Patriot trimmers are a vivid demonstration of American production of garden tools

A huge role in the performance and durability of a gasoline trimmer for grass is played by oil, which protects the details of the cylinder.piston group from rapid wear.

In order for the lawn mower to delight its owner with work, a competent approach to maintenance is needed. Currently, it is customary to distinguish between two main types of engine by the number of working tactes:

The principle of operation of two- and four-stroke engines

  • two.stroke engines where oil is added directly to the fuel tank;
  • four.stroke engines with a separate oil tank. An exception in this category is the STIHL 4-MIX motor, which works on an oil bosinzin mixture, but at the same time has 4 operations of work.

Nevertheless, most of the trimmers presented in our market are equipped with power units operating on a mixture previously prepared in a fuel tank.

Types of motor oils and their purpose

Oil for the engine of a gasoline trimmer for grass is a lubricant that serves to reduce wear between the rubbing nodes.

The composition of the oil includes residual hydrocarbons and various additives that improve the properties of the final product. To ensure the durable and reliable operation of the lawn mower, experts recommend the use of oils, which in their physicochemical properties correspond to this type of motor.

Today it is customary to distinguish between three main types of oils by the method of obtaining them:

  • Minerals created in the process of distillation of hydrocarbons;
  • Synthetic oils obtained by processing natural gas or synthesis;
  • Semi.synthetic, including improved mineral oil with the addition of some synthetic components.

In order to prevent mixing of various types, the manufacturer adds dye to the oil, which shows the difference in the composition of the lubricant.

Features, pros and cons of

Patriot is a famous American brand that has long existed on the market. Its advantages can be safely attributed to an affordable price (relative to other companies), a good build quality that will delight you for many years, and, of course, reliability. ), and an expensive professional unit (from 9000). And the most interesting thing is that even a trimmer for grass for 2000 will last you for more than one year if you are guided by our operation tips.

Easy in daily use, “unpretentiousness” to the quality of fuel can please any gardener. These trimmers for grass do not have any specific minuses.

The only thing that can go wrong with them is if a marriage occurs at the factory, although the probability of this is very small.

The most common reasons why the lawn mower will not start

Every newcomer when choosing a trimmer for grass faces a question what kind of type to choose for their goals. There are three types of motorcycle: gasoline, battery and electric. Let us dwell on each of them.

Battery trimmers for grass

One of the types of trimmers, which is characterized by low power and small size. Its use is limited only by a small territory with small vegetation without weeds. The batteries in such units are also not so hot-they are designed for only 20-40 minutes of continuous work, and at the same time, the time of their full charge can take a lot of time, most often until 24 hours.

Of course, they also have their advantages: extremely low weight of the device, compactness, high assembly speed, and it also does not require an electric network next to him.

If your goal is a mowing of soft young grass, then such a trimmer for grass will do the wave.

Electric trimmers for grass

Such trimmers for grass are most common in the market. These units will easily cope with mowing in a large summer cottage, even if the vegetation is high there. The power of models on average is 1.4 kW, which will allow you to use them comfortable. Without a doubt, this type of trimmers will be inconvenient for some, because it requires finding a current source next to him (although the problem is solved by the purchase of a conventional supervisor). Due to the restriction in the form of the length of the wire, the comfort of operation in large areas drops sharply, although its performance and power will not be in doubt. It is also worth noting that the models of the presented type cope worse with wet grass (in the early morning or after rain).

The undoubted advantages include their weight, which is even less than that of the battery. This weight is ideal for use by elderly people, because they can safely hold this motorcycle in their hands for a long time.

Gasoline trimmers for grass

Gasoline trimmers for grass are used by professionals or summer residents whose sites are larger than medium. Such units are very powerful, they can safely exceed the power of electric motorcycles by 2 times (that is, up to 3 kW). Such high power allows you to use special disks (or other equipment) simultaneously with a fishing line and a knife). Gasoline braids for grass weigh quite a lot, which is a significant minus for some.

The engines on these devices can be different: two.stroke or four.stroke. In environmental terms, four.stroke engines are much better, because they have a percentage of emissions into the environment less than two.stroke, and they consume less fuel.

Such a trimmer for grass is not suitable for evening work near residential buildings. Gasoline engines are extremely noisy, which will definitely interfere with your neighbors.

How to Change Transmission oil on Crf150r

The only thing that is limited to such motorcycles is the tank with a tank for fuel. However, no one forbids you to carry a small bottle of fuel with you. Such trimmers for grass are ideal for mowing large territories with very strong vegetation, dry.

What oil to pour in a trimmer for Patriot grass

Technical conditions for a trimmer for grass contain links to recommended combustible materials. With all this, the octane number of gasoline brand indicates a specific one, however, in terms of oils there is an extensive explanation that it is necessary to use the product of a certain manufacturer. It is indicated for corrugation that only when performing these tips does the enterprise spread the guarantee. What is it: training or oil of other manufacturers do not meet the requirements? The answer is in a true article.

The two.stroke engine has an ordinary and, at the same time, very effective design:

  • The piston makes a working move who is the 2nd beat;
  • The lubrication of the cylinder is made by oil dissolved in gasoline;
  • removal of combustion goods occurs due to compression, without a special mechanism.

All this determined the creation of a family of small engines that successfully adapted in household and professional equipment:

Due to the features of the design, it was possible to achieve a good consumption of fuel only on small engines with power during 15. 20 liters.strength. Especially excellent myth indicator looks in the spectrum of 1. 5 liters.With. Here in all respects the low weight and the dimensions of the motor correspond to the consumption of gasoline.

With an increase in size, the area of ​​inlet and graduation channels increases. The process of removing gases and supplying fuel is sharply exacerbated. Based on these grounds, it took a transition to a more effective system of burning a gasoline consistency, which would predict the presence of compulsory motor services systems. The four.stroke models intercepted the palm of the championship in the middle of power units of the highest power. Their unification into multi.cylinder structures allowed the creation of special systems associated with the formation of the composition of the fuel consistency, lubrication and the rest, which favorably affected the consumption of gasoline.

Fuel mixture to gas strokes and chainsaws. Correct proportions

The grease of the rubbing parts of the piston and the cylinder of the two.stroke engine occurs with oil, which is in a certain proportion in the combustible. Gasoline burns, and the oil settles along the cylinder, lowering the friction of the rubbing parts. Increase in lubrication leads to damage to the cylinder, directly to jamming. For which the design of an excess is intended, under the influence of high temperatures, the heat.changed product in the ring grooves is deposited. Compression falls, and together with it and power.

Motor oils are used to add gasoline for a trimmer for grass. Mixing is done in a certain proportion. Manufacturers have a voluminous ratio of different: from 1 to 50 to 1 to 20. In the technical properties, the link for this has. You should be discreeting with a small shared role of oils. Small incorrectness leads to oil starvation of the motor, reduces its resource.

Of course products, when the proportion 1 to 20-40 is indicated. It is better to renounce such lubrication from using such lubrication. A wide range of consistency says the low qualities of the product. The occurrence of piston rings, with unchanged use by such varieties, is actually guaranteed.

Motor oils, such as M.8, are added to the proportion of 1-20. In the reserved engines, their implementation does not need. The cycle between the presentation of the consistency is so small that this will cause an excess of lubrication in the cylinder. Grass trimmers have small speeds, therefore they allow the use of low.grade lubrication. In view of the low resource at first, there is an option not to worry about the lawsuit of the rings. Before the complete wear of the equipment occurs.

The use of the recommended oil or from other manufacturers is not the principal. The main thing is to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer for grass in compliance with proportions according to the product line. The refusal of service workshops in guarantees only on the basis of the use of lubricant of another brand, but with acceptable parameters, illegal.

Gear lubrication of a trimmer for grass

Lubrication of gears must be carried out regularly in accordance with the recommendations set forth in the operational instructions of the model used. You need to do this also if:

With the constant use of a trimmer for grass, its gear mechanism experiences a load from grass, dirt sticking on knives, or due to a change in torque. Lubricants must be selected high.quality to extend the service life of the gearbox.

Used types of lubrication

When choosing lubrication, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

much, patriot, device, motor, gearbox

Famous manufacturers, for example, STIHL, Husqvarna and others, in addition to trimmers, produce lubrication for them. Such products not only reduces wear, but also protects the metal of gears from corrosion. Therefore, for motorcycle from these brands, it is better to use their lubricants.


For different models, lubrication is consumed in different ways. This is determined largely by the intensity of the use of motorcycles and heating the transmission mechanism. It is believed that the lubricant is enough if the temperature of the gearbox during operation does not exceed 40 ° C.

By consistency, lubricants for a trimmer for grass can be:

In terms of composition, the following types of lubricants are in demand:

  • graphite, significantly reducing friction, as a result of which the rotation of the gear improves;
  • lithium, which are also an excellent anti.corrosion composition, saturated with increasing the wear resistance of metal with additives without harmful substances;
  • universal, containing mineral oils and improving operational characteristics components.

An example of suitable lubricants are: Champion EP-0, Gear Grease Oregon, Oleo-Mas, Azmol 158, Litol.24

You should also pay attention to the advice of manufacturers on this issue and use the materials they offer. You can buy them at specialized retail outlets

A lubricant Champion EP-0 Universal 120 gr

The algorithm for self.lubrication of the gearbox

To make lubrication of the gear ratio, its preliminary disassembly is not needed. A special hole for these purposes has already been laid in the device (it is shown in the photo below)

In addition to gears, when lubrication, you need to pay attention to such elements of the mechanism:

Pour oil or apply solid grease through a tavniper closed by a screw. At the same time, they perform actions in the following sequence:

much, patriot, device, motor, gearbox
  • The gearbox body is cleaned of dirt and adhering grass, especially thoroughly the plot around the plug so that the garbage does not get inside the mechanism;
  • Using the appropriate tool (often it comes with a trimmer), the cork is unscrewed;
  • The selected lubricant is introduced from the tube into the open technological hole, or using the syringe, as shown in the photo further;
  • screw the cork in place.

If for any reason the gearbox needs to be disassembled, then the old lubricant must be completely removed from the entire surface of the gears and housing, shaft, and only then use the new. The disassembled mechanism is conveniently lubricated with solid compositions.

The entire reducer lubrication process is demonstrated in the video:

Lubricating the gear node is required at least once during the year, but it is recommended to do this every 20 hours of intensive use of motorcycles. If the first signs of malfunctions with the mechanism appear, then you need to make lubricants as quickly as possible.

Lubricate a trimmer for grass video-tips from the online store Kosi braid for grass

How to lubricate and how to do it. we examined in detail. meticulous work can be considered by video. Also, the site’s customers are available photos in which each user will find useful information for himself. In general, the lubrication process does not take much time and effort, the tool itself offers at a low cost our store. That’s why, by setting a request on the network “grease a trimmer for herbs video” you will definitely find yourself on the website of “Kosikos”. Experts removed the video for the user of the user of the process of lubrication of individual elements and gearbox trimmer for grass, which is mandatory in the context of working with any type of oblique tool. Motokos knives in Ukraine, as one of the types of cutting gear, will always offer a profile store online at competitive prices.

From time to time, in the midst of saturated work on mowing the grass, your trimmer for grass begins to make nasty, grinding sounds. This complains the gearbox on the lack of lubrication. a more actively loaded node of the device. And soon, these “warnings” may follow the junction of the drive.

When working, the mechanical part of the trimmer for the grass is loaded with contact efforts on the teeth, resistance reactions from adhering grass (from time to time. with mud), dynamic, shock loads due to the time of the time that changes the rotating moment. Lubricant for a trimmer gearbox for grass

should take these features take into account by all parameters, because the selection of the brand is obliged to strictly personal.

Subsequent reasons are taken into account:

  • Manufacturer’s brand. Any trademark is not unreasonably focused on lubricating its own production (there is an option to talk about cheap Chinese products later). This applies to manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Stihl, Huter, Makita, etc. The exception is trimmers for production grass: for example, the caliber in the annotation of the user generally does not show the brand of lubrication.
  • Break of lubrication. As everyone knows what it remains to make our client lubricants are divided into three groups. high.speed (colloidal accounting systems containing different additives), plastic compounds of universal implementation and hard lubricants softening during operation.
  • Not poor adhesion to the surface of the parts of the gearbox, and therefore in which the lubricant is not squeezed into the gaps or outside the node.
  • The intensity of eating lubrication by the gearbox. Here you have to focus on their weight characteristics The experience and advice of professionals, since some auto industry of trimmers, hoping for their own service centers, generally do not give clear tips regarding the period of reducer work between 2 lubricants.

Lubricate the Huter GGT-2500S lawn mowers. And everyone else gas!

The consumption of the lubricant also depends on the temperature, at which he retains his lubricant. When heating the gearbox to 40 ° C, it is believed that its working conditions are satisfactory, and there are enough lubricants.

Review: Motor oil Patriot Power Active 2T. Oil buzz!Follow the proportions.

Hello everybody!And again spring, again grass, again mowing.On a review oil for two.stroke engines from the Patriot Power Active brand, according to the classification of the API TB.

I note that it is the API TB and not the API TC, these are several different classes of oils (tv a little worse).So silver canister with 946ml (strange volume is an American quarter for liquids) oil.

The canister has a transparent scale with multiple 200ml divisions. It is also clear that the oil is red, it looks like oil from Stihl.

Manufacturer of Dolphin Industry JSC. Pushkino region by order of Patriot.Plastic cap on the neck and the neck itself unfortunately has no protection. For other manufacturers, it is usually sealed with foil.The locking ring on the cork was separated easily and remained on the canister.

The proportions of the fuel mixture the manufacturer wrote vague-with 1/25 to 1/50.

Actually, this means the ratio of the amount of oil to gasoline where 1 is one liter of oil.Accordingly, I make a mixture of 1/50 (10 ml of oil per 500 ml (half.liter) of gasoline, such a proportion T. to. The lawn mower has long been in use and the engine got sick.As the oil showed in work But it is quite good compared to Lukoil, there are no failures on gas, the candle has a red-brick soot, the oil in the mixture burns completely and there are no fluxes from the muffler.Follow oil/gasoline proportions!And everything will be fine This oil has been purchased in the online store for 215, though the estimate of 5 out of 5 recently.Good oil for motorcycles and chainsaws.

The correct selection of oil for benzos

Two.stroke engines are seasoned with the consistency of unhealthy gasoline and oil labeling 2t. With all this, it is necessary to use the recommended gasoline AI-92. If you apply a brand with a higher octane number, the flash temperature and combustion will be higher, the valves will burn in advance. The word trimmer for grass has several different values. How much oil in the dining room and teaspoon. The same applies to the clock. The recommended composition is not the most expensive. But the introduction of another brand is unacceptable. The viscosity will change, this will lead to insufficient lubrication of ordinary products made without grinding the highest accuracy.

If the oil is added with excess, incomplete combustion will lead to the formation of soot and an extra exhaust into the atmosphere. Rich mixture is harmful to the motor. For a four.stroke engine, the oil is poured separately from gasoline. It washes nodes, cools, lowers friction. In the process, the oil is polluted and after 50 working hours is subject to substitution. What kind of oil to pour into a lawn mower is indicated in the passport. The composition must have a 4t marking with a viscosity of 10w40.

The best oil for at least a motor is the recommended. But the global fame is Shel Helix Ultra oil. The company has been developing the latest technology for the production of synthetic oil from natural gas for 40 years. PurePlus development allowed to receive an improved composition of basic oil. At its base, with the addition of suitable additives, leading manufacturers receive recommended oils for their own equipment.

The choice of oil is first depending on the advice of the manufacturer. So, only branded oil is used for STIHL. A trimmer for grass gasoline is poured into it the corresponding brand of Patriot oil for what for. This oil is suitable for the Brand of the Vityaz, because the engines in the brand brands. There is a worldview of professionals, oil at least some manufacturer, created for the 1st type of technology, is applicable to use on all brands. But if possible, it is better to use the recommended.

Oil dispersed must be had for the need for one season. The product that has stood for a long time loses the characteristics. On sale there are packages from 0.1 to 5 liters.

Studied the path of oil recommended for the Husqvarna lawn mower. The company has no its own production, only the spill. The product acquired wholesale is spilled in small containers, marked and enters the retail network. Maybe the composition of the oil at the production stage added exclusive additives for Khuskvarna.

The introduction of oil, according to the operating annotation for motorcycles, certainly. On clean gasoline, the equipment cannot work.

How to use?

Information on the proportions of the use of oil was given above. We will immediately say that you should not deviate from these values ​​and dilute gasoline by eye. At best, you just need to change the oil, and in the worst one cannot avoid breakdown of the motor.

It is important and be able to prepare the mixture correctly. You can’t pour it into the gas tank. It is better to pour oil into a special container where gasoline is already contained. A plastic bottle of mineral water is perfect for this. It is very important here that it is clean, due to which a bottle of beer or milk will not work. And it is better that it is liter or two-liter, as to calculate how much oil to fill in a 1.5-liter or 1.25-liter bottle will be difficult for many. It will also be necessary to have a syringe at hand, which will perform the function of the dosimeter. It is best to take ordinary medical for 10 or more cubes.

Now step by step will we explain how to make good oil for a gasoline trimmer for grass.

  • First you should find out exactly what type of oil is required for a specific model of braids for grass, as well as find out the exact ratio of gasoline and oil to create a mixture.
  • Then you need to fill the container. The container should not be filled with gasoline to the end, because the oil should still fit there;
  • Now we collect the right amount of 2-stroke oil into the syringe and pour it into a bottle of gasoline. You cannot do the opposite, otherwise you will need to replace all the ingredients, and the mixture will need to be done again.
  • Close the bottle with a lid and stir. It is important not to forget that you need to stir the mixture if there are words Premix on a bottle with butter. If SelfMix is ​​written there, then after mixing substances everything is poured into the tank.

Now it remains only to refuel the gasoline trimmer for the grass, and you can carry out the necessary work.

About how to choose oil for gasoline trimmers, watch in the next video.

Patriot 555

Trimmer for grass belongs to semi.professional units. Equipped with a professional trigger, therefore it is effective when starting even in the cold season. The engine of this unit is characterized by low noise. This model of the lawn mower has a lightweight weight and consumes little fuel. The enhanced gearbox of the unit contributes to stable operation during high loads. Patriot 555 power is 3 l/s. This type of trimmer for grass can be used even when mowing a dry tall wild weed, as well as sprouted wood of wood.

Trimmer for grass gasoline Patriot RT 3355 is designed to trim and mow low grass on lawns, streets, around trees, along the roadsides, on lawns and garden areas. The unit is successfully used on even and relief, uneven areas. The manufacturer improved the model taking into account convenient transportation and easy use: the bar is made by a detachable, quickly assembled and disassembled. The comfort of operation adds a wide shoulder belt with an adjustable length. Fast launch is simplified by the primer.

Patriot 305

This garden type tool refers to amateur. It is characterized by low weight, but at the same time high reliability and good traction capabilities. Motokos can be used for high.quality mowing of a low wild weed, a small lawn, and the elimination of a young shoot. A feature of the unit can be called the possibility of its use in conjunction with universal mowing heads. This trimmer for grass can also be equipped with a plastic disk and a three.blade forged knife. Patriot 3055 has a power of 1, 3 l/s, while it weighs 6.1 kg.

Possible breakdowns

Consider the standard situations in which a trimmer for grass may not be started.

  • One of the most common problems is a flooded candle. Gently twist the candle, and if there is an excess of oil in the chamber, pour it. If the candle is in working condition, just wipe and dry it, and if it burned out, replace it.
  • Another common reason that is the result of poor trimmer care is the wear of the carburetor laying. Nothing can be done here, only replace the gasket.
  • If your trimmer for grass does not gain momentum, this may be the result of incorrect tuning the carburetor. Follow the instructions for its adjustment (see. above) to avoid this problem.

Review of the owners’ reviews

Analysis of reviews from the forums of the most popular Patriot products shows such statistics:

  • 7 \ 10 buyers are satisfied with their acquisition;
  • 2 \ 10 are dissatisfied due to the wrong choice of the device;
  • 1 \ 10 is dissatisfied with the unit due to breakdowns.

Basically, the wrong choice or breakdown occurred due to the fault of the buyers themselves. Guide our advice to prevent mistakes and be satisfied with your purchase.

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