Electric torque wrench. features and tips for choosing the right one

The joining of structural elements in the way of threaded connection in the type of bolt (stud). nut by hand takes too much time, especially if we are talking about their large number. And in some cases work with a wrench (horn or any other wrench) is simply impossible due to impossibility of access to the working area or intensive metal rusting that causes “sticking” of fasteners.

A smart solution is to use a tool such as a impact wrench with an adjustable tightening torque feature. Let’s find out what the peculiarities of its electric modification are.

How to choose a pneumatic impact wrench

When choosing a tool, it is worth, above all, proceeding from the purposes for which it will be used. A variety of features must be taken into consideration:

The range of applications

Wrenches are designed to work with various types of fasteners. For domestic use, the optimum size range is 10 to 12, e.g. M12 to M24. Powerful models can handle fasteners up to M42.

The presence of a blow

Impact wrenches, like drills or screwdrivers, can be impact or non-impact. The price for the former is usually higher, but it tightens the fasteners more reliably. Models come in a variety of impact frequencies. For example, for changing a wheel, 2,300 beats per minute is considered optimal.

Impact wrenches are preferred if the tool is to be used for:

When working with a hammerless tool, a great load is on the hand of the craftsman. Such models should be preferred if they will be used for:

Type of chuck

The tool’s spindle usually has a hexagonal shape and is designed to work with the following types of bits:

Screwdrivers are usually designed to work with certain fasteners, when buying it is worth reading the instructions.


One of the most important parameters for this tool. It largely depends on the power. This term refers to the torque transmitted to the moving element. This characteristic can range from 100 to 2,200 Nm. Torque specifies how quickly and powerfully the tool can drive fasteners. The higher the torque, the more complicated the work can be.

Screwdrivers with different torques are designed for different types of jobs:

  • Up to 160 Nm. for small fasteners and plastic constructions;
  • Up to 250 Nm. for tightening and removing nuts on aluminum or thin steel;
  • Up to 440 Nm. for repair work, particularly roofing work;
  • Up to 810 Nm for work on vehicles and other machinery.

The most common wrenches for craftsmen with a maximum torque of 400-800 Nm.


This function involves turning the shaft in the opposite direction. with no reverse rotation, the impact wrench can be used for torque only to unscrew or tighten fasteners.

Battery type and capacity

Impact wrenches can operate with Ni-CD, Ni-MH or Li-Ion. The latter are considered the most advanced, they have no memory effect, almost no self-discharge. The battery capacity can be from 1.5 to 5 mAh. This parameter determines the duration of autonomous operation of the tool.

When buying be sure to specify the equipment. If you plan to use the impact wrench intensively, look for models with large battery capacity and two batteries included.

Many manufacturers produce cordless tools in lines, in which case the batteries are interchangeable. There are models on the market from brands such as Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, which do not include a battery and charger. It is assumed that the buyer already has a cordless tool from the same series. This gives you the opportunity to save significantly.

Top 5 best cordless impact wrenches 2020

This is a budget model that does not have high power, but it is quite useful in the household. This impact wrench is easy in work, lightweight and convenient. The tool is equipped with high heads 17-19-21. According to owners’ reviews, one battery charge (1.5 Ah) is enough for tightening 40 nuts M12×1.5 and tightening of 32. If it is necessary to increase the working time, you can quickly change the battery, as there is another one in the set, though of similar power.

This impact wrench model can work in pulse mode and develops a maximum torque of up to 250 N-m. In standard operation, the torque is about 130 N-m.

With the purchase of a nozzle, the tool can drive self-tapping screws into wood and other soft material (1/2″ square to 1/4″ hex adapter).

Rating of the best impact wrenches

Zubr ZGUE-350

Enthusiasts who want to find an inexpensive electric nutrunner, it is worth taking a closer look at the Zubr ZGUE-350. The reviews of the wrench Zubr 350 “speak for themselves,” and the model characteristics confirm the quality of the product. The set includes a durable cover that protects the equipment from damage.

Reviews about the wrench Zubr Zuge 350 confirm the fact that the equipment is distinguished by the reliability and ruggedness of the housing.

The power of the tool is 350 W, the maximum torque is 300 Nm. The equipment is connected to 230 V mains, and the 2.7 m long power cord ensures comfortable work with the tool without restricting freedom of movement. Speed is 2000 rpm.

Zubr ZGUE-350 Electric Impact Wrench


The ELITECH GU 350PE has a maximum speed of 2300 rpm and torque of 350 Nm. Design of the wrench is well thought out in details: the aesthetic case of the tool is made in red. This model is not subject to mechanical damage, which occurs when working with.

The wrench comes with a 1/2-inch hex adapter designed to hold drills. Equipment weighs 2.2 kg. very comfortable to use. LED illumination allows precise insertion and removal of screws in the dark.

Reviews of elitech gu 350re impact wrenches indicate that the tool is lightweight and durable. Well-designed handle provides a secure grip. The equipment can be used for a variety of jobs, because in addition to the 1/2-inch drive pin the kit includes an adapter for 1/4 inch.

The ELITECH GU 350PE impact wrench weighs 2.2 kg. The maximum torque of the device is 350 Nm.

  • integrated lighting;
  • quick-release socket lock;
  • frost-resistant power cable;
  • In the kit there is a case;
  • ergonomic non-slip handle.

Best electric impact wrench for cars

The Autolux AL-1304 cigarette lighter car wrench is a reliable helper for drivers on the road and in the garage. Robust ABS plastic housing contains a powerful motor with 340 Nm of torque to the spindle. Model has a handy two-step start button, which also controls the direction of rotation of the shaft. In addition, with a weight of only 1.6 kg the tool is equipped with an impact mechanism, allowing you to tighten the nuts of passenger car wheels with enough force.

The device consumes 10A current at work, and its main disadvantage. the impossibility of continuous work without stopping. After 10 minutes of use, the wrench overheats and can fail. The model is equipped with a plastic case for storage and transportation, which does not take up much space in the trunk of the car.


  • Type. straight, impact, 12V power supply.
  • Power 175 W.
  • Torque 340 Nm.
  • Chuck: ½” type.
  • The presence of reverser. is.

Pros of

  • Working from the cigarette lighter;
  • weight;
  • costs;
  • the presence of an impact mechanism;
  • availability of case;
  • instruction manual in Russian.

The best electric impact wrench for cars

Car nutrunner Autolux AL-1304 with power from the cigarette lighter. a reliable assistant to the motorist on the road and in the garage. Robust ABS plastic housing contains a powerful motor with 340 Nm of torque to the spindle. Convenient two-step start button that also controls direction of shaft rotation. In addition, with a weight of only 1.6 kg the tool is equipped with an impact mechanism, which allows tightening the nuts of passenger car wheels with sufficient force.

When working, the device consumes 10A current, and its main disadvantage. the inability to work for a long time without stopping. After 10 minutes of operation, the impact wrench overheats and can break down. The model is equipped with a plastic case for storage and transportation, which does not take up much space in the trunk of the car.


  • Type. straight, percussion, 12 volt power supply.
  • 175 W power.
  • Torque. 340 Nm.
  • Chuck: ½” type.
  • Reverse power. yes.


  • cigarette lighter operation;
  • weight;
  • price;
  • The presence of an impact mechanism;
  • carrying case;
  • Russian manual.

Electric impact wrench for cars

At home, the most common use of an electric impact wrench is for loosening the nuts on the car wheels. This tool is more in demand during mass tire changes. In comparison with an ordinary mud spanner, the impact wrench speeds up the process of tightening and loosening the wheels by dozens of times. This device will be useful to everyone who does not want to go to the car service, as well as to spend time and energy on routine work.

The most practical companion on long trips, you can become a car striking enforcer for 12 volts. This tool can be powered from the cigarette lighter socket or directly from a car battery. Has good torque and no problem changing the wheel on the road.

The corded impact wrench is best for stationary work in the garage. Such a tool will not “weaken” at the most crucial moment and will work as long as there is voltage in the socket. Of the power tools, auto repair shops often use a jackhammer electric impact wrench. This specialized device has a wheeled design and transmits virtually no vibration, despite its high power.

The best impact wrench

The Bosch GDR 10,8-LI 0 is one of the best and most popular tools in its class.

Electric impact wrench with built-in Li-Ion battery has a compact size and low weight of 1 kg, which makes it extremely convenient to use in difficult working conditions. when the machined surfaces are above the height of the master, or access to them is limited.

The equipment is designed for domestic and professional use, whose reliability allows manipulation with concrete and metal surfaces. Features:

  • The maximum torque is 105 Nm;
  • Speed of rotation. 2600 rpm;
  • The diameter of screws M4-12;
  • 10.8 V battery;
  • The maximum number of blows per minute is 3100;
  • equipped with a battery protection system against deep discharge and overloading;
  • ¼ in. internal hex chuck.
  • power;
  • small size and weight of the device;
  • LED backlight;
  • Battery charge indicator;
  • the direction of movement is regulated by a button;
  • long periods of operation without recharging;
  • fast charging of the device;
  • Convenient reversing switch.


  • Weak ergonomics of the handle;
  • designed to work with medium-density materials;
  • Dirty light-colored case with protruding elements.

When working with an electric wrench, it is necessary to strictly observe safety precautions, before inspection and change of tips the device must be turned off.

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