DIY Fireman Craft

The Fire Engineer crafts, made of affordable materials with their own hands, will no doubt like not only boys, but many girls. Each child will be happy to imagine himself in the place of a brave firefighter, who is in a hurry to revenue to everyone in trouble.

In order to get a truly beautiful craft fire engine, with your own hands, you need to change the ordinary cardboard box of a rectangular shape with your own hands.

Firewoman out of the box

The easiest way to do this is using a self.adhesive colored plastic film or self.adhesive colored paper.

First of all, we wrap the whole box with a red film.

Then we glue the necessary parts of the car: wheels, windows, doors. We make windshields and grilles of the radiator similar to eyes and mouth. it will be more interesting. To give a resemblance to a fire engine, we glue a characteristic part. a fire station.

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On the roof of the machine we build flashes from pieces of foam card (you can use other materials, for example, corrugated cardboard or plasticine).

Flavor flashes

The car is so interesting and beautiful that such a craft for the competition may well be sent.

Master class: Paper Fire machine

Each preschool educational institution pays great attention to the rules of conduct of children with fire, and the task of parents is to promote such a child at home. The most effective training occurs when the child involves the manufacture of crafts. In this case, children get certain labor skills, develop fine motor skills and at the same time get acquainted with the fire safety rules and the difficulties of fireman’s work.

DIY crafts on the topic “Fire Security” are not only a fascinating creative process, but also a wonderful visual agitation. The child, creating them, gets acquainted with the rules for the fight against fire, the actions of firefighters, the existing technique. The real danger of a fire becomes clearer for him. Interesting and cognitive ideas and the technique accessible to his age help to captivate the child.

A fire machine from paper is a simple craft, which the pupils of the senior and preparatory group can cope with. For the manufacture of crafts in kindergarten, you will need a workpiece for cutting (download below), scissors and glue. Before classes, it is necessary to talk with children on security when working with scissors.

At home, together with parents, the number of tools can be increased. You will need: an awl, scissors, a layout, glue, a mate for cutting, a metal ruler and a printed workpiece.

Before cutting the workpiece, it is advisable to break through all future bends of the crafts. This means to draw under the planned lines of bends with an awl or not writing ball handle. In these lines there will be pressed traces, thanks to which the workpiece will bend quickly and accurately.

Now you can cut parts with scissors or with a mock.up knife and ruler.

The rectangles on which the wheels are printed in half and glue it, and only after completely drying we cut out four dense wheels from them.

We bend the workpiece of the car and the flashing beacon and in stages we glue the parts of the machine.

Cardboard roll

So, what will you need to make a mobile cardboard machine with your own hands, a photo of which you already saw:

  • several cardboard tubes of the same size;
  • paints, brush and water;
  • very dense cardboard;
  • compass or any object with a rounded base of a suitable size;
  • colored paper for decoration (it will be more convenient to work with self.adhesive paper);
  • glue (PVA or polymer);
  • Nickelled stationery buttons.

The paper machine will be stronger and durable if you take a paper sleeve for toilet paper for its basis. This cardboard tube is easy to turn into a car body, and cut the rest of the parts from ordinary cardboard.

First of all, we stain our cardboard tubes in bright colors. these will be the buildings of sports cars.

From dense black cardboard we cut out mugs. four times more than the tubes are prepared. These will be wheels. If there is no black cardboard, you can use it not colored, but then paint.

We draw a disc for each wheel with white paint. You can cut out the discs from white paper and glue.

We make mugs in advance, which we stain like a car steering wheel. You can also prepare different decorative elements. arrows, stripes, flames. We turn the dried case of the machine into a real racing car: cut the cab (one part is bend it up, like the back of the seat). On the other. the opposite side. glue the steering wheel. Be sure to give each machine a number and decorate it. We attach the wheels to the body with nickelled stationery buttons, and now our sports car is ready for real tests!

Color the machine and plant the driver

And if desired, with young babies, you can use such machines as material for consolidating mathematical skills. For example, draw up a rating table in which cars are noted in the order of arrival at the finish. The child must build cars in accordance with the table.

Crafts of paper from paper

Paper machines are not as durable as cardboard. But the creative process of their creation is very fascinating.

Ready.made schemes and patterns of such machines can be found on the Internet or children’s magazines. They can be copyed or printed. Then paint, cut and carefully glue it according to the instructions.

Such a lesson is interesting and can give an impetus for the development of own creative ideas.

Soft crafts of the car

You can make soft cars with your own hands. They can be used both in children’s games, and as an unusual interior element.

The easiest way to make such a machine allows you to do without a pattern. As a filler, you can use thick foam. A rectangle is cut out of it, the size of which corresponds to the size of the product, and the square of the smaller size. When applying a square on a rectangle, the basis of the craft is formed. This base is sheathed with fabric.

Then the wheels are sewn to the product. They can also be made from foam circles covered with fabric. Or use conventional applique elements. Sew the headlights, indicate the rear lights. The simplest soft craft is ready.

It will come in handy as a toy, can be used as a seat for a child during games in a children’s room, as a sofa cushion. Simple and original product.

Origami cars from colored paper

What kind of car will be, everyone decides for himself. The use of scissors and glue is not allowed in origami, so you can not worry about the child’s safety.

How to make volumetric workflies of paper

The main advantage of such products is that they can be used as jewelry for the room. For stronger models, color cardboard is used. On the printer, it is unlikely to be able to transfer the scheme, so it is better to use a life hack:

On the squeezed lines, you can cut the base, and then the work of equipment is already. The second option, print a model on a color printer, after which glue the sheet carefully to the cardboard. If everything is done correctly, then the design will turn out perfectly.

What do children need to know in the first place

When performing such crafts, it is necessary to take into account several educational points. Of course, any children’s skill is wonderful, it teaches children a lot: to see the beautiful, abstractly and creatively think, to develop dexterity. All this, of course, is quite appropriate and in crafts on fire safety. But still, in the first place, educational points should be present here.

  • The child must understand and know that he does not have any pranks and liberties with fire. it is dangerous for him and for others.
  • The kid must be able to handle fire and everything that can burn. In addition, it is obliged to know what actions he should take when something caught fire nearby.
  • Children should be taught to respect the work of firefighters and explain that this is truly a heroic profession.

All these truths adults should explain to children simultaneously with their performing crafts. Then the crafts “On firefighters” will have a complete and useful meaning.

Well, now. actually about the crafts themselves.

Fire machine from semolina

Of course, you need to start with the image of a fire engine. For children, she is a symbol of fire and generally all careless handling of fire. In addition, she is so beautiful and at the same time frightening, she drives so quickly and so loudly signals!

fire, machine, glue

A fire engine can be made in different ways. One of them is with the help of ordinary semolina. This is how it is done.

  • Pour semolina into a bowl.
  • Add red gouache there (it is known that all fire engines are red).
  • Stir everything thoroughly. After that, the semolina will be painted red.
  • We spread the mixture on a tight sheet of paper and wait until it dries.
  • We draw a fire engine on paper (or apply its stencil). It is better if the paper is colored (for example, green). In this case, the craft will turn out more colorful.
  • When the drawing is ready, we spread it with glue.
  • We take painted semolina and sprinkle with it with glue pattern. Sunny, of course, sticks to the picture.
  • We are waiting for the picture to dry, after which we sweep the grains that did not stick.

Fire machine

  • We draw a fire engine on cardboard.
  • Cut all the painted parts with scissors.
  • We glue the cut parts on colored cardboard. Of course, there should be several flowers: the case of the machine is red, the wheels are black, the flasher and windows are blue, etc. D., And the background itself. it is better to make it blue or green. In this case, not a single color will be lost, the cut and the glued machine will be visible clearly.
  • If there is free space on the sheet, you can place a tree, or a house, or some other subject by application by application. The result is a whole picture.

We go to firefighters

Having completed a particular craft of the fire engine, we move on to the image of firefighters and their heroic work. Here is just one example of crafts on this topic. It will be discussed, again, about the application. one of the simplest ways of crafts.

  • We take a sheet or cardboard. Better if they are blue or blue.
  • We find a picture with a fireman (or draw it on our own).
  • Cut it.
  • We glue all the cut parts on a blue or blue sheet.
  • The heroic firefighter is ready.
  • Of course, he must heroically extinguish the fire or save someone from the fire. Therefore, we complement the picture with the appropriate details. For example, how a firefighter is watering fire from Brandspoite. Brandspoit and water can be finished from it or, again, cut out of colored paper and stick.
  • Another classic plot is that the firefighter saves a person or little animal from the fire. It can be either an application or just drawn by paints.
  • Of course, fire should be present in the picture. It, again, draw or cut out multi.colored tongues of flame from colored paper and glue it on the places appropriate for the plot.

Crafts from plasticine

From plasticine, you can cure anything. including firefighters, fire engines, and whole appropriate stories. The modeling technique from this crafts material is a separate conversation.

Let’s just say that teaching this child occupation is easy. The only relative difficulty is working with flowers. The baby should understand which color is more useful for sculpting a particular part. For example, as for the modeling of fire engines, uncle-wire and other thematic attributes, the child should know that the machine, for example, should be red, its wheels-black, costumes of firefighters-at discretion, fire-yellow or orange, water-blue. the house that firefighters extinguish, again at the discretion of the baby. Well, and so on.

As a result. it turns out something like such wonderful plasticine crafts.

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Volumetric crafts

  • At first, separate parts of fire engines, houses, trees, fence, etc. are cut. D depending on the planned plot.
  • Then, finished products (the same houses, cars, fire towers, etc. are glued from cut parts.).
  • Of course, you can not do without firefighters. They are easier to fly out of plasticine.
  • A thin hose or a flexible tube is perfect for the banking.
  • When all volumetric products are ready, they need to be attached to a pre.prepared plywood in accordance with the planned plot.
  • As for the content of the plot, it, in principle, is known. In any case, the heroic work of firefighters should be displayed in it.

We proceed to visual agitation

It is well known that the correct and convincing fire visual agitation prevents fires by 50, or even more percent. The child looked at the poster, was imbued, and he once and for all fled the pranks with fire. And they ate the baby independently made such visual agitation. then even more so.

Tips for performing crafts (for Noviki)

Fire theme is a responsible task that requires a scrupulous, thorough approach.

This is the only way to achieve the necessary results.

  • Before performing the work, it is worth preparing materials and tools. Everything is under hand. the process is easy and interesting, the child is not distracted.
  • You need to think in advance the colors that will be used to create crafts. However, fire safety involves the presence of red. With what to combine it? This is a matter of taste. Parents can direct the child, give him advice.
  • It is always worth focusing on having a work plan. This will help to do everything well, and the child will learn to plan. In life, such a skill is important, the Vedas depends on it the contentment of people on the results obtained.

Crafts made on fire safety themes are always interesting. It’s just worth remembering that they should be more of reality than fantasies.

Before starting work, you should get acquainted with those objects/tools that will be made in craft format.

Photos of fire safety crafts

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Brave firefighting hearts!

In order for the kids to be not afraid of uncle, but they know that he is always ready to come to their aid, we are performing the “Fireman” application.

  • Take a sheet A 4 and put in front of us horizontally. It is better if it is blue or blue.
  • We find a picture for the workpiece and transfer to a regular cardboard. Cut the blanks.
  • Close blanks on colored paper on the back.
  • Cut the parts of our Application picture.
  • Collect them on a blue sheet of paper and glue them.
  • Now a bonfire. It will consist of several flames of different colors. You can draw or use blanks yourself. Do not forget about firewood. If you opt for birch ones, then draw them. If the other tree-color paper always comes to the rescue.
  • Brandspoit can be cut out of paper, the water that is stewed a bonfire is also.
fire, machine, glue

It remains to learn the song about the rescuers-fuckers and the case is done at 5 plus!


This is a method that is very easy to perform, but, giving a huge scope for creativity. Its original blanks allow you to various flames. Using paper of different colors, you can achieve unique combinations.

Torn applique technique.

Fire can be made with the help of such an interesting method.

Master class on this technique is easier.

  • We take a blue tight paper A 4.The base-substrate (background paper) should be dense. Otherwise strong impregnation will occur with glue, and the sheet may not withstand.
  • On the background sheet-Osnov, a pattern is drawn with a pencil.
  • Paper leaflets are prepared that will portray the flame. Neatly cut off the paper, creating pieces of different colors and sizes.
  • We take the largest pieces and begin to fill them with space (flame, fire, fire). Then average in size. We finish the small ones. Each piece is glued separately. Otherwise, the work will look inaccurate.

You need to carefully ensure that the pieces do not crawl out behind the edges of the picture. Otherwise it will turn out inaccurate work.

fire, machine, glue

In parallel we are talking about how fires are stewed. What materials are stewed. So, unobtrusively affecting the child, we try to convey the necessary information to him.

It remains to issue an exhibition and photograph it. So that the guys, in the future, see what beauty they can do with their own hands!

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