Circular saws

Convenient, reliable, multifunctional saw for small production. A very worthy machine. I have been working on it for 6 months. I am satisfied with it.

Interior decoration and various products made of natural wood do not go out of fashion for decades. Particularly popular among residents of Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and other settlements of Ukraine, enjoy log cabins, bath houses, wooden houses, gazebos, furniture, decorative elements.

Such products are made with electric circular saw and with the right production technology and careful use for many years faithfully serve its owners, providing a special microclimate and a unique level of environmental friendliness. To make products from softwood or hardwood have a great look, craftsmen in Ukraine use reliable and productive circular sawing machines.

The circular machine is equipped with an electric motor that drives the saw blade by means of a shaft or belt, which performs a direct cutting of the workpieces. The modern circular saw is a compact productive unit, which can be placed in small production shops for industrial applications. Due to the availability of household models at an affordable price, many private home or cottage owners prefer to buy a small-sized circular saw for domestic use and independent solutions to minor household issues.

The ability to cut material at the desired angle and depth of cut adjustment opens up unlimited possibilities for operators of woodworking equipment. The circular saw has a long service life and the high quality of the components will allow the machine to be used for decades.

The first thing that distinguishes one circular saw from another is the type of power. It can be mains and cordless. Professional machine usually works from 380 V, and all domestic models and some pro-class powered from single-phase network. Cordless models, regardless of category, are endowed with the undeniable advantage. autonomy. The main thing is that the battery must be fully charged. They make it possible to work in any environment. and with comfort, too.

Circular saws for home use are always smaller and less powerful. Power reserve rarely exceeds 800 W, and more is hardly useful. The duration of its functioning is also limited. Household model requires periodic stops to prevent overheating. Inexpensive.

Professional circular saws have a powerful electric motor from 800-1200 W and above. Of course, their cost is higher than the home assistant, but in the furniture workshop or other woodworking industry without reliable equipment can’t do.

There is also a classification according to the type of performance:

  • Table saws are compact and weaker. Workpiece size is limited by the size of the workpiece.
  • Floor (carpentry, construction, etc.).д.) refer to stationary equipment, but portable models are also available. These are powerful units with advanced capabilities.

How to make a simple elevator for the mill

One of the indispensable carpentry tools, the hand router, by itself, is not very convenient for precision machining of large-sized parts. To this end, most craftsmen build a router table for it.It requires precise adjustment of cutter’s flight, which can be achieved in different ways. In the first case, when a powerful milling machine with its own guides is used, the regular mechanism for adjusting the output. It is not very convenient, because every time you have to “climb under the table”.For small routers it is easier to make the so-called elevator, which allows you to make adjustments from above, directly through the table top.

In this article, the author of the YouTube channel “Gökmen ALTUNTAŞ” will tell you how you can make an elevator for a hand router (router table).

This project is not very difficult to make, and is repeatable in a small carpentry shop.

Materials. necessary for making the product.- SCS10UU linear bearings-insert plate with rings for routing table- 10mm steel linear shaft- m10 steel stud, extended nut- sheet plywood, wood glue, self-tapping wood screws.

Tools. tools used by the author.- Manual router. Circular router bits. Straight wood routers. Electric screwdriver, countersinked wood drill bits. Multifunctional drill guide. Drill press. Drill bit set. Wood drill bits. Metal drill bits. Electric nailer. Electric jigsaw. Circular saw, Circular saw, pushers- F-screws, wrenches, vice, hammer- 3-in-1 combination square- Measuring tape, marker.

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manufacturing process. So, the basic material for the router clamp, as well as the cover (base) will be plywood sheet of 18 mm thick.Using a circular saw with a carriage, the craftsman cuts a pair of rectangular pieces of 101×70mm and 70×64 each.5 mm. These dimensions are matched to the body hand router, and can be quite different in your case. They will need to be double-checked.

About making a carriage for a circular saw was explained in detail in a recent Article.

From the received blanks the box is going to be assembled and fixed F-bolt.Using countersinking wood drill, the craftsman prepares pilot holes for countersunk-head screws, and connects the parts with them.

Then the base plate is cut out. it has the dimensions 156×156 mm.

In it you need to drill four holes for 10-mm steel shafts. To make them fit snugly in place, the holes are drilled with a 9mm drill. All marks are shown on the photo.

A working hole is drilled in the center of the plate with crowns with a diameter slightly larger than the cutter’s body. In this case it is 70 mm.

The guides will be linear steel shafts 10mm diameter and 210mm long.

They need to be pressed into the holes, keeping a right angle with the plane of the plate. For reliability, the joints of the shafts to the plate can be glued with two-part epoxy glue.

The guides will walk on Linear bearings.After putting the bearings on the guides, the author screws them to the mill holder with self-tapping screws.Of course, using eight linear bearings would be excessive. 4 will be enough (usually they are sold in 4 pieces). In this case, they need to be arranged in different ways. One pair should be mounted diagonally from each other, closer to the plate. The second pair is placed on the second diagonal, but near the bottom edge of the holder.

From several parts the craftsman assembled a body for the extended m10 nut. Its height is equal to the length of the nut, and the other parameters are shown in the photo.The parts are glued together and the joints are reinforced with nails.

An extended nut is pressed into the housing using a vise.

Now the body with the nut is glued and screwed with a pair of self-tapping screws to the side wall of the cutter holder.

How to make with your own hands

Particular attention should be paid to making a table on which the saw will be mounted. The ease of working with the tool depends on how correct and convenient it will be.

You can take an old sturdy table, improving it a bit, or you can make it from scratch with your own hands. Experienced craftsmen recommend paying attention to the tabletop itself. For convenience, it can also be made as an opening variant. To do this, on one side along its length secure the work surface with curtains, screwing them with self-drilling screws and an electric screwdriver. The other side should be left unattached to the table’s cylinder. This will ensure that the surface can be lifted, for example, to change the saw blade or remove accumulated work waste and dust.

No less important point is a quality sanding of the outer side of the table top. This ensures not only the convenience of working on it, but also the safety of the craftsman.

To ensure the convenience of the working process will also help attach a wooden ruler on the work surface, which also serves as an additional stop for the workpiece. A sanded board can be used for it. It is fastened to the table edge with 2 clamps, the heads of which are sawed off beforehand. This type of fastening will make it possible to remove the ruler quickly and easily if necessary.

Now it is time to equip the place where the circular saw will be installed. To do this, using a ruler and pencil, draw a horizontal line for the trimmer in the middle of the table top, marking its middle. From this point draw 2 lines at a distance of 11, 5 cm in both directions. Using a jigsaw, cut a groove in the plywood along these lines.

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It is possible to exclude the possibility of the saw blade touching, if the width of the groove will be within the range of 8 to 10 mm. Into this groove and install the saw, securing the tool with screwdrivers.

This way, the saw is under the tabletop and the work blade will protrude above the work surface.

You can use a small cord carrier to connect the equipment to the power grid, which will protrude to the saw’s plug under the table. For convenience many craftsmen put the on/off button on one of the table’s cylinders. This eliminates the need for a power cord at all times. The saw can be turned on by simply pressing a button.

Adhering to these recommendations in a few hours you can convert a circular saw into a circular saw with a minimal investment.

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Homemade sawing table for handheld circular saw restoration plans to expand cfvjltkmysq hfcgbkjdjxysq cnjk

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Homemade sawing table for manual circular saw refurbishment plans to expand cfvjltkmysq hfcgbkjdjxysq cnjk



Homemade sawing table for manual circular saw refurbishment plans to expand cfvjltkmysq hfcgbkjdjxysq cnjk



Circular saw design, machine from Baikal circular saw

Ordinary table, which can be purchased in a set with a circulating plate, in most cases are made of stainless steel. Skilled craftsmen use simple steel, and the supporting structure is welded from metal corners. The disk cutting the wood is mounted in the inner part of the table, on a shaft with bearings, and the mechanical power supply is made by means of belt transmission. In the plate there is a slit for the disc, which is surrounded on all sides by wooden formwork, and from the inside of the table is adjusted with screws. The gap between the table and the cutting disc, should be a few millimeters, otherwise sawdust in the work will be clogged in the gap, and lead to malfunction of the machine. The gap is adjusted according to the discs used.Everyone tries to perform drawings of the circular table with their own hands to make a versatile and good table for woodworking, but the lack of knowledge can play a bad joke.

Calculation of parameters

To avoid costs and absurdities, strictly follow the basic parameters of the materials outlined, and you will make a quality carpentry table with your own hands. When we collect the table for a manual circular saw with our own hands, it is necessary to take into account the power of electric motors that will be used. If you collect the table for a manual milling machine with their own hands, you must also take into account the performance of the motor.

For a deeper understanding of the design and scheme of the product, view the plot about the carpenter’s table with his own hands video of which is posted on the site. Taking into account that the table will be versatile, it is necessary to make the construction as stable and strong as possible. Perform craftsmen drawings of the table under the milling machine with their own hands, but if the design will be welded by another person, it is necessary to explain in detail, so that in the end all the elements are in the right places. It is possible not to separately make a milling table for a hand router with their own hands, because most craftsmen, having made a universal table, work on it and hand tools. This is very convenient, because there is enough space to work, everything is at hand and the productivity increases.

Power calculation

To make a good table for a circular saw with your own hands, you need to make a correct calculation of power, at the ratio of the power of the electric motor and the intended work. That is, for a comfortable sawing of different types of wood, it is enough to put an electric motor 1000-1200 W. Experts do not advise the use of more powerful motors, because it is a big risk. If you need significant power and capacity of the installation, you should make the construction of the table more thorough and perfect. With the proper approach, many craftsmen create a table for a hand router with their own hands, much better and more productive than models from branded manufacturers.

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For a more accurate understanding, view the plot, how to make a milling table with their own hands video is in the public domain for viewing. The industrial machines, as mentioned above, are made entirely of metal, and the lower part, supplemented with a concrete slab, for greater reliability in securing the unit. Table for a circular saw with their own hands, craftsmen make entirely of metal or in a duet with wooden elements.

It is important to consider the factor if more units will be integrated into the woodworking table, and the more powerful the nominal capacity required, the stronger and more massive it is necessary to make a carpenter’s table with their own hands.

Will need:

From plywood or chipboard we make a billet to the size of the opening formed by the full extension of the circular saw’s reaming table. And according to the size of the sole of the router, pre-drawn with a pencil, we saw out a through hole. It will allow to deduce a sole of the cutter in a table plane, that is will allow to use a flight of a mill on the maximum.

Table saw lift home made

As holders we use metal bars with diameter of 8 mm. In this case, these are construction staples with sawed-off sides.

Now in the tabletop milling grooves of such depth that the sole of the router, lowered with holders into its niche, came out in the same plane with the tabletop. We also mill the spots for the wooden blocks.

We make the wooden clamps themselves, in which we drill through holes for the fastening screws. On their back side with a round file we choose semicircular grooves, in which metal holders will be set.

Drill holes in the table, matching the holes in the wooden holders, and fix the fastening screws.

We put a router with metal holders, which are inserted in standard holes of the tool, in the table and fix wooden clamps, regulating an exact exit in one plane of the router’s sole and the table by means of wing nuts.

Strengthen the table with longitudinal ribs, fixing them with glue and self-tapping screws. Using a circular saw, we cut out quarters on the edges, allowing the regular parallel stop of the circular saw to move freely over the table.

The milling table itself is ready, now we need to make the elevator mechanism.We make a fixed plywood stand from 20 mm thick (in this case we made 10 mm plywood slips). To it on the axis of the bolt and nut M8 is connected plywood pusher, which rests with a semicircular protrusion in the cutter’s body. Make the pusher at both ends in the form of a fork. By means of metal cover plates the pusher is connected to the sliding block, sliding along the thread of the long bolt M8 while it rotates.

On the top of the table we make a blind hole with a diameter a little bigger than the diameter of the bearing. Slide the bearing onto the bolt and place it in the hole. The bolt head will actuate the elevator mechanism.

From the opposite side, fix the bolt with the self-locking nut, but do not tighten it completely, allowing the bolt to rotate freely.

Fix the router in the made table, set everything in the circular saw’s extension. Turn the bolt head to raise the mill smoothly to the desired height.

A circular saw stops instantly, the effort is so great that it causes the destruction of cutters







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