed adjustment, the ability to connect an external vacuumber. Weight 4.7 kg.

  • The highest quality of the cut;
  • Good set of functions;
  • Accuracy when working with guides;
  • Comfortable pen;
  • Simple replacement of equipment.

Rating of the best models

The modern power tool market presents a large number of models of both well.known brands and budget samples of small companies. And although, due to high competition, most of the tools entering the market have high quality and excellent performance, some models should be noted separately.

  • The top 10 manual disk model Makita 5704R is headed. The device is great for both domestic use and work in workshops. The speed of rotation of the shaft is 4900 rpm, and the power of the electric motor is 1.2 kW. Such a saw is about 7,000.
  • In second place in the rating is the device of the same Japanese brand. the Makita 5903R model. The device is more suitable for professional use, has a power of 2 kW and can cut wood both along and across. As well as a saw is able to cope with thin aluminum sheets and plastic. Such a device is 9,000.
  • Closes the top three leaders German model of the Bosch series PKS-40. Power 0.6 kW is quite enough for cutting wooden blanks up to 4.5 cm thick and thin plastic. The speed of rotation of the shaft is 4.5 thousand rpm, weight. 2.2 kg,
  • The Japanese model of the Hitachi C13U has a power of 2 kW, the engine speed is 3400 rpm, it weighs such a device of 13 kg, which is intended exclusively for a stationary installation and can be used as a end saw.
  • Skil 5740 CA saw at an engine speed of 4,300 rpm is also a bought household model. The device is compatible with Bosch discs, has a power of 0.7 kW and costs 3 089.
  • Close the TOP-10 DEWALT DCS576N battery and the network DEWALT DWE 550. and Hyundai M1500 with the same cost.

Operation and maintenance

Due to the features of the design, the operation of circular saws is quite safe, but some rules still need to be observed.

  • When working with the tool, you need to use personal protective equipment: glasses, headphones and respirator.
  • The replacement of the disk should only be performed with the device disconnected from the network.
  • It is advisable to fix the processed product and the cutting part with a grip or other holding device.
  • Poster power cord should be as far as possible from the working disk.
  • Before starting work, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the protective covers and the integrity of the cord.
  • To set the discs of an inappropriate size is strictly prohibited. If necessary, compensation for internal diameter, adapters should be used.

The disk saw is a complex mechanical device, so its maintenance should be carried out exclusively in service centers. However, the sharpening of the working discs can be carried out independently. In this case, it is necessary to strictly withstand the angle of the sharpening angle, and the formation of the teeth is performed according to standard parameters. Unauthorizedly modify the shape and tilt of the teeth is strictly prohibited. Sharpening is necessary only on special equipment. When dragging disks with a file, the characteristics of the cutting surface change and the quality of the work may decrease. Sharpening of carbide cutting canvases with attacks should be carried out only with the help of diamond sharpening discs.

We select a saw disk to solve a specific problem

Each pack packaging indicates its specific use. Disks are often found regarding universal use, for close in structure and density of materials. For example, for wood, wood-brown stove, wood-fiber slab, plywood.

There are no good “everywhere” records. If the manufacturer claims that he is on wood, metal, concrete and so on, then in the end such an object will not cut anything.

For wood

For the main and ordinary sawdles, discs with a large and rare tooth are suitable. For example, the external diameter is 200 mm per 24 teeth. Diagonal, transverse, medium and small teeth are best suited for clean teeth.

For pure cut, laminated wood-brown slab and laminate

For these materials, the smaller and more often the tooth is found, the less chips and scratches will be. However, even in this case there is no guarantee of an impeccable cut. These materials are cut on special machines with a second cutting disk, which rotates in the opposite direction.

On a regular circular, these materials can be cut without damage by the mentioned disk, but with preliminary pruning of the coating or gluing a section with a protective sticky tape.

For aluminum

Discs are used for metal. For example, for non.ferrous metals or thin steel. Such discs have a small tooth, a negative angle and are made of special steel for cutting metals.

The rating of the best

Saw equipment. popular product (consumer). Therefore, there are many people who want to fill this niche with their poor.quality products. The problem is that there are manufacturers who fake well.known brands.

It is safer to choose the wheels of conscientious brands with protection against fake (holograms on the package, addresses of sites where you can confirm the origin of the goods, etc.D.).

If you do not have such a tool yet, before buying, be sure to read a detailed article on how to choose a disk saw, and also read the rating of the best disk saw for home.

The best expensive

CMT, Italy. Depending on the size, the number of teeth.

Original SMT products relate to a professional class, proven themselves high quality, serve for a long time, rarely require sharpening.

This manufacturer is widely represented on sites where tools for mass consumer are sold. There are other professional disk manufacturers, they should be sought on sites selling professional equipment.

Average price segment

Manufacturers of power tools often supply tools for their products. At the same time, they are interested in their instrument have a good reputation. Therefore, the canvases of the same name are usually of good quality. These include: Bosch, Metabo, Bison, Makita, Dewalt.

The of these manufacturers are comparable. often preference is given to Bosch and Makita brands due to traditional German and Japanese quality, good reputation.

Classification of disk saws for its intended purpose and depth of cut

The disc saw still has a second name. circular saw. They work from electricity. Cutting part of the saw. a disk with teeth. It is located stationary. Both of these qualities make them indispensable when working with a large amount of material and in cases where it is necessary to perform a flat straight sawing, which is quite difficult to do when using other saws, for example, chainsaws.

In the 220 Volt store, you can buy a disk saw of the model that will perfectly arrange you. Consider them in more detail. These saws can be made by longitudinal or transverse sawing of wood, laminate cutting or other tiledmaterials, as well as cutting colored metal sheets. Each type of saw is designed for a certain type of work.

Circular saws are divided depending on the depth of the performed cut into four types:

  • Small saws, with a depth of drank from 40 to 46 mm;
  • The saws are medium, with a depth of drank from 50 to 55 mm;
  • The saws are large, with a depth of cut from 65 to 70 mm;
  • Professional class saws that make cuts with a depth of 65 to 140 mm.

Also, disc saws are divided into three more types:

  • stationary, which is convenient with a large amount of work, but at the same time, it requires quite a lot of space. Such saws are installed in a special room, for example, in a workshop, from where they are practically not removed.
  • The second view can be called circular desktop saws. They are more transportable, but have less performance. But they are easy to install in any place convenient for the master, for example, in the yard or in another utility room.
  • Manual circular saws are also often used by masters for small volumes and cutting materials of small strength.

Hand disk saws

Small and medium saws belong to manual discs or differently, to household. Their distinctive feature is lightness and increased maneuverability, which makes them extremely convenient in work. However, the disadvantage of these devices can be called their low.power and, accordingly, low performance.

When choosing a circular saw, one of the most important parameters is precisely the maximum depth of cut. But after all, among several models, equivalent, if possible, the maximum depth of the cut, there are other features that also play an important role.

One of them is considered the power of the electric engine of the circular. Cannot be discounted and the speed of rotation of the sawing disk. It goes without saying that the higher the speed of rotation, the more solid materials it is able to process. You should pay attention to the method of managing the saw. With a spherical control handle, which makes it possible to fix the saw in any position, to cut the sawing much more convenient.

What needs to be paid attention to when choosing a saw disk

It is obvious that for high.quality wood processing, achieving high results in woodworking, efficiency and economy, the choice of “correct” saw discs must be treated with maximum responsibility.

Before buying a pilana saw or products of other manufacturers, you should take into account the parameters of the circular saw:

When buying a cutting tool, pay attention to whether this model is allowed for disk saws of disk saws. This option allows you to completely restore the performance of the saw disk and not spend extra money.

Select the configuration of the teeth of the saw disc, taking into account the parameter such as engine power. Installation of a disk with a negative or “zero” slope provides an increased load on the power tool. If this parameter is neglected, it is quite possible that in the near future it will be required to repair disk saws.

Assessing the speed of the spindle rotation, as well as the speed of rotation of the shaft (number of revolutions per minute), it is necessary to achieve maximum compliance of these parameters with the requirements that are determined by the manufacturer of the discs.


The right choice of a wood saw. a guarantee of effective and economical woodworking, compliance with safety requirements, ensuring long.term operation of consumables.

If there is no confidence in the ability, correctly determine the type of saw disk, use the services of professional consultants.

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