The instructions for power tillers recommend pouring transmission oil into the gearbox:

The owner’s manual for any machine should tell you how much oil to fill. However, it is best to be guided by the dipstick, as the manual may not have the exact information. Check the oil with the dipstick unscrewed. Engine and gear oil are used for different purposes: engine oil and transmission oil.

Gear oil. a lubricant designed to improve the performance of gears. The scope of use of the substance includes both domestic and industrial sectors.

The oil works in the following way: it forms a thin film on the surface of the mechanism. First of all, there is a separation of vapors of the parts. Secondly, it reduces friction between components. Thirdly, the lubricant produces a cooling effect on the gearbox.

Quality oil. The engine oil is not just an option. it is a basic necessity. Without it, parts of the vehicle, power tiller or industrial machinery wear out quickly, no longer properly perform their functions.

What type of oil is better for the engine of a motoblock

It is good when the single-axle tractor is new, bought with the documentation. Then it’s easy. Have a look at the data sheet. There are obligatory instructions on how to change the oil. Any, more or less responsible manufacturer will indicate the replacement schedule and the method of filling, and even recommend the most suitable brand of oil. Ideally. But in fact, very often you need to think for yourself, look for information, and ask more experienced owners of power tillers. As a result, you can hear or read completely senseless and unintelligent advice and spoil your precious technique.

The choice of oil begins with determining the engine design. two-stroke or four-stroke. The two-stroke motors are not used in motor blocks at all. They are mostly installed on small, weeding cultivators. And in its majority, both gasoline and diesel motor blocks, use regular engine oil, designed for four-stroke engines.

There are three types of oils for automotive four-stroke engines in nature: mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic. But in the field of gardening equipment, namely, in power tillers, only two types of oil are used:

  • Semisynthetic. Costs a little less. Perfect for the motorcycle in the summer time. It thickens in the winter. Therefore, if you use a single-axle tractor year-round, hooking a snowplow and other winter attachments to it, semi-synthetic oils will not do.
  • Synthetic (mineral). These oils are universal in terms of temperature. Can be used for a power tiller in winter and summer.

It is very easy to “figure out” the winter type of oil by its marking. The letter designation of the brand should have the Latin letter “W” in it. It indicates the time of the year. Winter. in English)

Will transmission fluid clean the inside of your engine P71 P7B

Our recommendations for the best brands of mineral motor oil for your power tiller:

  • 10w30 grade engine oil. Made of paraffin-based, natural ingredients. Does not form deposits at the bottom of the crankcase. Permissible negative temperature. 20 degrees of frost. The number 10 indicates the speed of lubrication and coatings. Number 30. Viscosity at maximum engine temperature. 30. it is universal and can be used at all ambient temperatures. Ideal for new, untested engines. The viscosity 30 is also an aid to saving up to 2% on fuel consumption.
  • 10w40 grade. This oil can be used in even colder conditions. Allowable limit. 30 degrees below zero. But it has a higher viscosity, so it’s more likely to cause more fouling, which can lead to higher fuel consumption. This oil is also suitable for single-axle tractors in very hot summers: 35-40 in the sun. A reading of 40 also means that this thick grease is good for worn-out engines.
  • 0w30 engine oil. temperature range of this oil is very wide: 25 degrees of heat and 35 degrees of frost. In winter time it does not thicken at all, very quickly lubricates all elements of the engine, does not form deposits and sludge. In summer there is a limit on the upper temperature to 25 degrees Celsius.

What oil to fill in the gearbox of a power tiller

For the gearbox, you cannot use oil that is suitable for the engine. That’s why only gear oil is used, which provides excellent lubrication to all moving parts.

SAE technical classification developed by the Association of Automotive Engineers in America. Engineers have paid attention to a certain temperature range, but they have not forgotten to take into account the fluidity and viscosity of the substance. According to the SAE J300 standards the following types of oils are distinguished:

  • Universal: 5W-30, 5W-50, 5W-50, 15W-30, 20W-30, 10W-50, 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-50 15W-40, 20W-40;
  • For cold climates: SAE 0W, 10W, 15W, 5W,20W;
  • For warm climates: 50, 40, 30, 20.

The most popular are all-season brands. High demand for the products is easily explained by the fact that these oils can be used in absolutely any climate and in any weather.

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How to Check Oil Level in the Engine Crankcase

You can check the level of the oil fluid with the dipstick, using it you can easily control whether the required quantity of oil has been filled. Wipe the dipstick dry, insert the dipstick plug into the neck, then remove it and check that the level is no lower than the “minimum” mark and does not exceed the “maximum” mark. Having carried out such a check, screw the dipstick tight.

Important! On the warmed up engine Check the oil only after a 2-3 minute standstill. It is a good way to get the oil out of the sump, so the result is true.

Oil for diesel power tillers

Diesel-powered power tillers are very common and often used in agriculture. Depending on the type of machine choose oil. And here everything is quite simple, it is not possible to meet 2-stroke motor blocks, it is most often cultivators. All power tillers are four-stroke, and you must take oil according to this functional feature.

There are three types of oil. synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. as all car owners will tell you. But if the oil is selected for a motorblock or other gardening equipment, there are only two options:

  • Semi-synthetic. It belongs to the budget segment. Great for summer and warm autumn and spring. In winter the motor blocks are rarely used, but if you plan to take the technique to the frost, you can not pour semi-synthetics, it will thicken.
  • Synthetic, aka mineral oil. Such lubricants are universal and can be used year-round. If the oil bottle has a W (Winter) on it, you can use it at sub-zero temperatures. There are also all-season variants, but it is necessary to look at the figures on both sides of the letter W, which are the temperature range.

Motor oil is produced by many manufacturers. Very popular are Mannol, Silver, Diamond, Mobil, Motul lubricants. They are affordable, suitable for any power tillers and most often sold all-season. There are also oils with anticorrosive properties. The oil marked 0w30, which can stand up to and above the ambient temperature, has proved itself well.35 and 25 degrees. Also popular are 10w30 and 10w40, which have slightly different ranges.

Changing the oil in your MotoBlock with your own hands

The first oil change in your Moto-Block engine should be done after the break-in period, at idling speed with strict control. The second one after an hour of machine operation under load.

The following maintenance work is recommended every 40 hours of operation.

  • Warm up the engine.
  • Position the machine on a level, horizontal surface.
  • Fill in the used oil container.
  • Open the oil filler and drain plug.
  • Drain the oil.
  • Screw in the drain plug.
  • Fill with new oil.
  • Close the oil filler plug.
  • Allow to stand.
  • Use the oil dipstick to measure the lubricant level and top up if necessary.

Start the engine and check the tightness of joints.

Change oil in the gearbox according to the same procedure and in the same sequence.

Oil for your power tiller. helps to choose the right oil

When selecting engine oil for your diesel power tiller, it’s important to follow the directions in the owner’s manual. However, if the instructions for use have been lost, you will have to study the formulations available on the market more carefully.

Engine oils for diesel engines are classified into the following categories. The special marking on the grease container helps to determine the type and correspondence of the composition for a specific power tiller:

  • API CJ-4. compositions with this marking are designed especially for power till 10 liters. с. and more. The composition of these lubricants has a higher viscosity, which guarantees the proper operation of all elements of the engine of the unit;
  • API CI-4. these oils should be used for engines equipped with different types of injection and supercharging. These oils have good dispersion characteristics and high thermal oxidation resistance;
  • API CH-4. lubricants with this marking fully meet all modern requirements and quality standards. Among the advantages of these compounds is the ability to pour them into diesel engines running on fuel with a sulfur content exceeding 0.5%;
  • API CA. this type of formulation is very suitable if the diesel fuel contains small quantities of sulfur. Oils with such markings protect the engine of a power tiller against formation of harmful deposits on its walls;
  • API CB. using this oil allows to reduce the risk of corrosion of the motor block bearings;
  • API CC. these oils will be optimal for an engine that has a turbocharger, but does not have a supercharger. These compositions help motor-blocks to withstand long loadings and to work properly in heavy conditions;
  • API CF-2. oils of this group are good to use in power tillers which are exposed to heavy loads.

After buying the right engine oil, you can proceed to pouring it into the engine of the motorblock. The procedure is quite simple:

  • First position the machine horizontally;
  • Place a wide container under the engine drain hole and remove the plug by gently prying it off with a screwdriver;
  • Wait until the old oil has drained out of the motor and screw the plug back into the hole;
  • Pour at least 2 liters of new lubricant into the engine.

Remember that you should change the oil in new tractors three times every 5 hours of moderate use. After this time you may not change the oil more than once per 25 hours of operation.

Can you fill a single axle tractor with automotive engine oil??

It is not wise to risk filling your tractor with automobile oils, because automobile and tractor engines have different lubrication principles and operating temperatures. Also engines of power tillers have other peculiar qualities (design, material of which it is made, degree of forcing, etc.). д.), which may be incompatible with the characteristics of automotive oils.


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