Adjustment of a trimmer carburetor for STIHL FS 38 grass

Amateur lawn mower Stihl FS 38 is quite popular among novice gardeners. Among its advantages, reliability, endurance, ease of maintenance, high suitability for repair are distinguished. In addition, the trimmer for the STIHL FS 38 grass differs from most of its market analogues with good balancing, which makes it possible to comfortably use it in the most inaccessible places.

Stihl brand is distinguished by an excellent selection of components and good quality factory assembly. The basic base of the model is invested a 2-stroke gasoline engine located in the upper part of the reinforced plastic case. The internal combustion engine is equipped with a forged piston and durable cylinder, the internal and external walls of which are covered with a protective alloy of chromium, as well as nickel.

Under any weather conditions, an improved manual starter with a decompression system, an additional pump for pre.pumping fuel, as well as a proprietary electronic ignition system is responsible for the launch of the motor. This factory layout makes the launch of a cold engine more smooth and fast, preventing increased wear of its piston.

A translucent plastic reservoir designed to refuel the mower with a fuel mixture is located near the motor. The lower part of the tank is equipped with metal ribs that protect the container from damage.

The Stihl FS 38 lawn mower is equipped with a curved non.vegetable bar, which makes it possible to easily remove grass and weeds under benches, next to trees, in other inaccessible places. A flexible drive shaft is placed inside the bar, which connects to the gearbox and transfers the force created by the engine to it.

The mowing gearbox is made of aluminum covered with a chrome alloy to protect against rust and overheating. The hole in the gearbox gives the operator the ability to freely lubricate the rubbing spare parts of the node.

For more comfortable operation, the trimmer for the grass of the STIHL FS 38 is equipped with an ergonomic 2-hand-shaped handle, the position of which, if necessary, can be adjusted along the entire length of the bar. The manufacturer equipped the model with a durable fabric shoulder strap, which is attached to the bar with metal carbines.

Technical characteristics of a trimmer for grass

In addition to the good quality of the assembly, the Stihl FS 38 lawn mower is highlighted by worthy factory parameters.

The list of the most important characteristics of the garden tool includes:

  • Power of the factory ICE. 0.9 liters. With. at 9500 rpm;
  • tank for refueling the fuel mixture. 330 ml;
  • maximum fuel consumption. 320 ml/h;
  • Coverage when mowing with a fishing line/knife. 38/25.5 cm;
  • sound effect on the operator. 97 dB;
  • Weight. 4.2 kg.

STIHL trimmer differs from analogues with modest dimensions. The length of the motorcycles is 147 cm with dismantled cutting equipment.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

Mesh filter. There are only two problems with this element more often:

factory, carburetor, motokos, stihl

In order to find out the cause of the breakdown, the fuel filter lid is unscrewed to extract the mesh filter. If dirt just accumulated on it, then flushing in gasoline or purging will help.

With visible damage on the mesh filter, you must definitely put a new. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (during the repair they practice checking this element).

The starting device of the carburetor in most cases does not function due to blockages. Should be used for flushing acetone or the same gasoline.

Purging parts of a carburetor with click of compressed air. permissible and convenient repair practice.

The hull of throttles, the ligaments of the parts of the carburetor, the intake or graduation pipeline. all of the listed parts are subject to depressurization. You can probably check in a primitive way. spread the problem area with soap foam.

Chips on the choice

In accordance with the current statistics, it is the gasoline models of mowers that are most in demand. This is largely due to their mobility and functionality. However, when choosing a specific model of technology, it is necessary to take into account a number of other parameters. In such situations, it will be useful to compare motorcycles with other types of trimmers.

Electric devices are connected to a household network with a voltage of 220 V. Such machines do not pollute the air due to the lack of exhaust gases. No less important points will be the minimum noise level and relatively small weight. At the same time, the processed area is significantly limited.

The battery models today are the least common trimmers for grass for grass. The electric engine of such mowers does not feed from the network, but from the battery, which provides maximum mobility. However, the operating time of the equipment is limited by the battery charge and is an average of 35-45 minutes. Another important point is the relatively high cost of battery models.

When choosing a specific model of a gasoline trimmer for grass, it is necessary to take into account its technical characteristics. So, low.power devices are equipped with coils with a fishing line. On more reserved and powerful models, knives and cutters can be used as cutting elements.

Another important factor is the operational conditions. Do not forget about the cost of mowers.

The device of the carburetor of the lawn mower

The base of the carburetor of the lawn mower. the duralumin case. It contains a diffuser (a hole with internal contours). Air is pumped through this hole. The speed of oxygen (air) is dependent on the cross.sectional (passage opening) of the diffuser.

Diffuser is equipped with fuel channels. How to adjust the carburetor to adjust the carburetor motorcosa in practice. video. Fuel is drawn from them using a stream of air.

Adjustment of the carburetor lawn mower Stihl FS 55

Adjustment of the carburetor lawn mower Stihl

FS 55 Sadservice Sadservice Sadservice Spare

A combustible pump (its membrane) is sucked into the carburetor system. Carburetor Motokosi then passes through a fitting in a carburetor. Then the liquid moves through the intake and exhaust valve of the pump. Filtered with a net. On the needle valve moves into the membrane chamber.

  • Air supply to the tube with an air septum (damper). The partition regulates the intensity of the air flow.
  • The fuel supply system is certainly narrowed by the mixer to accelerate the flow.
  • Gasoline through the float chamber and nozzle with narrowing. The chamber with a float regulates the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral, and in the tube with narrowing is already small. Thanks to the pressure drop, fuel seeps through a jickler.
  • Acceleration of the air flow contributes to the transfer of fuel (gasoline) and its spray. Ultimately, a fuel mixture of the desired proportion or density appears.
  • The air-fuel mixture penetrates the motor cylinder through the fuel tube.

Read Stihl 250 Carburetor adjustment video

The level of air density in the system depends on the area of ​​the open air damper. The more extensive the damper is open, the greater the fuel consumption and power.

Simply put, adjusting the carburetor on a benzocos. creating a good fuel consistency due to the correct air supply.

The main problems

Malfunctions of the carburetor Motokos or trimmer for grass, despite the relative simplicity of their elimination, sometimes require a long search by excluding. The main reasons are as follows:

Flamming fuel supercharger

The most repeating breakdown is wear, rupture of the membrane. As a result, its lavation. Fuel moves are not sealed at certain stages of the engine cycle. The reasons here are as follows:

  • You have been working on a motorcycle or trimmer for too long without a break;
  • Poor.quality fuel was seasoned;
  • Wheelled gases fall into the pulse channel.

A deformed membrane is fraught with several bad consequences:

  • not enough gasoline or oxygen in the created combustible mixture;
  • the launch of the motor occurs after 10 or more unsuccessful attempts;
  • the engine knocks, clats during operation, and t. D.;
  • The working piston is deformed.

Ground of a mesh filter

The reasons for the clogging of the mesh filter are poor.quality fuel cleaning, damage to the hose and/or the injection head.

The failure of the adjustment lever

Wear of the contact edge of the lever. a consequence of not completely purified fuel, into which grains of sand or particles of clay, metal or other inclusions that are not soluble in liquid hydrocarbons fell. A problem with fuel injection appears, the motor does not function with interruptions without load.

The inlet needle is spoiled

The inlet needle breaks due to the presence of metal and stone particles in gasoline. As a result, the saddle of the intake needle tightly adjacent to it, the fuel mixture flows. In the combustible mixture created by the carburetor, there is too much air, which is why the motor can “sneeze” during operation. Finally, the needle can stop due to poor-quality gasoline, or the unit was idle for a long time.

Clogging the adjusting space

Deposits may accumulate in the adjustment compartment. The needle does not completely cover the hole, and a lot of gasoline enters the fuel chamber. the motor pours it, perhaps floods the spark plugs. Because of this, the gasoline mixture contains an increased number of vapor of gasoline. The efficiency falls noticeably.

The adjustment membrane is spoiled

The membrane is often deformed (sometimes torn) due to continuous operation of motorcycles or trimmer for grass for several hours. If you abuse such a “shock” mode of operation, damage to the membrane occurs more often. New breakdowns will be sprinkled from a cornation of abundance:

  • the piston will break;
  • The number of attempts by the unsuccessful start of the engine will increase sharply;
  • The fuel mixture will contain too little gasoline;
  • Useful (thermal) power will drop sharply.

Карбюратор для мотокосы 11 мм и 14 мм

The inlet regulatory lever sees

Sequeling of the adjusting lever. a consequence of the incorrect installation, random flexion. Contactive line will find an incorrect position. This will violate the additional injection of gasoline.

The damper has worn out

Throttle and air conditioning are unusable due to admission to the air flow of dust, metal particles, etc. D. Damaged shutters are similar to details subjected to streaming with sand. Due to wear of the damper, the efficiency of the motor decreases, breakdowns are detected. The piston and cylinder wear out.

In some cases, this filter is simply not suitable for your model motorcycles or trimmer for grass. In the end, the shaft of the motor will suffer. its pieces fall into the engine channels, which is why the piston will be broken.

The carburetor cannot be adjusted

The fact that the adjustment is too rough (it is not possible to accurately set the parameters) are to blame for the adjustment screws. The manufacturer Motokos or trimmer for grass can put excessively thick and hard springs. You can find others either in workshops where such equipment is repaired, or purchased from any dealer or official representative of the company who released the engine for your trimmer for grass or mechanical braid for grass.

The primer broke

Primer-a manual mini-pump for forced swinging fuel into a carburetor. For a successful start of the motor, it may be necessary to pump 20 ml of gasoline manually.

How the benzotrimer carburetor works and works

All varieties of carburetors produced by manufacturers of benzotrimmers are almost unrealistic to cover. But, since the design of this module, as well as its principle of operation, is largely similar between different models, you can make a generalized description of the processes occurring in the carburetor. This information will allow the user to understand the principles of the device, eliminate the malfunctions and properly operate.

The basis of the carburetor trimmer for the grass is an integral aluminum case. Below is a diagram of this block.

Below it, there is a diffuser, which is also called Venturi’s nozzle (18). Air is absorbed through this nozzle with a motor.

factory, carburetor, motokos, stihl

The smaller this hole, the higher the air flows, and the higher the level of its vacuum in the zone with the smallest diameter.

In the upper part of the diffuser are fuel channels (11,12). Through these channels, the air flow, adds gasoline. The fuel pump itself, nozzles and a system used to adjust the supply of a mixture of fuel with air can be or installed outside.

The throttle flap (9) regulates the amount of air sucked into the carburetor. Its number affects the power that the engine develops. Damper (7) serves for cold launch. It must be closed if you are going to start the unit. After the engine has launched, it needs to be opened, otherwise, the motor will immediately stall.

The pulse channel (1) connects the impulse chamber of the pump to the engine card, namely, with its internal volume. The piston located in the cylinder, producing reciprocating movements, sequentially changes the pressure in the crankcase (vacuum or increase in pressure). Pressure drops make the membrane move (4). Therefore, the operation of the pump is synchronized with the operation of the engine.

Карбюратор бензопилы. Регулировка. Начальные установки #ВикторПолев

The gasoline leaks from the tank occur precisely with the participation of the membrane (4). Gasoline enters the carburetor through the fitting (2). Further, its path lies through the inlet valve (3), the release valve (5), through the mesh filter (6), the fuel channel (10), passes by the needle (14) and fills the camera (16), which has a control membrane (18).

Valve (14) by means of a lever (17) connects to the membrane (18). The cavity that is located below the membrane is connected to atmospheric air through the hole (19).

The device is functioning as follows.

  • During the suction tact, a vacuum is created in the diffuser. This fact causes air leaks. The amount of air entering the carburetor chamber, as well as the engine power and the amount of its revolutions and the amount of its speed, depends on the position of the throttle.
  • At this time, a fuel from the chamber (16) is sucked through the nozzles (11,12), after which it is mixed with leaking air. Gasoline, mixing with air, begins to spray. Thus, a fuel mixture is created.
  • The finished mixture enters the cylinder, where it is compressed by the rising piston and is ignited at the verge of its point from the spark, produced spark plugs produced.
  • Since the volume under the control membrane (18) is connected to atmospheric air through the canal (19), the membrane goes up, opening by means of a lever (17) valve (14). After the valve is opened (14), a new portion of fuel enters the camera (16).
  • After the camera (16) is filled, the membrane (18) returns to its original position, and the valve (14) is closed.

Further, during the operation of the motor, all of the above processes are repeated. To adjust the number of fuel entering the diffuser through the nozzles, a screw is used (13). A screw (15) is also used to set up idle speeds. When twisting the regulators, the fuel mixture is enriched, and when twisting, the mixture impoverishes occurs. Also, in some models of carburetors, you can adjust the idle speed by the amount of the engine by the number. It is usually located on the outside and, when twisting, rests on the lever, fixed on the axis of the throttle.

Thus, using 3 adjusting screws, you can achieve maximum engine performance, as well as set up its uninterrupted operation at any ambient temperature, and even in mountainous areas.

Когда требуется настройка карбюратора бытового триммера для травы?

To adjust the integrated carburetor of a trimmer for grass is necessary with:

  • running a new engine, during which from 4 to 5 liters of fuel consistency were used;
  • sharp weather configurations;
  • changes in air vacuum. for example, when a lawn mower is often used in mountainous areas;
  • long.term ordinary trimmer for grass;
  • saturated growth of loads on the motor.coat unit;
  • random twisting of the integrated control screws of the carburetor. this becomes a prerequisite for high vibration of the internal combustion engine;
  • change in the properties of the component of the fuel consistency;
  • overflowing a fuel by a carburetor, a result of which is an increase in fuel consumption;
  • the constant occurrence of a thick layer of tarry deposits and a carbon on the surface of the electrodes of a standard spark plug of a trimmer for grass;
  • launching the motor and its accidental shutdown or unhurried revolution;
  • lack of fuel intake in the unit cylinder;
  • increasing the volume of exposed gases.
factory, carburetor, motokos, stihl

The absence of a timely option of the carburetor threatens the harsh breakdown of a trimmer for grass, directly until the complete failure of its industrial engine.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

The filter of the grid. There are only two problems with this element:

To find out the cause of the failure, the fuel filter cover is unscrewed to remove the filter. If he simply accumulates dirt, then washing with gasoline or purging will help.

If there are visible damage on the mesh filter, you need to place a new. In addition, there may be damage to the fuel connection (in the repair practice of checking this element).

The starter of the carburetor in most cases does not work due to clogging. Use acetone or the same gasoline for washing.

Filling parts of the carburetor with compressed air is an acceptable and convenient repair practice.

Throttle body, carburetor fittings, intake or exhaust pipeline. All of these details are subject to depressurization. You can probably check in a primitive form. Problem site to spread with soap foam.

The advantages of the product

A similar tool on the market can be found a lot. But among the similar equipment, such positive trimmer traits for the STIHL FS 55 grass should be distinguished:

  • Ergonomic silver handle.
  • Safe location of control elements.
  • A variety of replaced tools both in the kit and the acquired separately.
  • Panoramic review of glasses.
  • Hand freedom due to the use of the shoulder belt.
  • Visual control of the amount of fuel in the translucent tank is possible.
  • For economical consumption of gasoline with a small exhaust, a specialized system has been developed.
  • Trimmer management does not require skills. Symbolism on controls is standard and is used on many equipment.
  • Freedom of action due to the lack of an electric drive.

Garden grinder for grass and branches

What is the adjustment of the carburetor 55 for

Working with a series of gasolimers portends active use, since the performance of this unit is not limited to aligning the lawns. As a result, miscalculations appear in the engine, and the carburetor is adjustable 55 with the implementation of simple manipulations. The malfunctions are unpleasant and promised with inferior work or embezzlement for fuel, eaten in large quantities. You should think about setting up the carburetor trimmer for grass in cases where:

  • Inexplicable motor stops after starting it are observed;
  • In the process of operation, the engine of 250 series of braids for grass through an unconnected mechanism for feeding the mixture “sobs” at loads.
  • Work is accompanied by an increased amount of gas exhaust.

In any case, each of the reasons consists in mixing air and gasoline, where the carburetor adjustment of the model 130 will avoid unexpected stops of the motor in the middle of work. The system of professional gasoline braid for grass 130 with a rigid drive shaft provides rapid cutting of wood, which with a lack of air in fuel will turn the motor. On the other hand, the settled mixer of the 38 line or trimmer for the grass of the model line 450 will not to spit out gasoline at applied loads, when there is often a lack of air in the carburetor. In the company “Spit for Motors grass” you can purchase all components for motors, find out information about setting, as well as buy a candle key and other spare parts for successful repairs.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

To mechanize the work on mowing of grass in a small area, the Stihl FS38 lawn mower is adapted as well as possible. The cleanliness and accuracy of the cut, mobility, lightness and high performance are huge advantages, compared to manual oblique.

Of the malfunctions, the owners often note that immediately after the start of the STIHL, the STIHL lawn mower can simply stall. In this case, you need to check the fuel channel for clogging. Another reason may be hidden in the improper adjustment of the carburetor, which is easily eliminated in accordance with the recommendations for maintenance.

factory, carburetor, motokos, stihl

The well.known brand guarantees the reliability of certified products, which is noted by the owners of technology.

About the manufacturer Stihl

The history of this German brand begins in 1926. At the initial stages of its development, the company was engaged in the production and implementation of various components for washing and steam machines. It all began, like many companies, with a small production and narrow orientation, which made it possible to focus on the quality of the manufactured products.

In the early 30s, the first Stihl chainsaw was released, which is characterized by convenience and functionality in those days. The company is developing at a long time, constantly introducing new tools, which gives it the opportunity to enter the international market. And already in 1931, the first regular supplies of products were organized at the moment, the company has launched its activities in more than 160 countries of the world, opening new centers and production departments in Switzerland, China and many other states. This is understandable, because the assortment of the company is impressive: motoburs, gasoline sprayers, mowers, gasoline trimmers for grass, chainsaws and much more. I would like to note that Shtil chainsaws are very popular due to their functionality and acceptable price.

Features and best models

Separate mention is deserved by the Stihl desktop, which is distinguished by its own multifunctionality, reliability and ease of operation. The company’s specialists created many varieties of braids, with different features and use.

For example, the range of lawn mowers is designed to mow grass in huge places. For this, a self.propelled wheeled system was developed, with the help of which it became likely to care for a large territory, without spending a lot of time and effort on it. For the design of shrubs, giving them some artistic type and texture, the lawn mower is perfect. And if you need a lawn mower for the highest weed and uneven areas, then follow this link and receive complete information on the selection of this type of equipment.

If you need a narrower approach to grass cleaning, for example, near flower beds or between trees, then a gasoline trimmer for grass, designed to accurately and accuracy of execution, will perfectly manage this task. The company’s specialists have provided all aspects and possible difficulties when working with braids, because they provided them with nylon strings that prevent mechanical damage to trees.

Autocut special trimmer head is also used, which provides the normal functionality of the string knives. About for gasoline lawn mowers trimmers for grass, this article will say for you, it will also help you make the right purchase for you, which you will not regret.

Professors include trimmers for STIHL FS 130 and FS 250 grass. We will see the properties and characteristics on the example of several mowers, namely FS 38, FS 70 and FS 130.

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belongs to the lung group and is the best addition to a powerful lawn mower for cutting inaccessible sections, along the paths, under trees and bushes. With mobile gas strokehl, you can quickly cut soft overgrown grass on lawns and lawns, always maintaining the purity of a small area.

Trimmer for STIHL FS grass fifty.five law mowering does not develop revolutions, stalls, we sort out the carburetor

Trimmer for STIHL FS grass fifty.five Motocross does not develop speed, stalls, fingering the carburetor thanks for viewing.

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