Do.It.Yourself potato.Rod. Overview of purchased with prices

Today, an increasing number of people who return to the management of personal subsidiary plots appear. There are many reasons: poor ecology, distrust to manufacturers, the desire to taste the fruits of their own works, the high environmental friendliness of grown cultures. If the beds are small, then working with it is not difficult. But how to harvest from a large field of potatoes? Many people get out of the situation with special motoblocks with a digging function of potatoes. True, such a pleasure is expensive. Manually digging yields on such a scale is hard. But there were craftsmen who developed their assembly scheme of potato.Cutter from improvised materials. The main thing is to have a universal universal tractor on the farm, which will become the driving force of the invention. A device for extracting potatoes from the soil or potato.Cutter is a special attachment equipment that is attached to the walk.Behind tractor or a small tractor. It allows you to easily dig strands, extracting them to the surface. After it remains to go along the beds and harvest.

Manufacturers offer a fairly large selection of potato.Coats for a single tractor. From expensive industrial to cheap and not very high.Quality Chinese. But you can make a potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands. Before that, you need to decide which type is best suited.

Types of devices

All potato.Cuttings for walk.Behind engines are divided into two types.

The first includes simple potato.Cuttings looks like a shovel in the shape of a heart that has no stalk, and there are quite long teeth on top. It operates as follows:

  • The acute part of the device deepens into the soil, raising it and potatoes;
  • Tubers and earth fall on the teeth;
  • Earth wakes up between the teeth;
  • Tubers, sliding off the teeth, lie down on the surface.

The following models are included in the category of such potato-switches: KV-1, KV-2, KV-3. These devices differ in which soil they are used: light, medium or heavy.

The second type includes more complex potato.Cutter of the roar or as it is also called the vibrational type. They have a lots, and the clearing lattices are on wheels. In the process of work of such an unit, a plug, delving into the ground, directs it to the lattice along with potatoes.

In this case there is a mechanical. Potato tubers after it are on the surface, from where they are removed manually. For motoblocks, single.Row potato.Rowing is used. These include the following models:

All these devices are close in structure and differ mainly by the manufacturer.

The second type also includes transporter potato.Cuttings for walkways. Such a device is equipped not just by a shed grid, but by a conveyor tape, on which the soil shakes off as high quality as possible. Tubers also lie down on the surface and need subsequent manual assembly. Most often, different models of this equipment are suitable for all popular motoblocks.

Making potato.Cutter for a motor block of fan.Type

The advantage of fan potato.Cutting over others is its reliability and ease of manufacturing. This unit can be used for more than one year. There are no rotating parts in it that, with heavy loads, become unusable. Sigging potatoes is carried out quickly and efficiently.

The main purpose of potato.Cutting is a separation of tubers of potatoes from the soil and laying them out on a ground area. Such an unit is easy to manage and has a simple design. Therefore, to construct it with your own hands is usually not much work. The most important thing is that this attachment mechanism approaches any model of a walk.Behind tract, whether it is a well.Known “Neva” or other modification.

Planting Potatoes with Tiller / Walk behind Tractor

potato, cutter, works, walk, tractor

Material for the manufacture of potato.Rolling potatoes for one.Time tractor
Bolts 10-12 mm.
Sheet steel 3-4 mm.
The reinforcement is not corrugated 8-10 mm.
Steel profile

Before starting work, it is required to prepare the following tool:

The procedure for the manufacture of fan potato.Rolling

  • Stage. In the middle part of the lime, two holes are drilled for fastening to the rack. Lemech length 22 cm., Width of about 30 cm.,
  • Stage-to the extended part of the knife (left and right of the convex part), pieces of steel rods at a distance of 5-6 cm are welded., with an extension to the top by 10-12 cm. (so that they diverge up and to the sides by the “fan”). Prut lengths-47-50 cm. Sometimes rods bend in the form of a march step.
  • Stage-bolts are attached to the bolts rack-holder. The height of the rack depends on the design of the walk.Behind tractor. The holder rack can be welded directly to the plow without using bolts.
  • Stage. To the upper part of the rack welded a bracket with pre.Drilled holes (to connect a potato.Cutter with a walk.Behind tractor).
  • Stage. For the strength of the structure, the lower part of the bowl directed to the ground is enhanced by a welded strip of metal.

Potato.Cutter for a mini.Tractor. Drawings, with your own hands

Every year, the popularity of agricultural machinery is growing successfully. Indeed, with the help of special equipment, all work on the site can be performed easily, quickly and better. It is these key features that pushes many gardeners to the purchase of such auxiliary equipment.

The most popular transport among summer residents and rural residents is, of course, a mini.Tractor. Fortunately, the assortment of additional equipment for this machine is very diverse and rich in a wide selection of models and manufacturers. We will dwell on such a demanded unit as a potato.Capt. Potato collection is one of the most time.Consuming and long.Term processes in the harvesting. Therefore, farmers or owners of large areas with pleasure acquire such assistants, which allows them to collect potatoes faster and easier.

Homemade potato.Cutter to a mini.Submarine

It’s not so difficult to choose a potato.Cutter for a minitator in the store. Thus, we can say that it is very affordable today to make such equipment and with your own hands. It will cost much cheaper, and of course you will be sure of the quality and reliability of such a home.Made unit.

Types of potatoes

There are several classifications of this special equipment. But the most commonly used classification depending on the principle of operation. Here, diggers for a mini.Tractor are divided into:

Simple potatoes

This type of attachment equipment is the simplest in design, which allows you to do it with your own hands without much effort. Such a device consists of everything from an ordinary rack, shackler and a limber. Outwardly, such agents resemble a shovel with teeth.

Use such a digger for a mini.Tractor is on light or medium soil. Typically, the depth of digging the unit reaches 15 cm, and the capture. 20 cm.

Rumble potato.Cutter

The essence of the work of this type of device is very simple: the tubers are cut off with a knife and fall on the roar, where the soil is eliminated through the grill and the potatoes are thrown to the side. The depth of the cousin of such vibrational equipment reaches 2 cm, and the width of the capture reaches 40 cm. It is worth noting that you need to purchase such an unit in the store very carefully. It is imperative to take into account the model of the mini.Tractor when buying this equipment.

Grillo G107 walk-behind tractor operating Wood splitter implement

Conveyor potato.Cutter

The design of this equipment is slightly similar to the previous type of such units. The only difference is the presence of a transport tape on which the potatoes are shaken away from the ground and without damage remains on the surface completely ready for manual assembly. On average, the depth of the pink of the unit reaches 20 cm, and the maximum capture width is 53 cm. It is more difficult to make such a digger than, for example, a universal. Therefore, if you do not have special skills and skills in the use of welding, then it is better not to undertake such a complex type of unit. But if you know how to craft and know how to handle the drawing, then here is an example of conveyor digging.

  • Universality. Using such equipment, you can successfully harvest the crop not only of potatoes, but also of other vegetables: carrots, beets, onions, garlic, etc.
  • Excellent productivity.
  • High level of work efficiency.
  • Convenient control: potato.Cutter is easy to adjust to the desired depth and width of the capture.
  • Ease in harvesting.

If you’re tired of spending a week’s vacation on potatoes and spending the whole weekend at harvesting, then get such equipment and collect vegetables easily, quickly and simply.

Types of potato.Switches to a walk.Behind tractor

Potato traffic police to a walk.Behind tractor can be divided into 4 types:

  • Simple (lancet, single.Row, fan). Have a simple device, mobile parts and mechanisms are absent. The design depends on individual preferences and features of the walk.Behind tractor. Work on the principle of ordinary shovels. Deepen into the ground, lift it, while extracting potatoes. A simple and comfortable device. Cons. Potatoes are poorly cleaned of the ground during sample.
  • Vibrational (or roar) potato.Coat on a single tractor. The principle of operation and the arrangement of a roar.Type digger is more complicated. It is equipped with corrugated knives for soil and vibrating grate or net. After lifting the layer of land, he, along with potatoes, falls on this lattice, where, under the influence of vibrations, the potatoes are carefully cleaned of excess Earth. The most optimal and popular models for their small dimensions and performance are KKM-1 and KVM-3 potato-drummers.
  • Conveyor digging for one.Axle tractor. The most complex and mechanized type of digger. In addition to the plow pulling out the root crops, the design provides a special conveyor tape, with the help of which there is a high.Quality cleaning of potatoes from the ground and even dirt. The advantage, in comparison with other types of diggers, lies in significant productivity and digging speed, small.Sized and convenience of the unit.
  • Universal. Hybrid options that combine design features of several types of. It all depends on the features of use and your preferences.

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Rus for adjustment

The traction does not belong to the obligatory elements, but they facilitate the use of potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor on cheese and heavy soil. As an option, the adjustable design is attached to a separate frame, and it is attached to the main. Fasteners are tightened with bolts and nuts.

The ease of movement in rows depends on the width of the tires

How to install and connect a potato.Cutter on a single tractor

After acquiring the device, difficulties can cause installation of potato.Cutting on a single tractor. In order to successfully connect the structure to the unit, you need:

This method is applicable not only for purchased devices, but also for installing a simple potato.Cutter with a gearbox for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands.

How to hook potato.Cutter to the CAIMAN motornote

Installing a device from Caiman on a single tractor often raises questions. In some cases, the masters even resort to remaking potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor so that the coupling is simpler. To install the digging on the CAIMAN unit, you need to perform the following actions:

Important! In the process of installation, it is important to take into account the length of the parts of the cardan. It must be installed taking into account a clearance of 5-10 mm long regarding the location of the cardan.

How to make a potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands?

If you want to dig potatoes with a walk.Behind tractor, but you do not have the means to buy potato.Rolling, then you can make your own equipment suitable for work with your own hands. To collect the simplest potato.Cutter yourself, you will need:

  • Sheet metal from which a piece will be made. The thickness of the material should be no more than 5 mm;
  • Reinforcement or a circle of strong steel, which is required to make a seeder. The diameter of the part should be at least 10 cm;
  • A strip of steel or a channel at least 1 cm thick. A suspension device needs to be made from it;
  • A 3-centimeter corner that is designed to strengthen the structure;
  • Welding machine;
  • Drill;
  • Set of fasteners.

After the preparation of tools and materials, be sure to study the drawing. With the help of a scheme, it will be much easier for you to understand what sizes the details should have, and how to fix the elements used for assembly. The manufacture of the simplest potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor is performed in this order:

  • First you need to bend a steel sheet. This is done in such a way that the final product resembles in its form the cultivator “Lastochkin tail”. Immediately before bending, it needs to be warmed up using a gas burner. Process the edges of the shovel with manual forging so that the shovel turns out to be quite reliable. At the end, be sure to harden the metal;
  • To weld metal rods to the back of the shovel. At the same time, make sure that the working surface of the product remains as hard as possible;
  • As an option, for the manufacture of a lemch you can use old discs from the circular saw. They are made of very durable steel, so that the prayer made of them will last as long as possible. To make an element of potato.Rowing, cut two parts from the disks and weld them to each other at an angle. After that, do not forget to harden the finished part;
  • As a rack, you can use the holder from the old manual plow. It is impossible to use channels or corners for this, since with such a part of the digger of potatoes by a motor block will be very uncomfortable, and, moreover, a risky occupation;
  • For the manufacture of suspension, you can take a channel. Make holes in it so that during work you can adjust the depth of immersion of the Lemesh in the soil.

Home.Made potato.Cutter made in this way is able to last a fairly long time. With this design, a digging potato by a walk.Behind tractor can be carried out even in late autumn, during the first frost.

The main types of potato.Coats and the features of their device

How the potato.Cutter works, mainly those who have already worked with her know. Her principle of operation is simple and almost the same for all types. Earth with a special knife is captured and enters a special shaking mechanism. As a result, the most part of the earth and small stones are eliminated, leaving only tubers. But there are still some features of various types of potato.Switches, and then we will consider various types of potato.Switches in more detail.

Potato.Coat is universal (lancet)

This potato.Cutter for a walk.Behind tractor. The simplest that entails the corresponding pros and cons of. The main minus of lancet potato.Coats. Relatively low efficiency, they are able to raise about 85 % of the crop to the surface. But the advantages of this unit are also available and for some it may well outweigh any disadvantages. The main advantage. Low price (in comparison with other types), which for the smallest farms is the main criterion. Also, to connect such a potato.Drummer, you do not need a power shaft, therefore, it can be connected to old models of walk.Behind tracts, without a whale.

The easiest assembly option resembles a shovel without a cuttings, with welded rods. There are no complex details in such devices, and the yield for this method of gathering is minimal.

potato, cutter, works, walk, tractor

Vibration diggers (roar type)

Compared to universal, a roar.Type potato.Cutter is much more effective. The advanced design allows you to extract from soil to 98 % tubers and increases performance. Such a digger consists of a vibrational trunk, a leeme and drive. The vibrational digging mechanism is as follows: the upper soil layers, together with potatoes, are picked up and moved to the vibration table. Further, under the influence of vibration, the earth is exfoliated and leaves through the cracks, and the potato itself falls on the other side of the device.

Conveyor potato.Cutter

This type of potato.Cutting is quite similar to the previous view, but there are still differences. Potato.Cuttling conveyor to the walk.Behind tractor is equipped with a special tape instead of the vibration table. Driving through the conveyor tape, the potatoes are quite efficiently cleaned of the ground. The main disadvantage of this species, like the previous one, is the price that is much higher than that of simple potato.Coats.

Top-best potato-cuttles for a walk-behind tractor


Wirax. Digger of conveyor.Type conveyor production. The technique is equipped with two conveyor ribbons. Suitable for mini-tractors with engine power from 20-35 liters.With. Wirax can work on a soil with a slope of up to 6 degrees.

The model consists of one eccentric, a lemch and a clearing lattice. This is a vibrational model suitable for ministers and walk.Behind tractors with a capacity of 16 liters.With. The impressive weight of the 4UD-1 potato-cutter allows you to plunge into the soil depth of up to 25 cm. It weighs about 40 kg. The capacity performance varies in the range of 0.2-0.35 ha/hour.

  • High price;
  • Small soil capture. 20 cm. In width;
  • Low performance;
  • Not suitable for large areas.

This small.Sized equipment is intended for small agriculture. Combined with the AGRO motornote using a gearbox, which is sold along with a digger. The basis of diggers are spinning pulleys, pipes, limha and casing. KK-1 is able to dig 100 meters in 2 minutes.

potato, cutter, works, walk, tractor

The production of the Neva brand KKM-1 is a vibrational digging, combined with motor blocks of the brand “Salyut”, “Favorite”, and T.D. Designed to work on a light and medium.Sized soil. The speed of work reaches 2 km./hour. Work zone coverage. Up to 37 cm., depth. 27 cm. Installation to the walk.Behind tractor is carried out using a pulley. The process takes 5-7 minutes. Attached to three bolts. It may be necessary to replace the belt periodically, but it costs inexpensively. Before starting, it is important to lubricate the bushings on the device. Weight is about 40 kg. The basis of the design is a plunder and a roar lattice. Dive depth. Only 20 cm. The width of the coverage is 38 cm. The speed is also 2 km./hour, at the same time, 0.2 ha/hour is processed. One of the notable features can be noted high sensitivity to the composition of the soil. It should have a hardness of less than 20 kg./ha and be without stones.

Important! But there is a dignity: this model has the opportunity to regulate the depth of immersion in the soil, as well as the intensity of vibration and the number of engine speeds.

  • The need to prepare the place of work: removal of tops and weeds;
  • The need to set up a roar;
  • Not adapted to work on the site under the slope;
  • High price.

Designed to join the average motoblocks that have a capacity key shaft. The conveyor type device has a mass of about 50 kg with a width of the processed strip 45 cm. The depth is manually regulated (maximum. 30 cm).

Advantages disadvantages
Made of high.Strength metal A fairly high cost. About 28,000
Has a long service life Not used for solid and waterlogged soils
Root crops are not damaged during cleaning
There is the possibility of manual control through

NPD type 2

The model is intended for use in temperate climatic zones. Short description:

  • Width. 320 mm;
  • Length. 420 mm;
  • One hole in the rack;
  • Kop width. 32 cm;
  • Kop depth. 20 cm;
  • Weighs 5.15 kg.

Patriot 490001130, without a coupling

Motoblock option designed to dig root crops. Used on light and medium soils. There is no clutch in the kit. Parameters: 550 x 445 mm. Can be purchased at any outlet.

Patriot 490001130 potato.Cutter, without adhesion:

Patriot KB 550.445.5

The Russian manufacturer offers good quality goods, which will become an indispensable assistant by transferring the Poku potato from manual to the mechanized method. Used with Patriot motor blocks. Scores the ground and throws tubers to the surface of the soil. An effective device that allows root vegetables to be commodity. Used on light and medium soils.

Patriot Kb 550 potato.445.5 Distributions:

  • Insignificant weight (5 kg);
  • Convenient in operation;
  • Effective;
  • Sold in any specialized store;
  • Long service life.

Potato travelers used. 1 (cascade, Neva, Kadwin, virgin lands)

The goods are produced by the Russian company. Weight. 5.25 kg, dimensions. 550 x 445 mm. Appointment. Eliminates the soil and throws the tubers of potatoes to the surface. Used in light and medium soils.

Potato travelers used. 1 (cascade, Neva, Kadvin, virgin lands) dignity:

MB Oka, Forza, Neva, Cascade, B/C, KMBK 12.500

Awaken equipment belongs to the category of digitors. Dimensions: 500 x 250 x 400 mm, weighs only 5.05 kg, a 12 mm thick stand. It is produced in Russia. Processing is carried out to a depth of 25. 30 cm. The main purpose is to dig root crops. There is no question where to buy. Units are waiting for their potential owners in all specialized stores.

Potato.Capt. MB Oka, Forza, Neva, Cascade, B/C, KMBK 12.500 Distribution:

The vibrational type unit, who can be perfectly combined with both Chinese walk.Behind tracts and Russian and Ukrainian. He also knows how to work with motoblocks of left.Sided and right.Handed pins. There is the only requirement for motor blocks. This is the engine power at least 6 liters.With. KVM-3 is designed for medium and light soil. But if there is a need to work with heavy soil, then it is impossible to exceed it, since a powerful additional knife is connected to it. KVM-3 weighs about 39 kg., The speed of digging of the soil at a moderate pace is up to 1.5 km./hour. Capture width. Up to 40 cm. The main advantage of KVM-3 is an affordable price for this type of diggers. Average

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