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Swimming on a walk.Behind tractor

As you know, the same.Based tractor, like many other aggregates of this type, works with the help of the engine. Due to the fact that the engine cannot ignite without the supply of oxygen, there is a need for the use of a carburetor. For the walk.Behind tractor, two types of carburetors are used. One of them is rotary, the other is a plunger. Naturally, each of the species mentioned has its own advantages and disadvantages, the choice depends on the walk.Behind tractor, its performance and the type of work performed.

There are times when violations in the carburetor work occur (the process is inconsistently). In such a situation, the carburetor needs adjustment. How to adjust the carburetor on a walk.Behind tractor? This can be done with your own hands, following a certain sequence of actions.

  • First, you need to turn the screws (complete and small gas) to the state of the stop. After that, turn them one and a half turns.
  • Turn on the motor, give him time to start and warm up.
  • Do not drown out the engine and put the engine that controls the engine in the smallest speed mode.
  • Next, set the minimum number when the device works stably.
  • After that, start the idle to the maximum.
  • Switch idle to a minimum. Repeat this action, alternating with the previous one until the engine starts to work without interruptions.
  • Eleat the control lever to the gas position.

Following such instructions, you can independently configure the carburetor of the walk.Behind tractor.

What is the reliability of the Neva motornote?

The reliability of the walk.Behind tractor determines, first of all, two parameters. This is the quality of components and the build quality. We carefully ensure that both of these parameters meet high standards. In this article, we suggest you figure out what the Neva gasoline one.Icon tractor consists of a classic series (for example, MB2 motoblock).

The clutch lift of the clutch is easily pressed and quickly turns on the clutch. Thanks to a convenient form, it is easy to keep in the working position for a long time. After several hours of working with the walk.Behind hand, the palm does not get tired of holding the lever pressed to the handle.

The basis of the clutch inclusion cable is a galvanized steel core placed in a flexible metal casing in a dense plastic shell. The core of the cable is wicker, multi.Digit (19 strands), which indicates its reliability and resistance to mechanical loads. The well.Thought.Out design of the product protects it as much as possible from external damage and rust.

The lever of the separation of the semi.Shafts is easily pressed and instantly turns off the left wheel. Thanks to a convenient form, it is easy to keep in the working position. It is also convenient to work with such a lever in winter, t.To. He “does not cool” in the cold to such an extent as to freeze his fingers. Production Country. Italy.

The basis of the axis separation cable is a galvanized steel core placed in a flexible metal casing in a dense plastic shell. The core of the cable is wicker, multi.Digit (19 strands), which indicates its reliability and resistance to mechanical loads. The well.Thought.Out design of the product protects it as much as possible from external damage and rust.

The core of the cable is one.Cereal, that is, reliable, durable, durable. The core of spring steel was made, thanks to this it takes the original shape, regardless of significant bending, twisting or dynamic loading. It also has an anti.Corrosion zinc coating.

The gear lever is located on the gearbox. The gears involved in switching are rounded on the ends of the teeth, which increases the lightness and clarity of gear shifts. The fixer provides reliable fixation of the selected transmission.

How to use technique

Before you understand how to use the Neva walk.Behind tractor, for example, you will need to get acquainted with the recommendations for its use. According to them, after the assembly of the purchased product, you do not need to rush to the launch of it, you should carefully study the instructions attached to the product.

МБ 2 Нева 4-4 СВ

It is allowed to work with the unit only in overalls and high boot boots.

Much attention is paid to the features of working with heavy models, the significant weight of which noticeably complicates the management of the unit. Before starting its use, you should carefully study the controls, as well as check all the nodes for the ease of their operation. In the process of plowing, for example, you will need to carefully monitor the position of the center of gravity of the unit, which is shifted forward in most heavy models. During operation, you will have to make certain efforts in order to hold the uno.Based tractor in a horizontal position. At the same time, attaching equipment should be taken into account, which after joining usually reduces an imbalance and shifts the center of gravity.

In lightweight models with a slight weight as a support, a regulator of soil processing depth is often used. Its height is chosen in such a way that in a stationary state the unit remains sustainable. In a number of products for these purposes, an additional wheel serves.

How is the adjustment of the motoroblock carburetor

What should be directed for during the interruption of the motor? When the carburetor malfunction appears, first it is necessary to check the fullness of the fuel tank and the oil level. If the fuel and the oils are enough, then they run to the examination of the candle

To do this, it is turned out and the spark is inspected by ignition. Then they test the flow of gasoline to the carburetor. For this purpose, the hose is removed from the fitting and tracking the intake of fuel. If the fuel does not appear, then most likely it will be necessary to clean the filter mesh. For this, the fuel valve is unscrewed and all the parts are washed with gasoline. The same is done with the potpel jacket.

The carburetor is cleaned in the subsequent way. To clean the device, to start it, it is necessary to remove it. In order to easily remove the carburetor, it is necessary to closely look around the body of the device and unscrew all the details on which it holds.

So, remove the carburetor and pour gasoline out of it. Carefully separate all the details of the device (nozzle, float) for the upcoming purge and cleaning. This manipulation is performed by a special cleaner.

With strong contamination, you can use the compressor.

After cleaning, painstakingly dry all the details and boldly proceed to the assembly. After assembly, adjust the carburetor for the walk.Behind tractor.

Install the cleaned device using the standard gasket, and fasten it with nuts. Do not forget about the air filter, revolutions and a gasoline supply hose.

The tuning of the motorogue carburetor is to adjust it. In order to adjust the carburetor without the help of others, it is necessary to take subsequent steps:

  • Small and full gas screws must be twisted until it stops.
  • The screws of small and complete gas are unscrewed for one and a half turns (set the throttle in such a position so that the gap of the corresponding size forms between the base and the duct).
  • Start the motor and wait until it warms up.
  • When working motor, the control lever is put at small speeds.
  • Achieve uninterrupted operation of the motor. To do this, it is necessary to make the least idle speed using the throttle screw screw.
  • Set the idle speed to the maximum using a small gas screw.
  • Set the idle speed to a minimum with a screw of the throttle.
  • Repeat 6 and 7 step until the continuous operation of the motor begins.
  • The engine control lever is put on gas.
  • If you arise, turn away with a screw that regulates the quality of the consistency, less than 2.5 revolutions.

I would like to note that the adjustment of the carburetor on the Neva walk.Behind tractor is performed correctly according to the above annotation. Neva installed on the Neva walk-behind engineer is a single-chamber and horizontal device. The float camera is located in the central part. Throttle. Flat.

On the Neva motornote, the DM-1K engine is used, which is produced at the Red October Neva plant. The manufacturer categorically does not use Chinese.Made engines. This also applies to the production of a motor cultivator.

Subtle setting: weights and springs

The setting of weights begins after that. This is already called the thin adjustment of the trambler. In this case, the UZ is set up, for which the proofreaders are directly responsible. CNTR and VK.

The first, centrifugal regulator contains two weights and two springs. When rotating the distribution rotor, weights under the influence of the Central Executive Committee diverge from the sides. In the process of this, a shaft with fists or a curtain is shifted (if the ignition system is contactless). Thus, contacts are triggered noticeably earlier.

Two springs act as counteraction to the Central Executive Committee, on which the effective functioning of the entire ignition system depends. The springs themselves are different, and this is done so for a reason.

  • The first spring is longer, it is responsible for the moment of entering into the case of the TsNTR of the regulator carrying out the tension. At the same time, this spring regulates the right angle up to 1.2 thousand. Revolutions per minute, ensuring stiffness.
  • The second spring is shorter, but it is much tougher than the first. Corrects the moment of the break, providing free move.

Overview of the walk-behind tractor MB 1 NEVA.

Experts insist that the second spring should be ensured by free move. However, some motorists believe that from this there is an unstable operation of the internal combustion engine at low speeds. It is supposedly adjusted by a stretch of this spring.

As for VK or vacuum corrector, it contributes to the occurrence of ahead of the first chamber. In other words, when it comes to partial load on the power plant.

This itself can be created by this advance regulator at either large speeds or under loads. This should be understood. Yes, and at xx, by the way, too.

The correct launch of the walk.Behind tractor after winter

Before you start a one.Legged tractor after a long winter downtime, you need to cook it painstakingly. First you need to take out the equipment from the garage and look around it. There should not be foci of corrosion on the iron surfaces of the agricultural protection, the occurrence of which can be provoked by the highest humidity.

  • Drain the old fuel from the tank, also remove the old reducer lubricant. The latter must be painstakingly wash and dry. Then you need to fill in fresh fuel and new transmission oil;
  • Wash the fuel tubes, make sure that they did not lose their density and cracks did not appear on their walls;
  • Remove all filter elements provided for in the design, painfully wash them in clean gasoline, dry and install them back. Thinly filters must be replaced;
  • Remove and disassemble the carburetor, blow it with compressed air or wash it with gasoline. After that, one hundred percent dry parts of the fuel unit must be assembled and installed in place;
  • Check the drive belts-due to the highest humidity on their surface, cracks might appear-in this case, the elements must be replaced immediately;
  • To disassemble and look around the unit CPG. If burrs or traces of rust appeared on the walls of the node, then they will need to be removed;
  • Turn out and check the candle. There should not be traces of scale and tarry deposits on it. In an unpleasant case, the candle must be cleaned and dried. After that, it is necessary to ventilate the engine, a couple of times sharply pulling the starter cable;
  • Check the gap of the ignition system and Ponova put it if it was broken;
  • Look around the controls and make sure that gas and brake cables are stretched because it is required for work;
  • Remove, charge and install the battery back if it is provided in the design of the walk.Behind tractor. At the same step, it is necessary to check the terminals and contacts of electronic wiring. There should be no traces of oxidation on them;
  • Check the tire pressure and pump them up because the abstract shows to the walk.Behind tractor;
  • Look around the chassis of the walk.Behind tractor and wrap the weakened bolted mounts;
  • Check the mechanism for connecting the suspended and trailer equipment.

Only after all the listed actions can a walk.Behind tractor be launched.

To start a agricultural machine with a gasoline engine, you need:

  • One hundred percent open a tap for supplying gasoline. At this time, the fuel lever should be placed in the “Start” position, and the clutch lever in the “disconnected” position;
  • Carry out pumping with a manual starter, a couple of times abruptly pulling his cable over him;
  • Translate the ignition lever to the “inclusive” position and pull the starter cable a couple of times a couple of times;
  • As the engine of the used walk.Behind tractor will be launched, it will be necessary to rapidly transfer the fuel lever to the “work” position.

Starting a diesel unoic tractor is slightly more difficult.

  • Unscrew the crane created to serve fuel, evenly promoting each standard connection from it;
  • As a fuel reaches the nozzle, it is necessary to open all the cranes available in the design and install the gas lever in the middle position;
  • Press and delay the decompressor until the fuel pumps to the cylinder;
  • Release the decompressor and begin to carefully pull it until he gets into his initial position;
  • Press the decompressor again and at the same moment quickly pull the starter cable.

Why is the one.Based tractor working with interruptions?

There are other malfunctions that should be considered:

  • The engine of the walk.Behind tractor hits the return. The reason is often the use of bad fuel. It will not be enough to replace the fuel. Flushing the pump and hoses to supply fuel;
  • The technique works with jerks. The engine does not warm up completely. The motor needs to be drowned, wait for its absolute cooling. After re.Start it and warm it up for at least ten minutes;
  • The engine does not pull, because the power of the motor decreases. The filter system is checked and cleaned. The problem can provoke the wear of the ignition magneto. In this case, the details are replaced.

Owners of technology, both gasoline and diesel type, may face such problems. Regardless of the specifics of the breakdown, you need to urgently stop using the unit and begin to eliminate the problem.

Why is the one.Based tractor working with interruptions?

Among other typical malfunctions of the walk.Behind tractor, a number of such breakdowns can also be distinguished:

  • The aggregate motor hits the return. This indicates the use of poor.Quality fuel for refueling the unit. In this case, you will have to not only replace the fuel, but also thoroughly rinse the fuel pump and fuel supply hoses;
  • The same.Based tractor works with jerks. The reason for this lies in the insufficient heating of the motor. Be sure to drown out the engine, wait for it to cool completely, and again start the motor, giving it at least 10 minutes for full heating;
  • The motor block does not noticeably pull, the engine power has decreased. In this case, you need to check and, if necessary, clean the air and fuel filter. Another reason for this breakdown lies in the wear of the magnesium magneto. It is best to immediately replace the part without trying to restore it.

The owner of both gasoline and diesel motoblock is equally often faced with this kind of malfunction. In any case, you need to immediately stop working with the machine, and as soon as possible to eliminate its breakdown.

Adjustment of the fuel system of the walk.Behind

If the fuel is not supplied to the cylinder, then, first of all, it is necessary to check if the fuel is filled in the tank. It is also necessary to control whether it enters the carburetor. To do this, the hose is removed from the input fitting of the device. If we are talking about a carburetor of the type K45, it should be pressed on its quencher so that the fuel begins to pour out through the drainage hole.

works, walk, tractor, reliability

If the fuel does not get into the carburetor, then you need to unscrew the fuel supply valve, completely disassemble it and remove the clusters of the dirt from the mechanical cleaning filter. To achieve maximum cleanliness, all components must be treated with gasoline. The fuel valve is collected and returned to its former place.

If the fuel enters the carburetor, but is not supplied to the cylinders, it is necessary to check the correctness of the fuel valve, as well as the presence of dirt on nozzles.

To deal with the carburetor of a gasoline motor block like KMB-5, it is necessary to remove it from the motor and pour the fuel from the float chamber. Through the fitting (see the drawing), with which gasoline is supplied, it is necessary to submit an air mixture, after installing the carburetor in the working position. Air passage should go unhindered, and when a carburetor is coupled, it is completely to stop. These features indicate the full performance of the part.

Details in the figure: 1. Fitting, supplying fuel; 2. Upper body; 3. Throttle shutter; 4. Small gas needle; 5. Nozzle; 6. Lower body; 7. Air damper; 8. A screw fixing the screed; 9. Maximum gas needle; 10. Spraying element; 11. Float; 12. Fuel supply valve.

The fuel level inside the float chamber can be adjusted using a float tongue. Ideally, it should vary from 3 to 3.5 centimeters.

To perform the purge of the nozzles, it is necessary to turn out the screws responsible for the full and small gas.Cleaning the parts of the carburetor begins to turn off the screws holding the upper body. The lower case is removed, the fuel supply valve is washed with gasoline, and the dirt from the nozzles is blown away by the pump. It is necessary to check whether the float is intact. You can’t use a rag in the process of cleaning.

After the cleaning is completed, the case is connected. It is necessary to control the spray pipe clearly goes into the hole located on the upper body. Open the throttle flap and check how clearly the assembly is completed. Screws fixing the upper body are tightly twisted. After the assembly process is completely completed, the carburetor should be adjusted. This will significantly improve the performance of the walk.Behind engineer with attachments, since the correct work requires perfect setting up all its parts.

If the carburetor DM 1 is installed on the motor block engine.08.100, then the methodology for its adjustment will be this:

  • You should wrap the screw 10 of the small gas until complete and turn away from yourself by half a turnover.
  • Then you need to tighten the screw 9 of the full gas completely unscrew it by 2 turns.
  • Unscrew the screw 4 minimum engine speeds right to the stop of the lever in the tide of the carburetor case and wrap it for 2 revolutions.
  • Get the engine of the walk.Behind tractor, then adjust the stable work at maximum speed after warming up 9.

Do not allow turning off the engine control lever, transfer it to the minimum gas (revolutions) position and by turning the screw 10, set stable small gas revolutions.

That’s basically it. The main points of adjusting the main parts of the walk.Behind tractor are considered. Adjust your one.Axle tractor with pleasure!

I will try to summarize and place information from various sources in one place in one place. I apologize to the authors of articles that I do not indicate links to them. I just don’t remember where I got the information. I have not yet claimed 100% reliability of all information, t.To. I draw some conclusions on my own guesses. Perhaps someone will correct me. Let’s practice, together we will create a small instructions for adjusting. Service centers, of course, know everything, but will not share their knowledge. The less information, the more profitable it. After all, Neva has long been released, but there is no literature on repair and commissioning. And it will not. As in my case, they will answer you: “Bring to us”! And if this is another state, or thousands of kilometers to the service workshop, while. I’m not one. I read in different forums, people are interested in how it works and how to establish. Therefore, I’ll try from the simplest. For some, this will be clear and so, but beginners may become clearer.

I just faced the problem of setting up the Neva MB-2 motor block. During operation, wiped the traction of the centrifugal regulator with a rag and the bolt was not much tightened. In general, she turned. After that he tried to establish for a long time, until it succeeds. I will try to describe how I regulated how it works.

I’ll start with a centrifugal regulator. Its purpose is to maintain a constant rotation frequency of the crankshaft of the engine when changing the load on the shaft. T.E. In order for the one.Toe tractor not to stall when you are pasted for example. At the same time, through wheels, gearbox, pulley, belt, engine pulley begins to slow down the engine and, if not for the centrifugal regulator, then the engine stalled. After all, we do not have the opportunity to put pressure more and more on the gas. The design is thought out very competently.

Click in the picture to increase

After the engine has been opened, the weight of the regulator is spinning. They move out at the expense of centrifugal force, opening like a flower, and shifts forward on the rod, turning the regulator lever. Now, if we load the engine, while the rotation of the engine will begin to slow down. At the same time, the speed of rotation of the weights will also decrease, they will begin to fold (hiding behind as a flower) and the regulator lever will begin to return back, which will lead to a turn through the lever of the centrifugal regulator, traction, throttle throttle to increase fuel consumption, t.E. Add gas. T.E. Having put the handle of gas to a certain position, we may now not worry that the engine is stalled when loading. As soon as we reduce the load, the weights diverge again and turn through all the thrusts of the throttle now to reduce gas. In this entire line there is another spring. With an increase in gas, it through the cable and a bracket in the form of the letter “G” is stretched and counteracts the rotation of the throttle valve in the direction of reducing gas.

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