An honest overview of the Stihl MS 250 chainsaw. From technical characteristics to popular malfunctions and their repair

STIHL produces reliable chainsaws that are used in all areas of activity. Household, professional models, models for agriculture. One of the saws for agriculture will be discussed in this review. STIHL MS 250 saw.

The STIHL 250 saw is perfectly balanced and combines such qualities as high power and at the same time slight weight and ease of use. Power allows you to install larger tires on this model, which means to saw thicker trees trunks, which increases performance. Weight affects comfort when working with a tool for a long time. Small dimensions allow you to work with a saw in places limited in area or in dense thickets. It is convenient to clean the fallen tree from branches or cut out small shoots with this saw.

If necessary, Stihl 250 can also cope with more complex tasks, but you should not work with maximum loads for a long time. The resource is still not the same as the professional saw.

STIHL 250 saw is designed using the most modern developments of German engineers, which we will talk about a little later.

Of course, the power unit of the chainsaw of the Stihl MS 250 cannot be compared in power with the engine of the professional model, but it is also capable of a lot. The difference with household chainsaw is felt as soon as you start making the first cut. If desired, buyers can purchase a richer STIHL 250 set, in which it is additionally equipped with devices increasing the comfort of using a saw.

Description of the chainsaw “STIHL” MS-180

This is a household tool designed for drilling branches and trees, sawing logs, conducting other actions on a garden plot. Stihl chainsaw weighs 3.9 kg. Power of the installed carburetor two.Stroke engine 2 horsepower. The unit for a mixture of gasoline (AI-92 and above) and motor oil for two-stroke engines works. The kit may be 35 cm tire. Length, the chain of Picco Micro 3 (PM3) with a step ⅜ inches is used.

The manufacturer supplied the stihl chainsaw with a random start, and also provided automatic lubrication of the chain oil during operation (EMATIC system). For the convenience of the operator for a long time, an effective anti.Vibration system is provided for for a long time.

We offer to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the Stihl MS-180 chainsaw:

Type Chainsaw
Nutrition petrol
Engine power, W (l.With.) 1500 (2)
Cylinder volume, cm3 31.8
The volume of the fuel tank, l 0.27
Tire length, mm 300/350
Chain step, inches 3/8
Weight, kg 3.9
Additional opportunities 3.9
Blocking button on there is
Automatic lubrication of the chain there is
Bank tank capacity, l 0.26
Additional options Anti.Vibration system, compensator, lubrication system EMATIC

Stihl chainsaws, overview of the lineup

To choose a chainsaw for your needs, you need to familiarize yourself with the models and their characteristics. The lineup of the Stihl chainsaw is represented by the following units:


  • STIHL 025 chainsaw.
  • STIHL MS 150 TC E Chainsaw.
  • STIHL MS 181 gasoline saw.
  • Motopila STIHL MS 192 T.
  • Chain saw STIHL 200.
  • Stihl 201.
  • Motopila STIHL MS 210.
  • STIHL 240 chainsaws.
  • STIHL MS 241 C MS gasoline saw.
  • STIHL 251 motorcycle.
  • STIHL 261 chainsaws.
  • STIHL 270 chainsaw.
  • STIHL MS 271 gasoline saw.
  • STIHL 290 chainsaws.
  • STIHL MS 291 chain saw.
  • STIHL ms 341.
  • Chain saw STIHL 360.
  • STIHL MS 440 Motopila.
  • Stihl ms 462 chainsaw.
  • STIHL MS 661 28.
  • Gasoline saw STIHL MS 880.

We briefly describe the features and characteristics of each modification, and at the same time we will find out what rating of various “Stihl” chainsaws:

STIHL 18 chainsaw

This is a basic modification intended for domestic use: firewood harvesting, branches of branches, cutting boards, etc. D. The mass of the saw is 3.9 kg, the two.Stroke carburetor engine has a power of 2 liters. With.

The original Oilomatic Picco Micro 3 chain is used in steps ⅜ inch. A 35 cm long tire is used. The chain tension is lateral, there is vibration protection and circuit brake.

Classification “For the household”
Tire length 35 cm
Power 1.5/2 kW/l.With.
Sound power level 110 dB (a)
Specific gravity 2.6 kg/kW
Volume of the tank 0.25 l
The weight 3.9 kg
The working volume of the cylinder 31.8 cm³
The number of revolutions PMAX nine.000 rpm
Sound pressure level 98 dB (a)
Producing country China

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Based on this modification, an improved Stihl MS 181 chainsaw was developed. The mass of the saw increased to 2.4 kg, the compact two-stroke 2-Mix motor provides a productivity of 2 liters. With. A carburetor with a built.In compensator, for an easy start, a valve of decompression in the motor and a spring on a manual starter is provided.

Anti.Vibration springs on the handles, the rear protection, the brake of the chain, the digger. The stretch of the chain is lateral, the tension mechanism is hidden in the case, the tire of 40 cm is used.

The working volume of the cylinder 31.8 cm³
Tire length 35 cm
Specific gravity 2.9 kg/kW
Power 1.5/2 kW/l.With.
Storage 2.800 rpm.
Weight 1) 4.3 kg
Volume of the tank 0.27 l
The step of the chain 3/8 “p
Vibration level to the left/right 2) 3.5/3 m/s²
Sound pressure level 3) 100 dB (a)
The number of revolutions PMAX 4) nine.500 rpm
Sound power level 3) 112 dB (a)
K-coefficient according to the Directive 2006/42/EC 2

STIHL 025 chainsaw

This is a household device designed both for garden and personal work, and for logging. A powerful gasoline engine provides a productivity of 3.1 liters. With. Chainsaw weight 4.6 kg. The launch system is facilitated, a decompressor is installed in the motor, a membrane carburetor with a compensator.

Electronic non.Contact ignition. Safety is increased thanks to the Quick Stop brake system, the zealor, the rear protection and the side tensioner of the chain hidden into the tool case. There are also springs on the handles that lower the level of vibration.

Power 2.3/3.1 kW/l.With.
The working volume of the cylinder 45.4 cm³
Tire length 35 cm
Specific gravity 2 kg/kW
Storage 2.800 rpm.
The number of revolutions PMAX 1) ten.000 rpm
Weight 2) 4.6 kg
Volume of the tank 0.47 l
The step of the chain 3/8 “p
Vibration level to the left/right 3) 6.9/8.9 m/s²
Sound power 4) 114 dB (a)
Sound pressure 4) 101 dB (a)
K-coefficient according to the Directive 2006/42/EC 2

STIHL MS 150 TC E Chainsaw

This is a unique ultra.Light chainsaw (weight 2.6 kg). Intended for high.Altitude work (trimming of branches, work with roofs). Small weight allows the operator to carry out work with one hand, unloading the second.

Carburetor engine performance 1.3 liters. With.The unit management is a single.Leaf, the carburetor is equipped with a compensator stabilizing the operation of the saw even with a clogged air filter. Recommended tire length 25-30 cm.

Power l.With. 1.3
Weight kg 1) 2.6
Specific weight kg/kW 2.6
Sound pressure level dB (a) 2) 97
Sound power level dB (a) 2) 110
Vibration level on the left/right m/s² 3) 4.9/4.9
The step of the chain 1/4 “p

Stihl chainsaws: features, rating of popular models

Chainsaws are actively used today in construction and in everyday life. There are many different models from different manufacturers. Today we will consider tools under the brand STIHL. Today you can find many devices from this manufacturer, so it is worth considering which are considered the best and how to choose the right one in order to solve current problems.

Technological features of Stihl chainsaws

The first chainsaw of STIHL weighed 46 kg, but modern devices are much easier.

STIHL appeared in 1926. During this time, she was engaged in the production of various goods. Manufacturer. Germany, which is a guarantee of quality. At the same time, the cost of tools is quite democratic.

Here are what modern technologies are used in devices:

  • 2MIX allows you to reduce fuel consumption and reduce the amount of exhaust gases entering the atmosphere. The bottom line lies in the special blowing of the combustion chamber, from which all the air is removed before a new portion of fuel is launched.
  • The catalyst allows you to burn the remains of fuel in the muffler. Its body has double walls, which is necessary, given the high temperature (about 1,000 degrees). This system prevents the heating of the tool during operation. But you need to understand that the catalyst is not included in the standard equipment of most chainsaws.
  • The air filter allows preliminary cleaning of the system, reducing the load on the filtration element. This filter can be washed under running water.
  • Intellectual engine whose analogues are not in the world. Fuel is supplied using electronics. That is, manually adjustment is not necessary.
  • Decompression valve. It reduces pressure when starting the starter.
  • Carburetor heating system. During operation at low temperatures, problems are observed. The tool can hardly start, as well as stall periodically. Heating the carburetor was able to solve this problem. Now many Stihl chainsaws can be used before.40 degrees.
  • Electric heating of the handle. It allows you to work comfortably when it is cold outside. Usually used in professional models.

How to choose

Today there are professional and household chainsaws that are significantly different in functionality.

Used periodically. There are restrictions: it is not recommended to work more than 2 hours a day and 20 hours a month. In this case, you need to take a break every 15. 20 minutes so that the engine does not overheat. Such devices are suitable for harvesting firewood and removing wood mass on the site.

Can be used up to 8 hours a day on a daily basis. They have a large supply of power, so they are purchased for commercial use. With their help, they are a forest, build logs of houses, baths, saw firewood and so on.

You need to choose a device based on the following parameters:

  • Engine type and volume.
  • The power of the device.
  • The speed of rotation of the chain.
  • The length of the working tire.
  • Spacious containers for gasoline and oil.
  • The weight of the tool.
  • The location of the handle.
  • Balancing.
  • The presence of additional options.

Popular rating

This StiHL chainsaw rating is based on users’ reviews who really made a purchase and used the tool for some time. The technical characteristics, the level of service in Russia, the availability of the model and its popularity were also taken into account. It must be understood that the information is relevant at the time of compiling an article. The company is constantly improving its products and offers all new devices. Thus, already tomorrow she can offer something new, which will be much better than all previous chainsaws.

MS 170

This is a compact household model that is very popular among users. She has a small price, and the functionality is quite wide. It is recommended to use it to solve current issues in the country or in an individual house.

Here are the main advantages of this tool:

  • Power 1,300 watts.
  • Fuel tank by 0.25 liters.
  • Tire length 40 cm.
  • Weight only 4 kg.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Good balancing.

However, there are several disadvantages of this tool:

  • Over time, the chain stretches greatly and becomes unsuitable for use.
  • The key for the key is absent in the basic configuration.
  • Strong vibration.

Since this is a household model, it is necessary to use it no more than 15 minutes without a break, so strong vibration is not considered a critical disadvantage.

Stihl MS290 Chainsaw Part 11: chain oiling system explanation and repair.

MS 180

The owners of individual houses often acquire this chainsaw, because it allows you to solve most current problems associated with the need to cut down something. Simplicity of operation, ergonomic design and German reliability make the unit quite competitive in the market.

These are the characteristics of this tool:

Of the advantages, you can highlight:

  • The model is resistant to external exposure factors.
  • Easy Start system.
  • Low vibration.
  • Low noise.
  • Simplicity of operation.

Users note that this chainsaw does not have a prime and a rather large fuel consumption. They also indicate that the switch is flimsy and quickly breaks. Another problem is the rapid clogging of filters.

Stihl MS 361 chainsaw. Reliable assistant to an experienced master

Professional chainsaw instrument known to the reference quality of its products of the STIHL brand does not need special advertising. High performance, efficiency and reliability in complex and extreme operating conditions are shown by the popular Stihl MS 361 chainsaw.

The universal tool created on the base of the popular model MS 360 is designed for large.Scale volumes of logging and sawing work, longitudinal and transverse cutting of construction wood, the creation of wooden elements of landscape design.

Structural features

From the previous model, the 361 product is less than the mass and increased overhaul and operational resource. The saw provides significant assistance in the construction of log log cabins. The tool similar in power and performance is included in the working set of emergency and rescue units of the Ministry of Emergencies.

The professional status and expanded functionality of this model suggest the presence of a sufficiently powerful power unit with a large margin of torque, an enhanced cutting unit and high reliability of components and assemblies.

Advantages of modernization

Professional saw STIHL MS 361 successfully combines in its design a classic layout with the introduction of the most modern technical solutions.

  • Along with the working properties standard for its class, the advantages of an economical power unit with a vortex formation of a fuel mixture were used.
  • The design of a spring vibrationizer has been finalized, which repeatedly reduces the level of low and high-frequency vibrations of the tool in different working modes. This model is equipped with an adjustable oil supply system for lubricating the cutting circuit.
  • The drop of the saw provides for the availability of the EMATIC and the QUICSStop emergency brake device, over a fraction of the second of the circuit in the event of emergency situations.

The advantages of this model are optimized by the operation of the engine with a 4-channel cylinder, the presence of an accelerating primer-pump in the fuel system, a system of electronic ignition controlled by a built-in microprocessor.

High standard of operational reliability

The advanced saw of the MS 361 models is characterized by a more perfect and ergonomic design, stability of idle and working modes, a quick set of maximum revolutions, and an economical consumption of gasoline combustible mixture.

With qualified maintenance, the number of failures and malfunctions of this model for the amount of work performed is the minimum. The situation when the engine does not start. Most often, this is a consequence of poor care, savings on the quality of fuel or made in the process of operation of gross errors.


STIHL saw MS 361 is equipped with a compact and economical carburetor engine with a working volume of 59 cm3 and 4.6 liter output power.With.

The power unit is equipped with modern air purification and vibration protection systems, as well as effective at 115 dB, exhaust gas muffler. The autonomy of the saw of the saw is increased by increasing the volume of the fuel tank to 0.69 liters.

Modtihl MS 361
Manufacturer Stihl
Production (assembly) Germany
The birthplace of the brand Germany
Class Professional
Engine volume, cm3 59
Power, l.With. (kW) 4.6 (3.38)
engine’s type 2-stroke, gasoline
Chain step, inches 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1.6
The volume of the fuel tank, l 0.69
Oil tank volume, l 0.33
Tire length, cm (inch) 45 (18)
The number of links 66
Warranty, years one
Weight, kg 5.6
Instructions Download

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Carburetor adjustment

Factory settings of the carburetor without a good reason should not be changed. The consequence of unskilled intervention in the operation of the fuel system can be a drop in engine power, increased fuel consumption, problem launch and other undesirable phenomena.

The basis for adjusting the carburetor is the translation of the tool from summer to winter operation and vice versa. In another version. The use of gasoline with another octane number.

Work is done on a heated engine. After installing the minimum idle speed, rotating the quality screw should be released on a stable mode, on which the engine does not stall with a harsh gas.

Features of the settings of the chainsaw

The design of the carburetor engine provides for the stability of traction and other working parameters throughout the long.Term working life.

The new Shtlevsky brand tool in all respects meets the requirements of modern machine-building, operational and sanitary-hygienic standards. The exact setting of working systems and nodes allows you to use the ability of the tool with maximum efficiency, to master the entire amount of work in compliance with all safety measures.

Working device

This node includes a fast.Open guide tire 45 cm long made of wear.Resistant metal with a low friction coefficient. The longitudinal one and a half millimeter groove serves to lay and hold the cutting chain in the idle and workproof modes. The wear of the chain with a 3/8.Inch step is compensated by the adjustment of the stretch mechanism.

To prevent overheating and accelerated wear, the chain and tire are lubricated with oil, which in a dosed volume comes from a built.In tank with a volume of 0.325 liters.

Advantages and disadvantages

The creators of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw position it as a universal instrument of a professional level, designed for effective use in forestry technologies and the construction of wooden structures of any complexity levels.

Chinese version

Chinese Stihl 660 is very different from the original in terms of technical characteristics and appearance.

An experienced master at first glance will determine that in front of him is a fake

For those who do not understand the benzo tool, we recommend that you immediately pay attention to such details as:

  • Starter case, it is clearly different from the original;
  • Covers of oil and fuel tanks, in the original saw they are made under a combined screwdriver, which should be supplied with a saw. In the Chinese version, convex and unpretentious covers;
  • The air filter cover, the screw of which is located on top, and not on the back, like the real Stihl 660;
  • Included with an original saw, a proprietary operating instructions are always supplied.
  • The colors of the fake, although they imitate genuine, is still not so bright and beautiful.

STIHL MS 361 16 ‘

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This product is delivered by prepaid.

Closing a circuit tension adjustment

24 months.

STIHL MS 361 16 “. Professional chainsaw for harvesting firewood, rolling trees or building objects. Power 4.6 liters.With. 60 link chain. Useful in repair or construction work.

11 reasons to buy Stihl MS 361 16 “

  • Quickstop brake when pressing the front shield instantly stops the chain. Prevents injuries with a reverse impact.
  • Elastostart system and decompression valve facilitate the descent of the saw. The starting cable is easily stretched.
  • All control elements are controlled by one lever. The right hand will remain in the working position.
  • The saw warms the arriving air, and the carburetor remains warm. The saw will work even at minus temperatures.
  • The chain is pulled on the side without disassembling the case. Hands will not contact with sharp teeth of the chain.
  • EMATIC automatic lubrication is adjustable depending on the load. Saves oil consumption and reduces wear.
  • The amount of lubricant supplied increases using the pump. Allows you to configure the work of the chainsaw for different tasks.
  • Tough emphasis facilitates the work and control of the tool. Press it to the tree to fix the cut.
  • Anti.Vibration system increases the convenience of work. Reduces shaking and protects from the “white fingers” syndrome.
  • The fuel tank opens without using the key. It does not have to buy it additionally.
  • Rubberized handles provide a convenient grip. Do not slide in the palms and reduce the load on the hands.


The price on the site is valid only when placing an order through an online store and may differ from the price in stores

Instruction and maintenance instructions

Rules for operating the saw STIHL 250 ms

  • Use the saw most safe in protective equipment;
  • You can’t throw a working tool, be sure to turn off the chainsaw before you put it;
  • Before starting, make sure that the chainsaw is in good condition and refuel;
  • Perform the cut according to the instructions. Longitudinally or by the lateral part of the tire, do not try to press on the saw blade when working, but only direct the chainsaw.


Every day, according to the norms, it is performed. Inspection of the chainsaw for damage, cleaning the air filter, lubrication of the tire and circuit, once a month the condition of the candle, the ignition system is controlled, the fuel filter is cleaned, the fresh fuel mixture is prepared, annually. The carburetor adjustment is prepared.

The main malfunctions of the STIHL 361-Ms and their elimination

STIHL 361-MS chainsaw refuses to start.

much, does, stihl, main

Reason: Fuel, air filter is clogged, not enough fuel mixture.

Elimination: clean filters, share the fuel mixture.

The chainsaw does not work at full power, makes extraneous sounds, for example, knocking or rattling.

Reason: Carburetor adjustment is required.

Elimination: conduct an adjustment of the carburetor in the service if you drank under warranty, and yourself if the warranty period has expired.

Revolutions and lubrication system of 180

I want to say separately about the lubrication of this chainsaw. At idle speeds, the 180th STIHL gives 2800 rpm, and on maximum up to 14000 rpm. Agree, not chilo, at such revolutions, it is very important to use the correct mixture of fuel with oil. Little oil is fraught with bulletin, and a lot of big soil.

How To Repair Chainsaw | Starting Problems | ChainSaw Repairing Video

The chain lubricant system is arranged in such a way that the oil tank is enough for almost 2 tank of gasoline, but only almost. So after each sawn tank of gasoline, add the oil lubrication oil. If you work without chain oil, you can damage the guide tire and saw chain.

Do not use the spent oil for lubrication of the chain, because of this, the saw chain can stretch faster (about this I wrote in one of the past articles). Generally it is better to use special oil for this, although you choose. The driven sprocket on the saw tire does not require lubrication, the system is arranged, so lubrication is enough from chain oil.


STIHL MS-180 is good to repair, and has no complex components with no matter what it may be possible to figure out. Almost any spare part is on sale by an official dealer. As Andreas STIHL (founder of the company) said, it was good as a good service, and Shtil has a lot of services in Russia.

I in no case advertise this chainsaw simply, in my opinion, pluses on her face (thousands of satisfied customers). I did not want (and I will not) write about the capacity of the tanks, the level of noise and vibration, since you can take this information in any online store.

When writing this post, I wanted to write something new, and not another list of characteristics as on many sites and I think, I did it. If, in your opinion, I have not described something, then ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will definitely fix everything. Thanks for your attention to the ambulance on the pages of the blog.

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