DWT WS08-125, WS08-125 V, WS08-125 T, WS08-125 TV, WS10-125 T, WS10-125 TV angle grinder speed controller

Buy DWT WS08-125 V/TV, WS10-125 T/TV angle grinder at the great price of 155 UAH. and reliable quality with delivery anywhere in Ukraine. Orders through the site are accepted on any day of the week around the clock.

Part type Speed regulator Tool type angle grinder (angle grinder), Graver Type angle grinder (disc Ø) angle grinder-115, angle grinder-125 Brand DWT, Proton, Texas, Dnepr-M, Craft, Zenith, Forte, Riber-Profi, Kraissmann, Graphite, RZTK, Vega Professional Maximum current 6 A Current type alternating current (AC) Adjustment disk diameter 20 mm Contacts 2 Body size (HxWxT) 22 × 23 × 14 mm Design features External radiator of triac Marking of connection diagram on the body Marking on the body XIAN DR2- 6/1FE 6(6)A 250VAC 12(12)A 125VAC Class Analogue Country of Manufacture (TM) China Original Part Number 50 (C-019) Cover plate Applicability DWT WS08-115 (All Parts Catalog) DWT WS08-115 V (All Parts Catalog) DWT WS08-115 T (All Parts Catalog) DWT WS08-115 TV (All Parts Catalog) DWT WS08-125 (All Parts Catalog)125 T (all parts catalog) DWT WS08-125 TV (all parts catalog) DWT WS10-115 T (all parts catalog) DWT WS10-115 TV (all parts catalog) DWT WS10-125 TV (all parts catalog) DWT WS-115 V (all parts catalog) DWT WS-115 L (all parts catalog) DWT WS-115 LV (all parts catalog) DWT WS-125 V (all parts catalog) DWT WS-125 L (all parts catalog) DWT WS- 125 125 LV (catalog of all details) DWT GS06-27 V (catalog of all details) DWT GS06-27 LV (catalog of all details) Proton MSHU-125/1000 Proton MSHU-125/1270 (catalog of all details) Proton MSHU-125/1275 (catalog of all details) Zenit ZUSH- 125/1250 (catalog of all details for the model) Zenit ZUSH-125/1250 RS (catalog of all details for the model) Dnipro-M MSHU-125/1250 Dnipro-M GL-125 S (Dnipro-M MSHU-125/1250 R) (catalog of all details for the model) Craft CAG-125/1300 (all parts catalog) Graphite 59G093 (all parts catalog) Graphite 59G062 (all parts catalog) Texas TA-01-422 (all parts catalog) Texas TA-01-423 (all parts catalog) Forte EG 10-125 V RZTK AG 1250S Vega Professional VG-1300 Vega Professional VG-1300E Kraissmann 600 GSF 6 Riber-Profi WS10-125 L Riber-Profi WS10-125 LW Also can be used with other tools Compare dimensions and specifications! tool parts diagram DWT WS-125 LV DWT WS08-125 TV diagram DWT WS10-125 TV diagram DWT WS10-125 TV weight 19 g Attention: ♺ Parts may differ slightly from those shown on the website (photo, dimensional tolerance).

DWT angle grinder

Needed an angle grinder with a speed controller, so that work and one hand could sometimes be for frequent use grinding on wood. Well, that it was clarified in my store, offering an angle grinder with constant electronics, the motor which maintains power, so the tool does not fail under load, even at low speed, which is exactly what is needed for wood. I stopped at the Bosch GWS 13-125 CIE angle grinder. At first I wanted to save money and looked at the angle grinder from dayspro m and Sturm, but still bribed Bosch the presence of a number of other systems, such as protection against accidental jamming of the disc, plus power. Buying satisfied, in Taki Da did a discount, got an angle grinder with a warranty card in Ukraine, all as necessary!

I already have a Makita angle grinder, with a thin body, now I need to work stationary a lot, to cut thin fittings. Thanks guys from the store, which under such a problem advised the best solution, namely to buy an angle grinder 125 mm with a long handle with a stand for it. We got a small stationary machine. At the same time in the new angle grinder Dnipro-M has a regulator speed, useful for cleaning, especially pleased with the price of the set to 1500 UAH, including free delivery!

Thought to buy an angle grinder with “mother of pearl gudzikami”) but it is that had a regulator obviv, with a small design, so that the button was under the finger of a large hand conveniently roztashovana, so that the power enough, and also the price is adequate, so that inexpensive. Thought for a long time will look for me, but in the Sochi Yes amazed, after my call in 5 hvilinok offered three options at once, I even rogubilsya, veshti solution was identified between Dnipro M GS-140SE and Sturm AG9512P. The price of the angle grinder Sturm pidkupilala, tem more so that the neighboring have pidtrimku potust³ on small turns. Took, tested and realized that not gone wrong, the tool is what you need, the only thing that is not very that the button is three times from the top, but the gearbox can be turned and everything is ok!)

angle, grinder, speed

An excellent choice and a good sorting, the ability to pick up an angle grinder by class, the price of inexpensive, to the current discount on the angle grinder pro class. Helped me make up my mind, took a few grinders. 125mm from Bosch. I work with it most of all. 230 Dnipro M. for cutting angle, I bought one with a swivel handle. And fit into the budget and got a decent set!

Bought an angle grinder Makita GA 5030, Romanian assembly, warranty card official in Ukraine, with holograms, the original angle grinder. The price of the angle grinder pleased, because there was a discount!)

if you need a cordless angle grinder, pay special attention to battery capacity. When the load discharges quickly, I bought a cordless bolgar enhel, and took a 2 Ah battery from an electric screwdriver (previously taken, and the batteries are compatible, which is a plus). I just realized that over time, it’s better to buy a 4 Ah battery. Great for the home, then. Thanks

angle grinder design

Today, DWT offers two types of angle grinders by body design:

Classic models are characterized by more compact dimensions, which makes it possible to use the body as a handle. Such a unit is very convenient to use in cramped conditions.

The long DWT angle grinder is a larger tool, so it has an extended back handle that provides a more secure grip on the tool during long and demanding jobs. In these models, the switch is made on the handle, and in the name has the marking “T”.

Some models may be equipped with a rear handle of the long type, which are characterized by the presence of an additional bracket, which significantly increases the safety of the operator’s use of the machine. This type of handle is D-shaped, which is indicated by the letter “D” in the model marking.

expensive angle grinder from this brand, equipped with a long or D-shaped handle, have the ability to rotate the handle to three positions. Due to this function, you can adjust the body of the angle grinder to work more comfortably.

To buy a DWT angle grinder, with which it will be convenient for you to perform all your tasks, you need to pay attention to the configuration of the device.

For more comfortable operation, the DWT angle grinder is equipped with an additional handle, which can be installed on the right or left side depending on your physical needs.

In order to ensure a high level of safety when working with an angle grinder DWT 180 mm (or other diameter circles), DWT angle grinder is equipped with a special protective cover, whose task is to prevent the selection of particles of the processed material, dust and other solid elements in the direction of the operator.

DWT angle grinder, the reviews of which are exceptionally positive, will become your best helper in performing tasks of various complexity levels, and the employees of Sea-tools online store will help you select a model according to your requirements.

How to choose an angle grinder for home?

When considering the purchase of a grinder, it is recommended, in the first place, to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • power. The amount of work to be done and the productivity depends on it;
  • The ability to adjust the speed so that for each type of work select the optimal speed of the disc;
  • the length of the mains cable;
  • installation of the handle in different positions (two, three), so that it was more convenient to grind or cut the material;
  • Availability of a cover to protect the user from splinters, dust, sparks;
  • the ability to change accessories without using wrenches;
  • availability of additional functions, such as blocking accidental pressing of the button on the tool, anti-vibration system, protection against jamming of discs.

How to work properly?

When working with an angle grinder, it is necessary to observe safety precautions, as this tool is quite traumatic. The basic rules for using the grinder are:

  • To hold the tool firmly, so it does not fall out of your hands, does not bounce from the material you are working on;
  • only fit grinding wheels with the diameter for which the angle grinder is designed;
  • Make sure that the mains cable is not caught by the rotating disc;
  • stand on your feet as steady as possible to avoid losing your balance;
  • Only switch on the grinding machine if the user is fully prepared for work;
  • only change accessories when the angle grinder is switched off and unplugged;
  • necessarily turn off the unit after performing certain work, do not move around the room, the room with the included tool;
  • After turning off the angle grinder, turn on the start button accidental start lock if the model has this feature.

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