The most frequent breakdowns of lawn mowers: how to eliminate the malfunction yourself?

Lawn mowers are one of the main garden supplies, without which large lawns owners are surely not to do with. However, like any other machine, the mowing cannot avoid damage.

If this device does not work properly or does not turn on properly, do not rush to the service center. if you correctly determine the problem, you can easily solve the problem yourself.

The most common reasons for the breakdown of the lawn mower

Before taking any more serious actions, first check the three most important factors-fuel, oil and ignition. It is for these reasons that many different problems sometimes arise with the mowing.

The oil level must be checked every time before starting work. It is very important that there is not only a shortage in oil, but there is not too much. otherwise excess oil will fall into other details and damage them. The same thing can happen if you put a mower in the wrong position.

It can only be lifted when the spark plug is directed down, and you can not turn towards the fuel tank. The oil in the lawn mower must be changed after about 50 hours of work, at least once a year. The amount of oil poured into a mower depends on the model.

How to make repair of the lawn mower with your own hands?

Those who have land are very familiar with what struggle is weed.

gasoline, mower, does, spin, knife

Especially when it often rains and the grass grows not by the day, but by the hour. Earlier, and sometimes even now, this issue was resolved with the help of a good old braid for grass.

But technologies are not standing still and now in this case, assistants such as electric and gasoline lawn mowers help.

The gasoline mower has several significant advantages over electric, such as mobility and lack of danger of electric shock. But there are many drawbacks, for example: high price, a lot of noise, expensive fuel and significant weight.

Electric mowers are cheaper, easier, work on inexpensive energy, and are not difficult to maintain and repair. These advantages become the main reason for their great popularity among buyers of this type of technique.

But despite the pretty good quality, improper operation and a lot of load, they can disable the device. In such cases, you should not immediately carry the device to the repair shop, but try to find and eliminate the cause of the breakdown yourself. over, as mentioned above, electric lawnmands do not have as many nodes and details as gasoline.

The main thing is to have some tools and faith in yourself. In this article, I will just show you how I did my own repair.

AL-KO, the lawn mower of the company, has serious problems in work, namely: the engine stop without load and its strong overheating, was taken as an example. The motor stops, buzzes and start it again, only re.pressing the “Start” button helps. The button has to restart almost every 30 seconds, and with further work and more often.

Of course, you can work, but it is very annoying and gives the feeling that somewhere the problem is. Therefore, I wanted to figure out where?

After the mower was working within an hour, the engine temperature was measured. It was impossible to touch him with a finger. He directly radiated heat. If you continue to pay attention and continue to work on such a mower, an electric motor will inevitably fail.

It is necessary to determine the cause of the motor overheating. To do this, remove the top cover of the case, under which the engine is located and its power chains.

The lid is held on six screws with a hat under a cross screwdriver.

Unscrew these screws and remove the lid. upward.

Having removed it, you can see the impeller, the capacitor, two connectors and the engine itself.

At first glance, no special problems are invisible. The engine winding darkened slightly from the temperature, but so far it is not critical.

To more carefully inspect the capacitor, it is necessary to unscrew the mount and pull it out.

The capacitor of some external damage did not show.

To check it, you need to disconnect the capacitor and feed the engine for a short time. If he did not start and began to buzz, then the capacitor is intact, because the engine was launched with him. Disconnect the power and connect the container connector back to the engine circuit.

Next, try to twist the impeller. It is mounted on the axis of the rotor and rotates rather tight.

And the reason for such severe rotation is a mechanical brake, which for safety stops the engine rotation when the power is turned off.

It looks like a sleeve that moves freely from top to bottom, along the rotor axis.

Когда напряжение на двигатель не подано, эта втулка прижимается верхней частью о крышку, на которой приклеено две резиновые полосы. Thus, the knife is inhibited on the rotor shaft.

When feeding, the brake sleeve under the influence of the magnetic field is drawn to the center of the rotor and provides free move.

With a careful examination, this sleeve with the brake noticed that at the time of turning on the engine, the brake is retracted and gives the shaft free rotation, but after 2-3 seconds it is released again and begins to slow down the motor. This should not be. Hence the stop of the knife during operation and overheating of the engine.

To find out what is the reason for this work, you need to remove and disassemble the engine.

gasoline, mower, does, spin, knife

To do this, disconnect the connectors and put the device on the side to get to the clamping screws. Access to them closes a knife with mounting elements.

To remove it, first you need to unscrew the knife bolt (cm. Figure below).

Direction of rotation, like a regular bolt, and not with left thread. That is, unscrew it counterclockwise, and tighten the clock.

The head of the bolt is plastic, so using the key, it must be well planted so as not to “lick” the edge.

After extracting the bolt, the knife and its plastic disk are removed.

Under it is a height sleeve. With its help, you can slightly lower the knife.

Adjustment is carried out by the washers put under the sleeve (see. drawings below).

We remove everything, only the engine shaft and the hexagonal screws of its fasteners remain.

The key for these bolts has a distance between faces of 6 mm. Unscrew them counterclockwise. Removing the last screw, with one hand, hold the engine.

Next, put the mower on the wheels, and clasping the engine with our hands. we raise it.

To disassemble the motor, you need to free tightening studs. We unscrew them all.

Remove the impeller with two screwdrivers.

We proceed to the removal of the back cover. A wooden block and a hammer will help this.

But first you need to mark the position of the covers with something sharp to the engine body.

Put the engine on the side and hit with a hammer, through a wooden gasket, on the rear shaft.

The motor at that moment should hold another person.

We hit until the axis comes out of the bearing to the end.

The advantage of a gasoline trimmer for grass

For example, a trimmer for grass. very convenient and productive, light, reliable and practical device. It can be electric with a small weight, or gasoline with high performance. Basic gasoline are more common, as they have a fuel tank and can work at a distance from electrical communications. Perhaps the only minus of a gasoline trimmer for grass is that it, like any technique, periodically fails. But in this matter, it has an advantage, since for people who understand a little in technology, it is possible with their own hands.

Search for breakdowns

If the trimmer for the grass has ceased to be launched, then you should not immediately sound the alarm and contact the service center, since the cause of the inoperability can be easy. Any repair of gasoline trimmers begins with a check of the presence of a spark, without which ignition of fuel in the combustion chamber is impossible. If there is no spark, then the problem is either in the spark plug or in the ignition itself. Exclusion in cases where the candle is filled with a fuel mixture with overflow of fuel above the prescribed level. In this case, you just need to wipe it dry and the coveted spark will appear.

Will also tell you about the absence of fuel flow. If it is dry and light brown, in this case, the repair of a gasoline trimmer for the grass with your own hands will be to debug the fuel pump or all these reasons are easily eliminated, the main thing is that the engine itself works properly. But if the cause of the inoperability is still hidden in the engine itself, it is recommended to contact the service center due to the difficulty of repairing. But for people who know how to hold and a screwdriver in their hands, there is nothing impossible. In most cases, a trimmer for grass ends successfully.

Malfunctions of an electric mower

If the electric lawn mower suddenly turns off, this means that the cord is most likely torn, the engine is damaged or there is no current.

If the cable break is confirmed, install a new. The multimeter is used to check the Outdoor Lawn cable.

If the engine of the lawn mower stops, the cause of the malfunction is continuous operation without interrupting or blocking the cutting element with some kind of stuck object, for example by a branch. Когда двигатель перегревается и газонокосилка отключается, иногда достаточно подождать несколько минут, и газонокосилка снова запустится.

So that the engine does not overheat too fast, the air filter should be kept clean. It must be constantly cleaned and replaced about one or twice a year.


Repair of a lawn mower with a gasoline engine

Basin brakes use gasoline two.stroke internal combustion engines. When deciding how to make a lawn mower with your own hands, they often use engines from other household devices. chainsaws, compressors, motorizedopers and trimmers. The process of searching and eliminating the problems of these engines is carried out according to one algorithm. Repair of a gasoline lawn mower with their own hands begins with determining the reason for the refusal.

General scheme of gasoline lawn mower

The engine starts and works normally, but the knives do not rotate

In this case, the failure of the mechanical part is guaranteed or, as an option, its mount to the engine shaft is destroyed.

DIY Bakeing Lawn Model

It starts to start badly, but it works fine mechanical lawn mower with a gasoline engine is poorly started, but it works normally on working modes (when gas supply). Such a malfunction can be caused by two reasons. a failure to adjust the idle system in a carburetor or the wrong composition of the fuel.

Podestal drawing of a gasoline lawn mower

To eliminate it, you should start with the fuel, connect gasoline and oil of the necessary brands in the required proportion and pour this fuel into the tank in return for the old. If this did not help, remove and disassemble the carburetor and configure the idle system in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.

The engine is poorly started and unstable works in all modes

The most likely reasons: fuel nozzles clogged, a fuel filter clogged, an air filter clogged. To eliminate: nozzles are blown out by compressed air, filters change or washed, depending on their design.

Repair of the BOSH Lawn Model

gasoline, mower, does, spin, knife

The engine starts, but does not hold the load

If the engine starts and works at idle, but does not hold the load well during operation. Most likely, there is “oxygen starvation”. With this repair of lawn mowers with your own hands, it is performed by replacing or cleaning the “purging” of the air filter.

Repair of lawn mowers if the engine is not started

It happens that despite the presence and normal supply of fuel, the engine will not start. Most often, the lack of signs of life indicates the refusal of the ignition coil. If, with visual control, all electrical circuits are in order, then you need to replace this coil.


A less common case is a strong cargo or refusal of a spark plug. It is determined by visual control of the twisted candle. The most effective way to determine this malfunction is to replace the candle with another, obviously serviceable. Thinking how to make a lawn mower if the engine does not start, pay attention to the replacement of candles with new ones, and preferably more reliable.

How to disassemble a gearbox of a trimmer for grass

In order to disassemble a trimmer gearbox for grass, you need.

  • Remove the gearbox from the pipe, loosening two conjugate bolt under the gearbox.
  • Wash the gearbox with a brush, for example, in gasoline without oil and dry.
  • Run the ends of the locking ring and take it out.
  • The second stop ring and the second.
  • Then it is necessary to heat the trimmer gearbox for grass, the motorcosa gearbox or the reducer of the lawn mower by an industrial (technical) hairdryer at the temperature of the outgoing air at 600 ° C.
  • After that, strong blows of a wooden bar on the upper part of the gearbox, knock out a driven shaft with a bearing and a gear (first you should try to knock out bearings without heating). It is only necessary to hit a wooden bar, since a metal, for example, with a hammer, can be broken down by the case.
  • In the same way we remove the leading shaft with a bearing and a gear (we strongly heat the place where the bearings are sitting and with the blows of the wooden bar on the body of the shaft, we knock out the shaft with two bearings and the gear). How to disassemble a trimmer gearbox for grass, gearbox gearboxes and gearbox motokos. In order not to heat, you can try to use the set.

The assembly of the gearbox of a trimmer for the grass is carried out in the reverse order of disassembly (assembly after buying and replacing spare parts). It is much easier to collect a gearbox than to disassemble. everything is going, literally, with fingers. Sometimes you need to gently take up something, install stop rings and check whether the driven shaft is spinning by hand.

If you decide to replace the trimmer gearbox for the grass with not original, then in the new gearbox you should pay attention to the diameter of the pipe for which the gearbox (more than 25.4 mm or 26 mm) is intended, the diameter of the drive shaft (more than 8 mm), the size of the square shaft square (more often 5 mm or a star for 9 teeth) and security mounting on the gearbox, as well as on a nut (with left thread, more often M10x1.25).

Law out.handies malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

At least what type of benzos has a half bar, in which the binding cable between the motor shaft and the lower gearbox is placed, which transfers rotation to the tool with cutting inventory. In the highest part there is a carburetor and a motor, a gearbox and a working tool closed by a casing are placed on the bottom. In the middle part there is a transverse handle when the control buttons are placed. To unload the hands, there is an unloading belt holding the bar with a torso of the operator.

In the process of choosing a lawn mower, a device with a two.stroke engine is better than a four.stroke. Two.stroke engine is more maneuverable and easier to repair. With a four.stroke node below the level of vibration.

gasoline, mower, does, spin, knife

This follows, repair of the lawn mower is to eliminate defects;

  • the engine does not start;
  • The cutting mechanism does not develop;
  • the engine stalls;
  • the gearbox is heated;
  • a knock, powerful vibration of the bar is heard.

For now, eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to diagnose, find a non.working node.

Know the point of lubrication of the tool in principle. Unchanged care, cleaning the device after work will allow you to extend its service life. Before starting work, you need to tighten the fasteners, cook fuel and season the tank.


Repair of mechanical braids is carried out when the cutting elements are blown up or damaged. In this case, experts recommend to independently dismantle removable knives. Evadal is used to sharpen them. If necessary, the battery is replaced in battery.

Lawnmower hit something now it won’t start. Blade adapter broke.

Before repairing the lawn mower, the type of motor is determined:

  • Electric. engine feeds from current. The unit is disconnected as a result of overheating or overload. Gardena PowerMax 42 E electric gas mower is buzzing, but the knife does not spin. But she is us. Some models do not provide protection against overheating. With mechanical damage to the engine, the help of professionals will be required.
  • Gasoline. the device fails as a result of overheating, overload, breakdown of the oil and fuel supply chain. Basket lawn mowers, unlike electric models, are repaired longer.

To extend the service life of the lawn mower, it is recommended to comply with the rules of operation of the device.

The causes of the malfunction

In the first case, you will need to replace the case, handles, knives and wheels for lawn mowers. When blocking the knives, an mechanical stop of the unit occurs. Such a breakdown is associated with an attempt to mow hard or high grass. The repair of the mowing is to free the cylinder from stuck grass and scrolling it in the other direction.

When operating, a lawn mower with a blown or damaged knife is mowed unevenly. In this case, the device can vibrate or stop abruptly.

For the device to work properly, it is recommended to sharpen the knives with a file (angle of 30 °). Otherwise, an abrasive tape is used. The gap should be between 2 blades, touching the strip. The device turns on periodically (15 seconds). If the knives are sharp, then the strip is removed, the gap is regulated.

In the wrong position of the knives, the cylindrical lawn mower makes sharp and uncontrollable movements. Normally, the gap between the cutting elements should be thinner than a sheet of paper. Otherwise, the gap is adjusted. It is recommended that you study the instructions of the device, remove the fork from the outlet. With a cracked connection, a whistle appears. The device vibrates and rattles. The repair of the lawn mower is meant adjustment of bolted joints.

If the belt is broken or stretched out, then it is necessary to replace it. This will need to weaken the screws. Then the pulley is shifted, the belt is dismantled. The new part is put on a small, and then on a large pulley. The gear returns to its original position. The next stage is to check the stretch of the new belt. The deflection should not exceed 4 mm.

A malfunction of electrical models

The reasons for the unexpected shutdown of an electric lawn mower are associated with a cliff of the cord or the absence of current. In the first case, it is recommended to check the cable for a cliff. To replace the power cord, you need to pull out the fork out of the outlet, open and dismantle the circuit lid.

Before unscrewing the squeezing of the cable? It is necessary to remember the diagram of its connection to the switch. To disconnect the cord, a hexagon is used (diameter 1 mm). The clip is released, the conductors are dismantled. To check the cable for a cliff, multimeter is used. If necessary, a new cord is installed. In this case, the reverse sequence is observed.

In the second case, it is recommended to connect another device to the mains. Electric devices may not work when the fuse is damaged in the fork. To carry out repair work, you will need to disassemble the fork. For this, a screwdriver and a tester are used.

Motor malfunctions occur when overheating of the lawn mower:

In the first case, it is recommended to wait a few minutes so that the motor cools. In the second case, you need to remove the stuck object. The effectiveness of the cooling system depends on the state of the air filter. Dirty device poorly passes air, which helps to turn off the device. Experts advise cleaning and changing the filter once every 3 months (with constant operation of the lawn mower). With a breakdown of the electric motor, the corresponding smell and noise appear. In this case, you need to replace the drive.

Motor breakdown

The design of a gasoline lawn mower, unlike an electric counterpart, is more complicated. In some cases, the unit cannot be repaired. If the engine does not start or stop immediately, then it is recommended to check the ignition. This will need to be dismantled. Dry candle indicates problems in the feed system, and wet. on the carburetor. In such cases, repair work is carried out by professionals.

If there is a black fog on the candle, then it is replaced. In this case, the reason for the breakdown of the lawn mower is not taken into account (setting the carburetor, poor.quality fuel). Often in gasoline models, the fuel hose clogs. If gasoline does not flow, then the saloon is cleaned with a needle, and the fuel filter is replaced by a new analogue.

If the lawn mower does not mow grass, then the knives are checked. If necessary, they are replaced with new cutting elements or Nat. In the second case, it is recommended to use protective glasses and thick gloves. You can drag the braid knives using special devices included in the set of the device.

If the knives are blocked by long grass, then it is recommended to turn off the lawn mower. A cylinder (in the other direction) to its free rotation scrolls with a wooden stick. If the lawn mower does not work as a result of the circuit breaker malfunction, then it is recommended to check it and replace it with a working analogue.

In the absence of voltage in the outlet, the shield is checked. Some devices are equipped with thermal protection. When such a system is triggered, ventilation grilles for pollution are checked. A soft brush is used to clean them.


Repair of mechanical braids is carried out when the cutting elements are blown up or damaged. In this case, experts recommend to independently dismantle removable knives. Evadal is used to sharpen them. If necessary, the battery is replaced in battery.

Before repairing the lawn mower, the type of motor is determined:

  • Electric. engine feeds from current. The unit is disconnected as a result of overheating or overload. Some models do not provide protection against overheating. With mechanical damage to the engine, the help of professionals will be required.
  • Gasoline. the device fails as a result of overheating, overload, breakdown of the oil and fuel supply chain. Basket lawn mowers, unlike electric models, are repaired longer.

To extend the service life of the lawn mower, it is recommended to comply with the rules of operation of the device.

The main problems with gasoline machines

Primary diagnosis is carried out from the stage of elimination of the most obvious breakdowns. When the motor does not start, it is worth monitoring the presence of fuel in the tank. If there are its remnants from last season, then it is worth replacing it. Low.quality gasoline after wintering is able to lose its characteristics, give an undesirable sediment or even stratifying at a fraction in density. In this form, he is not able to start the engine, but only clogs the system.

At the second stage, we find out why the spark does not appear. Its loss will not make it possible to ignite the fuel. Remove the cap from the candle and unscrew it from the planting nest by a special clip that came with a mower. Next, we throw the cap to the candle, bring it closer to the threaded part or the metal element of the motor, and at this time the partner pulls the starter.

With such manipulations, a blue powerful spark is required to appear in the working node. She will be able to notice her even in daylight. It is important to test this next to the unpainted metal part of the engine that can conduct current.

When there is no spark, you need to go for a new candle to the store. Do not return to the motor even with a weak or unstable spark. It is better to clean the working contacts from the haze on the head.

During operation, the occurrence of rattling in the design is possible. It at first does not affect the performance of the mechanism as a whole. However, it can lead to unbalancing and increased noise during operation. It is worth tightening the fasteners on the frame in a timely manner.

Tightening fasteners on the frame

An uneven slice of grass is evidence that you need to sharpen a lawn mowing knife. It’s not so difficult to get to them, but it is important to completely turn off the equipment from power. You can work on your own using tisses and files or on a solid sandpaper. It is important to ensure the cut angle uniform throughout the line 30 degrees. If there are excellent sections in the surface, then this is evidence of getting on a solid surface. Replacing them will cost quite expensive.

How To Fix A Self Propelled Lawn Mower That Won’t Move

After turning on, a whistling sound appears. An unpleasant acoustic effect is associated with the penetration of foreign elements inside the design. They can block the video in the aerator. You can solve the problem with disconnecting a blocked roller and subsequent extraction of an extraneous subject.

The engine of gasoline equipment becomes almost immediately after the start of short operation. The culprits are a jammed crankshaft or a piston. In parallel, we check the presence of oil in the crankcase. On the disconnected engine, manually start the rotation or add the oil as necessary. However, in such a situation, you often have to apply for recovery to specialists.

Problematic issues with a carburetor and fuel system

Before starting repairing the engine of the lawn mower, it is worth checking if the pistons lay down. To do this, it is necessary to dismantle the motor. We also remove the carburetor from the structure and conduct visual control for the availability of possible defects. Usually in disassembly you will need a special Torex screwdriver with nozzles.

Combined Torex reverse screwdriver with nozzles

We inspect the gaskets for the identification of ruptures or burning. If one is found, then you need to ensure the tightness of the structure, replacing them with new. The air damper may contain a layer of soot, which reduces the quality of the fuel mixture. You need to get rid of the cleaning of the carburetor by raining the node in the solvent or kerosene.

Sloving during operation or the absence of a set of them to enter the operating mode together with the overheating of the power unit are the causes of such events:

  • Idle adjustment violation. You can unscrew the nozzles yourself with a screwdriver into the right position. It will be possible to do this even by ear, so that the motor works smoothly. No need to shoot knives, but they should not rotate.
  • There is an air filter pollution. It is enough to extract it out and clean, rinse. We dry in natural conditions in the wind, without putting a stove or fireplace.

Air filter casing is removed with a flat screwdriver

After removing the cover, the air hose is also carefully removed

Remove the lid of the fuel chamber of the carburetor and clean it. An ordinary Weadshka is quite suitable for this, but you can buy a special liquid

To clean the fuel chamber, first wipe it WD-40, then soak mines at 15-20, wiped again. So you need to repeat 3-4 times to completely clean the camera and channels

After purging, the carburetor is assembled and returned to its place

The clog of exhaust leads to a narrowing of the output flow of the exhaust pipe. Resins appear on the inner surface due to the incorrect ratio in the composition of the fuel mixture and oil. We twist the crankshaft so that the piston comes out to the maximum up and clean its surface with a wooden stick.

In more serious cases, it is recommended to contact the warranty service. Otherwise, unprofessionalism will bring more breakdowns. over, with independent search for a malfunction and repair during the warranty period, the guarantee ceases to.

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