How are the vibro.Plate of the machine VPO

Of course, the most massive vibration stages from China. They are inexpensive, relatively reliable (especially with Honda or BS engines). However, for serious projects or for renting, companies prefer more reliable manufacturers.

Vibration plates from Europe, although inferior in price to Chinese competitors, surpass them in terms of assembly and ease of work. In addition, innovations come from European manufacturers. Among them, it is worth noting Wacker Neuson. One of the legislators of fashion and, as it is believed, the inventor of the vibrating plate.

Presented in Russia and the CIS vibrational equipment Dynapac, Atlas Copco, Husqvarna, Bomag, Ammann.

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Vibroopytes are used to compact freshly saturated soil. Diesel and pneumatic tamping, reinforced concrete tamping of conical type with a low.Powerful center of mass or heavy rinks. You can most simply compact the soil with several driveways of the crane without cargo or laying inventory plates and mats with their sand bedding. In table. IX.37 indicates the sizes of the caterpilies of the arrow cranes. [31]

Heavy vibro-plate was tested and prepared for production: a self-digesting D-368 b weighing 2 from with an exciting force of 4 tons and trained to a tractor or a D-491 vibro-491-suspended vibro-plate weighing 5 5. 6 tons with exciting force up to 16 hectares. [32]

MM, and a shift of the vibro.Fuel 195 and. 175 mm; The wings of the sloping planner should be opened at an angle 38 to the axis of the track and provide the capture width of at least 5 m, lowering the wing below the level of the rail head should be at least 1000 mm. [33]

Such a device of shock absorbers provides vibration pliers smoothly both in a tractor captured to a tractor, and in the hung to the crane. [34]

From steel 60 ° C2, springs of the suspension of vibrors VPO-3000 are made. From steel 55C2. Springs of running carts of travel vehicles. [36]

Electromagnetic sifting machine (rice. 29) The vibration of the machine acquires vertical fluctuations from an electromagnet located under a vibrating plate. Oscillation frequency from 3,000 to 6000 min.; the height of the oscillations is up to 3 mm when loading 2 5 kg. Automatically turns off 0 5 s (every 3. 10 c) to prevent resonance between sits and material. There are only seven fabric sieves and subc. Can be transformed into a microme for grinding samples from 0 1 to 10 g. Can be used for dry and wet sifting, as well as for granulometric analysis. Works from the network 110 and 220 V. [37]

The schematic diagram of the device of manual, trailed I, crane vibro.Fuel does not have significant differences from self.Transpirals. [39]

Vibro.Pusher (Fig. 91 6) consists of a vibro.Exciter, which with the help of a winch move along vertical guides. [40]

The type provides vibration plates of five sizes; Three small weight vibrations (0 125; 0 25 and 0 75t) and two heavy (2i 6t) with exciting force 0 9. Eleven; 2 1. 2 25; 4 2. 4 6; 7 5. 8 5 and 20. 25 hectares. [41]

The laid out tiles in a layer from a hard solution with vibro.Plate or vibrationcaps are. The tiles are fed by moving the mechanism until the seams between the tiles are completely filled with a solution. During vibration processing, it is allowed to walk along the solution of the layer and freshly laid coating in special footboards dressed on shoes. Finish vibrovalization of tiles and carpets no later than 2 hours after laying the solution and no later than 3 hours after its preparation. [42]

Why are used, how are the vibration stations works and how. [43]

The vibro.Plate engine is attached to the undercutant frame installed on the vibro.Fuel on four shock absorbers taking over the vibrating plate fluctuations and ensure calm operation of the engine with all the equipment located on the undercutant plate. Each shock absorber consists of Flevx vertical spiral steel springs installed using glasses worn on a fitting rod, the lower end is strengthened on a vibration plate, and the upper passes through the underlying frame. [44]

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Gasoline thief

When distributing crushed stone by a self.Propelled distributor, the preliminary seal is carried out by its vibro.Plate. The number of rollers in the first period decreases. [45]

Types of vibration fuels: the main differences, advantages and disadvantages

Vibration fuels are divided into several indicators. The first of them is the type of engine. Depending on which engine is installed on the unit, the plates are:

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Walking vibro.Drive with diesel drive for compaction of soil, asphalt and crushed stone

Electric vibration 220 V is the cheapest and most affordable option. According to technical criteria, it is somewhat inferior to two other types, as it has a low weight and a low degree of tamping. This model is most suitable for use on a private site, in agriculture, in landscape work. Its disadvantage is the mandatory availability of a power source and restriction of a radius of action length.

In the absence of an electricity source or the impossibility of connecting to a power grid, it is worth buying a vibro.Plate of a gasoline. It is more expensive than electric, but has no restrictions on operating conditions. It is easy to transport and move it. Diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline, but the engine itself costs more. Diesel units are the most powerful, they are more often used on construction sites. The disadvantage of diesel vibration pages is a significant level of noise during operation and the high cost.

Helpful advice! Engine power directly affects the movement of the slab. With high indicators, the unit moves itself. If the power is low, then the plate can explode. This disadvantage is aggravated if a layer of fine.Grained material is trimmed.

Gasoline vibration stamps. A very maneuverable device thanks to its compact dimensions

Vibroopropels are separated and for its intended purpose: for the tamping of asphalt and soil compaction. The former are distinguished by the presence in their design of the device for supplying water irrigation. It is necessary for wetting, the wet surface eliminates the sticking on the base. The surface of such a vibration plate is smooth, the edges are rounded.

vibro, plate, machine, mobile

The soil unit is more severe, the texture of the surface of the stove is relief.

Distinguish machines with progressive movement and reverse. Progressive move in one direction and have one debalance. The second type of vibration focus of the reciprocating direction of movement. They have two debalans, so they can move in different directions. Vibro.Fuels are controlled manually or remotely. The last option is convenient and safe, but the price for it is much higher.

The vibration plate with an electric motor is less functional, it has a small weight and a low degree of tamping

How to check the indicator screwdriver correctly.

A faulty or damaged indicator, given its low price, it is better to throw it away.

Back in Soviet times, there were indicator screwdrivers in two performance:

The first type was used for home purposes, the second at a professional level. In the first case, one electrical contact or wire needed work, in the second case, there were always two of them.

Later the screwdrivers passed the modification, became more sensitive, and they had other possibilities. Today, three main groups can be distinguished:

Passive are used to determine the presence of voltage on live parts: wire, outlet, switch, cartridge and similar devices.

vibro, plate, machine, mobile

НЕФТЬ и ЭКОЛОГИЯ. Спасут ли нас электромобили?

Active devices more advanced. With their help, you can determine the presence of voltage in a contactless way and the integrity of the conductor.

Digital can have sound indication and show the voltage value in digital or indicator format. Consider how to use an indicator screwdriver depending on its type.

Which vibration plate to choose?

The choice of vibration fuels is based on the tasks that it should solve, since there are no universal models.

So, for example, if you plan to put asphalt, avoiding damage, the choice falls on a model weighing up to 100 kg, which must have a wetting system that prevents the adherence of hot material.

Models weighing up to 75 kg are great for laying paving slabs.

For these purposes, they are equipped with polyurethane rugs that prevent mechanical damage to paving stones and stone.

Vibro.Plate weighing from 150 kg it makes sense to acquire in case of large.Scale construction, when not only performance is required, but also the ability to press a layer of material of increased thickness.

This applies, for example, the backfill of pits.

Purpose, work and device of the machine VPO-3-3000. Page 7

Based on the diameter of the shaft, we take roller radial spherical two-row bearings three thousand five hundred and fourteen GOST 5721-75, with the following parameters [3]:

The dynamic carrying capacity is more than the maximum load on the support of one hundred and thirty.Two kn seventeen kN, therefore, the bearings are selected correctly.

The following requirements are presented to the elements of spring sets:. Springs should allow the movement of vibration stations to the calculated amplitude of the oscillations;

The calculation of the elastic suspension consists in choosing its fundamental structural scheme, a geometric layout of the suspension elements, determining the required stiffness of springs and checking them for strength.

The total stiffness of the SR of spring sets in the plane of vibrations of the plate is determined from the condition of the zrezonance mode of operation of the vibrating plate:

Where νo is the permissible own frequency of vibration vibration oscillations, Hz (νo = 8 Hz)

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We take a spring kit with total stiffness CP = 2 10 six N/m.

7 Calculations of shafts for strength and selection of bearings

Pre.Prescribed bearing roller radial spherical double.Rowing three thousand six hundred and thirteen with D×D×B = 65×140×48 and With = two hundred twenty kN, C0 = one hundred forty-two kN according to GOST 5721-75.

Equation of the moments of forces regarding support 1:

Equation of the moments of forces relative to support 3:

Equation of the moments of forces regarding support 1:

vibro, plate, machine, mobile

Equation of the moments of forces relative to support 3:

7.2 Checking of the drive shaft bearings

The previously accepted bearing was checked for dynamic carrying capacity:

Where Start dynamic carrying capacity taken from the table [2], (Start. = two hundred twenty kN); Ccalc dynamic carrying capacity obtained by the calculation method, KN.

Ccalc. = L one/ P ·P, (7.6)

Where P. An indicator of degree, p = 10/3 [2]; L. Nominal bearings resource, million. About.; P. Equivalent load, n.

L = LN60 ·NII /10 6. (7.7)

Where LN. Nominal resource in watches, LN = 150 hours.

P = R·V·KΔ·KT. (7.Eight)

Where R. Radial load, R = 1081.5 N; V. Rotation ratio, V= 1, [2]; KΔ. Coefficient taking into account the load, KΔ = 1.35, [2]; KT. Temperature coefficient, KT = 1 [2].

Pre.Prescribed bearing roller radial spherical double.Rowing three thousand six hundred and thirteen with D×D×B = 65×140×48 and With = two hundred twenty kN, C0 = one hundred forty-two kN according to GOST 5721-75.

Design and principle of operation

The working bodies of the machine ensure the continuous implementation of the entire set of work. The drive of the working bodies is carried out from an AC power station located on the machine with a capacity of 200 kW. Ballast seal is made by vibro.Windows. Wedge.Shaped slabs. In the case of each plate there is a directed vibrator, which creates an indignant force of 240 kN, as a result of which the vibration seal fluctuates in a horizontal plane. With a raised rail-shpal grille, the slabs are drunk from the ends under the sole of the sleepers to a depth of 60-100 millimeters below her bed. During the movement of the machine, the dynamic seal of the ballast occurs as a result of the oscillatory movement of the plates and its static seal under the influence of pressing the wedge.Shaped plate. Ballast, sprinkled to the ends of the sleeper sleeper, is served under the sleepers with a dispenser. To move the ballast remaining on the sidelines, filling the voids (after the passage of the plates) and for the profiling of the ballast prism is the slope planner, for compaction. Overhead plates (vibration seizures). Excess ballast from the surface of the rail-spar grille is removed with brushes in the form of cylindrical drums with electric power. The routing is carried out by two electromagnetic mechanisms, which, attracting the rails, raise the path to a height fixed with lining plates and soda.

Since 1977, machines are also equipped with cable-selsin type with worker and control archers. The worker has two end trolleys between which the cable-horda is stretched, and two medium measuring carts with agricultural sensors. The control panel is located in the car attached to the car, where there are village receivers. At the signal from the sensors, the receivers turn on or off the electrical contacts of the control mechanism of the track shift. In the correct position of the journey, both village sensors record the same deflete arrows and the mechanism of the track shift does not turn on. In case of improper position of the path, different arrow of the deflections are recorded, at the signal entering the village-receivers, as a result of which electrical contacts are closed and the mechanism of the track shift is turned on, which will work until the path is in the design position (raging method). Some machines are equipped with a two-coordinate tracking system (in plan and according to longitudinal profile), as well as a cable-selsin system with a physical pendulum to straighten the path in level.

Property and flowering machine VPO-3000 Modernization

The process of conducting medium and overhaul work, as well as work on the restoration of sections of the railway canvas is impossible without the use of high-quality and proven working equipment, in particular-without operation VPO-3000.

Using modern mechanisms allows you to solve current issues. The entire technique should undergo the modernization process, as a result of which the VPO-3000 extensions will have improved properties and will be used to solve topical problems.

For the repair of the railway: a leaf-drive-final machine

VPO-3000 travel vehicles are used as the main and additional unit during medium, capital and restoration work. This installation is a waybill of continuous action.

Its advantage is in the possibility of performing a number of complex work in one approach. She can dose and compact the ballast layer, as well as to be confused, finished, straighten the railway track. This car is an integral friend and assistant during the construction and repair of railway roads. We will talk about the device of the VPO-3000 machine below.

Varieties of the model VPO 213

The manufacturer initially provided several varieties of the classic model so that each buyer can choose the right weapon to his taste and needs.

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Among the main varieties can be distinguished:

  • Models of guns with trunks of various lengths: 305, 420, 520 and 590 millimeters. Initially, a modification with a 420-mm barrel was on sale, but gradually other models were launched on the market.
  • The manufacturer also presented a variety of the type of coil box cover. At the request of the buyer, it can be removable or folding.
  • Additionally, hunters of hunting can choose a carbine at the location of the fly: it can be both at the end of the barrel and on the gas chamber.

Despite the presence of a sufficiently large number of varieties, all models of guns can be arbitrarily equipped with body kit, muzzle brake or other additional types of equipment for shooting.

The device of the machine VPO-3000

The Ferrum Return and Construction Company offers modern solutions for repair work of any complexity in railway sections.

Each machine goes through a thorough analysis and goes through the modernization process.

An improved model of the VPO-3000 recovery and finishing machine reveals new opportunities, namely:

  • The machine allows the refueling of the railway road automated by level, as well as a longitudinal profile.
  • The equipment allows you to record the position of the track and display in electronic format.
  • Hydrified manual, control and management.
  • Allows you to carry out the calculation work of shifts for the design setting of the railway track.

Technical characteristics of the leaf-to-final vehicle VPO-3000

As a result of modernization, the VPO-3000 machine has the following technical characteristics:

  • Enlarged performance: before modernization: 1.6 km/h, after modernization: 2.0 km/h
  • Transport speed survived: before and after modernization: 80 km/h
  • The number of electromagnets has been increased: before modernization: 2 pcs, after modernization: 4 pcs
  • Increased the number of electric charges: before modernization: 14 pcs, after modernization: 16 pcs
  • Increased the force of the lifting of the tracks: before modernization: 20 tf, after modernization: 24 tf
  • Increased the effort of the lift of the tracks: before modernization: 12 TS, after modernization: 16 TS
  • The installation capacity on each plate has been increased: before modernization: 40 kW, after modernization: 55 kW
  • The frequency of forced oscillations has been increased: before modernization: 24 Hz, after modernization: 33.5 Hz
  • The diesel generator was improved: before modernization: AD-200 (U-36), after modernization: AD-200 (T400-1R-T)
  • Improved the error of the route: before modernization: no more than 10 mm, after modernization: no more than 2 mm.

Machines for straightening the path and turnouts.

The aging of the path depends on the intensity of the movement of train and the influence of the environment. Even a little use or not used at all, like everything in nature, increases entropy. High.Quality systems turn into less organized. In particular, this is manifested in a decrease in the quality of the geometry of the path, which necessitates repair work with more and less intervals

The tracks for straightening the track are designed to install a rail.Sliced ​​grate in a given position in the plan (rikhthovka), longitudinal profile and level. The straightening can be carried out in a cyclical way when one or more sleepers are knocked out in one operation (VPR-02 machine); cyclic and non-term, when the working organs of the machine act cyclically, and the rolling composition on which they are mounted moves continuously along the path (duumatic machine, rice); continuous-the working bodies of the machine move without stopping along the path (VPO-3-3000 machine).
Rice. Anti-tributary-riches machine of continuous-cyclic action duumatic

Machines for straightening switch translations (VPRS-02, EURCH) work only in cycles (rice.). Machines of duumatic and animate are equipped with an on-board computer control and measuring system that allows you to carry out a way in automatic mode after a measuring trip at a speed of 10 km/h. In recent years, such systems have also been equipped with VPR-02 and VPRS-02 characteristics of straightening machines are given in the table.

1. The cabin of the operator; 2. The cabin of the driver; 3. Semi.Trailer platform; 4. Measuring systems; 5. Drilling unit; 6-lifting-riche device; 7. Running cart; 8. Power department; 9-frame;
Rice of a high-riches-riches continuous-cyclical action duct-cyclic duumatic 09-32:

Application of the Atlas Copco vibration stamps

ATLAS COPCO vibration fuels are used for the construction of roads, soil compaction and asphalt of large depths, equipment of playgrounds and parking lots, paving slabs, paths.

Atlas Copco equipment is popular in construction. Among the models of this world brand you can choose an unit for various types of work. The assortment is represented by cars weighing from 54 to 141 kilograms for densification of soil and asphalt. Gasoline and diesel vibrors with manual and remote control of Atlas Copco are high.Performance, mobile and compact machines.

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