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Due to the “covid” restrictions and a small number of flights in 2020 there were no such tours. But in 2021, Fortune tours reappeared, but so far mostly Turkey. Before the “covid” times, one could also buy Fortune to Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Thailand, Vietnam, T.E. In popular tourist destinations. On all sorts of exotic routes that are not very in demand, Fortune tours does not happen.

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Why is the corner grinder that is the name? Where did the name of the tool come from?

Usually we are very accustomed to the names of things that surround us, and do not particularly ask the issue of the origin of the name. But still, for sure, many masters would be interested to find out why the corner grinder is the name of the people.

Historical facts

It turns out that everything is simple here. Most of the things in our native speech received a name in connection with what state, region, region they appeared in us. In our state, this useful device is supplied from Bulgaria. Here is interesting the fact that in addition to Russia and the states of the former USSR, the equipment has not acquired a similar terminology anywhere else. Its patented term is used around the world. An angular grinding machine. The equipment was delivered to the Soviet Union back in the 70s of the past century. Local masters dubbed it with a corner grinder according to the name of the manufacturer’s state.

The corner grinder was made by Sparky Eltos, which is functioning to this day. And with ease, you can find in the market space of similar products “Sparky” products. But today this company has lost its relevance, since in the market conditions its products refers to semi.Professional, and at a price the same as the professional equipment of popular world brands. At the same time, Sparky has its consumers who like and habitually equipment only this brand.

There is a second explanation for this name. In the 70s in the USSR, a peak of lack of various goods was observed. Shops pleased buyers only by equipment of the Bulgarian “Sparky”. Since there were no other suppliers, the instrument was called a corner grinder. Based on the facts of those years, you can find another factor that influenced where the name of the tool came from. A large number of Bulgarians worked at the construction sites of the USSR and most were with their tools. From here the name is the corner grinder. And now this equipment of our and foreign production is also called.

Another name of this device is Fortune. One of the first grinding machines that appeared in the Soviet Union bore such a name. She quickly gained popularity, as it was very convenient and performed many functions. The next name is turbine. During work, grinding machines made sharp sounds, they resembled the sounds of the aircraft turbine, and although this name is not very common, it can now be heard.

Another name is Flexi. But in our country it is not used, but in Europe everyone will understand what kind of tool is meant in mind. At the beginning of the last century, the MS-6-Flexen apparatus appeared in Germany, so the name Flexi was fixed. Years are going on, such a model of a machine is gone, but the name is left. There is another name of the tool, it is not known, but it is still used. This colloquial name is a monkey.

Official name

Correct instrument name. Angular grinding machine. It is hard to perception, but the word angular grinder is better remembered. This device is called an angular grinding machine due to the fact that it has many different grinders. This tool is used in most cases when you need to cut off some material, forgetting about the rest of the positive properties. In most cases, they use a cutting circle for stone or metal than other grinding nozzles. And the corner because the device where there are nozzles are located at an angle to the frame.

Properties of corner grinder

The device is a power tool that is a subdivide of a grinding machine. It is used mainly for abrasive processing. What relates to grinding, cutting, stripping products made of metal, stone and other composition. The tool has found widespread use in wood and metalworking, construction. The body of the device in the form of a cylinder. Sometimes there is a handle located on the side. The structure of the elements is as follows.

  • Multifunctional collector engine.
  • Corner gear.
  • Turning on and disconnection lever.
  • Circle fixing device.
  • Disco speed control mechanism. There are on some devices.
  • Nozzles are special abrasive wheels and brushes.

The equipment of the machine can be divided into two parts: electrical and mechanical. The basis of the electrical part of the grinding device is an electric current electric motor. The rotor contains a few sections with windings whose conclusions are on the raster anchor plate.

Properties of corner grinder

The device is a power tool that is a subdivide of a grinding machine. It is used mainly for abrasive processing. What relates to grinding, cutting, stripping products made of metal, stone and other composition. The tool has found widespread use in wood and metalworking, construction. The body of the device in the form of a cylinder. Sometimes there is a handle located on the side. The structure of the elements is as follows.

  • Multifunctional collector engine.
  • Corner gear.
  • Turning on and disconnection lever.
  • Circle fixing device.
  • Disco speed control mechanism. There are on some devices.
  • Nozzles are special abrasive wheels and brushes.

The equipment of the machine can be divided into two parts: electrical and mechanical. The basis of the electrical part of the grinding device is an electric current electric motor. The rotor contains a few sections with windings whose conclusions are on the raster anchor plate. Low.Cost and power of the machine have a constant speed of rotation. Powerful models have a special regulator that is on the handle, with its help you can change engine speed.

There are bearings at both ends of the rotor shaft, they are strengthened in the frame. This allows you to ensure uninterrupted operation of the shaft in the process of activity. The revolutions of the electric motor switch to a gearbox that can change the direction of revolutions and transfers rotation to the cut.Out circle. The gearbox includes two braids. Small is located on the Val electric motor, and large on the gearbox axis. On the section of the axis located outside, the circle is attached.

If the model is professional, then it can be additionally equipped with a splitting coupling, which turns off the revolution of the working circle of the device if it jams it when processing the material. If there is no such coupling, then there is a chance that the circle will break, scattering around. Part of the circle is covered with protection to protect open areas of the human body from small particles of material and dust.

The circle for work is attached on the outer segment of the axis with a nut with a special key. The immobility of the axis of the axis is achieved by using the lever on the frame of the device. On the plastic surface of the tool there are longitudinal cracks. When working, they need to be kept open because they are used to cool the engine.

The device is corner grinding

The corner grinder has a rather simple and technological structure, so many enterprises have established their production.

The corner grinder, as a rule, has the following components:

  • Corps of reinforced polymers on which the power button is located with the latch.
  • Electric power engine from batteries or electric network. Bulgarians use drives that provide high speed of the shaft. The fan is installed for cooling the elements.
  • Single.Stage angular gearbox made of aluminum or magnesium alloys.
  • A spindle consisting of a thread with a thread, washer and a nut for fastening a disk or other equipment.
  • Removable handle.
  • A protective casing that closes the part of the disk and does not allow the spark to fly in different directions.

In addition, a user manual and a special key to fix the equipment are supplied with an angle grinding machine. In some models, manufacturers add spare carbon brushes to the kit.

The principle of operation of the tool

To drive an angular grinding machine, you need to press a button or switch on its case. Food can be carried out from the network or from the built.In/removable battery.

Basically, the tool is equipped with a collector electric motor with a large inductive resistance. This achieve a significant reduction in working currents.

The shaft of the electric motor is untwisted and drives the leading gear in the gearbox. She, in turn, rotates the driven gear, transferring the voltage to the spindle.

On expensive models, a dissolving coupling is used, which is installed between the gearbox and the engine. Its main function is to prevent a reverse blow with an unforeseen disk stop due to jamming. Such a device protects the corner grinder from the breakdown, and the operator from possible injuries.

What is the angular grinder consist of?

The angle grinding machine more often includes:

  • – electric engine with improved ventilation
  • – Reducer
  • – Abrasive circle
  • – Spindle for fixing the disk, M14
  • – Protective casing
  • – handle (more often with the absorption of vibration)
  • – Electric cable with a plug

What is the difference between the Bulgarians?

  • – Various manufacturers of corner grinder: Atlas, AEG, Hilti, Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, BlackDecker, Einhell, Elmos, Hitachi, Kress, Makita, Metabo, Sparky, Interskol, caliber.
  • – There are industrial, professional, household, and some manufacturers make exclusively industrial power tools with increased reliability (Atlas Corco, Hilti), others only for domestic use, others produce power tools in various colors (Bosch makes a blue tool, and green household)
  • – disk diameter: 115, 125, 150, 230.
  • – disk rotation speed (usually for 125 circles is adjustable from 2900 to 11000, for 230 speed 6500)
  • – Power: conditionally low 500. 900 watts, average 900. 1500 watts, powerful from 1500 watts
  • – with electric power from the network, pneumatic or battery;
  • – Technical differences: the ability to adjust the revolutions, fast.Free protective casing, vibrational handle, restriction of the starting current (smooth start), maintaining direct speeds under load, protection against unintentional starting, the system of disconnection of the tool when blocking the disk, and others.

Appointment: on wood, metal and not only

Small corner grinder with a circle of 115 mm. Due to a small working surface of the cutting circle (about 25 mm.) and its wear in the process of work are ineffective for segments of blanks. To a greater extent, such corner grinders enjoy priority when performing grinding works. Depending on the type of nozzles, they can be polished a large nomenclature of different materials (metal, glass, wood, FAOR and others).

Corner grinder (angular grinder) Vortia corner grinder-125/900. Photo 220 volts

Corner grinder with a circle of 125 mm. Solve a much wider range of problems. The ability to cut workpieces with a thickness of about 35 mm. Make them indispensable for work in domestic conditions. The retail network has a wide variety of nozzles of this size, thereby increasing the number of tasks in relation to various materials solved by a small corner grinder with a circle of 125 mm.

What can this tool

Classic corner grinder is a manual power tool with an abrasive circle. The main purpose of the corner grinder is the processing of the joints of flat metal surfaces. However, it can be used for other operations. The main circle is perfect for cutting sheet metal, end trimming of pipes and reinforcement. With a simple replacement of the working circle with sandpaper, the grinder turns into a polish. It is possible to use corner grinder in this capacity by processing pipe for railings, flat or curved surfaces to a mirror shine. In addition to metal work, corner grinder is cutting ceramic tiles. To do this, as a working disc, you need to use a circle on concrete. The list of operations that can be done using an angular grinder is very wide.

Each type of materials requires special discs for its processing:

What is Fortune?

The Oxford Dictionary of English gives the following definition of the word luck. He equates good luck as a force that affects people’s lives. It must be emphasized here that in this context this word is used to indicate an external force that can influence a person. The word luck is much more formal than luck in work.

Luck. This is a positive aspect, and failure. Negative. Let’s now consider a few examples.

He was the only heir to a great state.

You are lucky that you have experienced such a terrible incident.

As can be seen from the examples, the word luck can also be used to indicate the material success that a person has achieved.

fortune, corner, grinder, difference, change, bearings

The difference in class and fortune affected

Torpedoes dropped out of the Russian Cup draw. The difference in class and luck or bad luck, depending on whose benefit Fortune ordered, explained by the head coaches of Shinnik and Torpedo the results of the cup match.

The Yaroslavl Shinnik performs in the first division, and the victory of the torpedoes over it could please Vladimir fans with the arrival of the Premier League team, as has already happened more than once. And the victory seemed possible, because last year at the same stage of the Cup in Vladimir Torpedovtsy at Shinnik won. And Shinnik in the championship acts less successfully this season. And the first half filled the hopes of the fan of Torpedo for the best. As the head coach of the Shinnik later admitted, in the first half it was not visible which team is from the first division, which of the second. “Torpedo” had an advantage, constantly attacked, and the Yaroslavl defended themselves, and did not create anything particularly dangerous at our gate. But the Vladimirites have repeatedly beat the opponent’s goal, it is especially dangerous. Head. But to no avail. Head coach “Shinnik” Alexander Skalyalov, as they say. “New Old”. He headed the team in 2004, when the Yaroslavls achieved high results. And recently, at the height of the season, the club management again called him to mentors. Judging by the fact that Slichalov did not take 3-4 players of the foundations to Vladimir, on which the main load lies in the Russian championship, he was sure of the victory and was watching the progress of the first half from the stands. However, the slurred game of wards made me go down to the field in the second half of the meeting. And in the second half, everything went differently. It seemed that the torpedoes remained a little “to squeeze” the “shinnik”. Dmitry Vyazmikin had a real chance to score, jumped out one on one and from ten meters struck right into the goalkeeper. Soon was scheduled for the penalty area “Torpedo”, in the center of the field. Despite the impressive wall, the ball after the hit of the Note Goleodor of the guests and their captain of the novel by Monarean, from 30 meters, flew into the gate. The goalkeeper of Torpedovtsev Evdokhin, apparently, incorrectly chose a position in the gate. And a few minutes later, the Belarusian legionnaire of Shinnik Vladimir Korytko, having performed several fast finites between the Torpedo defenders who were clearly confused before such agility, struck. And hit. And again, Evdokhin only pulled the ball with his eyes, although, according to the head coach Yevgeny Durnev, he could see the moment of the blow. After the match, the upset Durnev shared his bewilderment about the action of the goalkeeper. But even with the score 2-0 to save the Match Torpedovites, it seemed that they could. In his penalty, one of the players “Shinnik” played his hand. As it seemed to the fans. This is not the first time, and this time the judge did not consider the ball entering the hand after the blow of Dmitry Proshin by chance. Dmitry Vyazmikin struck the eleven meter for sure. 2: 1. There was a 78th minute, and time to recoup was still. Over, after a few minutes, the Shinnik player Valery Katynsus rudely played against Andrei Smirnov, who had rushed to the attack and knocked him right at the penalty line. The judge showed Valery a red card, seeing the “foul of the last hope”. But the torpedo, continuing to go forward, began to skip a counter attack. The higher performing skills of the players of the first division, even remaining in the minority, was immediately clearly manifested. The shinnik had the same moment as Vyazmikin at the beginning of the half: one on one, the blow point blank. And right in our goalkeeper Evdokhin. But many times could not be so lucky. And another torpedo ball missed another ball in the 89th minute. Scored Vladislav Ryzhkov, the central midfielder of the Moscow Spartak, rented by Shinnik. Hundreds of fans, who gathered more than half of the stadium for this match, instead of supporting our players who continued to fight zealously, indifferently reached out from the stands with a score of 0: 2. They said, however, that these are not devoted fans, but random people who came to stare at the Torpedo match with a famous club. But the torpedoes from their viewers did not clearly deserve such an attitude. Our players did everything they were able to, and attacked to the last. Torpedo dropped out of the Cup draw, without bringing the Premier League team to the stadium. On the draw, she could become “wings of the Soviets”. The next match in the Russian Championship Torpedo will hold on their field on July 5 against the Vologda Dynamo. The beginning of the match. In 19.00.

“Corner grinder”, “Fortune”, “turbine”, “flexi” and many others. All this is an angular grinding mama, but where such nicknames come from?

Due to the simplicity of work, efficiency, multifunctionality and a wide range of use, corner grinding machine is the second in demand power tool after a drill. The modern market offers an inconspicuous amount of equipment, devices and components significantly increasing the universality of the application and the variety of work performed and processed materials.

In the territory of the post.Soviet space, it is simply called “corner grinding”. Although the device has indirect relation to this state. The corner grinder was firmly fixed in the Must Have category and became an indispensable assistant to everyone without exception of the master.

The origin of the corner grinder (corner grinder)

The corner grinding was invented by the Germans. In 1954, ACKERMANN SCHMITT (founded by German Ackerman and German Schmitt) from the city of Steinheim An Der Murr designed a mobile device. And the roots of the corner grinder go far into history. The prototype of the tool was a mechanical grinding machine that worked with a foot pedal. It was quite bulky and was used to grind irregularities and sharpening knives. Such a grinding machine has become a prototype of a portable grinding instrument invented by the Germans. In the 30s of the twentieth century, they created a hand-made tool with a flexible shaft-MS6-Flexen. And already in the middle of the 50s it was modernized in the first grinding machine of the angular type DL9. Over, in Europe it was called flexi for a long time. The widespread popularity of the tool for many years has imposed a number of nicknames for an indispensable assistant.

It is worth noting that constructively modern MSU does not differ much from the predecessor, having little modified for a long time, without having lost the demand. But the development of technologies made it possible to significantly improve many details and characteristics (lower cost, high power, lightweight housing and modern electronic filling, such as: revolutions stabilizer, smooth start, regulator, as well as a package of all kinds of protection and blocking ensuring the safety of use) and ensure a rich assortment selection of models among many brands.

A little about Russian.Speaking nicknames angular grind

SPARKY ELTOS from the city of Lovech Bulgaria, acquired a patent for production from the Germans and entered into an agreement for delivery with the Soviet Union in the early 70s, confidently “won” the market under the Eltos trademark. In 1961, a factory was founded, but already in 1965 the production of TM Eltos tools (1966 acquired AEG license, overcoming the production threshold of half a million units, which in just nine years, exceeded a million) since 1997 and today, factory products It is produced under the Sparky Professional brand. The convenient and affordable tool was quickly simplified in the title that he received from the geographical place of production. Corner grind.

At the same time, an interesting fact is that the “angular grinder” request on Google is found two orders of magnitude more frequent “corner grinding”.

The model was called Fortune. And she had a tremendous success among consumers of the power tool (especially those who remember what it is to saw metal with a gear sheath), therefore this name was also assigned in many regions of the post.Soviet space.

The corner grinding machine was called as the purpose of the work performed and the method of attaching the working circle, through the corner gearbox under 900. But foreigners call an angular grinder. A disk grinder and a lateral grinding instrument.

The long name and not “sonorous” abbreviation gave an incentive to the new names of this tools. “monkey” and “turbine”.


There is a legend, if the severity of the instrument among workers, hands are lengthening. As a result of this, they become similar to the elongated upper limbs of the monkeys. So such a humorous nickname was fixed. Monkey.

The name “turbine” comes from working qualities angular grind. Pneumatic models of corner machine were used at the factories. During operation, the impeller of the rotary engine made the sound resembling a turbine of the aircraft. Given the difference in size, the device was called a diminutive nickname of a turbine.

As do not call it, there is a corner grinder and will be an indispensable top tool for all masters without exception


There are many objects in our everyday life, the names of which seem strange and even inexplicable. These include a grinding machine, widely known among the people as a “corner grinder”.

Recently, we have already found out why pepper is called “Bulgarian”, and now let’s go the tool.

An unusual name arose in the Soviet Union in the 70s of the last century. It was then that the first samples of this tool appeared here. They were manufactured in Bulgaria by Sparky Eltos. In the country-manufacturer, the instrument began to be called first a Bulgarian saw, and then just a corner grinder. The nickname also contributed to the fact that the Bulgarians often came to Soviet construction sites with such an instrument.

Corner grinder “Sparky Eltos”

Interesting fact: this name is known only in post.Soviet countries. In most states, such a car is called Flex in the Honor of the first company-manufacturer.

The exact name of this construction tool is an angular grinding machine (corner grind. It is designed for grinding and stripping cement, metal and granite surfaces. It is also used to cut stone, metal, wood. With its help, preliminary processing of metal surfaces is performed. Removal of burrs, cleaning of rust, preparation for welding. Without exaggeration, the corner grinder is considered one of the most popular tools in construction.

The folk name has taken root to such an extent that to this day on the price tags of stores of the CIS countries, the instrument is often called “corner grinder”. Many users do not even suspect the existence of another name.

One of the first German angular grinding dl9 “FLEX” of the German company “ACKERMANN SCHMITT”

It was established that in the search for the Russian.Speaking Internet, the word “corner grinding” was requested 320,000 times, and the term “angular grinding machine” was only 10,000 times. This is not the only case in Russian when an object or phenomenon is called by the name of the country. Everyone knows a men’s haircut. Canadian, a type of flu. Spaniard, Thin knife. Finnish.

As you can see, the exact name of the tool is quite long, which is difficult for colloquial speech. Perhaps that is why the people began to look for a replacement for him. A well.Aimed nickname “Corner grinder” did not immediately appear. To our time, some other names are preserved angular grinder. Rarely, but sometimes you can hear what the device is called “monkey”. This happens from the comic statements of the workers, that if you work on it for a long time, then the hands will be long, like a monkey. The first models of an angle grinding machine went on sale under the name “Fortune“. Some users still use this name. Another nickname to which the workers tried to christen the corner grinder. “turbine”.

It arose due to the fact that the device makes sounds reminiscent of the sound of the aircraft turbine. The most rare for post-Soviet countries is the name angular grinding-“Flexi”, which comes from the manufacturer. Often this tool is called in Europe. In total, the corner grinding machine has the largest number of names among all construction tools.

As a “corner grinder” is called in Bulgaria?

Bulgarians are often perplexed when they read Russian instructions for the use of an angle grinding machine. Indeed, in their understanding, the corner grinder is a woman of Bulgarian nationality, a native of Bulgaria. Especially for them are places where it is said that during work it is impossible to wear jewelry that the corner grinder can wound on itself.

In their country, they call this tool an angle grinding machine. In their language it sounds like “angular”.

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