DDE lawn mowers. Lineup, characteristics. Recommendations for operation

Taking care of a well.groomed lawn located near the house is much easier with the help of modern lawn mowers. Due to their work, the green cover is thick and saturated. Fashion for a haircut of grass came to our country from abroad, where the lawn ennobled the lawn for many decades for many decades. One of the companies in the release of appropriate equipment is Dynamic Drive Equipment.

Daniel Davis organized his company in 1965. Harrison Emerson became his assistant, partner and part.time engineer. The case did not start immediately with the production of gasoline or electric lawn mowers, and the start was from drilling rigs. They made it possible to gain a foothold in the electrical goods market and after a few years to change the concept to aggressive seizure of the market with a parallel expansion of the range of goods.

Consumers began to recognize the products of the company related to low mechanization, construction equipment, road equipment, etc. The access to the world production sites took place in the second half of the 80s of the last century. A considerable share of production was transferred to China.

In the zero years of the first decade, an all.encompassing modernization and the introduction of innovations in the DD occurred. Reorientation to the consumer market was carried out at the official level. As a result, offers of such new products appeared on the company’s website:

In the market, in particular, St. Petersburg and other cities, the brand logo began to appear relatively recently. However, this did not have any negative effect as it could be with the new company. Great reputation of the brand allows him to hope for successful sales in the region.

Rating of the best models of DDE lawn mowers

Initially, lawnmands were intended exclusively for cutting the prepared lawn with special grass. Our gardeners are not limited to such details and use garden equipment not only to shorten the lawn grass, but also of ordinary weeds, and even bushes, if the power of the equipment is correctly selected. DDE lawn mowers do a great job of such tasks. Below is a review of 5 popular models to make it convenient to decide which is right for you.


A four.wheeled model will cost customers of 8990 an electric model with an 1860 W engine weighs 12.5 kg. For one pass, it provides a mowing of a strip of 43 cm. Knives work with a frequency of 3200 rpm. There is a volumetric grass collector for 50 liters in the design.

The user will be able to adjust the height of mowing within 25-85 mm. There is a central adjustment of the mowing height. There is no mulching function in the device. There is also no way to work from the battery. The case is lightweight and made of plastic.

Wet grass is excellently mowed according to users. The case is not a fairly hard and low.aesthetic type of grass collector. Some buyers of the online store who received goods from a transport company caused outraged by a weak release of mowed tops. Consumers note a good bevel width than many DDE electric lawns are famous for. A warranty period of 12 months is set for the goods.

DDE LM 51 (gasoline)

For washing, the DDE LM gasoline gas mower has a special fitting on the case. The mass of the product is 26 kg. In its design, it does not apply to self.propelled guns. In reviews, buyers note its lightness and maneuverability. Many stores offer free delivery, also in large cities pickup is possible.

DDE LM 46 60

The manufacturer recommends choosing a site for processing 2000 m 2. The speed of rotation of the knife of 3000 rpm will allow you to quickly cope with it. There is a 60-liter grass collector to collect scraps. It is also possible to turn on the emission to the side or attach mulching nozzles. The steel case is combined with a steel deck. The rear wheels have more diameter than the front ones to increase maneuverability (17.8×20.3 cm).

User reviews on several sites have no minuses. There is a smooth and light engine of the engine and compact dimensions with a folding handle. Praise the spaciousness of the grass collector and the possibility of lateral ejection.

DDE LMA 3614

Budget model on the network electric motor. Its power is 1440 watts, and the width of the mowing is 36 cm. The height of the cut can be adjusted from 20 to 65 mm. The knife rotates at a speed of 3550 rpm. The grass collector is installed hard, although small. 35 liters.

The price excluding by mail is 5490 of its weight is 10.4 kg, which is significantly lower than DDE gasoline lawn. The plastic case helps this and the same deck. As a drawback, customers jokingly note the inability to use the electric shovels of lawns in the rain. The fact of a hard grass collector is positive, but a small volume of the container is noted. Even a fragile girl or teenager will cope with her management.

DDE LMS 51-70 DB

A similar model in 30590 will cost a strong steel case and a reliable Briggsstratton 675EX engine that provides it with durability. Designed for cutting lawn grass in garden and park zones. Motor power 6 l.With. Self.propelled. Gas tank volume 1 liter. There is a soft grass collector. Bevel width-51 cm, and height 30-90 mm.

DDE lawn mower (DDE)

DDE’s lawn mowers are a good example of how high performance and efficiency can be combined in the technique of one brand. The models of this manufacturer are distinguished by unpretentiousness in maintenance, high suitability for repair and the ability to set up the working bodies as specific operating conditions require this.

Daniel Davis founded DDE in 1965. Then he met a talented inventor Harrison Emerson. Together, they created the first drilling rig, on the basis of which they later released modifications of hand.shaped iceburses and self.propelled machines for soil drilling.

The first DDE lawn mowers appeared on the market in the early 2000s. Modern models of garden technology of the American brand combine many advantages, the list of which includes:

  • increased reliability, which manages to achieve thanks to high.quality components;
  • effective protection against dust, moisture and grass from getting inside. this guarantees a dense planting of internal nodes of equipment;
  • efficiency, which is achieved through use in the development of models of high.tech engines;
  • Easy to manage and maneuverability, allowing the use of mowers in the most inaccessible places.

In the development of DDE lawn mowers, innovative technologies are used. They simplify the operation of garden equipment, and also increase its effectiveness and performance.

Review of the DDE brand lawn

Starting an overview of the DDE brand’s lawn mowers, we will give a few words to the manufacturer. The company was founded in 1965 (country by the manufacturer of America) Daniel Davis, the rapid popularity and expansion of production became the merit of the greatest engineer Harris Meerson, with his drilling auto start, created according to his innovative developments. And then what? Success in the international market, rapidly growing popularity of the company, in 1990-the merger of several industrial and technological companies into the Unified Concern Dynamic Drive Equipment.

To date, the DDE brand is a synonym for innovative solutions, great reliability of technology, its durability. The manufacturer produces versatile equipment, both industrial and domestic, for private use. Lawnmands are one of the areas in which the development is carried out.

The company also specializes in the manufacture of the following units:

much, lawn, mower, user

DDE concern produces two types of lawn mowers:

We offer to more fully study the model range of this technique.

The foundation and development of DDE

The DDE brand was founded by entrepreneur Daniel Davis in 1965 in the United States. The wire to create his own company was the acquaintance of the founder with the young inventor Harrison Emerson, who wanted to realize a lot of innovative, as for that time, technologies.

The first product released by DDE was a motor drilling installation that could be used not only for ice drilling, but also for making holes in the soil. The technique of the American brand quickly gained popularity, and already in the late 70s the young company was able to use the tactics of a more aggressive access to the leading positions of the American market. A little later, DDE opened its branches in Canada and some European countries.

Today, an American enterprise is producing agricultural and household appliances for household and professional use. The list of products of the company includes heat guns, cultivators, motoblocks, concrete mixers. Among domestic users of special attention, trimmers for the grass of the brand DDE deserve to. The list of their advantage includes high reliability, ease of operation and unpretentiousness in maintenance. From their market analogues, garden instruments of this brand are distinguished by democratic prices, which makes them affordable for most wishing gardeners.

Article 26.one. Remote method for selling goods

The retail purchase and sale agreement may be concluded on the basis of the consumer’s acquaintance with the seller’s description proposed by the seller through catalogs, avenues, booklets, photographs, communications (television, postal, radio communications and others) or other excluding the possibility of directly familiarizing the consumer with a product or a model of goods under concluding such an agreement (remote method of selling goods) in ways.

The seller must be provided to the consumer to the consumer about the main consumer properties of the goods, about the address (location) of the seller, about the place of manufacture of the goods, on the full company name (name) of the seller (manufacturer), on the price and on the conditions of purchase of the goods, about his delivery, service life, expiration date and warranty period, on the procedure for payment of goods, as well as on the period during which there is a proposal for the conclusion of the contract.

At the time of delivery of the goods, the consumer must be provided in writing about the goods provided for in Article 10 of this Law, as well as the information provided for by paragraph 4 of this article on the procedure and the deadline for returning the goods.

The consumer has the right to refuse the goods at any time before transferring it, and after the transfer of the goods. within seven days.

much, lawn, mower, user

If the information on the procedure and terms for returning goods of good quality was not provided in writing at the time of delivery of the goods, the consumer has the right to refuse the goods within three months from the date of transfer of the goods. The return of goods of good quality is possible if its presentation, consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions for the purchase of the specified goods are preserved. The absence of a document confirming the fact and conditions for the purchase of goods does not deprive him of the opportunity to refer to other evidence of the purchase of goods from this seller. The consumer is not entitled to abandon the goods of proper quality, which has individually defined properties, if the specified product can be used exclusively by the consumer acquiring it. If the consumer refuses the goods, the seller must return him the amount of money paid by the consumer under the contract, with the exception of the seller’s expenses for the delivery of the returned goods from the consumer, no later than ten days from the date of presenting the consumer of the corresponding claim.

The consequences of the sale of goods of inadequate quality by a remote way of selling goods are established by the provisions provided for in Articles 18. 24 of this Law.


When choosing oil, much attention should be paid to the manufacturer. It is better to choose the brand that the manufacturer of the lawn mower advises. In the instructions for technology, you can find information about oil flooded, the frequency of its replacement and recommendations regarding the choice of working fluid.

Also, many manufacturers of lawn mowers produce their oils, which will have to be used to replace if you want to maintain a warranty on equipment. In addition, the instructions provide general characteristics that should correspond to the oil. When choosing a liquid for replacement, you need to focus on this list. This will allow you to choose oil that will comply with the requirements of the manufacturer as accurately as possible.

Many self.respecting manufacturers of lubricants offer their consumers a separate line of funds that are intended for servicing garden equipment. If it is possible to choose such a special oil, then you need to buy it exactly.

  • Among all companies that represent their products on the market, Shell Helix Ultra is the best. These oils are popular in all countries. Shell experts have been working on the creation of a unique technology for obtaining synthetic oil from natural gas for 40 years. The resulting product is characterized by an improved composition, analogues of which at this moment do not exist. The manufacturer adds the necessary additives to the base composition, which allows you to get products with different characteristics. Such oil must be bought only at specialized sales points, since low.grade fakes are often found.
  • Also, high.quality products are represented by Liqui Moly. The manufacturer produces several lines of products that have different purposes. This assortment has products for servicing garden equipment. Such oils are designed for the long work of trimmers and lawn mowers, their technical characteristics are developed in accordance with the features of modern equipment and the recommendations of manufacturers.

Liqui Moly adds add.on oil mushrooms for oil mowers, which are necessary to reduce wear of equipment and maintain the engine clean. The main advantage of such liquids is environmental friendliness, because they are created on a plant basis. Liqui Moly gas mowers correspond to all environmental standards.

Rasenmher produces a good mineral.type lubricant, which was specially developed for garden units. This tool can be used to serve 4-stroke engines with different cooling systems. A substance from Rasenmher can be used exclusively at plus temperatures. The manufacturer carefully developed and selected additives for his product. The result of such actions was a wide list of functionality:

  • maintaining pressure in the system at a stable level;
  • effective lubrication of all the details that need it;
  • maintaining the viscosity of the lubricant during the full service life, up to the next replacement;
  • providing excellent protection for the motor from natural wear;
  • The minimum level of evaporation.

Which is better to choose?

The choice of suitable mowing oil is based on a large number of factors that need to be followed. It doesn’t matter if a lubricant is selected for a gasoline or self.propelled lawn mower, you cannot use the first oil that falls. It is also forbidden to choose the most expensive oil or the most popular. The lubricant should be fully suitable for the requirements of your lawn mower.

There is no universal option, because each case is unique and the choice of oil should be based on the recommendations of the manufacturer of the equipment.

  • By viscosity, the oil is selected in accordance with the temperature conditions that are characteristic of the operation of garden equipment. For the summer, when the ambient temperature reaches 30 degrees, it is advisable to use oil from the SAE-30 series. For the offseason, it is recommended to use the 10W-30 series oil. At low temperature mode, the Synthetic 5W-30 liquid works well.
  • For 2-stroke engines, it is necessary to use a mixture of oil and high-octane gasoline in the ratio recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment. Usually the ratio is 1/25. According to these figures, 25 ml of gasoline is added for each milliliter of oil. Exceptions are found, so you need to study the instructions for the lawnical mower.
  • In the case of four.stroke type engines, mixing fluids is not required. Optimally, a simple car fluid is suitable for such mechanisms. It can be SAE30, 10W40 or SF. The main thing is that the technical and operational properties are suitable for the list that the manufacturer recommends. For winter use, liquid must be chosen with frost.resistant properties.

You can not experiment and use oil that is not suitable for an existing motor. There is a tremendous difference between liquids that are used for different types of motors. For example, a four.stroke type of liquid should maintain its composition unchanged for a long time. Oil for two.stroke engines should have a minimum amount of mineral components, which will prevent the formation of soot.

Filling out the tank

Now that the old oil is removed, it’s time to fill the reservoir with fresh grease. Once again, contact the guide to use the lawn mower to find out which type of oil is suitable for your unit, as well as in what quantity it is required to fill.

Keep in mind that overflow and insufficient filling of an oil tank can harm the operation of the lawn mower.

Fill in an oil tank. Give the clock to settled for at least two minutes, and then check the level with the probe to make sure that the filling is correct.

After the oil tank is filled to the proper level, you will need to fix the spark plugs again. Do not turn on the lawn mower immediately, let the car stand for a few minutes before starting work.

Next, watch the video on how to change the oil in a lawn mower with a 4-bed engine.

Replacing 4-stroke oil mowing Husqvarna ??

It turns out that it is much more convenient to change oil with a long neck. I poured fresh corrugated oil

If the engine is not new, oil for the lawn mower can be changed about once every 25-50 hours of operation of the tool. Replacing the sprocket on the Husqvarna chainsaw recommendations: how to remove an asterisk from the chainsaw of the clutch drum is equipped with a chainsaw there are many algorithms for replacing the clutch drum. This is an average of 2-3 months of work. You can also find out the condition of the oil without measuring the number of hours worked. Replaced oil in the Husqvarna lawn mower, which replaces oil by tipping over a lawn mower. Just make sure that he does not start darkened. When this happens, be sure to replace the liquid, otherwise the engine can soon jam.

Change of oil

And now about how to change oil in the lawn mowers. The whole process can be divided into several stages:

How to Change Lawn Mower Oil

  • First we combine the ancient liquid.
  • Then the lawn mower rotates to the side (from the side where the drain hole is located) for a couple of minutes, until the wastewater flow one hundred percent. Then the tool is returned to a horizontal position. With all this, you need to prepare a small container for old oil in advance.
  • Then the new one pours through the mouth into a lawn mower.

At this stage, the oil change can be considered complete. Filling your neck with the last liquid, do not forget to pour it strictly to the mark in the crankcase.

VICTA Classic Cut 18″ 140cc 4 Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower. Oil & Fuel Fill, Starting Up, Maintenance

Which lawn mower to choose?

It should be emphasized that a certain type of water and its viscosity directly depend on the temperature criteria in which this tool is used. So, if the weather is warm (temperature from plus 5 to plus 30 degrees Celsius), it is recommended to use the liquid of the SAE-30 series. Therefore, oil replacement is required. When using it, change the oil in the lawn mowers. Replace once a year. 2. Oil change. In the Husqvarna law mower or. In the offseason, experts advise pouring oil for lawn mowers with a viscosity of 10 BT-30. In winter, you can use the 5W-30 fluid

It is also worth paying attention to the Synthetic 5W-30, which with its properties provides reliable operation of the lawn mower at relatively low temperatures

How to put a knife for a lawn mower in order?

A person can immediately after buying a device to purchase interchangeable blades, or may sharpen the existing knife. In any case, after the part of the part, it must be removed.

First you should turn off the electric device from the power and put it on the side. As for the gasoline unit, then everything is somewhat more complicated.

  • Remove the tank for collecting grass;
  • Gently drain the oil and gasoline in different containers;
  • Turn off the spark plugs;
  • Put the mower sideways.
  • It is necessary to fix the blade with a log or board so as not to cut in the process;
  • Often the blades are attached on two bolts or one, but large, placed in the center. The end or the united key will be an excellent assistant;
  • Unscrew the bolts counterclockwise, since the right thread is standard;
  • If the factory tightening has grown and is held very tightly, you can use a special liquid key WD-40.

There are also such moments when the adapters of the knife need to be replaced, which connect the cutting element with the engine

It is important to understand here that each manufacturer complements the products with certain features, therefore, for example, the specified part from the AL-Co mower cannot be used for MTD

Taking advantage of the tips indicated in the title video, each owner of the “Garden Assistant” can find out the methods that allow you to create an adapter with your own hands using basic details and tools.

What oil can not be filled?

It is impossible to pour a grease intended for two.stroke analogues in the four.stroke engine of the lawn mower (on the labels of oil containers for such engines, labeling “2t” is placed). However, this cannot be done and vice versa. In addition, it is unacceptable to fill the liquid that was stored in polyethylene bottles of drinking water.

This polyethylene is not intended for storing aggressive substances in it, so a chemical reaction that affects the properties of both lubrication and polyethylene is possible.

About how to replace oil in a lawn mower with a four.stroke engine, watch in the next video.

Characteristics of the lawn mower

To choose the device that is most appropriate as possible on the site, it is necessary to take into account not only its description, but also the technical characteristics, this will help compare the selected model with its analogues from the same or other manufacturers.

Therefore, we compiled a table that included all the important parameters (characteristics) of each of the popular models:

Model Power. Motor KW Capture see Weight, kg Changing the height of mowing Basket type The volume of cords. l Price thousand. R.
LME 3109 0.98 31 6.5 Reducing the axes of the wheels Plastic 26 4.5
LME 3110 1.07 31 6.5 Wheel rearrangement Plastic 26 4.5
LME 3212 1.2 32 8.7 Wheel rearrangement Plastic and fabric 27 4.7
LME 3614 1.4 36 9 One lever Plastic 35 6
LME 3816 1.6 38 11.5 One lever Plastic 45 8.5
LME 4318 1.86 43 12.5 One lever Plastic fifty ten

DDE electric lawns are designed to cut well.groomed lawns, but can also cope with high grass. Despite the fact that they are made in China, they are not much inferior in terms of assembly and reliability quality by more expensive European analogues, which surpass them only in configuration and ease of use.

Therefore, DDA mowels are a good choice for those who have enough minimum set of functions, and low cost is more important than comfort.

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