What is the difference between an electric grass trimmer and an electric mower

How to choose an electric mower and how it differs from electric grass trimmer? This is often the question before you buy a lawn trimmer. Some sites on the Internet often do not put the distinction on the same tool, calling it electric mower and trimmer at the same time. Or one site calls this model an electric scythe, the other calls it the same, electric trimmer, and the third is just an electric trimmer. That’s why there can be some confusion in understanding this. But there is some difference in these concepts. It is believed that the grass trimmer is a grass trimmer with a bottom-mounted motor, which is used to cut the grass with a line without the use of metal blades and cutters. A power tool is a powerful tool with the top position of the engine for mowing grass, small bushes and dead wood with the ability to use a line for trimmer and a variety of steel cutters. Other great features of these high-powered grass trimmers are the variable accessory attachments like the pruner or the brush cutter.

An electric grass trimmer is not a substitute if you have a neat little area that is well groomed. For fine jewelry work with the grass in hard-to-reach places, the electric grass trimmer is just what you need. Due to the lower position of the engine, its center of gravity is at the bottom and it is easy to control. Mowing grass near the curb or around the flower bed is easy. Some models have a motor tilt angle that can be adjusted, increasing your power tool’s capabilities. Grass trimmers mostly have small power, but high-speed engines. This allows them to work without great strain on the mains.

What company to choose an electric grass trimmer? If you have determined to buy the best inexpensive electric trimmer for the grass, then pay attention first of all to its capacity, warranty period and reviews on the Internet. Not a little important will be the presence of trimmers in a variety of useful additions, such as the presence of the thrust wheel or increased length of the mains cable. Also, when choosing, give preference to sites with a good reputation. Remember that a very cheap price for a tool that is very different from the average is suspicious.

Powerful ride-on mowers are equivalent to grass trimmers in that they’re excellent for cutting and trimming overgrown or even small trees. Using cutters with pobedite tips can do trimming not thick branches in the garden. Electric grass trimmers differ in engine power and boom design (collapsible, not collapsible). The most powerful electric grass trimmers have a soft start. When choosing them, you need to consider the reviews on forums and view the various ratings of electric grass trimmers Ukraine. This will help you choose the best electric trimmer for the grass, which is suitable for you.

electric trimmers that will surprise you

Grass trimmers are used in hard-to-reach places where wheeled mowers are difficult to navigate. Let’s review briefly the features of the device and tell you about a couple of little-noticed, but worthy models from the catalog.

When buying an electric trimmer for grass, the choice of the best model is determined by the tasks:

An electric grass trimmer up to 600 watts is good for mowing soft grass. For mowing dense weeds, choose a model with power up to 1000 watts. For young growth and thin shrub branches, an electric grass trimmer with more than 1 kW power is best suited.

Low-power electric mowers with an electric cord tend to be lightweight. Cordless models don’t have a long, tangled electric cord, but they add weight and price immediately. Rotation from the engine to the cutting head can be transferred through a rigid rod-shaft (this trimmer for grass with a straight rod) or a flexible shaft (devices with a curved rod). Models with rigid shaft are more reliable, with flexible shaft. less vibration is transmitted to the hands when working.

Type of cutting tools of an electric grass trimmer: trimmer line, blade. Mowing head with light fishing line is suitable for difficult to reach areas: fences, trees, walls, etc.ะด. Multiblade circular blade is effective for tall grass with tough stems, small bushes. Diameter of the line used is specified in the product certificate, it corresponds to the trimmer’s capacity for grass. Trimmer line 1,2-1,6 mm is used for constant lawn care, 2-2,5 mm. for occasional mowing, suitable for hard grass. D-handle for difficult-to-reach areas, typical for low-power devices. J-grip handle designed for comfortable grip when mowing tough stems and tall grass. For compact storage and transportation choose electric grass trimmer with telescopic or collapsible boom.

Top-mounted motor

This is a stronger trimmer for grass, the power of which can reach 1400 watts. This tool can cut dense and tall grass, as well as small bushes.

Grass trimmers with the top of the engine can be equipped not only with a line, but also with a knife. They can cut wet grass. These models cost more, but their performance is also better.

I hope that now it has become clearer to you how to choose an electric trimmer for your needs on the type of motor location.

The engine location in the trimmer

A distinction is made between bottom-mounted and top-mounted grass trimmers.

Handles are attached to the boom about midway and serve for easier maneuvering. Three types of handles are used:

  • D-handle looks like a plastic loop. Top-mounted grip. Handy in cases where you need to raise the trimmer for higher shrub processing.
  • The T-handle resembles a bicycle handlebar, and is used in a similar way. Comfortable, because both hands are used for easy maneuvering. Good for heavy models.
  • The J-shaped handle is more like a classic lawn trimmer’s handle and therefore allows for similar pushing and pulling motions as the lawn trimmer.

Partially removes vibration, which, firstly, fatiguing during work, and, secondly, causing tangible harm to the body.

Which grass trimmer to choose? There is no “one size fits all” solution for all users. The choice should be guided by the following factors:

If your area is full of stones, the grass trimmer with knives will obviously not suit you. Choose a grass trimmer, complete with a cutting system based on a fishing line, or such, where several interchangeable nozzles are provided. Do not overpay for knives, as they can deform or break on the rocks, and work with an unbalanced cutting system can cause irreparable damage to the gear trimmer for grass.

If you have trees in your yard and you don’t trim them often enough to avoid overgrowth, try a metal blade or disc grass trimmer.

If you use a grass trimmer for making hay, a lawn mower might be the best choice.

For a small lawn under the window is suitable electric grass trimmer, powered from the mains. But if your lawn is small, deep in the grass and you tend to it regularly, buy a cordless grass trimmer.

If you are the owner of a garden, and in addition to the lawn you have to deal with shrubs and pruning trees. multitrimmer will be a reliable companion for you.

We hope that we were able to answer the question “How to choose a trimmer for the grass”. Have a nice day and enjoy your shopping!

What’s great about electric trimmers??

The only disadvantage of such garden equipment is its dependence on a power source (conductive network) and the limitation of the working area by the length of the electric cable. But we know with you that such a trimmer for grass is most often needed for dachas or a country house, and there is almost always electricity. And significantly increase the radius of action is possible, using network extenders.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer for cutting the grass?

When choosing a particular model, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

Type of cutting system. There are two different cutting systems. a line for the trimmer and a knife. line for trimmer. The system with a fishing line consists of a head, inside which there is a bobbin with winded caprone fishing line. The tips of the line protrude from the bobbin by a certain distance, and as the head rotates, it mows the grass. The line for the trimmer can easily cope with small weeds and tall grass. In some cases, it can even cut small bushes

Over time, trimmer lines wear out and need to be replaced. Depending on the grass trimmer model, it changes in automatic or semi-automatic mode. Automatic exchange directly on the grass trimmer, semiautomatic by hitting the ground with the grass trimmer head.

The blade. A cutting system with a blade is installed on models with a powerful motor. The blade can be equipped with two, three or four blades. This is good for mowing thick brush and brushwood. Mowing small trees with a blade is not enough: A metal disk with teeth like a circular saw is used.

motor location. Trimmers have a top or bottom-mounted engine. The upper location is more comfortable for the following reasons:

  • the engine is protected against moisture,
  • the grass trimmer can be used to cut wet grass,
  • Grass trimmer is well balanced and lies comfortably in the hand,
  • The top-mounted models have a powerful motor that can handle both the line and the blade.

The grass trimmer is usually equipped with simple, low-power motors. Their power is enough to work with a fishing line only.

Engine power. This characteristic affects the functionality and performance of the grass trimmer. Household models up to 500 watts are used for mowing small lawns and for finishing work after using the lawnmower. 500-1000 watts models are more practical. They can be used to mow lawns, care for grass in parks and maintain garden plots. Models with power over 1000 watts are the most universal. They can work with a knife and a fishing line, have a long service life, quality and reliability. Use them for mowing lawns, pulling weeds, and sawing young trees.

Type of drive. Trimmers transfer torque by means of a cable or a shaft. Models with a drive shaft are more reliable. Their sturdy design makes them suitable for both the blade and the hand-held tool. Models with a cable can only work with a fishing line, so this type of drive is used in low-power household brushcutter.

Boom design and material. Electric trimmers have straight or curved booms. A curved boom uses a steel wire to transmit torque. Directly by means of a gearbox and shaft. The straight boom is more rugged and is therefore used in larger trimmers. Curved boom is unreliable, so it is only used on small brushcutters for home use.

Upper-mounted trimmers have a collapsible and one-piece boom design. Bottom-mounted models have a telescopic shaft. The telescopic boom is more convenient: its length can be adjusted to the operator’s height, and it is also easier to carry, store, and transport. The boom is made of plastic, aluminum and metal. Plastic is light and brittle. Metal is more durable, but heavy. Aluminum is the best material. It combines the light weight of plastic with the strength of metal.

Handle shape. Grass trimmer handles are D, J and T-shaped. D and J-shaped handles give trimmers better maneuverability. They are best used for demanding applications. The T-handle is used for larger and flatter work because it can be held with both hands. Uniformly distributed load distribution results in less arm fatigue and enables the operator to work longer without resting.

Carrying strap. Makes working with a brushcutter easier, transfers the effort from your hands to your shoulders. A single shoulder strap is sufficient for light trimmers, but a backpack-type strap for heavier models.

Mowing width. Depends on type of cutting system, affects performance of grass trimmer. Cutting widths up to 440 mm with a fishing line and up to 250 mm with a disc.

Overview of selected trimmer models

Placing the offered trimmer models on their websites, manufacturers supplement them with reviews and detailed descriptions, thereby giving the potential buyer the opportunity to get acquainted with the features of the device and compare it with analogues. Based on this, the consumer can decide for himself whether this or that model is able to effectively cope with the task entrusted to him.

Huter GET-600

The considered model, about which there are many reviews, is an electric trimmer that provides a cutting width of 32 cm. Thanks to the rotary cutting system, even the most hard-to-reach areas in the garden can be mowed quickly and efficiently.

electric, grass, trimmer, best

The design of the device provides the ability to select the height of mowing. Thanks to the fact that you can set the handle of the grass trimmer at the most convenient height, anyone can comfortably perform lawn mowing regardless of their height. The model is equipped with a straight boom, which adds to the strength of the construction. It also has a spool of fishing line.

This electric grass trimmer has the following technical characteristics:

The weight of the machine is 2.3 kg, which allows you to mow for several hours without feeling tired.

AL-KO GTE 550 Premium

This model, which is also a good choice according to reviews, is equipped with an electric motor with 550 watts of power. Given this feature and the low weight of 3 kg, this model can be used to effortlessly mow a small area of land in a short time without great physical effort.

One pass is enough to cut a layer of grass up to 30 m wide. Double nylon line provides a clean cut, resulting in an attractive lawn. Automatic fishing line feed from the reel, so the operator does not have to interrupt in case of line breakage.

The model is equipped with a swivel head, which allows you to work on areas with different angles. A power grid with standard voltage is required for the operation of the device, and the operation is carried out by the rotary cutting system. The operator can select the desired trimming height, if he wants. The design provides a convenient adjustable handle and a straight bar, due to what the use of such a trimmer is convenient and at the same time, minimize the risk of breakage. This model has a bottom-mounted motor. In addition to the device itself, it comes with a spool of sturdy fishing line.

Huter GET-1200SL 1000

This model, about which you can find a lot of reviews, is designed to work from the mains. The machine needs only one pass to create a 42 cm wide path. Accessories like shoulder bag, paddle blade and line spool are included.

The grass trimmer does not include a grass catcher box, so after mowing the grass lies on the lawn. After the treatment is completed, it must be assembled, using available hand tools or other equipment. The device has the ability to select the height of cutting and a suitable mode of operation.

Best Grass Trimmer | Top 10 Best Electric Grass Trimmers in 2021

The engine used in the trimmer has a power of 1200 watts, which leads to high performance in processing areas with grass of any quality. The device has a mass of 5.5 kg, so in the case of its long-term use can be difficult to carry to the place of treatment.

The model is characterized by the top location of the motor. The presence of a straight boom allows the system to demonstrate increased durability.

The models of trimmers considered above are not the only ones that are in demand in the market today. Besides them, there are many good reviews of devices offered by companies such as Bosch and MTD.

These grass trimmers were able to become popular not by accident, because they stand out for their high quality workmanship and demonstrate effective performance, as indicated by the reviews.

Hyundai GC 550

If you need to clear areas so that there is an even and smooth cut, the electric grass trimmer from the manufacturer Hyundai model GC 550. just what you need. This model is equipped with a powerful, improved engine, which has doubled the speed of the rotating unit compared to other models, resulting in improved performance. The engine power is 700 watts, at which it performs up to 1000 revolutions per minute. Electric grass trimmer Hyundai GC 550 has also advantages in the heat dissipation, since the device is built into a special system that is responsible for cooling the engine when overheated. There is also an automatic thermal overload protection that switches the machine off in the case of overload. The cutting head is a semi-automatic line feeder. The line is 6 metres long and has a diameter of 1.6 mm, so it can cut 300 mm of grass in one fell swoop without damaging the stems. The handle of the grasshopper is adjustable, making it possible to lengthen the handle and thus reach hard-to-reach places. Handle grips made of durable, hard-wearing rubber for a comfortable grip during operation. The unit also features an injury protection button that protects the engine from accidental activation. The head can also be swiveled to either side using the adjuster. D-shaped handle, which facilitates the work of the mower and makes it more comfortable to use, helps to adjust the width of the swing and the angle of the grass trimmer head rotation. An integrated wheel that can also be used as an additional support helps to bring the tool to the place of work.

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