Frequent trimmer malfunctions for Husqvarna 128r grass

Deciphering symbols

Conditions ………………… 2 …………………………………………………………………………. 3 Before launch, follow the following: …………………………………………………………………………. 3 that there is something? What is there?……………………………… 4 General Security Proposits important information 5 Operator protection products …………. 5 Protective devices of the tool ………………………………………. 6 Cutting equipment ………………… 10 Sub.Book Assembly of the handle …………………………………………………………………. 13 Fixing belt fastening the holder of the shoulder belt …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 13 fastening of the knives and head of a trimmer for grass …………………………………… 14 fastening of the shield, knife and disk for clearing. 15 installation of protection and trimmer head ………………………………………………………………………. 15 Rules for the handling of the safety rule during refueling ……………………………………………………………………………………………. 16 Preparation of the fuel mixture ………… 16 Refueling …………………………………………………………………………………. 18 Latin and stop Verification before launch. 19 launch and stop …………………………. 19 Method of work General working instructions. 25 muffler …………………………………………………. 26 Speak of ignition …………………………. 27 Air Filter …………………………… 28 Angular Reducer …………………………………………………………………. 28 Sharpening of knives and disks ………………… 28 Schedule of maintenance. 29

Specifications …………. 31 EC guarantee on compliance (

Before starting, follow the following:

Please, carefully read the operating instructions.

circumstances should not make changes to the initial design of the machine without the permission of the manufacturer. Always use only original spare parts. The use of unauthorized changes and/or accessories can lead to serious injury or death of the operator or other people.

Custosens or trimmer for grass, which are used carelessly or incorrectly, can become dangerous and lead to serious injuries of the operator or others. You must definitely know and understand this instruction.

Prolonged impact of noise leads to incurable violations. Therefore, always use the recommended protection against noise.

Husqvarna AB is constantly working on the improvement and development of its products and therefore reserves the right to make changes to form and design without preliminary warning.

Device and principle of operation of the carburetor Husqvarna

To successfully configure the carburetor of the Husqvarna chainsaw, you need to know its device and understand how it works. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

The saw carburetor has a fuel pump, which is responsible for transporting a mixture of gasoline with butter, as well as a diaphragm, a needle valve with a rocker. Their joint work allows you to dose the supply of fuel into the main chamber and two shutters.

Husqvarna String Trimmers. Fuel & Lubrication

One of the shutters is designed to adjust the fuel supply to the cylinder when pressing the gas, it is called throttle, the second is responsible for restricting the air filter air supply to facilitate the launch of the Husqvarna cold chainsaw. At the moment when the operator blocks the air damage to the carburetor, the fuel mixture is impoverished and its supply to the cylinder is increased, due to which the chainsaws are launched much easier than when the cold launch is carried out in normal mode.

The Khuskvarna carburetor is involved in the Khuskvarna valve, which sprays fuel and prevents the flow of air into the main chamber. Often, problems during the operation of the saw can be caused by defects of this particular element. For example, the valve, if the chainsaw is improperly stored, can stick, the fuel supply will stop, which will make the engine impossible to operate. Also, no violations in the work of the nozzles can cause air leaks in the main fuel chamber of the carburetor. In such cases, adjustment of the position of the adjusting screws will not correct the situation, you will need to repair or replace the assembly.

For setting the quality and amount of the mixture, as well as the number of crankshaft revolutions in idle, three adjusting screws installed in the carburetor case:

  • screw (l). regulates the amount of fuel in low and medium.speed mode;
  • (H). is responsible for traction at high speeds and their number;
  • (T). changes the position of the throttle ditch, thereby regulating the amount of fuel mixture entering the cylinder and the operation of the tool engine in idle mode.

Screws (l) and (h) cannot be adjusted without certain knowledge and experience. Incorrect setting of quality and the amount of fuel mixture can lead to the fact that the engine will stop working or work incorrectly, which will lead to its rapid wear or even jamming.

Characteristics of the chainsaw

Each chainsaw has three main elements that ensure its operation. These include a 2-pin carburetor engine and two tanks. The fuel mixture is poured into one, the oil required for the lubrication of the chain is poured into the other. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.25 liters, which allows you to work without stopping 45–55 minutes. The volume of oil. less than twice. With this ratio of volumes, the contents of both tanks ends almost simultaneously.

During the operation of 2-stroke engines, the oil pumps system are not used, so for the stihl chainsaw oil in gasoline for lubrication of the shaft, piston and other rubbing parts have to be added. Attempts to work on one gasoline or non-compliance with the proportions indicated in the instructions for compiling a fuel and lubricant mixture from two components lead to a breakdown of the tool.

Oil selection rules

Motor oil depending on the chemical composition:

  • mineral. made of oil distillates and is intended for low.power air.cooled equipment;
  • semi.synthetic. is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils and is suitable for 2T and 4T, as well as for air and liquid cooling;
  • synthetic. produced on the basis of complex ethers and can be used in powerful equipment, as well as for work in difficult climatic conditions.

Depending on the classification of the API, the following groups of oils for trimmer engines can be distinguished:

  • That. for low.power equipment with an engine volume up to 50 cm³ and air cooling;
  • TV-for powerful equipment with a motor volume of 50-200 cm³ and an air cooling system;
  • TS. for a powerful two.stroke equipment (motorcycles, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc.) with a engine volume 50-200 cm³;
  • TD. for motors of boats with liquid cooling.

To choose the optimal oil for a specific trimmer model for grass, it is better to take into account the recommendations specified in the instructions. For motos 2t, API-TV class oil and API-TS is usually used

Leading manufacturers of garden equipment themselves develop and produce oils for their equipment. Such lubricants most fully satisfy all the technical and operational characteristics of specific series of trimmers. For example, for STIHL (STIHL) FS 5 motorcycles, it is best to use the STIHL HP or Stihl HP Super oil, for Husqvarna 143R, Husqvarna HP or Husqvarna LS oil is suitable. But the usual M-8V mineral oil is also suitable for the Patriot brand.

fuel, preparation, trimmer, husqvarna

The ratio of gasoline and oil for chainsaws

The proportion of oil and gasoline for refueling two.stroke engines of chainsaws of different brands is from 40 to one or 50 to 1. This ratio is standard, which is used not only by beginners, and experienced pilals. Specifically this is the ratio for the manufacture of fuel consistency close to the impeccable and provides lubrication of the rubbing parts, a crooked mechanism and a piston.

How much oil should be poured into gasoline in milliliters? Designed for ml, a fraction of oil and gasoline from one to 50 is 20 ml per l. To prepare the correct mixture, pour one liter of gasoline into a plastic bottle and dilute it 20 ml of oil. In order to correctly measure the amount of oil, you should take a special measuring container and fill it to the corresponding mark. If you plan to immediately prepare two liters of fuel, then this amount of gasoline must be added 40 ml of oil.

There are other relationships that different manufacturers offer. These values ​​of the coefficients are incorrect, but if you have taken other values ​​in the tool passport, then you must adhere to them for you. The value of one by 50 or 40 standardized. Pour fifteen ml of oil into one liter of fuel in the summer, and add more than 20-25 ml in winter. Knowing the recipe for the manufacture of consistency, you should also realize the question of which gasoline to fill in the chainsaw?

How to prepare a fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass

But such results are real if you know exactly how much oil is added to gasoline for a garden trimmer for grass. The fact is that two.stroke engines operate on a mixture of gasoline with butter. Fuel enters the cylinder, burns there, creating a working effort on the piston, and that part of the oil that did not have time to ignite, lubricates the moving parts of the piston group. When preparing a mixture for a trimmer for grass to a liter of gasoline, it is necessary to add a strictly defined amount of oil. If there is too little lubrication, then the friction force will become too large and the motor will jam, and in the case of too much, the oil will fill the candle and the engine will staller. Also, with excess oil, the engine power will decrease, it will not develop the required revolutions and smoke much.

When compiling a fuel mixture, it is necessary to calculate how much oil is needed per liter of gasoline, based not only from the standard proportion, but also from which brand of gasoline and oil is used

In the case of two.stroke engines, it is very important

The finished mixture of gasoline with butter can be stored for no more than 3 months (clean gasoline is stored less). Dilute the fuel in the quantity that is enough for several applications of the trimmer for the grass. In general, prepare:

  • gasoline and oil, which is suitable for two.stroke engines with an air cooling system;
  • metal canister and a mixture container;
  • respirator;
  • gloves.

Pour 1 l of gasoline into a suitable volume of 1 l of gasoline and add 1/2 of the desired amount of oil. Mix carefully, being at a decent distance from the sources of open fire. Add the rest of the oil to combustible and mix everything again.

General recommendations for refueling a trimmer for grass with a two-or four-stroke engine:

  • Place the fuel tank so that the cover is located on top, and then pour the required amount of fuel.
  • Do not overfill the fuel tank. This will lead to one of the problems: transferring into the intake pipe and fuel filter, flammable ignition or breakdown of the motor.
  • Try to fill the mixture so that it does not spill. To do this, you can use the watering can.
  • If you still poured fuel, then immediately wipe it. Put the wiping material, do not accumulate indoors. this is fire hazardous.
  • The launch of the device should begin after the canister with fuel is removed at a distance of more than 10 m.
  • If there was a long break between the operations of the mowing, then the remaining old fuel be sure to drain.

Make a carburetor to adjust

The module configuration cannot be repaired, and the replacement is not required. Honda carburetor Carburetor cleaning. In this case, the repair kit of the carburetor for a gas trimmer for grass is not required.

  • L. Initially regulated because it is responsible for supplying fuel at low speeds;
  • N. is responsible for supplying gasoline at high speeds, as well as for fuel consumption and temperature;
  • T. With its help, simple debugging occurs.

There are options, as a rule, a carburetor of a Chinese gasoline scraper, when only one screw on the case remains to adjust. To adjust the idle. This does not mean that the module is configured automatically. This means that it will be difficult to even carry out this type of repair as a debugging. The photo shows the adjustment of the Chinese gasoline carburetor.

  • The module is set up only when the engine is heated: for this, the device first turns on for 10 minutes. Adjustment of the carburetor if the head of the lawn mower operates at idle, immediately start adjusting: turn the t with the clockwise, until it stops rotating.
  • Adjustment starts with a screw l. The screw rotates to the left and right until it finds its position in which the idle speed does not become maximum.
  • Then turn the screw and turn it counterclockwise. This will be his work position.
  • The idle action should be adjusted by turning counterclockwise to increase speed, and clockwise. decrease. Its setting is to achieve a regime in which sufficient rotation is performed before the mower begins to rotate. In this case, the engine should work stably in different positions.
  • The position of the screw L is determined by the last. At maximum speeds, a trimmer for grass should not work for more than 10 seconds. The throttle opens, the screw rotates clockwise, very slowly, until the rotation speed decreases to the ear level.
  • Then the screw also slowly rotates counterclockwise until the engine starts to crawl with failures. Then the screw turns back the clock, until the engine rests normally.

We offer to familiarize yourself with shoes for extremely low temperatures if there is a tonometer and if the product is the recommended speed of rotation in the product passport, correction can be made more accurate, focusing on the ear, but on the testimony of the device. Carburetor regulation and repair

Please explain. In the regulation section of paragraph 5 of the screw l l? Should I read the screw a? Thanks

Tell me the initial position of the screws h l la

Tell me the initial position of the screws h l la

Installing Trimmer Line. Husqvarna Trimmer

Adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mower, trimmer for grass

Carburetor adjustment

This aspect is always needed when the lawn mower is set up.

A correctly configured carburetor is the key to the successful operation of engines for the lawn mower.

Despite the fact that the question of how to adjust the carburetor on a benzocos, it seems, to beginners are incomprehensible, but the repair of the lawn mower often ends with this procedure, since the reasons lies in the wrong adjustment, and the repair of the lawn mower and the methods of eliminating them in the settings for configuration. By the way, the run.mowing is also involved in the adjustment of the carburetor.

To understand how to correctly configure a gasoline carburetor for motorcycles, you need to know:

  • The device contains three screws: right (l), lower (t), left (h).
  • A properly configured carburetor operates on idle evenly and without changes with cold and hot motor, as well as with a sharp descent or set of revolutions. The screw t is responsible for the idle.
  • The screw l is responsible for how much the fuel mixture will enter the combustion chamber at low speeds. When adjusting, the screw turns counterclockwise by a quarter turnover.
  • Fuel adjustment at high speeds occurs by screw h. For configuration, give out full gas, opening the throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until you hear a speed drop. Then, scroll through the screw in the opposite direction so that the engine works unevenly, after which begin to slowly turn the screw clockwise until you start to hear the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the motor.

The correctness of adjustment is determined even by the color of the working part of the candle. If the tuning of the carburetor is made correctly, then the candle will be clean, without soot.

How to sharpen a knife or disk for a gas station?

To sharpen a knife or disk for mowing equipment, know that a good disk or knife must be sharpened so that the edges become sharp, but the metal was not overheated. The sharpened cutting element will provide easier removal of the grass surface. Also, the sharpness of the disk or knife affects the number of plants that will be eliminated by one capture.

In general, the maintenance of a gasoline braid for grass provides for constant cleaning of equipment after work, checking the quality of oils and gasoline, as well as a properly configured carburetor.

Do not pour doubtful additives and the like into the lawn mower. Regularly make the reducer lubrication and lubrication of driving elements to prevent problems. It is recommended to update lubrication, at least every 1000 hours of work.

The handling of fuel, fuel mixture, refueling

At high speeds, it is recommended to use gasoline with a higher octane number.

To get the best results use

Husqvarna two.stroke engines specially designed for reference and chain saws. The ratio of the components of the mixture 1:50 (2%).

If oil for a two.stroke Husqvarna engine

No, you can use other high.quality oil for two.stroke air cooling engines. When choosing oil, contact your

Do not use oil for a two.stroke

water.cooled engine, the so.called

Do not use oil for four.stroke

Should always mix gasoline with butter in a clean

You should always start by filling half

estimated for using the volume of gasoline. Then add all the required amount of oil.

Mix (shake) fuel mixture.

Add the remaining amount of gasoline.

Mix thoroughly (shaking) fuel

The mixture before pouring it into the fuel tank of the tool.

Do not prepare a fuel supply more than a monthly

If you do not use the tool for a long time, then

fuel from the tank should be drained, and the tank itself. clean.

WARNING!The muffler of the catalytic neutralizer is very heated during operation and after work for some time remains hot. This happens in idle mode. Remember the probability of a fire, especially when operating a saw next to fire hazardous substances and pairs.

WARNING!The following precautions can reduce the risk of fire: do not smoke and do not place any heat sources next to the fuel. Do not make refueling with a fuel with a running engine. Be sure to turn off the engine and give it to it

Cool down for several minutes before seasoning with fuel. At

refueling fuel carefully open the lid so as to slowly drop the pressure. After refueling

Motoboblock consumption rates for lawn mowers. Preparation for work

Expenses for service transport, including cars, are provided for by subparagraph 11 PT 1 of Article 264 of the Tax Code for organizations applying the general tax regime, and subparagraph 12 of Pt 1 of Article 346. The document in question provides the values ​​of the basic, transport and operational standards of fuel consumption for the car of the general purpose, the norms of fuel consumption for the operation of special cars, the procedure for introducing norms, formulas and methods of calculating the normative consumption of fuels during operation, reference normative data on the consumption of lubricants, values ​​of winter allowances and others.

Any organization for the implementation of its economic activity bears the cost of the purchase of fuel from its income. These costs are included in the list of tax expenses.

If the consumption of the resource meets the norms established by the state, then VAT is not charged on them.

Why do you need such a document

On the acts for a, constant control of fuel consumption within the organization is carried out. These acts, which are drawn up on the basis of documents on the expenditure of fuel when performing work, are submitted to the accounting department and stored there, as they serve as a substantiation of one of the types of costs of economic activity before the tax inspectorate.

Diesel fuel, gasoline, natural gas, other types of fuel, motor oil and special lubricants are considered fuel and lubricants.

Documents on the consumption of resources are drawn up for each unit of vehicles, tractors, loaders and other mechanisms consuming fuel and lubricants.

Their compilation is regulated by internal documents of the organization, and they can be compiled daily, weekly or monthly depending on the operating mode of a particular mechanism or vehicle.

List of mechanisms consuming combustible materials

Each organization for the correct substantiation of its costs for economic activity should have a list of mechanisms and vehicles that consume fuel and lubricants. It can be:

  • trucks and cars (including rented), buses;
  • cranes on car and tractor chassis;
  • loaders with ICE;
  • tractors and graders;
  • autonomous gas, diesel and gasoline generators;
  • Heating devices operating on gasoline, diesel, natural gas and other types of organic fuel;
  • chainsaws, lawn mowers and so on.

Basic consumption standards

The basic norms of resource consumption by the technique that is available in the organization is developed by the chief engineer and chief specialists in accordance with the technical characteristics of a particular unit and its wear:

  • For cars and trucks, the base rate of fuel and oil consumption is put in line with mileage.
  • For the processing of the Earth, the mechanisms (mainly tractors) consumption are made dependent on the work performed.
  • For autonomous electric generators. from the generated electricity.
  • For heating devices. from the generated thermal energy or maintaining established microclimate indicators under certain weather conditions.

About how to write off combustible materials in the 1C program, see the next

Drawing up a document

Ideally, an act of is drawn monthly in any form for each unit of equipment or device consuming combustible and lubricants. Typically, it is an accountant, a person working on a particular mechanism, and a specialist who has developed the basic standards for the consumption. The act has the power of a legal and financial document only if there are signatures on it that the persons and the head of the organization who approved it.

What should be indicated in it?

  • Date of preparation.
  • Surnames and initials of persons who compiled a document.
  • Surname and initials of the leader who approved him.
  • The name of the mechanism (for cars is also indicated by the state number), on which the act is drawn up.
  • Inventory number.
  • Type of work.
  • The basic rate of consumption in the corresponding units (kg/ha, l/km, kg/h, kg/kW x hour).
  • Actual development by the mechanism over the past month in the corresponding units (ha, km, hour, kW x hour).
  • Clarifying coefficients that reflect the conditions in which the mechanism worked.
  • The weighted average of the resource over the past month.
  • The cost of spent materials.

Here you can be free and a sample of filling out a document

Claiming conditions, the severity of the soil processed with a tractor, the truck’s workload, the frequency of bus stops, the cost of unproductive heating of the mechanism and much more are expressed in clarifying coefficients.

Types of STIHL technique for mowing an example of calculation

Where to rush?

Most of modern motorcycles of all manufacturers boast of dazzling dynamics and sky.high maximum speed. We also see missile acceleration whenever we turn on the video with your favorite motorcycle or admire it on an advertising flyer. But why repeat this at every start from a traffic light? Aggressive driving style on a sports motorcycle can increase fuel consumption by 2 times. If you are concerned about the financial side of the issue, it may be worth traveling more restrained and transferring the fan to a more prosperous time? In any case, keep in mind that you can drive much more at average speeds than at maximum.

Overcoming large distances, try to focus on maintaining constant speed, add the gas slowly, and avoid unnecessary braking. Look far ahead, and respond in advance to the upcoming reasons for the decline in speed so as not to slow down at the last moment, and in vain not change dynamic energy to thermal. In addition, do not forget that a smooth ride. This is a safe riding.

How to prepare a fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass

But such results are real if you know exactly how much oil is added to gasoline for a garden trimmer for grass. The fact is that two.stroke engines operate on a mixture of gasoline with butter. Fuel enters the cylinder, burns there, creating a working effort on the piston, and that part of the oil that did not have time to ignite, lubricates the moving parts of the piston group. When preparing a mixture for a trimmer for grass to a liter of gasoline, it is necessary to add a strictly defined amount of oil. If there is too little lubrication, then the friction force will become too large and the motor will jam, and in the case of too much, the oil will fill the candle and the engine will staller. Also, with excess oil, the engine power will decrease, it will not develop the required revolutions and smoke much.

When compiling a fuel mixture, it is necessary to calculate how much oil is needed per liter of gasoline, based not only from the standard proportion, but also from which brand of gasoline and oil is used. In the case of two.stroke engines, it is very important.


For trimmers, a special two.stroke oil is made, on the package of which there should be a note “2t”. Car, and even more so, transmission oil is strictly prohibited. Two.stroke oil in three types is produced:

It all depends on what substances make up the oil base. Mineral oil is the cheapest and unreliable. Its use is justified only in household class trimmers, which work for 30-60 minutes a day with large interruptions. Most manufacturers of motorcycles of this level indicate that TS-W3 class oil is suitable for the engine. This means that you can use mineral, synthetic and semi.synthetic oil 2t.

It is advisable to buy only those grades of oil that the manufacturer recommends for a professional class motorcycle. This is usually semi.synthetics and synthetics with special additives. Manufacturers mark the oil in letters:

  • That. for two.stroke engines with a volume of up to 50 cubic centimeters;
  • TV. for engines 50. 200 cubic centimeters;
  • TS. for engines of motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.D.

In motorcycles, if the type of oil is not indicated in the instructions, you can fill in all three modifications. How much oil is added to the fuel of the trimmer for grass depends on the brand of the tool and the quality of gasoline. Also, on the packaging with butter, the letters FA, FB, FC, etc. may occur.D. They show the level of smoke. The closer the second letter to the beginning of the alphabet, the more smoke stands out during combustion. As a rule, high.quality oil has very little. This indicator does not affect the choice of oil. important than the inscriptions “Self Mix” and “Pre Mix”. The first phrase means that the oil dissolves independently, and the container with the second mixture must be shaken several times. The best oils in the market are Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Champion.

Switching range of Husqvarna trimmers accepted for repairs

We are repairing the following Trimmer models (Benzosos) Husqvarna:

  • Models of Benzotrimmers and Husqvarna Benzosos Repair of a gasoline trimmer for grass Husqvarna 128r
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 133r grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 135r grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 143R-II grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 236R grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 323r II grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 324rx grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 327RDX grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 327rx grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 524R grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 525rx grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 525RXT grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 535rx grass
  • Repair of a gasoline trimmer for Husqvarna 545rx grass

Husqvarna batteries

Repair of a battery trimmer for Husqvarna 136lica grass

Principle of operation

Carburetor. a module of the power system in which liquid fuel and air are mixed before supply to the engine cylinders. Depending on the tool and the mode of its operation, mixing and supply are regulated accordingly.

The device of the carburetor of the lawn mower is the same for almost all cases. It belongs to the category of float devices. The latter provide stable parameters of ready.made mixtures.

  • Air enters the body of a tube with an air damper. The latter enhances or reduces the air flow depending on its position.
  • On the site where a hole for supplying gasoline is formed, the tube has a narrowing. diffuser. Here the flow rate increases.
  • Fuel from the float chamber through the jet is supplied to the tube. Carburetor device to lawners. Setting up the carburetor of the lawn mower craft. The level of the float determines the amount of fuel supplied. Since the pressure is normal in the chamber, and in the tube is low due to greater air spare, gasoline is absorbed through the nozzle.
  • Accelerated air flow picks up the fuel and sprays it, forming the air-fuel mixture of the desired density.
  • The mixture is absorbed into the cylinder through the pipeline.

The stronger the air damper is open in the tube, the higher the density of the air flow, which means that more fuel enters the cylinder. The setting of the gas mowing carburetor is reduced to the installation of such a ratio of the damper, in which the density of the fuel mixture becomes optimal.

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