STIHL 180-ms chain saw Overview. Specifications, description, operating and maintenance instructions

STIHL chainsaw MS 180. a tool worthy of attention Undoubtedly, every modern man wants to buy a good-quality chainsaw, which would be characterized by reliability, high operating life, efficiency and good technical features. The STIHL MS 180 chain saw satisfies all these aspects in every respect. Its advantages, widespread failures and self-repair are discussed in detail.

STIHL chain saw MS 180. model components

The design of STIHL MS 180 chain saw is quite difficult to name the usual. this is due to the method of operation of this model. The STIHL chain saw 180 consists of the following components:

The manufacturer has taken into account the possibility of constant use of a chainsaw in low temperatures, resulting in a proprietary software package for a smoother and more rapid start the engine.

STIHL MC 180 chainsaw. technical specifications

The STIHL MS 180 chain saw supersedes almost everything in its price class when it comes to performance. This tool, as well as its modification. STIHL chainsaw 180 C, has these technical properties:

  • Power. 5 l. с.;
  • Cylinder capacity. 31,8 cc;
  • Fuel consumption. 0,7 l/h;
  • The fuel tank capacity is 250 ml;
  • Oil tank capacity 145 ml;
  • Idle RPM. 2800 rpm./minute;
  • To start. manually;
  • Chain lubrication. automatic;
  • Length of tires used. 30-35 cm;
  • Chain pitch. 3/8”v
  • Weight when in working position. 4.2.7 kg.

The STIHL MC 180 chain saw requires very little maintenance. The only thing that comes in handy from the owner is to use high quality fuel and top up oil in good time. The chain sharpening grid size for the STIHL MS 180 chain saw should be 4.5. 5 mm.

Features of STIHL MS 180 chain saw

Just like its variant. the STIHL MS 180 C BE chain saw. this model chain saw is easy to use. Here are the rules to keep your main chain saw parts and mechanisms from premature wear.

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How to thin the fuel for a STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw?

The chainsaw motor should run on a properly prepared consistency of gasoline and oil. The higher the quality of these two components, the longer your garden tool will last. The proportions of oil and gasoline are also very important.

How to start the STIHL 180 chain saw correctly?

The correct way to start the chainsaw is as follows:

  • Before you get the STIHL 180 up and running you must engage the chain brake. You need to tilt the brake lever forward for this purpose;
  • Next, you will need to remove the protective cover;
  • Next, you need to press the decompression valve. this will greatly facilitate starting the motor;
  • Then push down on the fuel pump a couple of times. This will reduce fuel consumption specifically when starting the saw motor;
  • Then set the choke lever on the combination throttle down to the “cold start” position. For this purpose, it will be necessary to first activate the throttle lever;
  • Slowly pull the cord until you feel resistance. Then promptly pull the cable toward you only until you hear the engine start and stall;
  • Then move the combination lever one position up;
  • Pull the cable again until the motor starts;
  • Once the engine is running, squeeze the throttle trigger and, after moving the combi lever all the way up, release it;
  • Release the chain brake lever by pulling it toward you personally until it clicks properly;

Fuel consumption of a chainsaw. REAL. WITHOUT BREAKING.

Running in moderation. Without the shimmy. Use 35-40 grams of oil per liter of gasoline. Oil.

STIHL MS 180 How to adjust carburetor STIHL chainsaw MS 180

How to adjust the STIHL ms 180 carburetor

what rpm min and max? And a similar video on how to adjust the carburetor on mine.

How to run in a new STIHL 180 chain saw?

When first starting out with the STIHL MS 180 chain saw most chain saw owners don’t know how to properly run it in. To do this, it is necessary to act in this order:

  • Check for chain oil. to do this, put the saw on an old newspaper and start the tool. If there is oil, its traces will appear on the paper;
  • Then turn off the inertia brake;
  • Then start the chain saw and let it run idle for 20 minutes. In doing so, briefly squeeze the throttle trigger every minute;
  • After 20 minutes, start sawing thin branches, gradually increasing the density and diameter of the wood.
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Features of construction and use

While working on the project the designers used various operating experience of the previous models and advanced engineering and design solutions even for our time. The chainsaw’s performance is intended for residential and small construction.

  • The STIHL MS 180 chain saw makes short work of cutting firewood, trimming large branches and crowning fruit trees and ornamental trees.
  • Compact dimensions determine its suitability for working in hard-to-reach places of log and timber frame constructions.
  • Owners of this tool respect it because of its stable performance in different kinds of simple and complicated sawing jobs, high level of operational reliability and long service life.
  • Functional malfunctions of chainsaws in most cases are the result of unskilled maintenance, excessive loads, unjustified savings on the quality and cost of fuel and lubricants and consumables.

According to the information from the Service Department, very few new STIHL chain saws are under warranty. The majority of the overhaul range consists of the models built after the 2000s, which can restore 96 to 98% of their operating and maintenance properties with moderate material costs.


Over the past decade and a half the chainsaw design has not become obsolete, moreover, it meets the basic requirements of current regulatory standards.

The STIHL MC 180 has many advantages:

  • affordable price for a wide range of consumers
  • the optimum indicator of the specific weight;
  • ergonomic configuration of the body, shape and location of the handles, which ensure a secure grip of the tool during labor-intensive and complex sawing jobs;
  • Low-cost operation in terms of fuel and lubricant consumption and cost of repair assortment;
  • stability of working parameters of the tool throughout the entire service life;
  • high maintainability and interchangeability of unified spare parts and consumables with previous years’ models.
fuel, consumption, stihl, chain

Reaction forces

The following paragraph of the manual, following the safety section, at a glance draws attention with a picture. The information that can be obtained by reading the section “Reaction forces” is probably unfamiliar to all those who do not read the instructions to STIHL chain saws, and prefer to start operating immediately.

In turn, those who read it will get some unique recommendations and tips on how to reduce the chain saw’s kickback and the risk of kickback, and learn why the saw chain brake is shaped and positioned like this.


The STIHL MS 180 chain saw has a fairly simple design, designed to be easy to operate for the inexperienced user. The carburetor of the saw is designed so that it cannot be adjusted to the maximum RPM of the engine. the only regulating screw, which is responsible for stable idling performance.

The saw consists of the following components:

  • engine;
  • starter;
  • flywheel, also called cooling fan
  • ignition module;
  • clutch;
  • Brake mechanism of the saw chain;
  • carburetor;
  • air filter with replaceable filter element;
  • oil and fuel tank;
  • muffler;
  • the side cover with the chain tensioning mechanism;
  • control handle and saw handle.

Let’s take a closer look at the chainsaw’s construction and how the main elements work.

To start the STIHL chain saw pull the starter rope.

The starter motor transmits power via the flywheel to the crankshaft and drives the piston. At this moment, under the action of the air pulse from the engine crankcase, transmitted through special channels to the carburetor, the fuel pump begins to supply gasoline with oil to the carburetor, where a fuel-air mixture is formed and delivered under the piston.

At the same time as the piston is at TDC (top dead center), the ignition coil supplies the spark plug with an electric current that ignites the fuel mixture under the piston in the cylinder and sets the piston in motion, thereby causing the work stroke.

After a successful start-up, the saw cycles through all work processes and runs steadily.

To avoid ignition, it is necessary to start at a safe distance from the place where the gasoline-powered saw is being started.

Let’s see how the force from the motor is transmitted to the drive sprocket and makes it turn the saw chain. To do this, the chain saw has a centrifugal clutch that is mounted inside the drive sprocket and is rigidly mounted on the engine crankshaft.

As engine speed increases, the clutch unclenches and transfers the force of the engine crankshaft onto the sprocket housing, causing it to rotate the chain mechanism.

The next element is the chain brake. the brake is very simple and consists of a control lever and a metal plate that goes around the drive sprocket and is installed in the saw housing. In the operating position, the chain brake plate securely holds the sprocket drum.

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While the chain brake is in the operating position, do not increase the engine speed. к. it will lead to malfunctions in the clutch mechanism.

Advantages of brand name oils

Branded oils can also be found on the market, which are characterized by their specific performance characteristics.

It is worth considering that each chainsaw manufacturer specifies the recommended oil.

The advantages of branded oils are as follows

  • Higher quality.
  • Increased lubricating properties.
  • Can be used with most foreign-made chainsaws.

However, the higher characteristics determine that the product of foreign manufacturers has a higher cost. That is why many people in the pursuit of savings try to fuel their foreign chainsaws with the product of domestic manufacturers, making a serious mistake.

owner’s manual

Operation manual is included with each machine. Read this document before you start using it and before carrying out any maintenance or repair work.

Operation according to the recommendations of the company will help to avoid unwanted damage to the mechanism, increase the service life of the equipment, reduce fuel consumption caused by improper handling.

The instruction manual for the chainsaw describes the following steps:

  • preparation for start-up;
  • running-in;
  • Fuel mixture preparation;
  • the rules of safe operation;
  • Recommended consumables;
  • troubleshooting with your own hands;
  • rules of storage of the device in winter time.

Simple self-troubleshooting can be done by following the instruction manual. If in doubt, you can take the electrical equipment to the service center. This model is easy to find replacement parts for.

What gasoline to fill up

STIHL chain saws should be filled with gasoline and oil at a ratio of 1:50. The quality of these two components directly affects the longevity of the equipment. The machine requires high quality consumables. Poor fuel or oil quality immediately affects performance and increases the rate of component wear.

How to Start

Start the power tool in the following sequence:

  • Activate the chain brake by tilting the lever forward.
  • Remove safety cover.
  • A few pulls on the fuel pump will reduce fuel consumption when the engine starts.
  • Activate the throttle lever and move the choke to “cold start.
  • Pull the cable toward you slowly until there is resistance, then quickly until you hear the engine start.
  • After the engine stalls, shift the lever one position up.
  • Pull cable. When the engine starts, move the lever up as far as it will go and lower the.
  • Pull the chain brake lever toward you until it clicks.

This process tells you how to start your STIHL chain saw cold.

How to Adjust

The carburetor needs to be adjusted in the following cases

  • The saw stalls when idling;
  • does not hold idle speed;
  • The tool will not start;
  • Does not develop the maximum possible RPM and power;
  • increased consumption of fuel mixture.

The manufacturer has simplified the settings and left only the most necessary levers. The saw has no screws for reducing or increasing the gasoline supply. This can be done by adjusting the needle valve, opening and closing the gap. The best way is to have the tool adjusted by a service technician.

How to run in

Running in the chainsaw is necessary before using the tool for the first time. This requires the following steps to be performed sequentially:

  • Make sure you have oil;
  • Release the overrun brake;
  • Start the machine and let it idle for 20 minutes;
  • pull the throttle trigger every minute;
  • After 20 minutes you can start with small branches, gradually increasing the density and diameter of the material.

Even inexperienced users can break in a new tool.

Chain Lubrication

Chain lubrication is done automatically by a special pump. The oil supply to the chain is based on the number of revolutions.

In addition to the oil pump, it has a guide bar and a saw chain.

The quality of the raw materials affects the wear of the parts. You can’t use gear lubricant, which freezes in sub-zero temperatures. As a result, the system becomes clogged and requires deep cleaning.

Brand oil can also make the oil consistency thick in winter and it is recommended to change to a thinner material.

Before you start it is better to make a diagnostics of the lubrication system. To do this, just hold the end of the bar over a piece of paper. If an oily streak forms, then the device is functioning normally.

An insufficiently lubricated headset experiences high friction and wears out quickly. So it is absolutely essential to check the chain at all times.

Disassembly and assembly

Disassembly of a chainsaw with their own hands can be carried out in several stages:

  • Preparatory. Includes removal of side cover, chain mechanism, and bar. After that the machine is cleaned of dirt, oil and dust. Oil accumulation areas can be cleaned with gasoline.
  • Handle removal. comes down to removing the 3 rubber shock absorbers.
  • Removing the starter motor. After removing the upper housing cover, proceed to the 4 screws of the starter. Then remove the fuel and oil tank lid.
  • Disassemble the flywheel.
  • Remove the drive sprocket, remove the oil pump.
  • The next items to disassemble are the carburetor, ignition coil, and muffler.
  • The motor in the tool is held in place by 4 screws. After removing it, you can remove the piston ring, bearings and oil seals.
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Assembling the chainsaw is done in reverse order.

Replacing the sprocket

To replace the sprocket, unscrew the spark plug, install the piston stop in its place to secure the crankshaft from turning. Then from the side of the bar remove the cover and the retaining ring, which holds the sprocket.

The compact and lightweight STIHL MS 180 home-use chainsaw

In the hustle and bustle of the city we long for peace and quiet in the countryside. And what comfort, the same sauna and hot stove without good, dry wood?? And here we come to the main question? How to get this wood and what to saw it with? No, of course you can, like Celentano in “The Taming of the Shrew”, de-stress with swinging blows of the axe. But let’s face it, it’s a long and painful prospect and annoying blisters. In general there is no way without a chainsaw. After all it is possible with it not only to cut fire wood and put it in a beautiful firebox, it is also possible to shorten the trees, to cut down dry branches and bushes. You can even go camping in the woods, and there to cope with the hardships of camping life with the help of a compact gasoline beauties.

fuel, consumption, stihl, chain

Today we look at a chain saw with a gasoline engine that is so compact and easy to operate.

The STIHL MC 180 is a home-use chainsaw. Manufactured by STIHL, Germany, with a long history going back to 1926.

Let’s imagine we are the lucky owner of this saw. The weight of the STIHL MS 180 pleasantly surprises us, its weight is nearly four kilograms.

There is a gasoline engine adjustment lever on the body of the saw.

The stop position 0 means that the chain saw is not in working position, the engine is not running and the ignition is off.

Operating position 1 the engine is running or can be started.

The next position, the start on the hot engine.

The oil and gasoline tanks are located on the body of the saw. I’d also like to mention the chain oil use for lubrication. It is better to use the original, it will ensure normal operation of the chain without interruptions. I would also like to make it clear that you should not allow the oil tank to be emptied completely.

What about fuel, you might ask? Gasoline or fuel mix is consumed by the chainsaw. If you know that in the next long period of time you will not use a chainsaw, gasoline from the tank should be drained, and start the motor of the saw at idle speed, so that the remaining fuel in the tank burned.

When putting the chain on the bar, you have to make sure that the teeth are in the right place.

Chain teeth must face forward as shown in the photo below.

To install the guide bar with the chain we have to unscrew the two nuts and remove the cover on the body of the saw. Underneath is the chain sprocket and tensioning screw. After installing the chain and bar, we put the housing cover in place and tighten the nuts.

Here is where the tensioning screw is located. With it, we tighten the chain so that it does not sag.

The chainsaw’s air filter is located under the red cover. To open the lid, turn the small black rocker switch on the lid. An air filter ensures proper operation of the machine, but if it gets dirty, the saw will lose power considerably. It is necessary to have a spare air filter.

In the dry residue we have an excellent unit, which has proven to be reliable and easy to operate. The STIHL MS 180 is considered a mass-produced saw, but it is fairly reliable and indestructible in its category.

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