An angular grinding nozzle for grinding wood. Species and use

Corner grinder, being a universal tool in a home master or professional, is used in performing many operations for cutting materials, grinding, peeling of various surfaces, etc.D. Sooner or later, every owner of this tool asks the question: is it possible to work on wood on a corner grinding, and what nozzles are needed for this?

This Makes Coping Easier

Corner grinder is a very extensive assortment of the instrument of one class called an angle grinding machine (corner grinder). The device can have enormous power and work with a disc 230 or more millimeters. Or differ compact dimensions and modest abrasives in 115 mm.

The disadvantages of a large and heavy tool are obvious: it is difficult for them to work for a long time. In addition, the exact processing of wood will need serious skills and experience. It is elementary to control a massive and powerful corner grinder elementary to a novice master. However, with a large area of ​​processing or the need to remove a significant amount of material, such an angular grinder is very good.

Small corner grinder also has disadvantages. The ratio of the diameter of its disk to the dimensions of the case does not allow to process hard.To.Reach places. In addition, it is difficult to choose a large volume of material with such a tool due to low power and overheating.

Many masters for working with wood prefer an angular grinder with a disk diameter of 125 mm. This is explained quite simply:

  • This class presents an angular grinder in a wide range of operating capacities;
  • It is easy to choose a tool with comfortable dimensions and mass;
  • The market presents many nozzles and devices designed for a 125 mm landing hole standard for a disc.

In addition, the angular grinder of medium power provides relative safety for beginners. It will not make you get tired quickly, will more accurately control its movement, reduce the likelihood of marriage on valuable details.

What to pay attention to when choosing a tool

Grinding wood with a corner grinder is the most common and affordable way to grind a wooden house. Typically, corner grinder is used to grind a log house made of strict logs. With the help of corner grinder, it is also convenient to polish the grooves and the ends of the logs. Actually, with this tool, in the presence of work skills, you can process any lumber. But in order for the work to go not into a burden, but a joy, you need to choose the right corner grinder and nozzles for it, as well as know and observe the rules for working with this tool.

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Choosing a model

There are household and professional models that differ in power and performance. You should not buy the cheapest angular grinder, its power is unlikely to be enough for grinding the entire log house. Dear professional models are also not the best choice for home use. They work at high speeds, differ in considerable weight and power. Non.Specialist, not the name of working skills with such a tool, can simply ruin the grinding surface, leaving dents on it.

  • Semi.Professional model with a capacity of 800 to 1000 watts. This will be enough to polish the log house.
  • It is advisable to buy a tool not with a side, but with the rear fence of air, so it will be less clogged with dust.
  • It is also worth paying attention to the length of the cable. Too short cord is uncomfortable in work.

Nozzles for corner grinder

For work, you will have to stock up on the nozzles on which the abrasive is fixed. There are two types of nozzles:

It is more convenient to work with plastic nozzles, although they are thinner than rubber, they last longer. Rubber quickly spoils, and in addition, if the rubber nozzle accidentally touches wood, then on the surface of the tree it will leave an ugly black trace, which is very problematic to remove.

Abrasive circles

For grinding, usual disks with abrasive nozzles or petal grinding circles are used. Frower grinding. Work is very dusty. A lot of dust stands out, which, together with wood resin, is clogged into the disk, the abrasive is quickly erased, so the grinding circles quickly become unusable.

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One disk during rough processing is enough for about 3-5 meters of logs, then it has to be changed. Consumption depends on the condition of the wood and the type of surface. How much disks for thin grinding will be needed depends on how carefully the initial processing was carried out.

A longer period of operation has an alfadisk, which is a metal disk, on the case of which the winning crumb is attacked. Grinding the alpha beam can be significantly saved on consumables. The disk clogged with sawdust can simply be cleaned with a metal brush and calmly continue to work further.

How to polish the metal with a corner grinder?

The most convenient option is a disk in the form of a cup. Its composition should contain particles of solid rocks that polish concrete. In this case, it will be easier to do the work. It is also possible to use a circle of sedimentary gravel, but it will be more difficult and not so effective.

How and how to grind the tree with a corner grinder

The article talks about how to grind the tree with a corner grinder at all stages. From the preliminary preparation of the surface to the finish primer. The most famous types of cutting nozzles for corner grinders for wood processing are described, recommendations are given on the choice of abrasive circles and tips for safe work.

A little general information

Corner grinding machine or angular grinder, better known as angular grinding, is a universal tool for various tasks:

  • Rough and thin grinding of wood;
  • Polishing, cleaning surfaces;
  • Removal of the bark, drunk branches from trees;
  • Sprinking boards, wood-cutting stove, wood-fiber slab, logs.

Such a wealth of the tasks solved makes an angular grinder of the most versatile of all grinding machines. It is called the corner due to the fact that the axis of the engine and the working circle are located at right angles to each other, unlike cars with a direct location.

In this case, the corner grinder. The instrument precisely for periodic work at the house, small repair, replacement of the flooring. Drinking disks allow you to cut, undermine, polish the blanks. For regular work with a tree, streaming production with the aim of earnings, you need an instrument of professional category.

Types of cutting nozzles for grinding wood corner grind

Grinding boards with a corner grinder is one of the main tasks in which this tool is used. The master requires special attentiveness, since wood is a fibrous material. In order to avoid the appearance of osuysin, chips, a large rush of chips, not only reliable fixation of the workpiece is needed, but also special nozzles: standard diamond cutters will not work. Work is performed by special grinding nozzles.

For rough processing

Primary processing of wooden products is performed with grinding disks of such types:

  • Rittle. This type of nozzles is used to remove the old coating, poorly lendering to cleaning: varnish, dried paint. Steel wire bristles are going on over the entire area of ​​the disk.
  • Cordless. After primary rough treatment, the wooden surface is smoothed and aligned with cord.Treads of wire or hard wire harnesses of horizontal or perpendicular location.

For grinding and polishing

Following the rough primary processing, the tree is polished and polished. The following types of disks are used for this:

  • Petal. The most famous and common type of nozzles for corner grind. The disk looks like a flower with long thin petals, the role of which is played by abrasive material. The petal nozzles wear out slowly. As the grinding, it is recommended to gradually change the nozzles of large granularity with fine.Grained.
  • Sticky abrasive circles. Glued with Velcro on a round metal nozzle of corner grinder. There are several circles in the kit. Usually five. A worn disk is easily removed from the nozzle and replaced by a new. As part of the abrasive circle. Sandpaper, felt, sponge, tissue of high density.

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Cutting discs

Circles of cutting type are used to cut wood with a corner grinder. They are made of tungsten carbide. High.Strength powder material, since for cutting work it is necessary for increased resistance. It is not allowed to use a cut circle for stone, metal or ceramics with wood. The consequences can be deplorable: a wooden blank will be damaged, a disk will break, the angular grinder itself will burn out.

In addition to the diameter and depth of sawing, for cutting circles, the key parameter is the shape of the teeth:

  • Straight lines. For soft wood;
  • A variable. For all types of wood;
  • Trapezoidal-for stoves of wood-fiber slab, medium-dense woody plate, laminate.
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If you look at the cutting disk, the recesses along the circle or slot are immediately striking.

Cuts with different teeth and slots

This is a special constructive solution that prevents overheating of the material. For example, when working with stone or metal, a water cooling method is used, but for wood it is not applicable. Therefore, the manufacturers did everything in advance to minimize the risk of overheating of the circle.

Important! On all modern grinders, the standard shaft diameter is 22.2 mm, on older models this size can be less or larger. You can put on a shaft of a smaller diameter of a smaller diameter using a perepass, but on a large shaft to install a disk of this type.

Wood grinding technique with corner grinder

Starting to process the tree with an angular grinding machine, you must keep two main points in my head:

  • Do not process the surface of the workpiece with the entire area of ​​the grinding disk, since there may be traces of the circle. Only the upper part of the nozzle is used.
  • During grinding, the corner grinder is led along the wood fibers: this will not remain traces. It is important to find such a support point so that the hands do not get tired.

The general process of grinding wooden surfaces with a corner grinder is divided into several separate stages:

  • Preliminary preparation of the coating. All the remnants of the previous paint, varnish are removed with peeling grinding circles. It is also worth making sure that it is they who are polished from the floor or wall, nails, screws do not stick out. The protruding fasteners must be extracted, and if it is impossible. As deep as possible to load into the surface so that they do not affect the operation of a corner grinder.

Petal circle

Such a grinding nozzle on an angular grinder has a resemblance to a disk equipped with Velcro, but the cost of processing using such elements increases significantly due to the impossibility of reusable use.

The circle has a plate form, on its basis, elements of sandpaper are fixed. Grains with various sizes are used, but coarse.Grained products are most distributed, since the petal disk is mainly used for black processing of metal and wooden surfaces.

It is worth noting that in the process of work, nozzles for corner grinders are often clogged, this is especially noticeable on elements with small grain. Because of this, they are not suitable for removing the paintwork layer. To extend the disk operation, it is necessary to limit the speed of rotation when performing processing. Also, when working with a wooden surface, you should not make excessive efforts, otherwise furrows and holes may appear on the material.

Which is better angular grinder or grinding machine

In order to determine what is better, a grinding machine or a corner grinder with nozzles for grinding, you need to determine which type of tool is more convenient to use in a particular situation.

Of course, if it is necessary to perform a large volume of grinding work, it is better to use the tool specially created for these purposes, which is a grinding machine. Using such a tool, you can achieve the highest labor productivity with the least labor costs.

When used individually, an angular grinder with interchangeable nozzles is an indisputable competitor of a grinding machine, t.To. In this case, we are not talking about a large volume of processed wood, and a variety of nozzles allows you to carry out the entire range of necessary work.

In addition, the corner grinder is a universal tool that is used to process wood, various types of metal, stone and plastic.

Corner grinder with nozzles is an indispensable tool for a striding owner who knows how to work with a manual electric tool and appreciates his free time.

Errors of independent grinding

Most home craftsmen polish the wooden house with a corner grinding of a household class, which is not convenient in operation, has a slight power, quickly overheating. The domestic purpose device is not able to make wood grinding at a good qualitative level.

Professional equipment is expensive, so not everyone is available. But even if you buy such a model, you need to be able to use it, otherwise with inept handling, high.Quality grinding will still not work. Many make a mistake working at high speeds, strongly pressing on the tool, which leads to damage to the surface.

The wrong choice of nozzles also does not lead to anything good. In the best case, the surface will simply be polished poorly, and in the worst, cases of injuries are not excluded.

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Types of nozzles for corner grinders

Classification of Bulgarians for an inexperienced consumer is a dark forest. If we consider the issue in general terms, the distribution of nozzles is made according to 3 criteria. Purpose, manufacturing material and size. You can find out about the purpose of consumables through the marking of the nozzle.

The parameter of the elemental features
Appointment Cut.Off In shape it is a circle with teeth for cutting or cutting blanks. The edge of the circle is divided into 2 types. Continuous and with segmentation.
Saw The scope of use is understandable from the name of the nozzle-a section of the basis that can be wood of the wood-brown plate and other material. The edge is always with the teeth, but the shape of the zabrin can vary depending on the operational features of the circle.
Rittle Appointment. Grinding work. The nozzles perfectly remove the layers of paint, primers and paintwork.
Certificate The nozzle is a version. Feature. Placing a metal nozzle on a circumference of a circle of metal wire. The target purpose is the cleaning of dirt and rust.
Polishing The task of such nozzles is to polish the blanks or already finished products. Circles are most often attached to Velcro, which significantly saves time to change them.
Material Diamond Circles are used for accurate work with blanks of metal, glass, concrete and ceramics. The nozzle has two layers. The base of metal is a layer of diamond dust.
“Turtle” flexible analogue of diamond nozzles. The spraying layer here is located on top of the rubber layer of fixation on the base is made using Velcro.
Hard alloys At the heart of the nozzle are metals, which are able to form a connection of high strength. Steaks of steel with high carbon are added on the tank. The purpose of the nozzle is cutting wood.
Abrasive At the heart of a circle of latex paper. For the vast strength, the reinforcing mesh is included in the base. Nozzles are popular in materials grinding processes.
Wire The nozzles in a working basis have a metal wire of small or medium diameter. Circles are popular when grinding and cleaning the workpieces before the main work.

I note that about 10% of the assortment of the market for nozzles for Bulgarians belong to the category of universal. The remaining 90% can be used exclusively in a narrow area of ​​solutions. For example, the nozzle for primary processing of steel cannot be used for stainless steel, and vice versa.

Important: support plates for corner grinders. This is also a type of nozzle. Similar products, consisting of polymer and rubber, are often used in combination with polishing and grinding circles.

If you calculate the frequency of application of nozzles depending on the tasks, then in the first place will be cutting. The second position will be grinded and the top three will close the process of eliminating rust with paint and varnishes from the surface of the workpiece. Next, I want to pay attention to precisely grinding nozzles corner grind.

What you need to know when working with a corner grinder

Updating the flooring (parquet), furniture or facade of the house, where wooden structures or individual elements are present, is performed using angular grinding grinding, which is equipped with different nozzles. Therefore, it is not surprising that in demand by power tools among professionals and in everyday life is an angular grinder for polishing a tree. But in order to choose the right tool for work, it is necessary to carefully study the wooden surface for the presence of fungus, cracks and irregularities. To help beginners who want to know “how to polish a tree with a corner grinding” is provided with a video.

Under each model, the corner grinder must be selected by a grinding nozzle, only in this case will be guaranteed safe work and high.Quality surface processing. Before you start working with a corner grinding (grinding of a tree), you need to ensure that the disk is correctly fixed. Move the corner car on the surface must be smoothly and not allow vibration of the tool.

When working with a corner grinder for grinding wood, it is unacceptable to use the disks of small thickness (high rotation speed and load lead to a break of the circle, which is fraught with injuries).

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